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A show designed for young game changers revealing cutting-edge secrets from successful entrepreneurs, artists, producers, authors and badass individuals living epic and purposeful lives.
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#16 – Steven Foster: British Entrepreneur, Musician & Creative Thinker on Smashing Your Goals in the Moment
Steven Foster is a British Entrepreneur, Musician, Creative thinker & Motivational Book Writer. He is currently on a mission to sell 2 million copies of his upcoming new book One Golden NuggetWith all profits going to YoungMinds, a charity that helps young people with their mental health.Steven Foster has also put together projects for :EDF Energy, Head & Shoulders, Monster, JML, Harry Hill, Roland, Universal, Sony, BMG.Today on Words 2 Success (W2S), Steven Foster provide us with business entrepreneur lessons as well as he answers other interesting questions:  If I am gonna create the life I wanna create, I am gonna fix myself because there is not out there, everything is a reflexion of the inner-self... Love doing your craft, just be present... whatever you do, just smash it and then success will find you... Because you focus on smashing it in the moment... When you were doing the cassette business, what did you learn in that experience to actually make it successful as your first business?... I have no fear at all... What are the technicals of great business foundations that you know now?... Accounting process of the business... I was in a massive rush... If you go back to your younger version of yourself what do you tell him to avoid doing same mistake...? ... If you don't have the accounting skill, hire someone... You have done many partnerships, what did you learn in those partnerships on what to do and what not to do?... Think always about the other person... What are they looking for?... How important is energy and fundamentals in your day to day?... Whatever you doing focus on that in the moment and smash it... If you want to manifest anything in life you got to put great thoughts and energy... Do you want to talk about in what you are doing because I think it's a very interesting project... Ask for the one piece of life advice, their One Golden Nugget. one idea can change everything. What a wonderful thing to share things & ideas... On what you put your attention expands... Juan Grey was asked by Steven to give a life advice/ a One Golden Nugget. Teach something. It's recommended to listening to it. In the music industry, what would you say are some things you see common in very successful artists?... Attention to detail... Know your craft inside-out... A lot of rubbish out there... Keep giving because give creates getting... Enjoy the process of making music! What change in you way of thinking when you start living a 100% from the point of LOVE? What are your "Words 2 Success"? His Top Read Book:Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill's Be sure to tune in to Steven Foster’s episode, and listening to his great value. As well as head over to the additional information about him: More about Steven FosterThe Magic Octopus WebsiteThe One Golden NuggetYouTube Social Media:LinkedIn VAMOS!!VAMOS!!VAMOS!!
#15 – Mitch Durfee: Real Estate Investor & Serial Entrepreneur on the Importance of Networking, Power of Connection & Mastermind
Mitch Durfee is a Serial Entrepreneur, a Real Estate Investor. Someone who has an incredible outlook on life and in business. He is a passionate writer who has written valuable books such as his latest #1 Best Seller: Serve2Win Today on Words 2 Success (W2S), Mitch Durfee unveils advices and tips that experts rarely give to implement networking, power of connection and mastermind as well as he answers other interesting questions:  "Who is one person that you know that I should know?"If you can believe it you can achieve it!My immediate network can connect you with people you needTake a very deep look at the people your are surrounded yourselfDo you have a mastermind network of people on the same industry you are?How was the process of your first real state transaction?... Sitting in the back of a military vehicle... Just took action on it...After you had the first property what were the steps you took to start getting more? Is that the main thing you were doing for the first couple of years?... Working in Afghanistan... Why working 80 hours per week here?... Passionate in real estate...What was the main different the business that took off compared with the ones didn't?... I had a vision...If you want to start a business, what are your steps? How do you break it down? How do you do your vision? How do you create your goals to get there?... Solving a problem for other people... Create a massive vision... My goal: Own a Skyscraper... Who can help you to achieve this goal... Create an organization chart... Some business owners may feel they are running in circles...What is the process to create a successful team? A power team? How do you keep people inspired & motivated to get the best results?... The five love languages book... When you identify what is the love language in your team... The Vision, Purpose and the Why...If you decide to coach and/or mentor a 20 years old kid who is very passionate working his ass off who hasn't had the business results he wants. What will be the first things you will tell him to do for the first 3 months to be as successful as possible knowing it's a long term game?... SPEED... Be Hungry...How do you create a system a strategy for a Mastermind?... Social Media, running Ads... Bring strategies...What are your "Words 2 Success"? His Top Read Books:Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill'sThe Success Principles by Jack Canfield Be sure to tune in to Mitch Durfee’s episode, and listening to his great value. As well as head over to the additional information about him: Mitch Durfee WebsiteCoaching/Mentoring on ClaritySome CoursesYouTubeAmazon Social Media:LinkedInFaceBook VAMOS!!VAMOS!!VAMOS!!
