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This is where entrepreneurs get inspired and get insider tips for success. I am your entrepreneurial coach, Virginia Phillips.

I'm gonna show you why I started podcast and what I am going to promise to you every single week.

On every episode, you and I will be joined by incredibly successful and phenomenal folks who are going to share their success stories, their struggles and are going to give out actionable tips. My guests and I are on a mission to help you build and grow the business of your dreams and live life on your own terms.

We will have new episodes every week, so come and join us!
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Big or small, organizing events is essential to business. Turning your networks into partners and sponsors to your event can be a tricky part though. But it’s tricky no more as seasoned business development, sales, and sponsorship professional, Scott Morrison himself, tells it all. It all started with his passion for making recommendations on anything. Eventually, it was all about recommending the right partnerships to other businesses. In this remarkable conversation with our host, Scott shares his strategies and success stories in getting organizations to say yes. The first questions to ask yourself is this: What do your clients need that is beyond what you provide? Which businesses can provide such needs? Certainly, it does not stop in messaging your potential sponsors on Facebook or giving them a call. So Scott also talks about creating packages and the contract that you and your partner are willing to discuss and agree on. Keep your ears on this episode and learn how to be comfortable with not only connecting but also making the offer and closing the deal.    
Creating Content That Makes the Impact As an entrepreneur, are you also stuck in the “shoulds”? You should have a blog, you should be on Facebook more, you should be active on social media, and the list is endless. Do you really have to be on everything to reach your audience? CEO and principal content creator of Keynote Content, John Cook, has a lot of relevant input when it comes to sending a message that creates impact. He shares that you don’t have to have something new all the time. It is more important that you can deliver your take on matters that resonate with you and consequently affects your tribe too. It is more important that even when you send an already existing message, you can give it your own voice. In this episode, John also talks about finding your “content personality”. There can be pressures about being on every platform available on the internet when you have a business. But really, you can be on one platform where you can be comfortable and be your best. You don’t have to be a blogger, if speaking on stage is where you can communicate better. You don’t have to vlog, if you can express your thoughts through articles. Learn more as you listen on.  
It’s a given, with the internet age everything is ever-changing. How does your business keep pace to make it visible? Most of all, how do you keep yourself relevant even when you are searchable? Spartan Media CEO, Jeremy Knauff, gives us a glimpse of his expertise in digital marketing including web design, social media, and SEO. His first advice – don’t be average. Knowing that Google and social media algorithms are constantly changing and are becoming insanely complex, much effort, initiative, and thought should be applied in different aspects of your digital presence. Jeremy adds that it’s so little about meta tags or coding, not even just about the keywords used. Today, it is more like looking into content and user experience plus hundred more factors. In other words, you have to provide answers and not just promote business. This episode also tackles the following: -Is there such thing as oversharing of content when you are an expert? -Factors that drive traffic to a website which already appears good and relevant. -How to use data and analytics to track quality of audience engagement. Listen on and learn very practical and surprisingly easy to understand tips.
Be a Guest!

Be a Guest!


Did we just travel in time that audio is now the trend again in media? Our grandfathers or great-grandfathers would use to tune in to radio for news and interviews while tending the farm or doing the day’s work. We would have not seen this coming in the internet age.  Daniel Gefen, the #1 Bestselling Author of the book The Self-Help Addict and host of Can I Pick Your Brain?, emphasizes the relevance of podcasts and to be in podcasts if you want to be heard. Sure, you can still write articles to get the message across, sure you can still be on YouTube for publicity; but if you want to deliver your content to the rest of the population who can’t sit down, are on the go, or are just not in the moment to read or watch videos, then you definitely have to talk it away on a podcast. In this episode, Daniel also gives us a peek about the following: -How to take your engagements to a deeper level. -The link between loneliness and self-help addiction. -His journey of success and vulnerabilities. Create your own or be a guest, just be on a podcast!
“Message comprehension is the responsibility of the sender.” It was mainly intended to be about getting leads through public speaking but this episode just took it more notches higher with an intuitive conversation on meaningful, powerful, and honest communication. In the popular story-telling strategy for marketers called “The Hero’s Journey”, a spectator can’t escape the fact that the Hero is a character, thus, is distant and unrelatable. Manny Wolfe, a remarkable story crafter and speaker coach, shares his unique method of getting your audience to listen, empathize, engage, and buy. In his approach, he first takes the audience in this bigger picture, talks about a dim and hopeless case and goes retelling it with hope after all. Speaking and story-telling have been used and talked about so many times over now in marketing and selling, but Manny simply tackled this in a rather compelling, no-nonsense, and truthful way. Website and Social Media
EPISODE 32 Sarah Dunn

