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Author: Glenn Sanford

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Working Remote or Running an Organization Remotely shouldn't be hard with the right leadership and understanding of the right tools for building community, collaboration and accountability. Glenn Sanford has over the last 11 years grown one of the largest fully remote organizations in world with over 29000 Hourly, Salary and 1099 based employees. eXp Realty, which Glenn founded has been awarded the Glass Door Best Places to Work designation 3 years in a row with the company landing in the top 1% of all companies to work for while doing so with a completely remote workforce. Learn from Glenn and his guests as he talks about the Future of Work now and how you can embrace the many of benefits of running running an organization that embraces the working remote lifestyle.
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Working Remote gives organizations huge advantages over their physical bricks and mortar counterparts especially if they use the right tool set in the right way that then gives that team or organization an unfair advantage in the marketplace.  In this podcast I talk about my 5 favorite tools for Working Remote and how we use those together to create a collaborative high performance organization that gets stuff done.Those tools include, Trello, Mindmeister, GSuite, Workplace by Facebook and VirBELA.If you like this podcast be sure to hit me up on LinkedIn or come say hi in our Virtual World for Business...  VirBELA.
In this episode I talk about the four A's of Remote Work.  Most everything we do as we scale an organization should support the four A's.  If they do you will find that your organization can operate at a higher level than if they don't IMHO.The Four A's of Remote Work are the ability to work from anywhere, work on anything, work with anyone at any time.By embracing the Four A's of Working Remote you can add rocket fuel to your organization.Be sure to hit me up on LinkedIn, Twitter, or on the Open Campus.
Creating a Shared Vision for You and Your Team is incredibly powerful to embracing a Remote First or Working Remote Culture.  In this episode I talk about the importance of leadership but also your BHAG Around building an organization that is Remote First.
In this second Episode of the Working Remote Podcast Glenn Sanford talks about some of the ways to work with a real concern for those looking to work remote: Social Isolation.  In growing eXp Realty as a fully remote organization Glenn talks about how to create a real place for team members to work to feel included and to be meaningful contributors to the enterprise's success.
In this episode host, Glenn Sanford, introduces the Working Remote Podcast and provides a bit of context to future episodes.  At the bottom of the housing market in 2009, Glenn Sanford launched eXp Realty as a cloud-based, fully remote real estate brokerage without any physical office infrastructure.  11 years later eXp Realty is the fastest organically growing real estate brokerage in the world operating in 4 countries with over 29,000 agents, brokers and staff.  In this first episode, Glenn shares a bit about why embracing a fully remote mindset set the company up to win on many different levels including being recognized by Glassdoor 3 years in a row as a top place to work.  Let us know what you think and be sure to hit that subscribe button.
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