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With unparalleled resources, World News Tonight with David Muir provides the latest information and analysis of major events from around the country and the world.

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Joe Biden and Kamala Harris make a first appearance as running mates; Biden references President Trump's attacks on Harris; Senator Harris says she is ready to get to work amid the coronavirus pandemic.
Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden chooses Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate; Two major college sports conferences will have no Fall sports; The debate over reopening schools during the pandemic
President Trump pulled from the White House briefing room following a shooting in front of the White House. As millions of children head back to school, the American Academy of Pediatrics reporting 100,000 children have tested positive for COVID-19 in just the past two weeks. An ABC News exclusive interview with Doctor Anthony Fauci. What he says about universal mask wearing in U.S. schools, the President's comments about the virus "disappearing," and the race to find a vaccine.
The United States has topped five million COVID-19 cases. The President's own advisors warn of a surge of cases in the Midwest. New concerns over large gatherings after a man in Ohio infected 90 people at a church service. Push back to President Trump's executive actions on coronavirus relief for Americans. Speculation growing as to who Joe Biden's running mate will be, and one little boy's inspiring first steps.
President Trump bypasses Congress and takes executive action on coronavirus economic relief. The President extending the moratorium on evictions, unemployment benefits, and cutting some employee payroll taxes. COVID-19 deaths on the rise in 26 states, including Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico. Protests erupting overseas following a deadly explosion earlier this week in Beirut, and a desperate search for a missing mother of three in Kansas.
The nation's largest school district gets the green light to reopen, despite a grim new estimate from the CDC on the number of Americans who could die from COVID-19 by December. New information on the mysterious illness in children linked to COVID-19. A passenger plane overshoots a runway in India. A new U.S. intelligence reports warns of possible election interference from China, Russia and even Iran, and another great white shark sighting off the coast of Cape Cod.
President Trump floats the possibility of a COVID-19 vaccine by Election Day, despite his own health officials discussing a later date for a possible vaccine. Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has tested positive for COVID-19, as at least 10 areas across the country considered at serious risk of a surge. New York City Police now stopping out-of-state drivers at a major entry point, and warn of fines for those violating quarantine. Joe Biden facing criticism after saying in an interview all African-Americans are "uniform in their views," and the fugitive caught after more than 46 years on the run.
The debate over schools re-opening, while over 157-thousand people dead from COVID-19; Trump attacks mail-in voting; The east coast battered by Isaias; The death toll rising after an explosion in Beirut, Lebanon; The race for a potential COVID vaccine.
Millions without power as a deadly storm roars up the east coast; A deadly explosion overseas in Beirut, Lebanon; Back and forth in an interview with the President; The first wave of students returning to school, testing positive for COVID across the country.
A dangerous storm that has proven deadly in the Caribbean, surging up the east coast; Students returning to school, feeling the effects of the widespread Coronavirus; A hot air balloon disaster; A judge’s emotional plea for protection.
Tropical Storm Isaias lashing the Florida coast and expected to track north along the East Coast. A doctor on the White House Coronavirus Task Force warns COVID-19 is "extraordinarily widespread," and that no Americans are "completely safe." The surge in new cases fueling fears among parents about sending their children back to school. Over 8,000 residents told to evacuate in southern California as a wildfire rages out of control, and the historic splashdown in the Gulf of Mexico as two astronauts aboard the SpaceX Dragon return to planet Earth after two months in space.
State of Emergency declared in Florida as Hurricane Isaias prepares to make landfall along the state's coast. Record number of COVID-19 cases in California topping over 500,000 since the pandemic began, a potential outbreak following a high school prom in Illinois. President Trump threatens to ban social media app Tik-Tok. As colleges move to part-time or full-time online courses, students and parents are asking for a tuition break. And an emotional reunion more than 50 years in the making.
Hurricane Isaias takes aim along the east coast, as Florida braces for landfall. The surging COVID-19 death toll, President Trump visits Florida as the state breaks a new record for the number of confirmed deaths for the fourth day in a row. Three of the nation's top health experts testify in front of Congress, the search for eight missing marines off the coast of San Diego, and the daring jailbreak in a major American city.
Three former presidents honor Civil Rights icon and Congressman John Lewis, as many gathered in Atlanta to celebrate the legacy he leaves behind. President Trump suggests moving Election Day, as members of his own party push back against his idea. The U.S. economy shrinks by its largest margin since World War II. COVID-19 deaths rising in Florida, Ohio seeing a rise in new cases, and former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain dies from coronavirus.
The number of Coronavirus deaths in the U-S now topping 150-thousand; The debate continuing over re-opening schools; Trump defends the controversial doctor that said masks don’t work, and who pushed the drug Hydroxychloroquine; Russia’s alleged bounties on U-S troops; The Northeast on high alert for sharks.
A glimmer of hope as Moderna says they have evidence their potential vaccine could act quickly to fight COVID-19; The Miami Marlins' season on pause after 17 players and coaches test positive for the virus; Attorney General William Barr testifying before the House Judiciary Committee; A warning about mystery seeds being sent in the mail;
The death toll in America surpassing 147,000 as coronavirus hospitalizations are on the rise in 40 states; MLB's season could be in jeopardy after more than a dozen players and coaches test positive for COVID-19; President Trump's National Security Advisor Robert O'Brien tested positive for the virus; Late congressman John Lewis now lying in state at the Capitol Rotunda; Remembering Regis Philbin
The first Atlantic hurricane of the season, Hannah, hits the United States amid the pandemic, making landfall in Texas. FEMA issues a SOS for skilled medical professionals in five states, as the U.S. coronavirus death toll climbs past 146,0000. Officially 100 days until Election Day, as the Biden campaign pushes back against the Trump administration's handling of the pandemic, and the final crossing across the Edmund Pettis Bridge for the late Civil Rights icon and Congressman John Lewis.
Hurricane Hanna strikes the United States; a grim milestone for Florida in covid-19 cases; the passing of television host Regis Philbin
The covid-19 death toll continues to rise in the United States; the debate over children returning to schools this Fall; the dispute aboard a Philadelphia bound flight.
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Bon D Rewd

