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The powerhouse teen super hero America Chavez has punched her way into the MCU! Host Angélique Roché talks to star Xochitl Gomez, plus the stunt coordinator behind Marvel Studios' Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness about America’s character and how they brought her to life on screen - through multiverse dimensions, star-shaped punches, Gargantos’ tentacles, and more!
From mid-century romance comics to Infinity Comics of today, Patsy Walker has stood the test of time. We’ll talk with comics legend Trina Robbins about her love of all things Patsy, find out from Jacque Nodell how the character evolved into Hellcat, and chat with editor Alanna Smith about the return to Patsy’s romantic roots.
Wanda Maximoff has a tragic history complicated by magic. We’ll find out how the Scarlet Witch, over time, becomes one of the most powerful Marvel characters. A we’ll chat with scholar Beth Pollard about magic in pop culture, artist Jordie Bellaire about coloring the Scarlet Witch, and editor Kaitlyn Lindtvedt about why Wanda is her favorite character.
Meet the beloved Peggy Carter and in particular, a fan-favorite version of her – the Super-Soldier serum-enhanced Captain Carter. Captain Carter didn’t begin in the comics or on screen. Rather, she was born on the smaller screens of the MARVEL Puzzle Quest game – but she didn’t stop there! Hear from game designer Paige Pettoruto and writer Elsa Sjunneson about crafting Captain Carter’s stories and drawing inspiration from real World War II history.
Coming soon! This spring, the Women of Marvel hosts explore eight of our favorite characters - then and now. How do Marvel heroes stay themselves AND evolve through the decades and across comics, films, games, and more. Captain Peggy Carter got her start on the screens of MARVEL Puzzle Quest. Squirrel Girl has appeared on the stages of live theater and now has her own podcast! Patsy Walker has been a model, romance star, and the fierce Hellcat. Angélique, Judy, and Ellie will talk to creators, actors, game designers, and historians to learn about the many iterations of these characters and more (like Scarlet Witch, She-Hulk, and Ms. Marvel!)!!
Squirrel Girl has taken down Thanos and Doctor Doom – but now she faces something far more terrifying… living authentically. Empire State University college student, Doreen Green, has recently been outed as a Super Hero – The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl! Hoping to unify her personas in the public eye, Squirrel Girl has created a new student radio show on ESU’s own college station. With the help of her best girl-friend, Nancy Whitehead as producer, and her best squirrel-friend, Tippy-Toe in the booth; Doreen is ready to help people more people than ever with her greatest Super Hero advice. And when the going get rough, she can always lean on her heroic friends: Iron Man, Spider-Man, Chipmunk Hunk, Koi Boi and Brain Drain. However, with a call-in show comes caller anonymity and not all the folks on the line want help – some want to crime – and crime hard! When a suspicious caller, wreaks havoc on New York City, Squirrel Girl and her friends will have to put their heroics to the test and prove that once and for all Doreen Green is the UNBEATABLE Squirrel Girl. It’s time to kick butts, and eat nuts! MARVEL’S SQUIRREL GIRL: THE UNBEATABLE RADIO SHOW! Milana Vayntrub as Squirrel Girl and featuring performances by Crystal Lucas Perry (Nancy Whitehead), Leo Sheng (Koi Boi), Davied Morales (Chipmunk Hunk), Erica Schroeder (Tippy T. Squirrel), Tina Benko (Rachel Oskar), and Peter Hermann (Brain Drain). Directed by Giovanna Sardelli. Original music by Justin Huertas and Steven Tran. Written by Ryan North. Learn more at
In the Women of Marvel season finale, Angélique Roche talks to some of the women behind Marvel’s Star Wars comics – past and present! Jo Duffy and Ann Nocenti wrote and edited the comics in the 1970s and 80s, bringing new fans into comics and into Star Wars. Alyssa Wong continues their legacy, currently writing Star Wars: Doctor Aphra.
What do Black Widow, the Wasp, Shuri, and Gamora & Nebula all have in common? They’re all the subjects of Marvel’s young adult fiction books! Judy Stephens chats with YA writers Nic Stone (Shuri: A Black Panther Novel) and Sam Maggs (The Unstoppable Wasp: Built on Hope) about writing for young adults and why YA books tend to appeal especially to girls and young women.
What does it mean for comics to be called “girl comics”? Ellie Pyle hosts a roundtable of past and present Marvel editors to answer that question. They chat about the genre of “girl comics”, the romance and adventure series from the 1940s and ‘50s, and the 2010 limited series that came under fire for its name.
Judy Stephens talks to some of the women of Marvel from the 1970s! Linda Fite wrote The Claws of the Cat and Jean Thomas wrote Night Nurse, two comics aimed at a female audience in the early ‘70s – right in the middle of the second-wave feminist movement.
How do comics editors make sure that Marvel reflects the world outside our windows? Angélique Roche talks with former Marvel editor Bobbie Chase about her career and how she brought personal and political stories to the panels of comics like The Incredible Hulk, Alpha Flight, and so many more.
Judy Stephens chats with two writers who got their start with fanfiction and now write canon stories for Marvel – Mackenzi Lee, author of Loki: Where Mischief Lies and Gamora and Nebula: Sisters in Arms, and Stephanie Williams, who wrote a Monica Rambeau story for Marvel’s Voices: Legacy. Plus, Judy, Angélique, and Ellie all share their own loves for fanfic!
Ellie Pyle explores witchcraft and magic in the Marvel Universe with two historians and creator Rainbow Rowell. They talk about witches in popular culture, the history of the Salem Witch Trials, and Marvel characters like Agatha Harkness, Scarlet Witch, Morgan Le Fey, and Nico Minoru.
Women of Marvel is back with a brand-new season!! This week, we explore the changing face of fandom with cosplayer Stella Chuu and TikToker Officially Divinity, and welcome three new assistant editors to the Marvel family!
In this bonus episode, Angélique, Ellie, and Judy celebrate our huge 250th episode milestone! They look back on some favorite past episodes of Women of Marvel, talk about favorite 250th comic issues, and get excited for the new podcast season - coming very soon! 
Forty years ago, the villains of the world rose up and killed all the heroes. Well, all the heroes that mattered. The sole survivor of the Avengers, Hawkeye (Stephen Lang) is now a sideshow freak, re-living the worst day of his life for paying audiences. He's surly, broken, and losing his sight, but there's still that fire in him to be a hero, to avenge his friends. And he's ready to do what needs to be done: killing every last person responsible for the deaths of those he loved the most. Marvel's Wastelanders: Hawkeye is the second installment in the Marvel's Wastelanders audio epic. Written by J. Holtham (Supergirl, Jessica Jones), directed by Rachel Chavkin (Hadestown), with sound design by One Thousand Birds and an original score by James Harrison Monaco and JJJJJerome Ellis. Learn more at
The gang’s all here this week! Ellie, Judy, and Angelique get a chance to catch up and, most importantly, rave about all things Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K! And we couldn’t do a M.O.D.O.K episode without talking to the women who really run the show. Ellie got the chance to chat with Aimee Garcia and Melissa Fumero, who voiced two of the most important people in M.O.D.O.K’s life: his wife, Jodie Tarleton, and daughter, Melissa.And, the Women of Marvel have a BIG announcement to make at the end of the episode. So stay tuned!
Listen to this bones episode of Women of Marvel featuring Kaash Paige.
Marvel Studios’ The Falcon and The Winter Solider has taken Women of Marvel by storm! Today we have three interviews with the badass women behind and in front of the camera. Director Kari Skogland and actresses Amy Aquino and Erin Kellyman chat about the series and joining the Marvel Universe.
Women of Marvel #1 has arrived! To kick off the celebration, Judy spoke with former Marvel editor Louise Simonson about working at Marvel in the 80s, creating Power Pack, working on X-Factor, and of course, her forward in Women of Marvel #1!
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It's utterly ridiculous that Marvel and DC comics have so many superheroes and villains to choose from yet they resort to gender swapping male characters to female.

