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Author: Marcus Halley

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Preaching. Social Commentary. Faith.
38 Episodes
For followers of Christ, we ultimately anchor ourselves in the reality of the Risen Christ and the promise of his coming Kingdom.
Evangelism is simply living a life shaped by and bearing witness to God's reconciling work in the world.
A sermon on hope and how the people of God are always called to be people of "relentless hope."
Love is the fundamental quality of the Christian community.
Jesus wants to be our shepherd, to lead us in good times and bad. It is up to us to follow when he calls.
Following Jesus is about living beneath the surface of life. It is living at the depth of our purpose.
Jesus invites us through our fear by giving ourselves into the hands of the One who gave himself to us.
We can't ignore sin nor can we wallow in it. What we need is humility, to cultivate the space within to experience God.
Will you turn to behold the sight of bushes that burn but are not conaumed, that herald the dawn of a new horizon?
Ash Wednesday holds two truths: Our sin and God's grace.
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