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You Are Your Answer

Author: Laura Marconi-Cox

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You know you have more to offer than what you’re doing now, if only you could stop doubting yourself and talking yourself out of taking action.

You know that a beige, boring life isn’t for you…but you don’t know how to change things so you can work on what really matters to you.

In the You Are Your Answer Podcast, confidence and organisation coach Laura Marconi-Cox shares practical ways to grow your confidence, get organised and stop feeling flawed. It's time share your gifts and skills with a world that needs creativity, love and healing more than ever before.
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Answer The Call

Answer The Call


I've tried something different in this episode, drawing cards from two oracle decks to inspire me. The theme is freeing yourself from old, outdated mindsets, defining what success means to you and giving yourself the gentleness to deal with past ties and the strength to look to the future. I hope you enjoy it, let me know what you think! I'll be back with series 2 on Monday 7th March. You can view pictures of the cards in this episode by clicking here. Related articles: Why it's hard to remove your invisibility cloak How to read Tarot cards without memorising meanings
Throughout or lives we learn to value ourselves based on the judgements of other people and systems, from school grades to work appraisals, from comparison with celebrities and influencers to living up to idealised images of life roles. But we're so much more than that.  In this episode I reflect on the value we each have when we stand apart from our successes, failures and the roles we play. Related articles: Why self acceptance matters and how to work towards it If you fail you’ll be OK. Here’s why Find out more about my coaching sessions and Tarot readings at
In a noisy word where everyone seems to be trying to win an argument it can be hard to express you voice, ideas and talents. In this episode I reflect on why it can feel so challenging and what the alternative is to shouting louder. Related articles: You Have Important Work To Do How to get your voice out there: Part 1 How to get your voice out there: Part 2 Confidence coaching and more:
In this episode I look at anxiety people may be experiencing at the prospect of returning to working in a workplace rather than at home now that Covid restrictions are being lifted in the UK, including what you can do to help yourself through any worry and uncertainly you're feeling. Related articles: 7 Ways You Can Manage Change With Less Stress How To Start Planning Your Future In An Afternoon What I do: Organisation and Planning Coaching Confidence Coaching
This episode is about identifying your most important core values then using them to make better decisions about how you'll spend your time and energy, and which ideas you'll focus on. Values list to use for the exercise Download your free confidence workbook at Related articles: 15 lists to get to know yourself better 50 career discovery journal prompts
In this episode I share a quick exercise for distracting your inner critic when you're brainstorming ideas, then show you how to shift from problem focussed (all the "What if's" and "I can't's") to solution focussed. This will help you to stop shying away from your best ideas and start taking action on them. Sign up for a free confidence workbook at Related articles: How To Start Planning Your Future In An Afternoon I’m Telling My Inner Critic To Get Stuffed You Have Important Work To Do
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