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A show dedicated to Wyoming's farmer's and ranchers. Wyoming Agriculture Podcast exists to showcase some of the thousands and thousands of agricultural enterprises that are not only possible in Wyoming but thriving in Wyoming. From Microgreens and mushrooms to the illustrious cattle operation, from dairy farms to barley growers, there is a diverse skill set among Wyoming farmers and an even more diverse set of goals and desires. But I believe they all have one thing in common, the grit and determination to farm in Wyoming and a love for our small communities and the soils that support them. Join me as we meet these stewards of the soil and the operations that drive them.
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Episode show NotesThanks for listening to another episode of the Wyoming Agriculture Podcast! Today we talk with Dr. Jesse Miller about the various projects he is involved in and Fresh Foods Wyoming, the local distributor that I have been driving for lately.Thanks go to The Two Tracks for their musical contribution, find them here: sponsor of the day is Amazon, as an amazon affiliate, I earn a small commission on qualifying purchases, follow my link here before you buy what you were already going to buy anyway and you’ll help support the show: out more about The Wyoming Food Coalition Here: a Distributor or have an interest in solving distribution problems?Fresh Foods Wyoming www.freshfoodswyoming.comFind out more about the Greenhouse Project here Buy or sell Farm Goods in wyoming here:
Episode 12 Show notesPodcast Music from: an Amazon Affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases when you follow my link before you buy, support the show by shopping at amazon here: Wyoming: this episode, I share a couple of driver’s ramblings from the week, we talk about our time until last frost in the casper area and little bit about persistence.
Episode 11 Show NotesThis is the second episode in the Roadside Rambling seriesIn this episode I mainly talk about my little walk about and momentary observations of the permaculture projects on the cheyenne property that I did many moons ago when I started my permaculture journey. I finish up with a little bit of roadside observations on observed plant species and how that can effect our decision to choose certain species in an operation.Visit the podcast website at: Amazon:* This is an affiliate link that enables me to earn a small commission on all qualifying purchases.
Episode 10 Show notesThe first episode in the roadside rambling series.In this episode I ramble about water retention and utilizing the Wyoming wind to your advantage by reading the wind, capturing snow and soil and by designing with the wind in mind to achieve your goals.Support the farm at www.cackleberryfg.comshop Amazon at our link here:*this is an affiliate link that enables me to earn a small commission on all qualifying purchases
Episode 9: Skyline Gardens

Episode 9: Skyline Gardens


Show NotesPodcast Website: Affiliate link: provided by The Two Tracks, their website is: the company I mentioned in Canada that I purchase microgreen seed from:’s guest was Matt Powell with Skyline Gardens, here is where you can find him! is the company that helped get Matt started:
Episode 8: Red Shack Farm

Episode 8: Red Shack Farm


Show notes:Podcast Website: Link: Music: Shack Farm Website: (live soon)Red Shack Farm Facebook page: address: redshackfarm.wy@gmail.comJen seems to be going for the “Farmstead” model and I couldn’t help but think of one of my favorite books, The independent Farmstead by Shawn and Beth Dougherty, here is an amazon link to that book if you’d like to learn from some experienced “farmsteaders”
Show NotesThank you for listening to another wonderful episode of the Wyoming Agriculture Podcast! Today I interview Deidra Homann about her operation, we talk about her business: Mountain Horizon Hemp LLC. We also talk about her experience in 2020 with growing hemp for CBD content and some of the many challenges she faced with the season. It was a fascinating and enlightening episode, so I hope you enjoy!If you’d like to support Deidra, I’ve included a link to her website and Facebook page below. If you own a retail store in Wyoming and are looking for some CBD product to provide your customers, get ahold of Deidra and see what you can do to retail her product!Mountain Horizon Hemp Facebook Page! Horizon Hemp website! you’d like to support the show, you can donate or find any number of ways to support us at our check out our sponser for today, follow our affiliate link below and shop on Zazzle!
Show Notes:Thanks again for listening to the Wyoming Agriculture Podcast!Podcast website: website: Website: www.cackleberryfg.comAmazon Affiliate Link: song today:Wild Wyoming by Two tracksthe youtube link to where I played the song from: website: Acres Youtube Channel: of Sean’s videos about debris fencing, his is coupled with living fence, given his plentitude of trees: Wheaton’s forum on junk pole fencing:
Show Notes:Thanks for listening! Below you will find links for the feed stores that had an online presence as well as links for shopping on amazon, thank you for your support!Counties:Albanywww.thefeedstore.comBighorn Springs Gear Link to 30oz WYLD gear Tumbler: Website:
Episode_4: Turkey Day!

Episode_4: Turkey Day!


a short and sweet episode, welcoming you back to the show and showing thanks!
Thanks for listening! Show notes Below:The podcast website: us on:Castbox: Podcasts: Reffered to: you google tree hay, you will more than likely see this video show up: Acres, the youtube channel referred to earlier, a wonderful resource for any hippy!: the edible acres channel, Sean talks a little bit here about not building hugelbeds with one large outlay of labor, but rather just placing the wood and adding soil and compost over time as it becomes available:, talking of the cone pit method for making charcoal/biochar: a video of a braced debris dam: Merch Stores can be found here:Zazzle Merch: Merch:
Episode 2 10-21-20

Episode 2 10-21-20


Thank you for listening to Episode 2 of the Wyoming Agriculture Podcast!Today we talked about the history of Wyoming and how that relates to agriculture today.Wyoming History regarding tribes and such: ag history pulled from following pages: Resilient Farm and Homestead by Ben Falk: Website: Merch: Merch:



The very first episode of Wyoming Agriculture Podcast, in this episode, I talk about me, your host, and what brought me to starting this podcast.Our guest today is your’s truly, the host and executive producer of the Wyoming Agriculture Podcast, owner/operator of Cackleberry Farm and Garden and cofounder of 307 vendor co-opepisode links:the farm website:www.cackleberryfg.comThe Revolution Youtube Video: Holzer:This is the youtube video I saw, though I think it may have been full length back then: forums: Wheatons Podcast: Woods Show: survival Podcast: Devon>Zazzle Store HERERedbubble Store HEREDonate to the show via paypal!Podcast Website:
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