EPISODE 32 Sarah Dunn


Value-add Marketing is Servicing Your Tribe Just a couple of years ago, business owners were crazy about creating a Facebook Page to gain authority and gather up the "fans". But how do you build a tribe of not just spectators but of actual people that really trust you and will speak and advocate for you and your business? In this episode, Sarah Dunn, owner of four businesses and Enterprise Account Executive at a major cloud-based software firm, talks about how a happy accident became a big community and incidentally, an avenue for her to ADD VALUE – servicing her target market even if they are just potential customers yet. Value-Added Marketing is just one strategy though, it has to be coupled with the eye for the numbers among other things. As such, she also talks here about becoming and the definition of an influencer, the routine she does on LinkedIn, and the consistent number of new connections she creates in a day. Catch Sarah on this interview and learn how she does it from an entrepreneur and corporate point of view.
Business Relationships and How to Really Make Them Beneficial to You Going to events, meeting people, getting their contact info, and then what? Building relationships are easy for many entrepreneurs, the bigger challenge is making such relationships beneficial to business. Johnathan Grzybowski, a rogue-risk-taker-turned-serial-entrepreneur and host to the #1 business podcast, shares the story on how his venture turned big right on its first year. Being naturally extroverted, he started talking to people and getting to “every single networking event on the planet” for a 3-year period that he built a ton of network of people. This large group was especially useful when he was about to launch his graphic design platform – pitching them the idea, asking for their feedback, and getting them involved and invested in a way. He does admit that at first, he had to hard-sell his business on every person he meets. Somewhere along the way, he went for more lasting and stronger links by building friendships first. Johnathan also talks about the following: -The demographics to focus on when you are just starting up and grow from there. -The vision beyond revenue. -The beginnings of his first podcast. Listening to this young mind is going to be worth it!        
As an Entrepreneur for over 30 years, Jodeen has helped countless clients build their online businesses to generate leads and new customers. The teacher in her cannot but help to teach you how to learn the ins & out of being successful in marketing yourself and your business.   There the trails & life cycles of life with her parents Jodeen developed and offers an online Estate Planning course to help you create a unique plan to meet your families needs that will leave a lasting legacy for generations to come. Estate Planning is more than just putting a will together.  There are many pieces to the puzzle that each detail needs to be looked at.   Her strong morals & integrity important when creating an estate plan that is built on your wishes and your unique ways so you can live it out now and leave a legacy to your loved ones. Together with her, husband they raised five beautiful daughters while living in the mountains of Colorado, and rural Kansas & North Dakota.  They are blessed to have 3 adorable grandbabies so far to leave a legacy to!    Please access your FREE course now for Legacy Calling Estate Planning - Reach out if you have any questions!
LinkedIn not Dead LinkedIn is special and sometimes it looks like it’s not for everyone. Unlike other social media platforms, it is mainly focused on employment and business and the secrets to maximize this platform are not easily accessible for its users. Perhaps the reason why some say it is dead. But this is not true. Melanie Milletics, Attraction Marketing Expert and Sales Marketing Consultant, demystifies the workings of LinkedIn for us in this episode of Yes You Can! She shares that LinkedIn has made some recent changes to allow its users to make even worthier connections – engage with people who matter and those who will create an impact to your venture. She also shares some tips on optimizing your welcome page and profile so you can convey your message and your brand on point, thus attracting the right networks. Other helpful topics are also discussed: -What are the best types of content to post on LinkedIn? -How do your mindset and subconscious affect your online presence and business persona? -How often do you need to make changes on your LinkedIn profile headlines and descriptions? Check this out and learn from the one who’s been there and done that for even before “social media” was a big thing. Follow us: Facebook Podcast: Facebook AOEE: Twitter: LinkedIn: Please subscribe and let us know what you think of the show by providing a rating or review. Apple Podcast: Stitcher: Spotify: Castbox:!-with-Virginia-Phillips-podcast-id1205736?country=us