#14 – Peter Chan Jr.: eCommerce Marketing Expert on Building a Skill Set that Will Work for a Life Time
Peter Chan Jr. is a eCommerce Marketing Expert & Entrepreneur who completely changed his life around. He is a Shopify Master. Today on Words 2 Success (W2S), Peter Chan Jr. answers on and talks about:  Don’t be stuck in the 9 to 5.Have the dream of doing something something besides school. An escape to freedom!“Entrepreneurs fear getting a job when everyone else fear losing a job”In the first couple of years, where you having successes or ... just constant feedback on eCommerce?I found in eCommerce a business model that resonates more with meIn the beginning is 90% mental. You don't know what are you good at.I dropped out my major and I started taken Business classesI really recommend learning internet marketing... I chose internet marketing as my vehicleWhat direction would you tell people to go to start getting solid results let's say 10% of the result you are getting financially if the put the work and the consistency?Learn a skill...Don't spend all your money in partiesAfter rejection and start getting first clients & income, what would you recommend taking to go to the next level?How did you change your mindset?Have a gratitude feeling!You really have to change your mindset?What breakthrough you had to get to the point to give a BIG cheque to your mother? What was the feeling of giving that cheque?Any plans to giving back to people?I upload youtube videos to help people and give more options to learnThree tips to build a sustainable business: TASI think TAS is the future.Why eCommerce for you?Do you have Mentors in your journey?Put your EGO and follow someone who did it before...How can I reach out mentors? What strategy do you use?Build a relationship with the mentorship firstDid you make partnership in the past and what did you learn? A partner means: You double up the business not you split the business in halfChoosing the road less takenWhat would be the 3 top habits that you implemented in your life that helped you to have the success you have in your life?Not to be so harsh on yourself. Everyone has its own journey!Learn the money work for you. Outsource early! If you wanna grow you need to let goWhat is success to you?What are your "Words 2 Success"? His Top Books:Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill'sThe Compound Effect by Darren HardyStart with Why by Simon SinekRich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. KiyosakiThe 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey Be sure to tune in to Peter Chan Jr.’s episode, and listening to his great value. As well as head over to the additional information about Peter Chan Jr.: YouTubeBETTERECOMCOURSE website100% Free Live Online WorkshopForbes Social Media:InstagramFaceBook VAMOS!!VAMOS!!VAMOS!!
#11 Jon Emond: Actor, Writer and Producer on “Live to Love & Love to Live”
Jon (Jonathan) Emond is a Canadian-born Actor, Writer, Producer & Spiritual Badass who is a Hollywood rising star!!As a young teen, Jon was on stage speaking to corporate businesses encouraging them to pledge funds for Operation Enfant Soleil, the local charity. He is also a Make-A-Wish Ambassador.Jonathan has appeared on different Canadian TV shows such as Tactik, Impostor, Fatal Vows, Being Human, 30 Vies and The Fixer.In 2015 Jonathan decided to make the leap to Hollywood, in order to fulfil his dream of becoming Hollywood’s next star. He has been taking different important roles on different important films, such as “Transformers: Age of Extinction”, surrounded with other big names from the film industry. Our favourite conversations & takeaways from the W2S episode with Jon Emond: [2:38] - Became the lead of a TV show... literally facing my fears every single day... People is saying this is the hardest business... What???... It was a very humbling experience... [3:42] -  What's the most, hardest thing you had to go in your career?... Taking the leap to go to LA... I lost my mother a year before that and she've told me chase my dreams... I didn't have a working visa... I need a paper to tell me that I can work there... [5:13] - This is hilarious... In Montreal say: Hey I am an actor... Every single woman will say: WOW, ok that's awesome. Go to LA or Vancouver and say Hey I am an actor... Oh.. He's broke... Such a different mindset... [5:37] - What's the biggest growth experience from you going to LA? Definitively the moment I arrive there... I have barely no savings... I thought I was set up... 300 bucks everything included... I can learn what NOT to do with this people. This is the real world... My father saved my ass... [9:23] - I am so uncomfortable here... And this is how my mind works, I have to stay here for a while... [10:43] - The moment I got there... The thing was run by the Russia Mafia... Kid, are you sure you wanna live here?... I don't have any other place to go... I promised to myself that I was going to make this happen... The most dangerous neighborhood in Los Angeles... Four murders... If you do this again I am gonna F***ing kill you... He meant it. This is crazy! ... It tests your will...The Universe will test you to your limits... [14:28] - The WE, the W E Theory... How it works is: We got the idea of the three pillar of the Experiences of what you need to go through before getting the other three pillar that bring you Wisdom... First