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We are obsessed with Age + Vitality and connecting with real people lighting up the world.
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Dr. Matthew Lee Smith talks to Andrea about sexuality and aging. Just because we get older does not mean that we are no longer sexual beings. Dr. Smith talks about STIs, the partner gap that is experienced as adults age, and the importance of communication.Matthew Lee Smith, PhD, MPH, CHES, FGSA, FAAHBCo-Director: Texas A&M Center for Population Health and AgingAssociate Professor: Texas A&M School of Public Health
The Power of Light

The Power of Light


In this episode, guest host, Christy Thiel, interviews health expert, Melody Masters. They chat about light and frequency as an essential nutrient. Be inspired and please shine your light on our world.
We are rewinding this week to take a look at Andrea’s amazing conversation with Rachel Pastor, founder of Fitness Festival Events. Prepare to be moved by Rachel’s story and find out  about what drives her to help others transform their lives and the world! Learn more about her work at
In this episode, we are joined by the founders of Uninhibited Wellness, Susan Golicic and Stephen Glitzer. They talk about their growth as coaches and how they came to create their adventure coaching company, Uninhibited Wellness. Through this company, they create adventure experiences for people to challenge themselves to change their perspective on lives so they can live by their our rules and expectations.Events + BooksHappy Healthy Holiday Expo - November 2nd Jeffco Fairgrounds, functional health and wellness and healthy gift giving with speakers.Adventure: Your Passport to Inspired Living By Susan Golicic
Guest host, Derek Metz chats with Dr. Ed Carriere from Integrative Medical Consultants at the 2019 Wunder Health Summit. Dr Carriere is board certified in Internal Medicine, Hospital Medicine, and fellowship trained in Integrative Medicine. They discuss functional medicine, the epidemic of autoimmune diseases, stress and how we all cope differently.
Allana McKinnon joins us on the podcast this week to discuss Celiac disease and how her work in functional diagnostic nutrition helped her to address her symptoms and get this tricky autoimmune disease under control. In this episode, we discuss celiac disease and why a gluten free diet doesn’t solve the autoimmune issues that this disease has created. We also dive into the gut microbiome, genetic testing for autoimmunity, the way that autoimmune diseases accumulate over a lifetime and how to reverse the autoimmune trajectory. Learn more about Allana’s work at her website, in this podcast:Dr Terry WahlsAutoimmune Paleo Diet 
Jennifer Jarret, the creator of The Choose Love Project, chats with Andrea about the power of love and how we can act with alignment to who we are. Learn about the importance of simplification and having boundaries that come from a place of knowing your worthiness. This episode will inspire you and carry you to a bright and positive place.If you’re in the Indianapolis area, join Jennifer on September 14th at The Vogue for The Choose Love event.
Our guest host Derek Metz spills all about his introduction to biohacking. He defines biohacking, gives us some insight into what qualifies as biohacking and how it is done. Derek has biohacked his mental cognition, his diet, and his physical performance all in search of ways to feel and be his very best. Famous biohackers mention in this episode:Tim Ferriss, Dave Asprey, Ben Greenfield
This episode with Melody Masters is all about understanding our purpose on the planet. Melody and Andrea talk about our frequency and vibration and how that contributes to the world that we live in. Melody underscores why it is so key to learn to be grounded and present in life and to show up as ourselves. This episode is one great ride, enjoy this deep dive into understanding who you are with Melody Masters. Learn more about Melody’s work with light therapy at in this episode:The Book of Freedom by Paul Selig
Health is a journey. Take a dive into that journey with Christy Thiel, one of our new guest hosts for The Wunder Life Podcast, a CBD educator, a stress reduction expert, a nutritionist and a wonderful friend of Wunder. Andrea and Christy cover topics around health, stress, the endocannabinoid system, and the difference between CBD and THC. Mentioned in this episode:Book: Millionaire Success Habits by Dean Graziosi
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