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Wonder Podcast: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs to Change the World
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Wonder Podcast: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs to Change the World

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Wonder, a podcast by Entrepreneurs’ Organization (, places women entrepreneurs in conversation with those thought leaders who amaze, astonish and inspire. Each guest shares their own journey with entrepreneur and host, Kalika Yap, giving insight into the ordinary challenges of extraordinary people.

Featured guests include: Lisa Sugar of pop culture hub, PopSugar; Toni Ko, founder of NYX Cosmetics; and Devin Alexander, celebrity chef and nutrition expert on The Biggest Loser. Tune into this podcast to marvel at the meaningful insights of entrepreneurs.

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136 Episodes
Marissa Levin is the founder of i5 Conscious Leadership. She’s an ICF-certified coach, speaker, author, and 30-year entrepreneur. She has been recognized as one of the top 200 biggest voices of leadership globally for 2023. Her goal is to catalyze leaders and organizations to “achieve their highest potential through conscious transformation.” Listen in as Marissa shares her insights on what has made her journey so successful.  Timestamped show notes 01:38 - Marissa’s Journey 04:54 - Balancing act 06:36 - Certified coach 08:07 - Conscious leadership 14:26 - New book! 17:16 - Award winner 18:43 - Empathy 21:02 - Enneagram types 22:19 - Looking to 2023 23:34 - 30-year entrepreneurial journey 25:52 - Daily routine 29:42 - Cleaning your energy 34:34 - i5 Conscious Leadership Links i5 Conscious Leadership: Marissa’s LinkedIn:
Young Chang is the president of A-Sha Foods USA. He and his business partner come from very different worlds, with Young coming from tech and his partner coming from real estate. Despite this odd foundation, they were able to build A-Sha Foods into the successful business that it is today. Listen in as Young Chang shares his story. Timestamped show notes 01:20 - The origin story 02:31 - Meeting his business partner 05:10 - What makes A-Sha’s noodles special 08:47 - Setting themselves apart 10:57 - Collabs with other companies 15:58 - Going from corporate to entrepreneur  17:43 - What makes a great entrepreneur 23:18 - Work smart, not hard 26:41 - Reaching out for help 30:07 - Tackling the recession 32:55 - Keeping sane 34:51 - A typical day 35:55 - Letting people go 39:03 - Giving back as an entrepreneur 41:38 - Advice for the next generation 42:46 - Target audience Links A-Sha:
Dr. Daniel Kelly is a board-certified neurosurgeon and one of the four founders of Pacific Neuroscience Institute (PNI). Dr. Kelly is one of the top neurosurgeons in the US, having been awarded the Southern California SuperDoctors distinction 15 years in a row as well as the Patient’s Choice Award. He is also known for his focus and expertise on minimally invasive surgery for brain, pituitary, and skull-base tumors. Listen in as Dr. Kelly shares his experience of being in the medical field while also running a successful business with PNI.  Timestamped show notes 02:00 - Physician to entrepreneur 05:50 - Explosive growth 09:47 - Trust 13:20 - Mental health during COVID 15:10 - Habits for juggling multiple roles 20:02 - Wide reach 22:05 - Looking forward to 2023 23:20 - The TRIP Program 29:29 - Advice for entrepreneurs Links Pacific Neuroscience Institute: Dr. Kelly:
Jessica Chang is the co-founder and CEO of WeeCare, the largest network of small childcare providers in the United States that’s dedicated to bringing affordable childcare to all families. In her early career, Jessica saw that many working families had inadequate access to childcare. Jessica herself experienced it firsthand when she couldn’t return to work due to a lack of access. This spurred her to take a closer look at the childcare industry. Ultimately, she came to the realization that the supply of adequate childcare services simply did not meet the overwhelming demand. WeeCare is her solution to this ongoing issue–it allows parents to find care and manage that care experience. Parents can receive photos, set up payments, and overall receive a better childcare