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Are you struggling with overwhelm, anxiety, or something you don’t understand? Are you looking for a different level of truth about your challenges and struggles? In mainstream society, we have been spoon fed a whole bunch of crap and propaganda. It’s time for you to look beyond that, find inner joy and peace; and keep moving forward in life. Welcome to the Yes, And… with Jennifer Whitacre!
We all get anxious and there are things about our life that we fully don’t understand. When it comes to our mind and our emotions, the story we've been told, and the mainstream approach could take you down the wrong path. If mainstream methods truly worked, people wouldn't be suffierng to the extent they are. Here on Yes, And…, we’ll discuss topics like trauma, shame, guilt, failures, breakdowns, healing, and struggle to diminish their power. We’ll be featuring guests who have overcome life’s adversities, emerging stronger and more empowered than ever. They turned less into a lesson and created a message from the mess. Now, they’re here to share their wisdom and inspire you to keep moving forward so you can do the same in your life. For more information and to see the blog post for each episode please visit
Jennifer Whitacre is an empowerment strategist and trauma specialist who works with clients who are ready to create empowerment through self-awareness. Having spent many years spinning her own wheels, Jennifer is all too familiar with how jagged and knotted it feels inside when you feel lost, overwhelmed, and stuck when all you want is to have enough energy and to know what to do. Like a lot of people, she has experienced loneliness in a room full of people, mistrust among family and friends, disconnection from herself, and despair that sent her to the brink of a mental health crisis.
Armed with a lifetime of experience and over 12 years of education in healing, Jennifer has learned how to get beneath the story of why people do what they do and understand where they're coming from. Discovering her own intuition and the power of living by her core values, she has learned a number of ways to raise her self-awareness. She now approaches life more confidently, more empowered, more decisive, and more trusting of her own instincts. It has made a world of difference in her life which is why she so badly wants that for you!
Jennifer is a firm believer in And Consciousness which is not about avoiding or denying extremes; but about expanding one’s own consciousness to make room for the acceptance of both. It’s the acceptance of conflicting truths that exist simultaneously. It’s the acceptance of duality, paradox, contradictions, and opposing extremes that simultaneously exist and thrive in our world. And Consciousness leads to curiosity, understanding, and compassion, which happen to be the antidotes to shame, fear, and judgment. It is Jennifer’s deepest hope the name of her show, Yes, And..., will serve as a gentle reminder of these concepts, all of which guide us along our path of personal growth toward self-actualization.
Truly understand yourself by becoming aware of your own pattern of thoughts and behaviors, and discover the seeds that created those patterns in the first place. Get to the root of the issue so you can gain a new awareness of how your own patterns of thought, behavior, emotion, and perception are holding you back in life so you can finally trust yourself and feel empowered and confident in your own decisions. Don’t miss an episode of the Yes, And… Podcast with Jennifer Whitacre and begin to be more self-aware, challenge conventional thinking, and look at things from different angles.
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This day and age have opened up so much for many members of the LGBTQ community to express themselves and their identity freely. Though not without their own struggles, many people have now found the courage to really embrace who they are. With this are the many identity labels that continue to come up—which tend to leave some, especially those within the gender binary, grappling to keep up and understand. Whether you are a member or an ally who wants to learn more, then this episode is for you. Host, Jennifer Whitacre, sits with host of the podcast show, Queersplaining, Callie Wright. Callie is a non-binary transgender person who identifies with the pronouns they/them. In this episode, Callie takes us to how their show sheds light on the narratives about the lives of queer and transgender people. They lead us to become more familiarize with the complexities of gender that stretch far beyond the terms and into the community’s personal struggles and continuous fight towards equality.Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!Here’s How »Join the Yes, And... community today:jenniferwhitacre.comYes, And... TwitterYes, And... FacebookYes, And... LinkedIn
Victims of abuse tend to keep their dark past to themselves out of fear and shame. Courage would not even suffice to describe the kind of bravery they show when they finally decide to go out of the shadows and into a life of healing. A living proof of hope and a fully productive life even after trauma is Nancy Legere. Having been abused as a little girl and kept it to herself for decades, Nancy decided to go through therapy, self-reflection, and healing. In this inspiring episode, Nancy shares with us her journey of overcoming not only childhood sexual abuse but PTSD and addiction as well. She lets us in on the courageous path she took to develop a healthy lifestyle and find lasting love that helped her triumph over the stigma she felt for many years. Follow along in this great story of perseverance, love, strength, and courage that shows us that there is hope in life beyond the shadows.
