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A show designed for young game changers revealing cutting-edge secrets from successful entrepreneurs, artists, producers, authors and badass individuals living epic and purposeful lives.
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This is the second episode of the segment called:"Thoughts in My Head" that is an opportunity for Juan Grey to speak his mind and to answer questions from the "W2S" True Tribe about many interesting topics to be shared with everyone. AT A GLANCE, SOME RELEVANT THOUGHTS IN THIS EPISODE:  Deal with frustration...  Control your emotions...  Reprogram your anxiety...  Once again, perception is everything...  And more... Be sure to tune in to Juan Grey’s episode, and listening to his valuable words on the Words 2 Success (W2S) show. VAMOS!!VAMOS!!VAMOS!! This episode is sponsored byVessi Footwear
Joe Casabona is an accredited college course developer, professor and podcaster with a master's degree in software engineering.Joe started freelancing in 2002, and has been a teacher at the college level for over 10 years. His passion in both areas has driven him to build Creator Courses, a school for those who want to create an online business.As a big proponent of learning by doing, Joe loves creating focused, task-driven courses to help students build something. Joe also looks for time to interview people in his podcast: How I Built It. Be sure to tune in to Joe Casabona’s episode, and listening to his valuable words on the Words 2 Success (W2S) show as he answers powerful questions such as:  How did you come up with your podcast?  How do you suggest to build a great audience on your podcast?  How importance is to automate your podcast? Any tip to automate it?  How to get a sponsor to support the podcast show and monetize it?  What is a pitch deck podcast?  If you put yourself in the sponsor's shoes, what they are often looking for?  How did you get involved as a freelancer?  What would you say it was your toughest challenge as a freelancer?  What is Success to Joe Casabona?  What would be your piece of advice to go from where you were to where you are right now?  What do you say are the main things you learned from Networking?  Do you have an automated system for Networking?  Can you explain what is Zapier?  What would you say are three applications that can help artists & entrepreneurs to increase productivity?  What would be your Words 2 Success? His Top Three Read Books: Masters of Doom Atomic Habits Sapiens In addition, head over to more information about him on: Joe Casabona's Website"How I Built It" PodcastCreator Courses Social Media: TwitterLinkedInFaceBook VAMOS!!VAMOS!!VAMOS!! This episode is sponsored byVessi Footwear
Andres Pira is an extraordinary human being who went from Homeless to Billionaire in 15 Years!! Andres, at 20 years old, travelled to Thailand with the last $2000 he received from his uncle’s inheritance. Broke and homeless, Andres’ only form of shelter was a coconut tree on the beach where he would spend many of his nights. After his desperation kicked in, Andres wrote to a friend asking for some money to help him out of his situation. Instead he was handed one very famous book (within the personal growth circles): The Secret. Andres read the book and dismissed it as complete nonsense. He tried it anyway because he has nothing to lose as well as he wanted to prove to his friend that the book was nonsense. Andres was surprised by himself by getting positive results instead. Since that date, Andres learned to bend his reality with visualizations, intentions and feelings. He started building his empire little by little until he became a Billionaire 15 years later. He has accomplished some of the most incredible things in real state and property development in South-East Asia.You can get much more details about his unique and transformational life in his upcoming book (written together with Dr. Joe Vitale): Homeless to BillionaireIn Homeless to Billionaire, Andres Pira presents 18 principles for attracting wealth, creating opportunity, and celebrating self-discovery. Inspired by his own massive life changes, Pira details his business journey from telemarketer to one of Thailand’s best-known billionaires. Using his mentors like Bryan Tracy, Jack Canfield and Bob Proctor, Pira puts proven knowledge into action, innovating along the way, using his own employees and clients. Through failure and success, the 18 Principles are forged. Uncanny wisdom, from this millennial adventurer turned businessman, is blended with proven research and case studies into powerful lessons.“Do whatever it is you want to do in life. Be whomever you want to be. Go wherever you want to go. Have whatever it is you want to have right now,” urges Pira.Today on Words 2 Success (W2S), Andres Pira will blow your mind with his fascinating story as well as he answers powerful questions such as:  What is the difference of your feelings now and before when you were broke?  