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Working with teams

Author: Andrew Huffer

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Quick tips that you can implement as a team leader, facilitator or coach. Tap into the practical experience of Andrew Huffer and guests in helping teams to be more effective. You'll learn what you need to get right and the pitfalls to avoid through their work with Boards, Businesses, Communities, Corporates, Clubs and Government Agencies.
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In this episode we'll discuss some design frameworks to apply, along with some online tools to try. Both will help you to deliver outcomes for groups that you're doing facilitation work with in the online space. 
In this episode we'll look at what you can do before and during a workshop to give people in online groups a space to thinkWe'll cover this from a couple of perspectives, from helping online groups with their pre-workshop preparation, as well as what we can do within the workshops that we are facilitating.You can also read blog post based around this episode. 
If you have the role of facilitator, it's important to tap into the diversity of the group that you're working with.This episode provides you with ideas on how to recognise, understand and give voice to the different types of people in the group along with the range of perspectives and experiences they bring. A key focus for you as a facilitator is to help participants to consider each other’s views and not necessarily change them in the time they have together. Read the full article here
 In this episode you'll hear about a framework I've found particularly useful in helping to facilitate in the online space. It comes from the work of Sam Kaner from San Francisco. I’ve done some training with Sam, and he’s got some really valuable and easy to apply processes.Sam’s model describes the role of a facilitator talks about our role is to help groups in three ways:The Three Point Check In ModelTap into the diversity of the groupHelp the group to do their thinkingDeliver outcomes for the groupLean in, listen and remember to look for just one thing to adapt and apply!
I've just been interviewed by ABC Radio about a new federal government initiative to assist farmers with business planning. We discuss if there's still value in business planning for farmers and what it may cover. Listen for my take on the importance of implementation and participation in the process. For more planning resources go to 
Three practical tips that you can apply to any online engagement process. All based on practical, recent experience of stakeholder engagement specialist, Andrew Huffer.
Zoom meetings can be tough gigs at the best of times.In this episode I give you a simple structure to design and run your meetings.It's a five step process that will have you running your Zoom meetings with confidence every time!For more resources or to request a topic for your next episode, go to
Another day - another Zoom meeting! I know your Zoom meeting won't be dull - but...We both know that you are competing hard with a lot of distractions in participants worlds.Here are my tips from running Zoom meetings and workshops over the last few months. This episode focuses on:Pre-meeting - how to get participants focused and connectedPre-start - making sure everyone has their tech sorted and are focusedAt-start - getting people engaged from the get-goBe sure to request topics for future episodes via
 How to keep your team members focused and working effectively in the online space. 
Andrew Huffer is joined by facilitator and coach, Andrew Rixon. They discuss the principles of the Solutions Focus in coaching and how they've also applied it in their facilitation work. You'll also get to hear about the work of international Solutions Focus experts, Paul Z Jackson and Janine Waldman - and how you can learn directly from them!
Andrew Huffer has the absolute pleasure of interviewing story legend, Andrew Rixon.You'll hear about the 'story' behind the story conference (including what's it's like to stay with a guy who has a waterfall in his living room in New York!).Andrew reveals the conference themes, some of the people attending and key reasons why you should be amongst them!Also unveiled will be some special deals to attend the Story Conference in Melbourne in November.
Balancing the role of providing technical input with facilitating a workshop is a difficult and tricky task.In this episode of Working with Teams my colleagues Margo O'Byrne and Will Bessen provide you with practical tips on how to do this and the importance of authenticity and transparency in doing so.Lean in and listen for one thing to apply.
Four options for you to consider in facilitating your next strategic planning workshop with your team.In this episode of Working with Teams, Andrew Huffer is joined by long-time colleague Bevan Bessen to you give you practical planning processes to add to your toolkit.Lean in and listen for one thing to apply.
What do you have to get right? What do participants need to know about a consultation process before they even choose to commit to it? In this episode of Working with Teams, Will Bessen and Andrew Huffer give you a five step framework to guide you through.Lean in and listen for one thing to apply.
Collaboration and inclusive decision making has been our mantra for a long time. There are still times when you absolutely should avoid a facilitative approach to decision making. In this episode of Working with Teams, Andrew Huffer and Bevan Bessen outline why.Lean in and listen for one thing to apply.
Managing disagreement between groups is never easy. In this episode of Working with Teams, Bevan Bessen and Andrew Huffer share the importance of identifying shared interests and  common values to help groups to inch closer together.Lean in and listen for one thing to apply.
Practical tips to help you prepare for and manage conflict in meetings and workshops. Ideal for facilitators and managers.+In this episode of Working with Teams, Andrew Huffer and Margo O'Byrne provide you with simple steps and ideas to apply, making you ready for anything that comes your way.Lean in and listen for one thing to apply.
How to work with your client (internal or external) to gain clarity on what they're really wanting from the process. In this episode of Working with Teams, Andrew Huffer, Margo O'Byrne and Will Bessen share their tips and structures to use.  Lean in and listen for one thing to apply.
How to avoid having the usual suspects dominating your workshop.In this episode of Working with Teams, Andrew Huffer is joined by Margo O'Byrne and Bevan Bessen to provide their tips on getting 'all the voices in the room' heard and addressing cultural issues in workshop.Lean in and listen for one thing to apply. 
Stories have huge potential to connect with the people in your workshop - if used carefully!In this episode of Working with Teams, Andrew Huffer is joined by Margo O'Byrne and Will Bessen to give you a grab bag of ideas to use and the one thing to avoid when using stories and role playing in workshops.Lean in and listen for one thing to apply. 
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