This is not world news

Aug 11th

Blaire Marsolan

Where is the new post???

Jun 9th

Roy Chambers

. .n x

Mar 24th


Not seeing the daily post for the past days, what’s going on? :(

Mar 4th

Vic Poone

Seriously, valentine day (Feb14) show for Mar 1? Do you respect your subscribers at all?

Mar 2nd

Ivonne Darlene Quintero

I really don't get why the officer got fire. He did the right thing he defended his team. This is the first time I commend on something but this really called my attention. I am not really happy about this. Another thing I know that Trump has done bad things I don't like him at all but at the same time I feel bad that he is getting a lot of hate. Just let the man be himself.

Feb 25th



Feb 16th

Toso Mohammed Haruna

I read these headlines and can't help but think... what the actual f**k is going on and why is Jesus taking so long. We are so utterly lost without Him. Worst part is that most don't even know it. 😓

Jan 11th

Anwar Azeem

Friday October 11th"

Oct 12th

Adriano Chiaretta

Why it's called world news if 99.9% of its news are domestic?

Apr 26th

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Lisa Lawson

10 NEON 20.18. GOD

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I am confused. I thought Mexico was going to pay for the wall. Why do we need to fund it?LOL!

Jan 3rd
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Jung Jae Hyun


Dec 14th

Amy Luxner

when was the last time the door knobs were cleaned ?

Oct 26th


I don't have cable right now but this great to keep up with the news I have to watch this every day so now I get to hear it

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Oct 4th

Angela Baldwin

Michael Taylor

Jun 7th

Lawrence Gentile

Trump and his web of lies!!!!

May 7th

Jacqueline Meow need to see.....hearing about the New Year fireworks in Australia, Dubai and New York......ehhh.

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