What is your advice for people who are doing well financially, but get into the trap where is all about the material world too scare of losing everything?  What is your piece of advice to be the Master of your Mind?  Writing 101 GOALS...  How often do you take time to self-reflect and say I am going to have a conversation with Andres Pira?  Do you feel the subconscious mind is always working for you?  What would you say is a habit through energy that you do that nobody knows about?  How far in the future do you visualize yourself?  What is currently your biggest challenge?  How do you manage your time with so many companies?  How do you decide the people you want to work with?  What is the day to day like to manage your different managers/ventures and lead them in the right direction?  Are you someone who likes art?  Do you consider yourself a creative individual like an artistic person?  If you can leave behind a piece of art that you can leave as your legacy, what would that piece of art be?  What was the most interesting process of writing a book for you?  How will your book change the life of the W2S audience? Be sure to tune in to Andres Piro’s episode, and listening to his great value. As well as head over to the additional information about him: Andres Pira's WebsiteFrom HOMELESS to BILLIONAIRE! Master a Billionaire Mindset | ANDRES PIRA | Manifestation SeriesBlue Horizon Developments Social Media: InstagramLinkedInTwitterFaceBook
Brett Knutson is a Serial Entrepreneur & Speaker who has started companies across several different industries. His first company is a fashion one called Amare with products sold in stores. The second company is a virtual receptionist agency called Mediphone. And the third one is Hive, a social network designed to help people make new friends by connecting them with others nearby who share their same interests. Today on Words 2 Success (W2S), Brett Knutson tells his challenging raw story as well as he answers interesting questions such as:  Who were you when you were in your 16 year old Brett?  What did you end up doing after college?  What was the process life from ideas stage to actually implementing and having so many people on your App using it and getting value from it?  How do you feel your relationship with money changed overtime from the time you were struggling with money to basically what it is right now?  What would be your piece of advice for an startup that needs a little bit of finance to go to the next level?  What would you say that you do on a daily basis that has helped you in your journey so far?  How does someone systemize and automate their daily life? How to start delegating little by little the different activities you are doing? What is your piece of advice here?  What would you say from a focus standpoint, do you have a set of practices that you do on a daily basis that kind of help you to stay focused? What kind of mindset someone has to learn to cultivate to get things done?  Would you consider yourself a spiritual person? Why?  What would be your "Words 2 Success"? Be sure to tune in to Brett Knutson’s episode, and listening to his great value. As well as head over to the additional information about him: Brett Knutson's WebsiteFrom $0.02 to networking with BILLIONAIRES!!  Social Media: InstagramLinkedInTwitterFaceBook VAMOS!!VAMOS!!VAMOS!! This episode is sponsored byVessi Footwear
Alex Lombard is a digital entrepreneur, speaker and influencer, as well as CEO and founder of VisionWall INC. Where he helps create online influence for entrepreneurs through features in major publications and scaling their presence on Instagram. VisionWall is also Alex Lombard's personal brand that shows his own journey as an entrepreneur along with doing large promotional campaigns. Alex sells a variety of digital products helping people gain awareness around themselves online. At we stand, Alex owns three brands on Instagram reaching over 1.1 million combined followers with the following Instagram Accounts: @visionwall (~200k personal page) (~800k followers)@invigor8.official (~130k company page) A couple of influencers Alex's companies have worked with include: Dean Graziosi, Rob Sperry, Dan Lok, Ryan White, Henry Kaminski.Be sure to tune in to Alex Lombard’s episode, and listening to his valuable words on the Words 2 Success (W2S) show as he answers powerful questions such as:  As a digital entrepreneur, speaker and influencer, What is it that brings you the more joy right now?… Adventure…  Let’s go back a little bit in time. Let me meet 18 year old Alex, how is it different than Alex right now?… Death broke… I was a very negative person…  What would you say to someone who hasn’t clarity at that age (around 20 years old)?