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You're Gonna Love Me with Katie Maloney

Author: Dear Media

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“A bitch, a mean girl, a bully”… There’s not many names Katie hasn’t been called. “You’re Gonna Love Me” is a podcast that’s going to open the eyes, the ears, and the hearts, of anyone who has judged or been judged (hopefully). She’ll be talking to plenty of familiar faces, including those who have thrown some shade, spent time in the shade, or just enjoy the shade. After all this a conversation that involves everybody. Why do we judge, what is the criteria for who gets to judge and why. None of us are perfect, we’re all just human, So let’s spend a little less time judging, and a little more time loving.
8 Episodes
Katie invites Dayna over to help her through her hangover. They discuss how they have been keeping themselves busy during quarantine: aka drinking. Dayna shares what it’s like to be in her thirties and how she has taken control of her path. They dig into their past of being in high school, never growing out of their emo phase and what it’s like making friends as an adult. Dayna shares what it was like being in VPR and what she thinks of her cast mates. Spoiler alert, Jax blocked her on Instagram.   Produced by Dear Media.
This episode Katie welcomes ZIWE! She’s is part comedian, part fashionista, and 100% iconic. Ziwe recently migrated her YouTube show Baited with Ziwe to a weekly Instagram live show. Her direct, questions about race, racial faux pas and up close penetrative stares are earning her media attention across the board. Ziwe shares her inspiration for her show, how she is handling feedback and criticism, and her hopes for the future. Oh ya, can’t forget about the Sailor Moon fan fiction.   Produced by Dear Media. 
Katie welcomes Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential brand, blog, and podcast. Katie fan girls hard over Lauryn’s Instagram feed of her Goals Af Life. But then shit gets real when Lauryn details her high school days of not giving a fuck (she brought her dogs to school with her) and deciding to not try and fit into any boxes. Comparing stories of being broke servers and bartenders and how now matter have little we had in our bank accounts we ALWAYS chose wine over anything else.     Produced by Dear Media. 
Tom Schwartz: Breaking Bubba

Tom Schwartz: Breaking Bubba


This week Katie welcomes on her Bubba aka husband Tom Schwartz. Katie and Tom dig DEEP unpacking EVERYTHING from their first time meeting one another, how they (reluctantly) became a couple and how scary it was to bring their relationship to Vanderpump Rules. Tom reconciles with his bad boy behavior and gives an update on the Triplets and Tom Tom.  Katie has lots of questions from instagram for Tom as well AND they finally answer the question on everyone's mind - where the hell did "bubba" come from?!! DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS EPISODE!   Produced by Dear Media.        
This week Katie chats with Sarah Nicole Landry, host of the Papaya Podcast. She is a body confidence activist, mother and true inspiration. Sarah shares her journey through weight loss, weight gain and finding her voice through the ups and downs. Unpacking our relationships with ourselves and our bodies, why diets fail and how social media affects our intentions. Sarah has some serious words of wisdom if you are looking for inspiration in your own journey of learning to love yourself with intention and without expectation.   Produced by Dear Media. 
Welcome B*tches

Welcome B*tches


Welcome to YOU'RE GONNA LOVE ME! On this episode, Katie talks about the inception of her new project and what made her finally decide to start a podcast. Plus Katie answers her most frequently asked questions from viewers! Get to know more about Katie’s life pre-Vanderpump Rules, growing up in Utah, what it’s like having her life filmed and the moments she wishes were not on camera.    Produced by Dear Media.     
Katie sits down with her former nemesis James Kennedy to discuss who IS the White Kanye? James open up about what he was like growing up and talks falling in love with music, going to raves in high school and even a Mrs Robinson moment! Katie and James dig into their turbulent history being on Vanderpump Rules together, James new sober life and who’s mind he would like to be able to read from the cast.   Produced by Dear Media. 
Get an early look at You're Gonna Love Me with Katie Maloney launching August 14th with Dear Media!    
Sneak Peek!

Sneak Peek!


Check out You're Gonna to Love Me, hosted by Vanderpump Rules' Katie Maloney - coming soon!
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Audrey Hoctor

This podcast made me feel so much better about myself with self guilt ans just being different Thanks Katie and Lauryn!! Exhausted mama over here!

Sep 17th

Shannon Spears

when does this start?

Jul 3rd
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