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Wyant’s Giants

Author: Brendan Wyant

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Educational podcast with input from students, teachers and everyone in between
15 Episodes
We decided to pull together a very special episode for Christmas! Merry Christmas and enjoy!
Reading Spots

Reading Spots


Mila and Avea tell us about where they read best!
Tiana and Amica take us through their favourite moments of the past week.
Winter Tips

Winter Tips


Rylen and Chad tell us about their favourite things to do during the long cold months of winter and give us a Christmas countdown update.
Hayden and Emma give us a run down on the past week.
Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day


Carter, Cole and I teach you a little about the upcoming holiday of Remembrance Day and explain what it means to us
Avea and Rylen tell us about the week that was
Classroom Tour

Classroom Tour


Sean and Tiana take us for a tour of the classroom and tell us about their favourite things in our classroom.
Mila and Gavin share their highlights of this week as well as what they’re looking forward to next week
Halloween Candy

Halloween Candy


Ethan and Hannah tell us about their favourite Halloween candy and some ideas on ways to keep it safe from pesky candy robbers
Peyton and Victoria give us a run down on this weeks activities and what they’re looking forward next week
Emma and Olivia take us through their plans for their costumes this Halloween and give us a couple Halloween safety tips.
I give a little run down on where this idea came from and what to expect from this podcast
Emmitt and I give you a run down of our week and talk about what’s coming next
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