Jan 24th

Dave S

what a great episode, I really enjoyed hearing from Jo Duffy, an underrated and talented writer who's work I've enjoyed since Crystar! How about getting her back for a longer career- retrospective interview?

May 5th

david golbitz

I'm so tired of seeing posts from sad, lonely men whose only interaction with women is to disparage and disrespect them. Grow up, guys. if you weren't such petulant children, women might even be interested in having a conversation with you.

Feb 1st


fuck me this is tedious. please find some joy in your lives and stop carrying around this feminist hate and chip on your shoulders. You may get some listeners

May 12th


this podcast although about women of marvel is a load of feminist hurt feeling victimisation (ironically)bullshit. probably why you never hear a female hero crying about how hard it is to be a woman and things not fair is because they are not pathetic feminists.

May 12th


Imagine purposefully seeking out one of the few places that discusses women/feminism etc just so you can get offended by it. Grow up.

May 8th
Reply (1)

Eleanor Warne

please do start one called great men and then stay over there and dont bother the rest of us.

May 3rd

Facts Don't Care About Your Feelings

Totally agree. Let's start one simply called "Great Men" and see how many boycotts we get.

Apr 24th

Big Black Booty Daddy

Imagine the shitstorm if there was a men of marvel podcast. Sexist nonsense

Apr 16th

Debra Porta

o x. wow. ,

Nov 30th
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