With the massive growth of internet users throughout the world, how significant is it to be on top of Google searches? How do you get yourself found in an ocean of websites? Our guest, Tom Casano, takes us briefly to the rather mind-boggling world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). He shares some bits and pieces of SEO lingo and gives an overview of what makes a “keyword”, how you can align your content with the people you are looking for, and  how search engine algorithms affect your page rank. He also talks about the following: -What does it mean to have a comprehensive content to drive more traffic? -How does linking back with other credible websites impact your presence on the Internet? -What do you look for when hiring an SEO team for your business? We got to tell you, it’s going to be technical, and that’s a good thing!  
Where do you start when you are just shaping up your brand? So much has been said about boosting your presence online. In this episode, Dan Brue shares a fresh perspective on optimizing yourself towards your end goals. He believes that a guide, not a step-by-step course, can help people more effectively in knowing what clicks for their brand or business. Dan also tackles the following: -What it takes to bring in cash without trading your time for self and family. -Your own platform vs. social media accounts: How to build an online foundation that lasts. -When to delegate, hire, and learn when going through the process. Get these new insights you thought you’ll never hear of this time where social media seems to be everything for entrepreneurs.
Life is made up of 'Aha!' moments. 'Aha!' moments spark brilliant and often unexpected solutions to things that had been nudging us. In this episode, Barbara Kohler shares her entrepreneurial mastery and wisdom, which came out naturally after she took a plunge away from running a non-profit ministry. Bringing a wealth of knowledge on personal growth; the child, adult, and ego; and how to develop your own personal truth, Barbara deconstructs these concepts and how they can help businesses move forward. She also tackles the following: - What is the correlation between your own prosperity and your own personal growth? - What is the science of relationship? - How important is truth and honesty in growing a relationship and a business? Learn these practical methods now, develop your personality, and GROW and SUCCEED!
Have you ever dreamed about  ‘WHAT’S POSSIBLE’ for you and your business?   These 30 minutes will change your business, enlarge your vision and most importantly – TELL YOU HOW to ACHIEVE IT.   Our guest, Brandon Bishop, will teach you that - The SECRET to GOING GLOBAL…is to start LOCAL! There’s nothing like hand-to-hand, belly-to-belly closeness to build a relationship.   That’s only STEP ONE! Then what?   Brandon will share the secret to building long lasting, strong as steel relationships and partnerships. (Here’s a hint: when you find out THEIR STORY you’re half way to a solid foundation of friendship).   In this day and age of - LIKES, TWEETS and INTERNET FRENZY – you’ll learn to pick out what’s relevant to you and important to your future success.   What’s Your Story?
We at Yes, You Can! underline the most important step in starting your health and wellness journey: Venture out with a hand, which could be of your virtual assistant’s! Flesh out the latest with Brittany Flemming, who talks about managing that effortless flow from your business to personal health with her virtual assistant services, taking on the previously burgeoning responsibility of making your life much easier.
Yes, You Can! buckles down with Anthony Prichard, who banks one-minute video to build a business – quick, easy, and any entrepreneur can do this.
Tune in next week for another episode and powerhouse guest to get more insider tips!
Today, we have Stephen Glitzer. On this episode you will learn how to go through an entrepreneur journey and think out of the box.
Misty uses this valuable experience in her successful Marketing Agency, Action Based Marketing.  She helps businesses gain visibility and credibility online, concentrating on their Reputation Management.   Misty is on a mission to help those companies who are making a positive impact in society, by showing the community how awesome they really are.
With the success of hosting her own group, Shari turned Women, Wine & Wellness into a turn-key branded system to help other wellness providers develop business through their community.
There are practical ways to combat the anxiety that comes with running your own business. On today's episode, we speak with Briana on the importance of meditation for the entrepreneurs.
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