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You, Me, and The Embryologist Make Three
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You, Me, and The Embryologist Make Three

Author: Joel Lindenfeld and Valeria Lindenfeld, AMFT

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An odyssey to destigmatize IVF and infertility by educating those surrounding people living with infertility, or going through IVF. Join hosts Joel and Valeria as they try to make a baby with the help of science! Learn about the tough world of infertility, through entertaining stories, educational interviews, thoughtful conversation and as much a positive outlook as we can (while keeping it real) so that you can help loved ones on this journey, or so you can validate and normalize your own feelings through this trying and deeply emotional journey. Joel and Valeria have been on the path to a healthy baby for 3 years. Val (Future-Mom) is an Associate in Marriage and Family Therapy, currently working on her PsyD. Joel (Future-Dad) is a struggling filmmaker and actor, with a background in Radio.
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Movies and TV SPOILER ALERT!!! Sometimes they get it right and sometimes they get it painfully wrong. Regardless, we celebrate the fact that they try to portray infertility in cinematography. In this episode, we talk about the movies and tv shows that are used as a window to tell the story of infertility. We make it clear that sometimes infertility is not a small inconvenience like some of the films try to make it look and we discuss the good old classics stories that respect the complexity o...
Stevie Wonder says it ain't the way, but when you believe in things you don't understand, we are dealing with Superstition! Let’s talk about what the infertile community does in order to increase chances of successful implantations. Are these irrational, unscientific, or supernatural forces? We don’t know and we don’t care, all we know is that we are going to them all! Tune in...Did somebody say Wonder?
Not much to report, so we will educate! In this episode we go through some of the most used acronyms in the infertility community. That way as part of the support system you can more easily understand the lingo used in articles, chatrooms, blogs, and such. We recommend another movie that deals with infertility and give you some resources to learn more.
Cambiamos el idioma, pero la historia es la misma. Ahora, también la contamos en Español. Este episodio bebé contamos quiénes somos y un poco de nuestra historia con la reproducción asistida. Te invitamos a que escuches nuestras anécdotas para que rías y llores con nosotros. También, ayudaremos a desestigmatizar todo lo relacionado con esta odisea. ¡A por el bebé arcoíris!
Still in NYC and this time we talk about what infertility means, beyond the medical diagnosis. We reflect on things that we have lost, and missed out on, but also the things that we have gained and learned. We ask you to put yourself in our position and think what would be different in your life if you were having difficulties conceiving.
Episode two brings us all the way to New York City! With a new doctor, a new process, and a whole new way of experiencing IVF. Today we discuss how you can be supportive to those in your system affected by or living through IVF. From the material to the emotional, we give you ideas for best approaching the situation. We appreciate any and all feedback and caring messages! Instagram: YME3_Podcast
Welcome to our Journey - This is a quick introduction to our story, our experience with IVF and what we hope to accomplish with the podcast. We hope you enjoy!Intro song: Take A Chance by Kevin MacLeod