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Author: Tala Maillot

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Ever wondered what it takes to be a successful artist and make a living from your passion? Explore a life time of prolific works and discover the fascinating life of the extraordinary Canadian artist Paul Ygartua and his wife Joanne, who together have been building a successful art business for over 50 years now.
24 Episodes
We're back to the South of France today, talking about the Cannes Film Festival and Paul's encounter with the Harley Davidson community there which led to him painting his super realistic Harley Davidson series. You'll be surprised at how long it took him to paint one!
Sit back and relax as we head to the French Riviera. In today's episode, Ed talks with Joanne and Paul all about their life in Cannes. They would spend the next 8 years going back and forth between the South of France and Vancouver, spending one year at a time in Cannes. Paul would paint and sell his work on the famous La Croisette promenade in front of the prestigious Carlton Hotel. They met lots of characters along the way, enjoyed the easy Cannes lifestyle and its fantastic location.
Welcome back to Ygartua Art Chronicles after our long summer break! Our host Ed is back today with Paul and Joanne to discuss the plexiglass style in more detail, their next year long trip to France, as well as an unfortunate accident in Chemainus that could have left Paul crippled for the rest of his life. They talk about the physical challenges of painting every day and how Paul manages them.
We head 4000 km East today, as Paul, Joanne and kiddoes settle down in chilly but beautiful Québec city. With our fantastic host Ed, we find out all about life in this part of Canada and Paul's new and unique technique that he develops in 1987 after having attended the New York Art Expo: reverse painting on plexiglass. Enjoy!
Join Ed today for Part 2 of the Expo 86 mural in Vancouver, as he chats with Paul and Joanne all about the technical and artistic challenges involved in painting a mural of this scale as well as the media attention that resulted from being involved in such an important project.
Hard work, perseverance, unwavering optimism, relentless confidence and a series of fortunate events… is what it took to bring about the Expo 86 “A World United" mural. Join Ed today as he chats with Paul and Joanne about Vancouver's Expo 86 as well as Joanne's positive approach to dealing with the financial side of things over the years.
This week, Ed is travelling back to Spain once again with Paul and Joanne. But this time it's with kids in tow and the goal is to fully immerse themselves in the Basque culture. They discuss the customs, the fiestas, the family, the beautiful beaches, the picturesque medieval town of Plentzia and the farming and fishing town of Gorliz. They finish off in Sitges, one of their favourite spots in Spain that ended up being their summer destination for the next 30 years.
The Copacabana, the Carnival, the Amazon Natives, Pele, the favellas... Rio de Janeiro was filled with colour and inspiration. Join Paul, Joanne and Ed today as they discuss the excitement of life in Rio in the mid 80s and how Paul's work was influenced by this new experience.
Paul painted his first large mural in the little town of Chemainus on Vancouver Island in 1983, at age 38. He was fearless when he approached this gigantic wall that measured 15.4 metres long by 5.2 metres high. During this episode Ed talks to Paul about painting on such a large scale. They then continue to discuss with Joanne the importance of creative confidence as an artist.
Sit back and relax. We're headed to Hawaii baby, where life is too good! Our wonderful host Ed chats with Paul and Joanne about their return to Canada after Jerusalem and their life in Waikiki in the early 80s with the arrival of Baby number 2, Anton. Two years of non-stop work that felt just like a holiday!
Today we're off to Israel with Ed as he discusses with Paul and Joanne how Jerusalem was a true artistic and spiritual source of inspiration. The people, the lively streets and fascinating neighbourhoods, the variety of religion and the complexity of the situation... it was an unforgettable experience.
How does the expansion of the Ygartua clan affect Paul and Joanne's lifestyle and chosen path in the art world? Join Ed Hoskin today as they discuss tackling parenthood while continuing to pursue their artistic ventures around Europe in the late 70s.
In today's podcast, Ed talks to Paul and Joanne about how the discovery of the inspirational photographs of the Natives of North America by the famous American photographer Edward Curtis, drives Paul's art towards a new chapter. One of the most influential periods in his career begins here in 1975.
Join our fabulous host Ed, as he follows Paul and Joanne around Spain and France on the second part of their journey through Europe in their transformed utility van. A new and important direction in Paul's artwork emerges in Spain in 1973. Selling to many galleries, including in Greece, Miami and back in Vancouver, he has more freedom to paint on the side and experiments with a new style that he calls Celestialism.
Lots of fun to be had today with Ed! In their transformed British utility van, Paul and Joanne head to Greece through Albania. Their first destination is Corfu, where Paul immediately finds work with 3 local galleries. Painting and living out of their van, they had a pretty amazing life!
Once again, our awesome host Ed takes us on some new Ygartua adventures as they head South to Mexico. Go back in time to 1970s Mexico with Paul and Joanne as they recount their exciting time discovering a new country and living in Acapulco while continuing to paint daily.
We're back in Vancouver during the winter of 1970, as Ed talks to Paul and Joanne about their first gallery opened with Joanne's father William Davey in Kitsilano. The Apollo gallery was a success from the start and became a steady income stream for the years to come as they continued their travels
In this episode, Ed Hoskin chats with Paul and Joanne about their journey hitch-hiking through Europe in their early 20s, finding jobs in England, Spain and Germany, as well as Paul's true beginnings making a living as an artist.
Paul and Joanne join Ed to discuss how they met in Vancouver in 1966, how Joanne and her Father encouraged Paul to start painting and how he started selling his work in the street for the first time. After one year in Vancouver, they set off for their first European adventure together.
Join our host Ed Hoskin as he talks to Joanne Ygartua, wife of Canadian artist Paul Ygartua, about her childhood in Vancouver in the 1960s, her family origins, as well as her path to becoming the art promoter she is today.
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