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The goal of this show is simple: opening minds through Music!

We bring you interviews with world-renowned musicians from every part of the globe, as well as our own explorations of musical styles, instruments, and artists. If you believe, like us, that open ears = open minds, then come with us into broader horizons!
10 Episodes
Last week, we spoke with Brian & Leila Pertl, and members of the Music Education Team, who have helped design the Mile of Music Festival, especially the cultural education components. This week, we’re speaking with the teaching-musicians themselves to learn about Afro-Cuban Drumming, Mariachi, Ghanaian Drumming, and Native American Flute. We attended a few sessions ourselves during the festival and spoke with these artists afterwards.
We were delighted to discover the Mile Of Music Festival, which curates international music workshops alongside concerts of Americana and Folk music. Several of the Americana acts were imported nationwide and even internationally, but all of the international music is taught by people from within their small Appleton community. So which music is ‘local’?? We attended this 3 day festival, attended the workshops and spoke with the organizers to fully understand the blurring of this dichotomy.
Jess Sah Bi & Peter One, musicians from Côte d'Ivoire in West Africa, recall hearing the harmonies and guitars of Simon and Garfunkel and Cat Stevens for the first time and how that impacted their music from that point onward. In our conversation they take us through the creation of their landmark African-Country-Folk inspired album Our Garden Needs Its Flowers from their initial search for a producer to now the recent reissue, 30 years later, by Awesome Tapes From Africa.
Pamyua’s musical footprint, spanning two decades and several countries, is a testament to the ongoing vibrancy of Inuit music, the group members, and their unique heritage. Brothers Phillip and Stephen Blanchett speak from the heart on issues of identity, culture and music expressed through Pamyua (pronounced bum-yo-ah) with collaborators Ossie Kairaiuak and Karina Moeller. They are preservers of an amazing musical tradition that is still alive but has historically been marked for extinction and continues to face the threat of becoming lost to this day.
Chicago’s own Zeshan B’s fearlessness as an individual translates into music that knows no boundaries and takes from a wider range of influences than we may be used to hearing in one musician’s discography. In 2017 he released Vetted, his debut album, to critical acclaim. He made his national TV debut that same year on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. Since then he’s been touring and preparing for his next release. We talk about his experience in music education, his current project, and how we all share an inherent hunger for groovy music.
Originally from Costa Rica and Iran respectively, Jorge Strunz and Ardeshir Farah have brought the musical influences of their native lands into their highly virtuosic, rhythmic, and improvisation-rich original instrumental compositions, inspiring fans and many guitarists worldwide. Their meeting in 1979 in Los Angeles, where they are still based, marked the first time that Latin American and Middle Eastern music, along with other important elements, came together on the guitar. Our conversation touches on all of these points and more. Enjoy!
Aashish Khan is the eldest exponent of an Indian Classical music lineage that reaches all the way back to the court of Mughal emperor Akbar the Great. He takes us back to the creation of his pioneering Indo-Jazz fusion band, Shakti, in the early 1970s, he shares about his new project Shringar, and reveals that he has a literal treasure trove of unreleased recordings, including a track that he recorded with George Harrison, Eric Clapton and others.
Thomas Brooman has always had a vision of a smaller musical world -- from his early years spent among fellow awe-struck concertgoers during the European Rock-&-Roll boom, to his later work cultivating a collective of artists as co-founder of the globally inspired World of Music Arts and Dance festival (WOMAD). We talk about the relationship between musicians and international markets and get a behind-the-scenes look into his involvement in the creation of the term ‘World Music’- in all of its complexities.