… First don’t freak out… You have to know what you want..  You said you got an opportunity @ 21 years old that changed your mindset. What was the opportunity about?… Healthy energy drink… I said yes… I wanna change…  What would you say the number one skill that has helped you to get you where you are right now?… Relationships… Your network of people is your network…  What did you learn working with influential people?… They are really just normal people, human beings…  How do you structure your day?… A daily routine…  Do you have any kind of systems that you do on a day to day basis that keep you in the direction you want to be going?… Write your goals down…  What would be the biggest inside that you got from mastermind with other great people?… Your environment is powerful… Masterminds really raise the energy to life…  What is Success to Alex Lombard?  What would you say to someone who is struggling in life, the darkest time?… Just keep going…  What will be your Words 2 Success? In addition, head over to more information about him on Social Media: VAMOS!!VAMOS!!VAMOS!! This episode is sponsored byVessi Footwear
Julia Haber is a creator, innovator, and go getter young entrepreneur. As a student, Julia studied how Millennials & Gen Z create content and influence on social media, including interning at Snapchat in Los Angeles.  Julia's studies & passion led to creating WAYV – a venture entitled WAYV, LLC. WAYV brings the heart of brands to colleges. WAYV gives brand partners unique spaces to engage with college students who are influencers in fashion, technology and other sectors.  Today on Words 2 Success (W2S), Julia Haber shares her business experiences as well as she answers interesting questions such as:  How did you get to build your business? Bring me to Julia's early days... Always with the assumption to do something in the PR world... Tell me more about your WAYV business... How do you go about finding out what is the best way of approaching different colleagues and different brands to make sure you get the best of both worlds? And you present the products and brands in a way that is gonna be attractive to students in different places...  You have a lot of pitching, presenting, selling to big brands, what are the challenges you face today?...  It is a combo pattern... We are a brand that adapts via experiences... We really need a conscious decision from the beginning to have some golden rules and guidelines that are no negotiable... What would be your piece of advice to someone who wants to get into business?... Hacking my college career... Share things you care and passionate about... What would be the number one advice that has helped you as an entrepreneur? My mental health... What would be something that interest you on a Time Management application?...  What would be your piece of advice for women entrepreneur to go to the next level?... Stick to your guns... What would be the number one thought that Julia Haber has?... Marriening all thoughts to continuous improvement... What are you struggling the most?... Man power... How do you properly systemize in different areas of your life/business to put a strong system/process once that can flow naturally?... Being able to be adapted, training the right people... What is your strength as an entrepreneur?... All has to do with Emotional Intelligence... What is Success to Julia Haber? What are your "Words 2 Success"? One of Her Top Read Books: The Lean Startup by Eric Ries Be sure to tune in to Julia Haber's episode, and listening to her young, but great value as a successful entrepreneur woman. As well as head over to the additional information about her: WAYV Social Media: InstagramLinkedInTwitter VAMOS!!VAMOS!!VAMOS!!
Dwayne J. Clark is a philanthropist, creative entrepreneur, executive producer, author and theater producer with a passion for telling true stories that inspire and uplift audiences. Clark is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Aegis Living. This company was the first in the industry to ever be ranked in the Top 50 Best Places to Work by Glassdoor in 2017.Dwayne is also an entrepreneurial leader who has founded True Productions, a production company producing films, plays and books based on his passion for telling true stories. Dwayne is also an author of several books, including "My Mother, My Son" which was later brought to a motion picture produced by Emmett / Furla / Oasis Films. Inspired by his mother’s philanthropic heart and her cooking, Clark launched the Seattle area’s first not-for-profit Queen Bee Cafes in Seattle. They are one-of-a-kind coffee and crumpet shops with 100% of the profits supporting neighborhood charities. Today on Words 2 Success (W2S), Dwayne J. Clark unveils his clever wisdom from all his various business activities as well as he answers interesting questions