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Word Play with Kristine Raymond

Author: Kristine Raymond

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178 Episodes
Robbie Holz – author of Secrets of Aboriginal Healing, Secrets of Aboriginal Awakening, and Vibrant Living. Website
Robert J. Sawyer – author of the Complete Short Fiction series, the Quintaglio Ascension series, and The Oppenheimer Alternative. Website
Cindy Ervin Huff – author of Secrets & Charades and New Duet. Website
S. Massery – author of the Fallen Royals series, the Broken Mercenaries series, and Something Special. Website
Ester López – author of The Vaedra Chronicles and The Angel Chronicles Website
Carolyn Denman – author of Sentinels of Eden series Website
Patrick Heffernan – author of The Gospel of the Keeper, Pieces: A Mike Lowe novel, & Rampage Website
Tonya VanWinkle – author of Wanted: Preacher, Kitty’s Deputy, & The Possum Palace and Other Redneck Tales Website
Jessica Lauryn – author of The Pinnacles of Power series & The Rabourn Theater series Website
Jackiem Joyner – author of Zarya & Minor Assassin Website
Carmen Cook – author of The Sapphire Creek series. Website
Jason LaVelle – author of the A Dark Night Thriller series, A Flutter of Darkness, and The Dying World Chronicles. Website
Matilda Swift – author of The Heathervale Mystery series. Website
Sharon Pape – author of the A Portrait of Crime Mystery series, For Everything A Season, and An Abracadabra Mystery series. Website
Judith Katz – author of Prisoners of Love. Website
Abigail Keam – author of the Josiah Reynolds Mystery series and the Mona Moon Mystery series. Website
Mari Anne Christie – author of Blind Tribute: A Riveting Novel of the Civil War. Website
Will North – author of the Davies & West Mystery series, The Long Walk Home, Water, Stone, Heart, & Seasons’ End. Website
Terry Maggert – author of the Halfway Witchy series, the Shattered Skies series and The Messenger series. Website
Christie Stratos – author of the Dark Victoriana series and The Subtlety of Terror. Website
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Amanda Leigh

Loved the episode!! I also loved history in school so I found this really interesting.

Jul 3rd
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