experience than what normally would be available. WeeCare has been featured in Inc’s 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in 2022. Listen in as Jessica shares her story. Timestamped show notes 01:52 - Jessica’s Journey 04:21 - Struggling to find available childcare 06:35 - Starting WeeCare 09:43 - The Process 13:01 - Raising capital 19:06 - Trust plays an integral part in this business 20:33 - Celebrating losses as learning opportunities 24:38 - Finding a team 27:57 - Growing sales 34:14 - Investor backing 36:30 - Communication skills 37:27 - Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs 38:38 - Looking forward 43:32 - What does her typical day look like Links WeeCare:
Trent Clark, is the founder of Athletic Influencer Marketing and Leadershipity. He’s a keynote speaker, facilitator, advisor, and former MLB World Series Champion with three World Series appearances as a coach. He also hosts the podcast, Winners Find a Way. With vast experience coaching others, Trent’s goal is to empower people to reach their goals through leadership and team development. Listen in as Trent shares his incredible journey. Timestamped show notes 02:19 - Starting his journey 04:24 - Becoming an athlete 07:53 - Unflappable spirit 11:01 - It’s a tough room 13:49 - Entrepreneurs raising athletes 20:19 - Commitment, consistency, and confidence 27:12 - Coaching others 33:12 - Continuing to get better 36:03 - Advice for entrepreneurs 45:15 - Importance of mentorship Links Trent’s LinkedIn: Athletic Influencer Marketing: Leadershipity:
Laurie Shiers is the founder of Brainchild Coaching. While working as a copywriter for ad agencies, Laurie longed to create a bigger impact on people one-on-one. As a lover of the creative process, Laurie wanted to help people use creativity in their business and improve their lives. Listen in as Laurie shares insight on bringing mindfulness and creativity together. She shares tips and tricks on incorporating mindfulness, breaking through emotional blocks, and improving your business through creativity. Timestamped show notes 01:30 - Starting Brainchild Coaching 02:23 - Opening your mind exercise 08:58 - Creating an open environment 11:56 - Working with clients 15:55 - Being consistent 20:16 - Creativity growing up 25:48 - 2022 and beyond 26:19 - Multitasking mother, wife, and entrepreneur 28:15 - Mindfulness routines 29:22 - Journaling 32:27 - Sneak peek of Laurie’s novel 33:17 - Creative projects  Links Laurie’s Website:
Julie Cantor, MD | JD, is the founder of the Harlen Collection, a line of women’s handbags that are functional in the extreme, exquisitely crafted, and thoroughly modern. The Harlen Collection is a collaboration of artists, artisans, and designers from Los Angeles, New York, Florence, and Milan. Dr. Julie Cantor is also a practicing litigator whose focus is on protecting civil rights. She has practiced with two elite firms for the better part of 15 years and has taught her seminar, Reproductive Rights, Medical Ethics & the Law at the UCLA School of Law. She has been featured in the New England Journal of Medicine and the NBC News THINK platform. Listen in as Dr. Julie Cantor talks about protecting civil rights and how to make a difference as an entrepreneur. Timestamped show notes 03:49 - Entrepreneurial journey 12:35 - Distinguishing yourself 17:33 - Roe v Wade 27:40 - Working twice as hard to get half as far 29:46 - “A dissent is an appeal to the intelligence of a future day.” 35:34 - What can people do? 36:26 - Activism 45:56 - The universe bends toward justice 51:28 - Inspiring women Links The Harlen Collection: Dr. Julie Cantor’s Website:
Efrat LaMandre, FNP, PhD is a medical entrepreneur, author, and the founder of EG Healthcare. Based in Staten Island in New York, Dr. E’s goal with EG Healthcare is to change how healthcare is delivered and focuses on patient empowerment. Her practice prides itself on being LGBTQ-friendly and providing transgender healthcare. She is also the first Nurse Practitioner in Staten Island to own a medical practice autonomously. Listen in as Dr. E shares her experience as a medical entrepreneur and how she works to deliver higher standards of healthcare to her patients. Timestamped show notes 02:00 - Being a medical entrepreneur 07:41 - Taking small sweet steps 11:41 - Importance of mental health 14:08 - Efrat shares her origin story 27:42 - Change vs transformation 29:35 - Efrat’s daily routine 33:03 - Internal order 39:10 - There is no “magic pill” 40:50 - Changing your environment 44:50 - It’s NOT In Your Head 49:31 - Struggles and successes Links Efrat’s Book, It’s NOT In Your Head: The Knew Method:
Satish Sharma is the founder of Unyscape, a digital agency focusing on design, products, advertising, and analytics. In this episode, Satish talks about the importance of good search engine optimization (SEO) and understanding analytics. Satish shares a few tips for aspiring entrepreneurs in getting themselves and their content out there. Learn about widely available tools that you can use in improving your online presence and growing your business. Timestamped show notes 01:34 - Starting on their own 05:13 - Analytics is the foundation of everything 07:07 - Improving your business 13:20 - YouTube is now a discovery engine 15:57 - Unlocking possibilities can only happen by creating more content 17:01 - Consistency is key 18:29 - Satish’s first video 21:09 - How his friend built a $50 million company on YouTube 23:00 - If the content is right, you won't have to spend so much time editing 24:39 - Know what people are looking for 25:37 - Google is your friend to find the right content you can create 27:02 - Ask for help! 30:45 - When you only talk to people about business, they don't give you business. Share your story! 32:45 - Understanding pricing 35:39 - Answer questions on Quora through your content 38:19 - Know your customer, know your customer’s customer 38:31 - Additional tools: Semrush, AnswerThePublic 42:06 - Advice for recession 46:26 - Host your own content! 47:56 - You don't have to be on all platforms but create content on where your customer is Links Satish’s LinkedIn: Unyscape:
Jaclyn Johnson is the Founder of Create and Cultivate, (the pop culture phenomenon for millennial women) New Money Ventures, and Maie. She is a self-funded serial entrepreneur with two multimillion-dollar exits under her belt. New Money Ventures is a venture capital firm and brand incubator whose mission is to fund and mentor the next generation of female-led brands. Maie is Jaclyn’s latest endeavor, a “re-imagined wine club experience.” Maie is female-led and “built to bring a beautiful glass of wine to you, by the bottle.” Listen in as Jaclyn shares her experience as a self-funded serial entrepreneur, how she got started, and insight into today’s current trends. For a limited time, use code PODCAST10 to get 10% off Maie wines! Timestamped show notes 01:44 - Origin story 04:17 - Overcoming challenges 05:05 - Create & Cultivate 07:28 - Importance of branding 13:32 - Change in 2022 17:34 - Leveraging Intro  18:28 - Mentorship 21:36 - Choosing companies 23:12 - Focusing on women-led businesses 26:07 - Current trends 28:14 - Advice for upcoming entrepreneurs 29:20 - Her self-care routine in the pandemic times 30:29 - The New York experience 35:20 - Introducing Maie 40:37 - Maneuvering through 2020 LinksJaclyn's website: Create and Cultivate: Maie: New Money Ventures: CorporateNatalie on TikTok:
For the last 20 years, Dr. Rosalyn Morrell has been recognized by her patients and peers as one of the best board-certified radiation oncologists in the Los Angeles area. She’s the founder of Centerpoint Radiation Oncology, a private, modern, state-of-the-art cancer care clinic in Beverly Hills, California. Dr. Morell is committed to providing the highest quality care with compassion, communication, and connection. She is also the host of the Cancer from A to Z podcast. Listen in! Timestamped show notes 02:19 - Why she wanted to become a physician 03:11 - Medical school journey 07:18 - Creating a culture at Centerpoint 09:58 - Why stress can contribute to cancer 14:19 - Preventing prostate cancer 21:58 - Why people may get scared of getting screened for cancer 23:53 - Cancer prevention with nutrition 32:25 - Getting into a healthy mindset 35:06 - Food deserts 38:49 - Drink more water! 41:47 - Minimizing stress 47:31 - Cancer from A to Z 51:05 - Prioritizing time 53:59 - How your body can better respond to treatment 54:15 - Prostate Cancer Awareness Month Links Centerpoint Radiation Oncology: Cancer from A to Z Podcast:
Dandapani is a renowned speaker, entrepreneur, and former monk of 10 years. He is an expert on leveraging the human mind and the power of focus to create a life full of purpose and joy. Dandapani has spoken for Nike, Amex, and TEDx; he has also shared the stage with the likes of Hillary Clinton and other leaders. Listen in as Dandapani shares his incredible experience. Timestamped show notes 03:22 - Focusing on better understanding ourselves 05:04 - Practicing mindfulness  07:03 - Harnessing technology 09:03 - Focus vs concentration 10:10 - Tips on how to focus 12:29 - Learning how to focus 15:36 - Starting small 21:04 - Leading a focused life 23:03 - Legacy 28:02 - Asking for help 30:57 - Placing burdens 37:11 - Journey of evolution 40:35 - Reflecting on your journey of evolution 41:45 - Read Dandapani’s Book! 45:57 - Final thoughts for entrepreneurs Links Danapani’s Website: The Power of Unwavering Focus:
Author and entrepreneur Mike Michalowicz joins the podcast today to discuss some principles in his book, Profit First. With years of entrepreneurial experience under his belt, Mike shows how to navigate the industry as a small business. Mike has built multiple companies and has had multiple exits. More importantly, he says, he has also had business failures. To him, those failures and stumbles are what truly transformed his journey. He hopes to take what he learned from his failure and help other entrepreneurs. Listen in! Timestamped show notes 01:41 - Mike’s introduction 07:09 - Attracting the right customers 10:43 - Why don’t people “do more” 14:34 - Be yourself 18:02 - Why Mike wrote Profit First 22:24 - Declaring bankruptcy 24:33 - Parkinson’s Law Links Mike’s Website: Mike’s Books:
Amy Eliza Wong is a founder, speaker, executive leadership coach, and best-selling author. In this episode, discover how Amy went from a UC Berkeley mathematics graduate to a best-selling author and speaker. Amy talks about her new book, Living On Purpose, a book that poses the question “Is this the life I was meant to live?” Listen in as Amy shares five deliberate choices one can make in order to realize fulfillment and joy and how to ultimately live your life with purpose. Timestamped show notes 01:25 - Intro to Amy 03:44 - From Mathematician to Best-Selling Author 08:53 - Don’t figure it out, feel it out 12:18 - Five deliberate choices to realize fulfillment 18:34 - Being honest with yourself 22:38 - Working with Fortune 50/Fortune 100 companies 25:59 - Everyone communicates through their own lens 26:18 - Gaining trust 31:58 - What to do when “triggered” 33:54 - Amy’s day-to-day 35:10 - Writing a book 38:23 - What happens when you “feel it out” 39:56 - Feeling vs emotion 42:19 - Why people don’t trust their feelings 43:35 - Becoming a coach 46:43 - Morning routines 49:46 - Finding a supportive partner Links Amy Eliza Wong: Living On Purpose: Amy’s LinkedIn:
Finnian Kelly is a “business mystic,” as Kalika puts it. He is a transformational intentionality coach and speaker. Finnian’s goal is to help entrepreneurs and business leaders awaken their consciousness and find deeper levels of meaning and purpose. Listen in as Finnian talks about living with intentionality in both business and in life.  Timestamped show notes 02:10 - Becoming a business mystic 03:50 - What is intentionality? 06:44 - Feeling vs experiencing 08:55 - Opening up to experiencing 12:41 - Taking that first step 17:04 - You are the higher self 19:05 - Space is a gift 24:03 - Becoming intentional 27:31 - Meaning and purpose 32:21 - Intentions for 2022 36:43 - Be willing to accept 39:08 - Remembering who you are 40:50 - Receiving and grasping 45:18 - Transformation vs change 46:54 - Abundance vs scarcity 49:42 - Intention matters 53:33 - Our energy is our greatest asset 58:34 - How to contact Finnian Links: Finnian’s website:
Victoria Jackson is the CEO of Victoria Jackson Cosmetics, a massive global cosmetics brand with over 600 beauty products and a billion dollars in sales. Along with Ellen Degeneres, Victoria is the co-founder of Kind Science, a skincare brand with a focus on not only being kind to your skin, but to the environment as well. She is also the founder of the Guthy Jackson Charitable Foundation, which works to find a cure for neuromyelitis optica. Listen in as Victoria shares her incredible story of perseverance, self-discovery, and personal growth.  Timestamped show notes 02:21 - Bigger reasons 05:09 - Guthy Jackson Charitable Foundation 06:17 - National Women’s Hall of Fame 07:56 - Career as an author 10:03 - Tips for women entrepreneurs 11:09 - Finding and using your voice 13:43 - Cultivating resilience and perseverance 14:52 - Mentors 17:11 - Kind Science 19:09 - Having a business partner 20:59 - 0 to 1 billion 22:47 - Are entrepreneurs born or made 23:25 - Tips for mom entrepreneurs 26:42 - Looking at 2022 28:50 - Asking for help 30:03 - Using your voice Links NMO Resources: Guthy Jackson Foundation: Kind Science:
Christina Stratton is the co-founder and CEO of Privai, a skincare line focused on personalized services, world-class treatments, and wellness. Founded in 2006, Privai has grown to over 20+ spa properties throughout the United States. Listen in as Christina shares her story of how she left the entertainment industry to pursue her goal of creating a brand that inspires and prioritizes self-care. Timestamped show notes 01:31 - Started at a simple day spa 02:37 - Meeting her business partner 07:11 - Sharing values 12:18 - Company vision 13:54 - Looking back at the COVID era 17:54 - Prioritizing self-care 21:11 - Personalized wellness 24:41 - Building an app 27:02 - Advice for aspiring women entrepreneurs 39:50 - How to prioritize self-care 46:04 - Guided meditation through Privai 51:41 - Entertainment or entrepreneurship? Links Privai:
Teja Bell is a committed practitioner of the Dharma and the Dao, a recognized Zen Master, a 6th-degree black belt in Aikido, and a qigong teacher. Teja emphasizes the healing and restorative aspects of qigong, with a focus on mindfulness and meditation. Listen in as he shows how mindfulness, meditation, and martial arts can impact your entrepreneurial journey.  Timestamps: 02:30 - The Art of Undoing 08:45 - The use of martial arts 13:03 - Harmonious living 14:29 - Competition 16:56 - Transformation 21:56 - What is Qigong? 24:08 - Qigong is a legitimate change 31:29 - Getting started with meditation 39:32 - Relax and recharge! 43:28 - “Soul searching” 48:23 - Qigong vs Tai Chi 51:40 - Join Teja’s Wednesday classes! Links Teja Bell:
Adriana Usvat is the managing partner for FLC Group, a marketing services agency based in Dubai that’s focused on consumer engagement and experiences. Listen in as Adriana shares her story of how FLC Group was started in 2008, in the midst of the recession. Overcoming obstacles and managing growth during such a tumultuous time was no easy feat. Today, FLC Group is one of the best marketing and event management agencies in Dubai. Tune in! Timestamped show notes 02:20 - Adriana’s Origin Story 05:33 - Why hire Adriana’s FLC Group 07:58 - Marketing vs Sales 08:50 - Opportunity during recession 10:53 - Simple changes 13:32 - An outside perspective 14:43 - Engagement, simplicity, awareness 17:25 - Fostering creativity 21:47 - Honesty is the biggest form of loyalty 23:16 - Marketing in 2022 26:42 - Seamless online and on-ground experience 28:38 - Humor and surprise  32:41 - Challenges with clients 35:53 - Video marketing 37:36 - Habits 42:45 - Advice for aspiring female entrepreneurs Links FLC Group:
Natasha Miller is a classically trained violinist and jazz vocalist with 7 records released on her label, Poignant Records. Nowadays, she’s the founder of Entire Productions, an event and entertainment production company based in San Francisco. Listen in as Natasha shares her journey; from switching from an established musician to running a large company. Entire Productions has been featured on the Inc. 5000 list for the third year in a row. She’s also launching her new book, Relentless: From Homeless Teen to Achieving the Entrepreneur Dream. Tune in!  Timestamps: 01:53 - Performer to entrepreneur 02:55 - Becoming a leader 03:57 - Growing a business 06:24 - Learning from Goldman Sachs 08:28 - Changing mindsets 09:58 - The catalyst 13:05 - Do what scares you 14:07 - Advice for women entrepreneurs 16:25 - Virtual and hybrid events in 2022 19:05 - Natasha’s upcoming performances 22:01 - Launching a book 29:03 - Routines! 31:18 - Outgoing introvert 33:24 - Changes with COVID 36:07 - Taking the first step 38:31 - Music :) 40:59 - Book title tips Links Natasha’s Website: Entire Productions: Relentless:
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