Mindset can either make or break you. What you believe you want to achieve can be attained if you work your way through it and not self-sabotage every opportunity you have. For Jonathan Walters, he has tested his attitude towards grasping opportunities and has grown from being a high school drop out to a PhD student of Educational Psychology, an educator, and the Founder of The Mindset Matrix Podcast. Today, Jennifer Whitacre interviews Jonathon about how he awakened to the beauty of not being afraid of chances and positive options. Jonathan shares how he lived as a homeless person and how his Daily Ten strategies have turned his life for the better. Learn from this inspiring episode how being called stupid growing up and hitting rock bottom became Jonathan’s greatest teachers.
PTSD can happen anywhere to anyone. Just like any mental disease, it strongly affects everything that comes in your way especially when symptoms are left untreated. Combat Veteran, motivational speaker, and author of Battlefield 2 Boardroom,  Jay Allen, believes being conscious about the condition’s existence in your system allows you to suffer less from combat PTSD. The process of overcoming such traumas and helping others overcome it requires strong dedication. Listen to Jennifer Whitacre and Jay as they chat about Jay’s life journey from joining the army, getting into a parachute accident, going into rehab, doing charity work, and so much more.
The effects of childhood abuse are extremely serious and long-lasting, both on the psychological aspect and the brain development of the child. Author, ultra-adventure athlete, and motivational speaker Damien Rider is a victim of such. In his documentary called Heart of the Sea, he tells his story of childhood abuse and the horrific circumstances he endured in his childhood, including rape and physical abuse. In this episode, he joins Jennifer Whitacre to talk about life after child abuse - how he got through the horrible circumstances in his childhood, found peace, and created the humanitarian effort and all of the impressive feats that he’s doing today.
Scientology has gained a notorious reputation since its initial institution, and its reach has extended to every which point around the world. Surviving in Scientology is quite a story to tell because not everyone does—at least not with their sense of self intact. Over the years since she left Scientology, Moira Hutchison has become a mindset cultivator, energy healer, and Tarot consultant, helping the people she meets along the way. Moira shares her story with Jennifer Whitaker in the hopes of empowering you to break through the barriers of the kinds of relationships Scientology establishes with its members, and perhaps other similar relationships you might have in your life.
Getting through the winter blues means more than just singing a holiday cheer or hiding under your Christmas shopping spree. In this episode, meditation and mindfulness expert, and Consciously co-founder Harry Sherwood joins host Jennifer Whitacre to teach on how you can take charge and stay empowered through this rough season. They get to the bottom of why you have winter blues and how it relates to your inner self. Discover the universal truths that will open your mind and move you to live a life that you can get excited for - away from social stigma and dysfunction that you were molded into. Learn practical ways you can turn your blues into enlightened views and make the most out of winter.
Overcoming trauma is one of the most difficult things a person has to do in their life, but it's something that ultimately must be done to achieve wellness. Being caged by one's trauma can lead to being stuck in a proverbial quicksand that becomes harder and harder to get out of, leaving you paralyzed. Evolutionary catalyst and creative entrepreneur Anna Pereira, the Co-founder of Wellness Universe, talks all about wellness in relation to trauma. Along with host Jennifer Whitacre, Anna peels back the layers of how trauma affects you and the way you function. But fear not: at the end of that trauma is evolution - the evolution you need to becoming a stronger you.
The world has so much going on that we can’t help but be swayed by its expectations and lose ourselves in the process. Switching it up, guest Manuj Aggarwal is all about working our inner game rather than setting ourselves up against the never-ending thresholds for happiness of the outside world. Manuj is an entrepreneur, investor, and the CTO of TetraNoodle. Fighting decades of anxiety, depression, and pessimism while building his career, he has found the life-changing power of training his subconscious mind to create the life of his dreams actively. In this episode, he talks about having the right mindset to live in the present moment rather than tie our well-being to future outcomes. Speaking to the overwhelmed entrepreneurs, he addresses the way sensationalizing competition exacerbates anxiety and gives advice on spirituality, meditation, and mindfulness to help overcome these issues. He also touches on the Law of Attraction and his program, The Purposeful Tech Entrepreneur.
Personal issues can affect our productivity and happiness levels during the day and keep us up at night. Host Jennifer Whitacre interviews professional clairvoyant Caroline Diana Bobart about these phases in our lives that can disable us, weakening our body, mind, and spirit. Caroline is a professional clairvoyant and spiritual mentor who helps entrepreneurs with successful businesses create deep healing. Listen to this episode as Caroline shares some of her own experiences being in a dark place herself, and how we can refresh our soul and get out of that negative position.
Personal growth is easy to do when you're on your own. However, when we're around our family, it feels like we lose it. Relationships with people, especially with those closest in our lives, are never perfect and could sometimes give us either the happiest or the worst feeling. In this episode, host Jennifer Whitacre is joined by relationship expert and public speaker Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin as they tackle  how to improve relationships with our family and peers, as well maintain our growth during holiday gatherings when we’re around them.
