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Working with Warriors® Podcast

Author: The Regional Men's Health Initiative

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The Working with Warriors® Podcast is a series of conversations about men's wellbeing and health, whilst encouraging and empowering men and community to take responsibility for improving our lives. The team at The Regional Men's Health Initiative is hosting, participating and producing the podcasts. For more information Visit
10 Episodes
How does your vehicle travel the road of life? Checking in with our Shock Absorbers is important so we can cope with the bumps in the road. What can we do to manage our distress? Check how your Shock Absorbers perform here:
What is our mental health and wellbeing? In this episode we discuss the language around mental health and wellbeing, stress, situational distress, and our Mental Health and Wellbeing Gauge. Check out the Gauge here:
Challenging ourselves on why we sometimes have a neglectful approach to the many area's that affect our physical health, including bad backs, prostate issues, skin conditions, hearing, sight and cardiovascular health. We discuss some useful tips for what we can do to look after ourselves and reinforce the importance of checking in with our GP.
We are talking about how our eating habits and harmful behaviours impact on our health and wellbeing. Keeping active and the importance of a routine service visit to the GP are a few key areas discussed.
Focusing on education and awareness, enabling grass roots conversations as the key to make positive change in our lives. Important definition of our health and wellbeing, which involves physical, mental, and social/spiritual aspects. My health and wellbeing is my responsibility.
With our guest we talk through how our three categories of mates, mentor, peer and/or partner have impacted us, influenced us and why they are important to us through our journey in life.
Recognising impacts and solutions to maintaining mateship through challenging times. We are all challenged when our personal autonomy and/or social connection is put at risk. These challenges often come when faced with something we have the least control over. Remember … before it all gets too much… Talk to a Mate!!® or talk it over 1300 789 978 Mensline Australia.
Talks about connection through relationships, communication being important parts of mateship and the role of primary care and community. Accepting differences in communication, along with placing importance on our sense of connection and belonging is important to us as men and improves our overall wellbeing. Remember … before it all gets too much… Talk to a Mate!!® or talk it over 1300 789 978 Mensline Australia.
Looks at who our real mates are and why it is important to us. It is a myth that blokes won’t talk, we just need the right environment and a safe place. Remember … before it all gets too much… Talk to a Mate!!® or talk it over 1300 789 978 Mensline Australia.
An introduction to our unique community education model that aims to empower men and communities to take responsibility for their wellbeing and health in regional, rural, and remote Western Australia. Our contact with men involves empathy, passion, appropriate use of humour, and going where the blokes are.
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