pillar is Knowing... The second step (pillar) is Intuition... The third pillar is Understanding... Then... [18:01] - I am curios, how do you go about analysing, basically all the different experiences that you have daily?... Going to the root to the circumstances and when you go to the root, that is when you fully understanding... [19:57] - On the shoes, I asked the Designer go like: "Live to Love in one foot and Love to Live on the other", and that's how I live my life: Living to Love which helps me Love to Live. [21:20] - What do you think it (Jon's energy) comes from?... All it starts the way how I start my day... I meditate a lot... It's all come through self-love, learning to fall in love with myself, to then be able to love others, no matter the situation... Like a Monk for 30 days of my life to understand the proper technique to meditation... You want to understand further into your own being... Sixth sense is not physical... There is much more than the physical body... When you start leaving in love... Just love, it's just love... [24:56] - Our generation, there's a lot of people are becoming very very spiritual taking it very seriously, but there is also a lot of people who it is just not part of their lives at all... What is something that...they can start doing that will really help them in their (spiritual) journey?... Everybody has a seed,
#10 Nick Drossos: Self-Defense & Entrepreneur on Everybody Has a Plan ’till We Get Punched in the Face
Nick Drossos is an Entrepreneur, Self-Defense Expert & Fitness Instructor, with more than 20 years of experience, who is passionate to teach people how to defend themselves. Our favourite conversations & takeaways from the W2S episode with Nick Drossos: [2:30] - My passion and love is to teach people how to defend themselves... What can I teach from what I learned... Self-defense & fitness instructor... How do you see the correlation with what you are doing in Martial Arts and you also as an Entrepreneur with everything you have built so far? [3:57] - Everybody has a plan 'till they get punched in the face... Same thing in life, it is you against the world... [5:36] - Your future is predictable based on who you are and what you do and repeat it doing doing you will create the same pattern... Doing the same thing over and over and expect different results... [6:27] - I didn't know you can make money and you can lose it... Those are the moments that made me and that's what I needed to growth. [7:03] - You can't win the way of life with a shitty attitude, so you can be a badass, a top guy as many time you want, but eventually life is gonna nail you down... [8:36] - I had to ask myself the question... : What do I want to be happy? What am I missing? What kind of life do I want to create?... [9:16] - Reach out someone you trust, somebody who is gonna help you growth... It's: You gotta take full and 100% responsibility of your life... Take these experiences, growth because those are the moments that make you stronger... [11:55] - Being hands on on the battle field... And they are lost because what you learned in school and what you are gonna apply in real life are two different things... [14:04] - ... And you need every penny to grow this business... Do you have that dedication?... There is not any other option on the table, but succeeding... I deserve to create a life, a happy life for myself and I am not just going to settle... But I go back to that time when I was begging to get clients... It took me 2 years... Hustling out to build where I am... Do you have that dedication to make it?... [17:28] - You have to start with a plan, go back, what is your vision and how do you build your plan around to get there. Does it make sense? Do you need to re-adjust it?... There is always a way... You have to be flexible, think outside the box, you got to listen to people who know, learn from people and find the way to make it happen... [18:59] - There is also stuff you are gonna learn that only life can teach you as you get older... all the shit changes so much your life... F--k WoW look where I was and look where I am today... It's part of the process... [19:18] - If you have to give me a piece of advice that I will take right now that will help me so that when in 20 years when I watch this I'll say: Thank God I took this advice. What would that advice be?... [20:41] - "Life is a game, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes you are up, sometimes you are down. It is about to being able to roll with the punches. Play the game. Don't take life so serious!" [22:25] - To be grateful for even your shitest experiences because hopefully those are the ones that mold you if you can find the positive and benefit to it and not the negative to it... Look everything as a learning experience... that's what I see life now... [23:03] - What is the meaning of success to you?... When I measure success, I measure of the fulfilment and happiness I what I feel inside of me when I look me in the mirror... [26:28] - I don't read a lot... I listen more... I am more like a Soldier... I go on the streets and learn shit like failure... My greatest books... People think because you read a lot of books make you smart... Most of these... Gurus are self made... [28:41] - At the end I tell people what works for you, there is not one way or one recipe. Everybody has their own way to make it.
