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Introducing Wordy Wordpecker with Rachel Lopez. A podcast that looks at how words have changed over time and the crazy journeys they took to become what they are today.

Each week, your host Rachel will breakdown fascinating words and why they mean what they mean. So, if the word curious piques your curiosity and if you want to know what's behind the word silhouette or rather who's behind it, this is just the podcast for you!

Episode 1 coming out on 21st August!
15 Episodes
Comments (2)

Mohit Aneja

Nice podcast! It would be great if you mention the source(s) of information and suggested readings in the end.

Jan 4th

Riya Agrawal

awesome....... I just loved it..... at first I thought that the alcohol episode was the best, but as I heard other episodes too, I realised that every episode is one of its kind..... please keep posting, I assure you I will definitely listen to all of them. thank you 😊

Nov 13th
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