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Author: Paul Pennington from Word On Health

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'Word on Health', now entering its third decade, is the longest running weekly health report on independent local radio in the UK, reaching an estimated audience in excess of 2.8 million listeners.Written, presented and produced by the experienced professional broadcast team of Paul Pennington and Sebastien Agasse. Thanks to all our contributors and to you for listening.
19 Episodes
In this edition, to coincide with Eating Disorders Awareness Week,  as research shows an increase in prevelance and suffering,  Paul Pennington talks to former Emmerdale actress and charity manager, Gemma Oaten from the eating disorders support charity  SEED .  We also have reports on foot health, the importance of folic acid to prevent neural tube defects in pregnancy and in line with the recent Rare Disease Awareness Day, we look at PSP.  As ever,  our grateful thanks to all our guests - links to the organisations featured are available via      
In this episode Paul Pennington looks at the rise in the incidence of Tinnitus, how to deal with a fear of needles, female  hair loss and he talks to SRUK about  recent research on Raynauds.   Our grateful thanks to all our contributors and guests.    
For our first podcast of 2021 - Paul Pennington talks to the British Dietetic Association about Celebrity Fad Diets - Blood Pressure UK highlight the importance of 'knowing your numbers -  if you've switched to a plant based diet new research from  the Health and Food Supplements Information Service shows that a surprising number of people eating less or no meat don't get all the nutrients they need,...and finally Mike Fischer from the British Association of Anger Management looks at anger and the pandemic.  
In this edition Paul Pennington looks at dystonia, lupus, bladder weakness and COVID 19, redundancy and mental health.  Our grateful thanks to all our contributors.      
In this edition, ahead of World COPD day, Paul Pennington  looks at this incurable lung condition in light of worrying new patient research. Our grateful thanks to the Taskforce for Lung Health for bringing this story to our attention and to our guests for their contribution to this podcast.    
In this edition Paul Pennington talks to the experts about endometriosis, PAD, chronic constipation, stroke and why we should all follow the UK government’s advice and consider taking a Vitamin D supplement every day.
In this special edition of the podcast we focus on Anxiety.  We talk to Dave Smithson from the charity Anxiety UK and in these trying times, if you need a few moments of calm, we have  an audio relaxation programme devised by Paul Pennington and Sebastien  Agasse.
In the latest edition of the Word On Health podcast, Paul Pennington looks at at the risk of Group B strep in pregnancy, how to deal with social anxiety, why we all need to be more aware of mouth cancer and to coincide with World Mental Health Day, he discusses poor sleep and teenagers.
In our latest podcast, Paul Pennington talks to Dr Rob Hicks about Eczema, Dr Carol Cooper discusses needlephobia & Dr Anne Holdoway, chair of  the Managing Adult Malnutrition in the Community team highlights new patient information on nutrition and COVID 19. My grateful thanks to my guests.  
In episode 10, to coincide with the start of Cholesterol Awareness Month, Paul Pennington talks to HEART UK and he has reports on dyspraxia, acupuncture and toxic home syndrome. Our grateful thanks to all our guests. 
In episode 9, Paul Pennington talks to the British Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Association, National Blood and Transplant, Dr Chris Steele MBE, male cancer charity Orchid,  the Meniere’s Society and, to coincide with their awareness week, Ataxia UK. 
In this edition Paul Pennington looks at kidney health, autism, teeth, diverticulosis, arthritis and 'the silent killer' carbon monoxide poisoning. Grateful thanks to the British Kidney Patients Association, the National Autistic Society, James Goolnik, Guts UK. Arthritis Research UK and the Health and Safety Executive.       
In this edition, Paul Pennington talks to the experts about the health benefits of pets, how much sleep we should be getting, dementia, raynauds and macular degeneration. Our grateful thanks to Dr Deborah Wells, the Sleep Council, SRUK and the Macular Society for their contributions.
In this edition, Paul Pennington looks at Cleft Lip and Palate, how to keep your feet in tip top condition, the difference between a bout of the blues and clinical depression and, to coincide with Vascular Disease Awareness Month, he talks to the Chair of the Circulation Foundation.     
In this edition of the ‘Word on Health’ podcast -  the health benefits of embracing a Mediterranean diet, why the majority of migraine sufferers don’t consult their GP, the risks of oral piercings, the potential problems with self-medicating herbal medicine and how women underestimate their heart disease risk.
In this podcast, I cover the importance of 'knowing your numbers' - testosterone deficiency, hearing loss, kidney health and the international campaign for suicide prevention. My grateful thanks to all my guests for their contribution.You can link through to their organisations at our website
In this episode, Paul Pennington looks at the importance of knowing your heart rhythm, smoking cessation, sensible weight loss, why it should be 'buyer beware' when it comes to cosmetic procedures and anger management. 
In this edition Paul Pennington looks at the myths surrounding OCD and Tourettes and as a follow up to the interview with the Lullaby Trust in the pilot, he's joined by Jennifer Reid the joint CEO and founder of Teddy's Wish - to talk about how to communicate with, and support parents living with the loss of a child.  
'Word on Health' is the longest running, editorially independent,weekly, short form health report on independent local radio, broadcast by 98 stations across the UK reaching an estimated weekly audience in excess of 2.8 million listeners. Supported online at, each report is written and produced by the experienced professional creative broadcast team of Paul Pennington and Sebastien Agasse. In this pilot episode, Paul Pennington talks to the CEO of the Lullaby Trust.
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