#9 Alex Ferrari: Filmmaker, Entrepreneur & Author on Following your Dreams Without Being an Idiot
Alex Ferrari is an American film writer, producer and director. He is notable for his online independent film education website Indie Film Hustle and has a background in post-production.Alex began his career as an editor and quickly moved up the ranks as a colorist, post production and visual effects supervisor. Coming from a visual effects/post production background, this versatile director combines his passion for storytelling and visual effects experience with a unique visual style.Alex exploded onto the indie film scene with his award winning short film Broken (2005). The film went on to screen at over 160 international festivals and has been reviewed by over 250 news outlets world-wide including famed film critic Roger Ebert. "Broken is essentially a demonstration of the mastery of horror imagery and techniques." - Roger Ebert.And the list goes on... He is also the author of the "Shooting for the Mob" Book Our favourite conversations & takeaways from the W2S episode with Alex Ferrari: [2:40] - Also dedicate most of my day to help other film makers, screen writers, creators, content creators surviving and thrive the business of film making... I am here to help, I don't know everything... I've been doing this for 25 years... I like to tell the true, the brutal true of what this business is like... Always follow your dreams, but don't be an idiot!... [3:05] - Years ago, what's there a moment where you felt in love with filming? you said this is what I wanna be doing for the rest of my life... When I graduated High School, I didn't know what to do with my life... [4:32] - What are the parallel in your opinion between film and business, and being a film maker and an entrepreneur?... [9: 01] - Listening every podcast, reading every book, taking courses, just learning everything I could about internet marketing, about product creation... I launched quick, I launched with a fury  and within a month my traffic was insane... [9:57]  - They were very curious about how the hell I did it so quickly. Then, a couple of  months later, I launched a podcast... And within three months of the launch, it was the number one filmaking podcast in Itunes. And then it turned into the number one screenwriter podcast and then the number one cinematography podcast... I understood my nitch so well... [11:43] -  The film nitch and film makers are the most exploited... Cynical exploited nitch in history... How is that you can connect to film makers? Grand majority of people that are constantly struggling every single day... Your best piece of advice? [15:06] - You have to plan for what is in front of you right now... I love doing what I am doing and there is a lot of work... [16:13] - How is that you have figured out a way to make money from a population that is historically broke?... [18:07] - Books are extremely important part of my journey at least... [20:05] - Is there any habits that you took out of them (top 3 books)... Habits that you as an entrepreneur have helped you to develop your business?... Meditation... All the high peak performance guys (entrepreneurs) do meditate... It brings a focus into your life, a calmness into your life... It taps you into something you really can't explain... It dissipates anger, it dissipates stress... The other bigger habit.. is to show up everyday!... [26:02] - I have a library of almost 300 episodes on the podcast already in 3 years, that's insane... I have probably over 1,000 pieces of content... [26:09] - What can you tell someone has been putting hours and hours and hours, but still hasn't had any breakthrough?... [32:06] - ... Yes, there are always failures behind us... my friend and there are multiple other ones I can talk about... [32:42] - What would be your "Words 2 Success"? [34:52] - Understand something: I will outwork you,  I will outwork you in ways you can't even understand right now and that's the difference.
