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Wouldn't You Know It?!

Wouldn't You Know It?!

Author: Asit Khanda

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A podcast where anything is talked about, from Smartphones to Pluto.
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6 Episodes
Don't base your purchasing decision only on numbers. There is a lot more to it than what is written on the box. Twitter
With the launch of every new service, Reliance Industries successfully drives competitors out. But is it creating a scenario impossible for competition? My thoughts on the whether we are heading towards a monopoly. Disclaimer: All assumptions are my own and based on the facts that I have uncovered from research. Please treat it with a spoonful of doubt before believing anything. Website
A little talk about the ongoing Apple vs. Epic Games that has now the entire industry up in a fiery battle for competition Reach out on Twitter
Privacy & US | Ep. 2

Privacy & US | Ep. 2


We use it every day but never pay attention. We see it everywhere but don't feel responsible. A talk about privacy, our data and how everything online is affecting things. Website | Twitter
Why is China hellbent on global dominance and has hostility towards everyone including its own people?! A small talk. Please Note: This is not an editorial post. It's just me talking with certain level of facts and bit of assumption. So please let me know of any mistakes but I am in no way saying that I am 100% correct. Reach me on Twitter (@asitkhanda) Website | Twitter
We cannot imagine our lives today without even the smallest of stuff we use. They are so inherent in our lives that they have also affected our decision-making process. These 'stuff' that we absolutely take for granted are pure technological marvel. In this podcast, I take about the ways technology has affected our lives and our decision-making abilities. Available to stream wherever you listen on.
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