Our second episode brings us to a small town in the Northern part of the U.S. where we, surprisingly, find a deep Blues history. We follow Paramount Records through the peak of success, recording landmark artists that changed Western popular music forever, but this music, at several times, was almost lost forever. We follow the thin thread of events and recent efforts that have gone into preserving this important musical history.   Musical Mentions 0:50 Muddy Waters 0:51 B.B King 0:54 Blind Lemon Jefferson 0:56 Charley Patton 0:57 Skip James 1:09 Blues 1:12 Africa 1:50 Skip James 2:03 Big Bill Broonzy 2:07 Bill Big Broonzy: The Man That Brought The Blues to Britain 2:14 Paramount Records 3:44 Jazz 3:55 Johann Sebastian Bach 3:55 Ludwig Van Beethoven 3:55 Johannes Brahms 3:59 Franz Joseph Haydn 3:59 Wenzel Müller 3:59 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 4:06 Vaudevillan Performers 4:08 Dixieland Jazz 4:10 Creole Music 4:14 Military Bands 4:49 Al Jolson 6:11 Pop music 6:19 Wisconsin Chair Company 6:28 Phonographs 7:21 Alex Van Der Tuuk 7:31 Paramount’s Rise and Fall 7:55 Classical Music (Western) 8:05 Vaudeville 8:10 Country Music 8:37 Mamie Smith 8:38 Crazy Blues 9:09 Race Records 10:10 J. Mayo “Ink” Williams 10:31 Blues Music 11:15 Bessie Smith 11:17 Jelly Roll Morton 12:31 Alberta Hunter 12:32 Monette Moore 12:53 Blind Lemon Jefferson 13:48 Charley Patton 13:52 Dockery Farms 13:57 Robert Johnson 14:29 Pony Blues 14:31 Banty Rooster Blues 15:10 Swanee River 15:21 Juke Joints 15:46 Delta Blues 16:59 Metal Masters 19:25 Grafton House of Blues 19:34 Angie Mack Riley 19:56 Blues 19:56 Jazz 19:56 Country Music 22:43 PBS History Detective: Paramount Records Episode 22:59 Charley Patton 22:59 Skip James 22:59 Blind Lemon Jefferson 23:27 Louis Armstrong 23:27 Ma Rainey 23:27 Son House 24:28 Delta Blues 24:49 Elvis Presley 25:22 Paramount’s Rise and Fall 25:29 Agram Blues 25:41 Jack White Box Set 25:54 Dean Blackwood 25:55 Revenant Records 27:10 Paramount Box Set #1 27:28 Grammy Award 27:57 The World Music Foundation 28:05 World Music 29:10 Folklore Music 29:18 Zydeco 29:22 Cajun Music 29:36 Rolling Stones 29:41 Love in Vain 30:10 Elmore James 30:01 Howlin’ Wolf 30:04 Muddy Waters 30:28 The Country Blues, by Samuel Charters 30:40 Columbia Records 30:42 Okeh Records 30:43 Paramount Records
Dave Pietro’s curiosity and workmanship have been the foundation of his decade’s long career as an internationally touring musician. He explains the value of truly listening— even if what you’re hearing confuses or frightens you at first. We touch on his gigging history starting in New York, his new album New Road: Iowa Memoirs, and how immersing oneself in a culture can fundamentally change your understanding of pretty much everything.   Musical Mentions 0:10 Mariachi 1:00 Maria Schneider Orchestra 1:00 Gil Evan’s Project 1:00 Darcy James Argues Secret Society 1:15 Toshiko Akiyoshi Jazz Orchestra 1:20 Woody Herman 1:20 Lionel Hampton 1:20 Maynard Ferguson 1:20 Sandip Burman 1:20 The Village Vanguard Jazz Orchestra 1:30 Pete McGuinness 1:30 David Bowie 1:30 Paul Anka 1:30 Blood Sweat and Tears 1:30 Ray Charles 1:30 Rosemary Clooney 1:30 Harry Connick Jr. 1:30 Chaka Khan 2:53 The Rainbow Room 3:11 Liza Minnelli 3:30 Jeff Coffin 3:30 Tabla 3:35 Bela Fleck and the Flecktones 8:25 Charlie Parker 8:33 The Carpenters 8:41 Bebop 9:02 Bela Bartok 9:04 Igor Stravinsky 9:33 Bartok Violin Concerto 10:15 Hermeto Pascoal 10:25 Nikhil Banerjee 10:32 Bhimsen Joshi 13:40 American Songbook 13:43 Hindustani music 15:30 Blues 16:00 Jewish music 18:28 Klezmer 18:39 Bulgarian wedding music 19:04 Yuri Yunakov 19:20 Bulgarian Women’s Choir 20:25 Steve Armour 21:18 Kora 21:20 Djembe 21:30 Saxophone 21:55 Mouthpiece 21:55 Clarinet 21:55 Trumpet 21:55 Trombone 22:00 Adolphe Sax 24:23 Big band music 33:05 Sitar 33:05 Conga 33:05 Shakuhachi 34:05 The New Road: Iowas Memoirs 34:39 Traffic: the soundtrack of NYC 36:14 Bossa Nova 36:20 Baiao 36:35 Zabumba 36:35 Triangle 36:52 Carnatic 37:00 Mridangam 37:00 Tabla 37:15 Bluegrass 37:15 Jazz 37:15 New Orleans Jazz 37:15 Country and Western 37:50 Bud Powell 38:07 Duke Ellington 40:10 Greek music 40:10 Zeibekiko 40:41 Taal/Tala 42:38 Tabla 47:20 Mariachi
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