#8 Stephen Voyce: Award Winning Producer, Singer, Actor & Director on How to Transform from Pain to Greatness
Stephen Voyce is an upcoming force in the music scene. His style blends elements of Pop, Hip-Hop, and R&B to create his infectious sound. Voyce lives for his passion of creating music. With a large, rapidly growing fan base, multiple awards and nominations, and music that is topping charts, there is no doubt that Voyce will continue to grow in popularity. His most recent release that fans are raving about is his catchy tune, “Summer Lust.”There are five things you need to know about Stephen: He’s a vegetarian, unnaturally terrified of spiders, obsessed with Batman, Michael Jackson is his idol, but most importantly, he believes that everyone deserves to live out their dreams. In many ways, that almost naive ideology is the cornerstone of his charm. It is what makes him so… hopeful.But this wasn’t always the case for this Canadian/Nigerian singer, songwriter, producer and recently actor/filmmaker. When his career was in its infancy, his music served as a coping mechanism, a means for him to overcome loss, the loss of the most important woman in his life, his mum. She had instilled, in him, a sense of unending curiosity and in her passing, he saw that flame extinguish.As his journey progressed, he saw how his music touched hearts, and that rekindled that spark, one that ignited in him the decision to no longer let circumstance define his life, to choose to be the author of his own story. In his words:“Whatever you project into the universe, the universe projects back at you. So you might as well be a guiding light and watch the universe come back and guide you.” Our favourite conversations & takeaways from the W2S episode with Stephen Voyce: [2:56] - I think every kid of our generation was probably born from Michael Jackson... [3:09] - Honestly music really became something that was so important in my life...To release the feeling and emotions... More than just a talent for me, it's a way of life in a way,  really showing other people that anything that you go you can survive. [3:44] - I always knew music was part of me because I was born with a voice... Honestly didn't think music as a career until after my mum passed... Something I had to do... To safe myself... Something that I want to share with the world... [6:59] - Never sing anything based on emotions... [7:56] - Allow you to make the decision as whether not even need a record deal in today's world...There are a lot of options in the social media... [8:32] - How do you learn about marketing, business?...  And what do you thing you got a do to get you to the next level?... It is the day that Instagram release the video feature... [10:33] - What is that drive that you have... that need to have that connection with your fan is so important to you?... When I was down... I only survived it because I put myself out there... And people reached out to me... They made me feel like I could be stronger... Now I want to look back and elevate everyone else... I want you to live up to your own potential... [11:59] - Someone in general that is driving to do what they want to be doing , they have many people they don't believe in it... Do you have any story that may they can connect to?.. [12:49] - Life will throw hurdles at you... see the lessons in it and learn from those lessons and try to pass something positive... [13:22] - Everything you do, everything you say affects the World and everyone in it... [13:29] - I am curious, do you have any habit or stuff you do daily?...Help you stayed grounded, stayed mindful.. Focus... Always hungry... Any specific things that you do like in the morning, at night or just part of your routine?... Feed my mind, body and whatever you call your soul... Keep your mind active... Always learn something new... Your body... Workout... Eat well... Connect with your emotions... Your soul loves connecting with your emotions... I LOVE YOU...
#7 Dimitris Skiadas: Ecommerce Strategist on How You Can Change Your Life Anytime
Dimitris Skiada is an ecommerce strategist who has completely transformed his life. He has been consulting e-com businesses since 2010. He has consulted more than 45+ Shopify store owners.He has worked with the biggest brands in Greece and with big marketers like Donald Wilson, Travis Petelle, Matt Schmitt, Will Velasquez, Thomas Bartke, John Hutchison, etc.He travels the world to public speak about ecommerce, google analytics, conversion rate optimization and mindset. Our favourite conversations & takeaways from the W2S episode with Dimitris Skiadas: [4:00] - How the transition… from your job… You becoming an entrepreneur… What did you mind switch as well?… [7:39] - Go to school, go to college, work for 45 years and when you are 65 you can enjoy life and I was like: REALLY? Is this what life is all about?... I want to do something for myself... [9:16] - I said I quit my job, I quit my job... The most difficult part when you quit your job is to make things happen for yourself... [9:57] - Greece what hit by capital controls... I couldn't take money out of the bank... I lost all my income... I lost all my clients... [10:59] - It's not so much about WHAT you know... It is more about WHO you know... [14:04] - We have only one life to live... If you are stuck with a 9 to 5 job... You can really, really change your life, but you have two crucial elements... [18:02] - I have this unlimited belief in myself that I can make things happen. Whenever I felt down this is what I did... If he can do it, I can do it too... [20:16] - What would you say is the second level from there something you learn... to see your future before is actually there?... Visualizing your perfect client as actually living it... [22:09] - I started empowering myself... Looking myself in the mirror... Said: I am worthy, I deserve this... It took me long time at the beginning... This stuff works.. Making dreams into reality... [ 23:08] - What something you tell to a younger version of yourself today?... Life is really really small... Believe more in yourself and take action... [25:13] - I have lived the last 3 years of my life, I have lived more than the last 32 years of my life... takes the courage to go all lean and go believe in yourself... [25:39] - What's the stuff that keeps you going and fired up at this point?... For me: My little girl... Freedom... 5 million business... Play with my kid, enjoy my family, my parents... I will go for the second option... [27:50] - What's the meaning of success for Dimitris Skiadas?... [29:42] - What would be your "Words 2 Success"? ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ABOUT DIMITRIS SKIADAS:Website:Dimitris SkiadasConversion MastersSocial Media:FacebookYoutubeInstagramLinkedin
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