such as:  How do you get where you are right now? Bring me back to your early 20's how was Dwayne J. Clar and how did you evolve the be the man you are right now (very successful CEO, entrepreneur, producer & author)?... I will start even before: I will go I was raised in a dysfunctional house... We were poor... poor... For two weeks we ate potato soup... Probably one of the best business school I've ever had: My mom would say to me, You are going to reach a level of greatness, you are going to do something amazing in this world, but never forget that you looked up for your potato soup... Passion for Life & Integrity and with these come Confidence... Who did you have to become before you start with your foundation?... Always over prepare for your interviews... What are the key elements that people use to impress?... What I did: What are the clues this person is interested on... Send a thank you later with something inspirational... Based on your previous talk: What are some little tricks that people (under 25) can start applying in their lives?... Prepare them for fame, prepare them for success... for tragic falls... You have to prepare for the down as for the ups... What would you say is the difference between how did you used to set your objectives & your goals to now? Different process?... It's like a ladder... What's the next round?... I want to have gratitude about that round... You climb the ladder in small achievable jumps... What is the applicable way of taking inventory? How do you coach someone?... Listen to what people say I am good at... Define your weakness... Read business books... You need to take the initiative!... How do you keep yourself informed to do great decisions in all your businesses?... Surround yourself with really smart people... How do you manage your daily 24 hours to be as efficient as possible?...  I love, what I called, door jam conversations... I hate wasting time!... If I lose time, it infuriates me... Is a similar way how you treat your energy?... Get great sleep... What are you really passionate right now?... I love writing... Educate the world... What is your passion for film? The reason to get involved? What is Success for Dwayne J. Clark? What are your "Words 2 Success"? One of His Top Read Books: The Popcorn Report:Faith Popcorn On The Future Of Your Company by Faith Popcorn Some recommended books written by Dwayne J. Clark: My Mother, My SonA moving story of growing up in a loving but struggling family with a single mother whose life lessons left a lasting impression. Soon to be a major motion picture.A Big LifeA book/game combination that gets families talking and uncovers a treasure trove of everyday wisdom and perspective often lost in our digital world.Saturdays with GGHow do you explain Alzheimer’s to a small child?
Matthew Sabia is a digital marketer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and owner and CEO of Sabia Solutions, a reputation management firm in Connecticut. He has spoken on CNN, Fox local news, and the Huffington Post. In 2013, Matthew was named one of CNN’s Top Young Entrepreneurs to Watch. Now, it is your opportunity to listening to him on the Words 2 Success (W2S) show. Today on the W2S show , Matthew Sabia brings his expertice and young wisdom on:  You never know, are those little things that change your life in a whole different direction... How important has been for you to have a mentor? A mentor to guide you?... It is really an influential thing, I fast forwarded my career... You learn from mistakes, but you don't need to learn from your mistakes, you can learn from other people mistakes... First you need to take care of your bills People just, they don't have a lot of focus today, they get so romanticised about the actual process and they forget what they are doing... As a coach, what are the common characteristics you see on the people who become more successful? ... They are passionate about of what they are doing... What is the reason to do it?... As a personal experiment, let's say you are mentoring someone who has already a job, what would you do in the next six months to get them with the most possible results?... Generate call leads... What would you say was one of the things that helped them to stay consistent?... Stay focused on one thing... How do you start your day?... I don't grab my phone right away!... One formula that is gonna make me successful. That's not true! Prioritize your time and have patience What is success for Matthew Sabia? What are your "Words 2 Success"? His Top Read Books:Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill'sThe ONE Thing Be sure to tune in to Matthew Sabia’s episode, and listening to his valuable words. As well as head over to the additional information about him: Accelerator ProgramYouTube Social Media:InstagramFacebookTwitterLinkedIn VAMOS!!VAMOS!!VAMOS!!