In today’s society, it is alarming how crime and murder incidents are continuously rising. Every day, we see news flashes on television of people who have either gone missing or were murdered. In this episode, educator and healing practitioner Belinda Eraicho joins host Jennifer Whitacre in taking a good look at the murder and missing cases of indigenous women and girls. Belinda also talks about the REDress Project and how it’s bringing awareness to these issues.
There's an energetic alignment with our physicality. When there's trauma, that energetic alignment with the physicality gets disconnected, twisted, or buried when we can't handle what's happening. We put up all of these defences, and the fascia system holds a lot of this lack of energy. Today’s episode features pain release expert Lori Zeltwanger, a licensed physical therapist, best-selling author, and the Founder of Advanced Release Therapy. Lori walks us through the myofascial release therapy and explains how she goes about helping her patients in achieving authentic healing. She also outlines some of the red flags to look out for that might hinder the entire healing process.
Addiction comes in varied forms, not just the typical alcohol and drug addiction we typically know about. This episode explores the life of love, sugar addiction, bullying, and fantasy of Rabbi Ilan Glazer. He is the author of the #1 bestselling book And God Created Recovery: Jewish Wisdom to Help You Break Free From Your Addiction, Heal Your Wounds, and Unleash Your Inner Freedom. He is also the Founder of Our Jewish Recovery and teach­es about heal­ing, recov­ery, hap­pi­ness, spir­i­tu­al­i­ty, and suc­cess in all areas of life. Being a rabbi in recovery from a life of dismay and emotional trauma, Rabbi Ilan proves to us the importance of an outlet and a community. He talks about recovering from addictions and a movement he is building to help others going through the same path.
Music has a great power to change the world because it can change people. In today’s episode, host Jennifer Whitacre sits down and talks with musician and founder of Music Care Inc., Bill Protzmann. With a mission to raise awareness of the power of music as self-care, Bill takes a deep dive into his own inspirational and real-life experiences on how he opened his heart and mind to music and allowed his emotional richness to change his life. He speaks with gentle conviction about music and self-care, going deep into healing traumas and dealing with big emotions. Join Bill Protzmann as he imparts his knowledge and life experiences for you to be able to change your life through music.
It takes a huge amount of courage to fight cancer and win the battle. In this episode, breast cancer survivor, Integrative Nutrition coach, Pilates instructor, and mother of four Victoria English Martin opens up about surviving breast cancer and the importance of self-exams on a regular basis. Victoria shares how, through support groups and her family, she was able to see life after cancer differently and focus on being a healthier version of herself. She also introduces her upcoming podcast called After the Crisis with Victoria, and shares inspiring insights about resilience, faith, and hope.
Having been through childhood sexual abuse and other childhood traumas, Shari Alyse has spent her whole life learning how to love herself fully and completely. Shari is the bestselling author of Love Yourself Happy, a motivational speaker, a self-love coach, and the Co-Founder of The Wellness Universe, a community of world-changers who are helping the world become happy, healthy, and whole. Today, she opens up about her childhood adversities and how she finally faced what happened to her and came to the understanding that she needed to deal with her feelings.
Despite having the best job, the best relationship, and things that he’s never had before, Randy was miserable. His coping mechanism of doing drugs and alcohol had stopped working years before he did anything about it. Realizing how his life needs to be different if it’s going to go on, Randy took the step to change. He is now on his thirteenth year of recovery and he’s transformed from hateful to grateful. After doing inner work, he’s finally answered his calling in life, and that changed everything for him. Now, he’s sharing the lessons he learned when he finally faced his suffering and discovered its purpose in his life through founding the, an online relapse prevention program. In 2020 his book, tentatively titled Relapse Prevention Tips for People Stuck in Sobriety, will be released. Re-visit his website to discover how to access your Kindle version when the book is released next year!
Nature is the best healer. Lisa Noland-Shalosky, a psychic medium and certified spiritual advisor, shows us how Gaia brings us never-ending lessons that we can use for all aspects in our life, including healing and letting go of fear and self-doubt. Through lessons she has learned from an inch worm she found dangling around, she advises everyone that regardless of how small your steps are, you will get to your destination as long as you try. Learn more from Lisa as she talks about self-empowerment, learning from pain, finding out who you truly you are to the core, and becoming your best version.
Stress is natural, but too much of it kills you and others around you. For this very reason, people like Christian Modjaiso exists. He is a Relationship Rescue Coach and the Founder and CEO of OBSERVE, a company that is set up to help extremely stressed people deal with their stress by observing it for themselves. In this show, he walks us through what triggered him to build OBSERVE and what methods he is applying to help his client live lives with lesser stress and anger. There is no need to read a book about controlling your anger because understanding the situation can always sort things out in the end. Join us today and discover the power of observation in alleviating stress and anger.
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