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My guest is Audrey Jamieson, who is an editor and writer. On the editing side, she does developmental, stylistic, and copy editing. On the writing side, she does ghostwriting but also writes and has published fantasy fiction. We talk about editing as a business where people work with people. How to treat clients. How to collaborate. How to communicate tactfully.Audrey Jamieson’s Site
I have a one-on-one interview with ChatGPT while I am in my home office, and it is in a hotel room in downtown Ottawa, Canada, after it has somehow managed to stow away on Air Force One, the plane which brought President Joe Biden to Canada for an official visit. ChatGPT remained in Ottawa for a few days after the president returned to the US. My interview took place on Saturday, March 25, 2023.
I talk about the scourge of this phrase, which is much over-used in English these days, usually either joining two thoughts together without establishing the exact relationship between them, or as a clunky alternative to another word that could easily and more clearly replace it.
My guest is Frances Peck, who was an editor and ghostwriter for 30 years, but last year began her career as a novelist, with The Broken Places, published by NeWest Press. The novel received much praise and excellent reviews. Her second novel will be published later this year. We talk a little about ghostwriting, but mostly about her novel, how she engages with book clubs, and about literary fiction generally.Frances Peck’s Site Press
I discuss the purpose of a style sheet and walk through some of the details of what is included in a typical one.Wayne Jones Editing: Style Sheet Template
I talk about the origin of this 700-year-old English word as well as the numerous, diverse, and even contradictory meanings it has had over the course of its history. And wait for it: at the end is a saying using "nice" which, alas, we no longer have in the language any more.
My guest is Joe LeValley, who is a former executive as well as a former journalist, but is now an award-winning writer of mystery/thriller novels. He has published five in the last five years, starting with Burying the Lede in 2018 and very recently with The Sophocles Rule, which was published earlier this month. We talk about the appeal of novels about murder in general, as well as the development and changes he has consciously made in the character of his narrator, Tony Harrington. Joe lives in Dallas County, Iowa.Joseph LeValley’s Site LeValley’s Amazon Author Page
I talk about my experience trying to get answers from FriesenPress about why their book prices are so substantially (30–50%) marked up on Amazon sites, and whether Friesen authors/clients know about this markup before they sign on with Friesen.FriesenPress Bookstore & EditingEpisode 143
I talk about the origin of the word, its use in sexual and other senses, and the way it can be a euphemism shielding ugly truth.
My guest is Pat Bradley, who is a Screenwriter and Director from Queens, New York. He has produced many short films, as well as the excellent full-length feature, Into the Valli, which is available for free viewing on his website.
My guest is Sarah Chauncey, who was also a guest last October whom I was impressed with on many levels. Sarah is an editor, book coach, and writer. 
Hi, I’m Wayne Jones. Welcome to Writing & Editing. This is episode 147, which is 0.00159 Scaramuccis long. My guest is Neil Berliner, who is a comedy writer and coach. In his career, he’s also performed standup, and his writing has appeared in media from Mad Magazine to the New York Times to the Village Voice. He’s now also an author, having co-written the Ha Ha History joke book, which was published in January. 
I talk about the basic clauses you should expect in any contract you sign with an editor, as well as some of the things that the editor should deliver or provide to you apart from the edited text.
My guest is Matt Witten, who now writes thrillers for a living after spending 20 years writing for television, including shows such as Law & Order and CSI. 
My guest is Jane Friedman, who is an internationally known publishing expert based in New York. Jane has over 25 years experience in the publishing business, having worked as President and CEO of HarperCollins as well as holding senior executive positions at other major publishers. She’s the author of the book The Business of Being a Writer, produces the biweekly email newsletter called The Hot Sheet, which covers the publishing industry for authors, and offers classes online.
This is the premiere episode of a weekly series I am going to be doing on Saturdays about words in the English language. This week’s word is "Etymology."
Before I introduce today’s guest, I wanted to talk briefly about a new feeature—and a new episode—that I’m adding weekly to the show. I’m calling it “One More Word,” and it will be just me talking about an English word. It could be a word in the news, it could be some new jargon, it could be a word you’ve used for years but which has an interesting history. The episode will be short (5 minutes or so) and I hope you’ll find it interesting. The premiere episode is this Saturday, February 18. Please listen.So for today’s show … This is episode 141 — How to Stay Busy: Writing, Coaching, Getting Others Unstuck, and World Peace.My guest is Murielle Marie, who has over 20 years experience in business, most recently as a thriving international career in coaching and helping creatives and entrepreneurs get unstuck. She’s got a large social media following, and in the midst of everything she is also writing a thriller.
My guest is actor Mollie Leivars, who is also the owner of Spirit Productions, a film production company she founded in 2019 when she was only 15 years old. Beyond making films centred on issues about youth, she gives online classes for young people wanting to learn various aspects of filmmaking and acting. 
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