Akhil Chandra is a Mobile Application (App) Expert & Entrepreneur, and the Founder & CEO of Studio Mosaic company. Through his company, is credited with promoting & growing 400+ apps for over 200 clients across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Many of these apps have clocked over a million downloads, been ranked no. 1 for their chosen keywords and even been featured by Apple. Today on Words 2 Success (W2S), Akhil Chandra provides us with his CEO entrepreneur lessons as well as he answers other interesting questions such as:  Can you go back in time when you started your company and bring back those hard moments and how did you react?… Back of those day, there was a lot of stress… How important was the sense of urgency to deliver in your company in tough times?… Have a backup plan, safety net… Be flexible… Roll up your sleeves… What is the biggest thing you have learned growing the team for your company?… Co-worker spaces… Hiring one person at the time… then hiring in a bunch … Skills can always be taught, but it is the attitude and the company culture… What will be the most important thing that you look for in attitude in an individual?… Ownership… Proactiveness… What is your biggest quality as CEO?… Empower the team… What would you say are your practical daily actions to move forward with your company?… Business development… Keep up on the technology space… What would you say is the most efficient way to communicate with your team?… Skype… Mini-group…. What are the steps from developing an idea to sell it?… Idea is very important... Two types: Business of apps & apps of the business… ASO… Apps presence… Very important to test your idea... idea > wireframes > ... Where have you seen the most conversion from all the different apps you have done? What are your thoughts on that?… It varies from category to category… Conversion rate are higher on Productivity apps and Utility Apps… Relevance… Screenshots... Having the right onboarding experience is... Push notification... What is the best way to learn about the User Interface (UI) User Experience (UX)? What will be the best piece of advice?... UI UX is different for IOS and Android... Follow design guidelines... Let's say the mobile app is ready, what will be the best way to move forward from the marketing stand point?... ASO... What are the main things you see from the winners in this business that they have in common?... Extensive testing through all the life cycle... How important is to have a strong team?... Without that team nothing we can do... What are the critical roles in the team once the mobile app is launched? ... Product Manager, ASO person, User Acquisition person... What is success for Akhil Chandra? What are your "Words 2 Success"? Be sure to tune in to Akhil Chandra’s episode, and listening to his substantial value. As well as head over to the additional information about him: Coaching and Mentoring with Akhil Social Media:Akhil Chandra - LinkedInStudio Mosaic - LinkedInStudio Mosaic - Facebook VAMOS!!VAMOS!!VAMOS!!
Steven Foster is an Entrepreneur, Musician, Creative thinker & Motivational Book Writer. He is currently on a mission to sell 2 million copies of his upcoming new book One Golden NuggetWith all profits going to YoungMinds, a charity that helps young people with their mental health.Steven Foster has also put together projects for :EDF Energy, Head & Shoulders, Monster, JML, Harry Hill, Roland, Universal, Sony, BMG.Today on Words 2 Success (W2S), Steven Foster provides us with business entrepreneur lessons as well as he answers other interesting questions:  If I am gonna create the life I wanna create, I am gonna fix myself because there is not out there, everything is a reflexion of the inner-self... Love doing your craft, just be present... whatever you do, just smash it and then success will find you... Because you focus on smashing it in the moment... When you were doing the cassette business, what did you learn in that experience to actually make it successful as your first business?... I have no fear at all... What are the technicals of great business foundations that you know now?... Accounting process of the business... I was in a massive rush... If you go back to your younger version of yourself what do you tell him to avoid doing same mistake...? ... If you don't have the accounting skill, hire someone... You have done many partnerships, what did you learn in those partnerships on what to do and what not to do?... Think always about the other person... What are they looking for?... How important is energy and fundamentals in your day to day?... Whatever you doing focus on that in the moment and smash it... If you want to manifest anything in life you got to put great thoughts and energy... Do you want to talk about in what you are doing because I think it's a very interesting project... Ask for the one piece of life advice, their One Golden Nugget. one idea can change everything. What a wonderful thing to share things & ideas... On what you put your attention expands... Juan Grey was asked by Steven to give a life advice/ a One Golden Nugget. Teach something. It's recommended to listening to it. In the music industry, what would you say are some things you see common in very successful artists?... Attention to detail... Know your craft inside-out... A lot of rubbish out there... Keep giving because give creates getting... Enjoy the process of making music! What change in you way of thinking when you start living a 100% from the point of LOVE? What are your "Words 2 Success"? His Top Read Book:Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill's Be sure to tune in to Steven Foster’s episode, and listening to his great value. As well as head over to the additional information about him: More about Steven FosterThe Magic Octopus WebsiteThe One Golden NuggetYouTube Social Media:LinkedIn VAMOS!!VAMOS!!VAMOS!!
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