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You Should Write A Book About That

Author: Kim O'Hara

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You Should Write a Book about that is brought to you by Intuitive Book Coach Kim O’Hara. In this series, Kim meets many fascinating people in her professional and personal life from all walks of life - musicians, artists, CEOs, trauma survivors… Do they have a book in them? She delves into their stories to find out.

22 Episodes
Businessman and CEO Allen Maxwell had a dream to write a book from his childhood on the streets of Philly through his 22 years in the Navy and beyond.  One year later, he landed the # 3 spot on the Wall Street journal Top Ten Business Books with  The System is Unforgiving: Play By The Rules and Win, and USA Today top 150 books, never mind the #1 book in the entrepreneurial category on Amazon. Allen talks about working on his book, the process he had with my coaching, and how his system can help people have more control over their lives by  changing how they operate day to day no matter where they are at in their lives.  If you think YOU should write a book, head on over to A Story Inside Books, and sign up for our newsletter to learn how we help our clients write books that can achieve best seller status.  
Serial entrepreneur Jeremy Cortez has been doing  business since the young age of 7.  He had his first coaching client at 20.  He wrote a book Parenting A Business with me in 2018 and has been enjoying working that very model with his two young sons. Last year, he had a complete meltdown and couldn't get out of bed.  He was having suicidal thoughts.  He finally decided to go to a mentor for answers and found out that he had to change a few fundamental bad habits.  It was suddenly that simple.  If you think YOU should write a book, head on over to A Story Inside Books, and sign up for our newsletter to learn how we help our clients write books that can achieve best seller status.
Naomi suffered her whole life with the debilitating condition - binge eating. No slouch when it comes to education and career - with a Masters of Science in Speech and Language Pathology from Columbia University, and employment helping kids with feeding and swallowing disorders for New York City Department of Education - she kept her core coping mechanism a secret from her family, her modern Orthodox Jewish community, and herself. She no longer stays hidden, recovered, and writing the book Binge and Sprint, from the girlfriends POV to heal the millions suffering from this ailment.
Allison Andrews sits on the board of Fashion Week San Diego, a business she founded and then sold when her newborn son almost died. She stands by “everything happens for a reason,” and is fearless of change. We touch upon her raw vulnerability as a writer, and her willingness to drop the mask we often wear professionally out in the world. On the spot, I title her soon to be written book as I have known from the first time I connected with Allison that she was best-selling author material. If you are scared to make a change, Allison’s story will show that even in the darkest hours, there is a light on the path.
Tonya Crooks is the Original Brow Gal serving celebrity clients such as Julia Roberts, Fergie, and Megan Fox. She is also the creator of Arches and Halos, a line of eyebrow products available in Target and Walgreens. I know Tonya pretty intimately, spending lots of time with her writing her book, and I can tell you, she is a fighter, and a warrior and the road to where she is today with her business has not been easy street. She shares what she has experienced cathartically in writing her memoir.
Entertainer, dancer, and entrepreneur Pepz Javier moved from the Dominican Republic to the East Coast as a kid and found his roots in the arts. Not speaking English until he was 11, he never saw immigrants like himself make it growing up aside from J Lo. He eventually had to face his own benchmarks - a gay Latino male, the artistry, and a desire to break a glass ceiling. We can all relate to Pepz's story because we all have those ceilings to break, regardless of gender, race, or sexual preference.
John Lee Dumas, the host of Entrepreneurs on Fire, an award-winning podcast, has recorded over 2500 episodes, boasts 1 million + listens a month, and seven-figures of annual revenue (which he outlines on his web site). Plus, he just signed a six-figure book deal with Harper Collins. He is open and honest about his journey as an entrepreneur and we even bond over Rhode Island. Listen here for nuggets of wisdom!
Gale will forever be known as my first book client. After completing her first draft, she took a four-year journey seeking to understand WHY she was writing this book about money and the planet. But ultimately she needed to discover her voice as an author. Deeply intuitive, a Dowser and reader of the Akashic Records, she couldn't move forward until she felt at peace with her potent topic, Money. I would ask her, "But where are you in the book? Where is Gale?" Through a variety of life's twists and turns which included a near-death accident, she found her book voice. I am pleased to say her book, Money, Dance with Me, will finally be released this year and was worth the wait.
Networking and building palpable relationships can make or break a business, especially as an entrepreneur. Tyler Wagner makes 70 connecting calls a week, and puts emphasis on businesses needing to continuously refine their key partnerships. Tyler and I met on LinkedIn when he reached out, targeting coaches who work with authors. He admits growing up he didn’t love reading, until he read the 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss, left college and published his first best seller at 23. Now he rocket launches authors in the publishing space on a high level to lists like Wall Street Journal Top Ten.
Jamice Oxley debunks the theory that you can’t have it all in motherhood. She breaks down how women can be victims to information that isn’t personal to them. The antidote was to lean on her values and to dispel the fear of being judged for having a family, husband and a highly respected position in a top LA entertainment law firm representing clients such as Facebook. From there, she was free to lean on her brain and instincts to be a fierce advocate for her creative clients. She talks about negotiation, the conundrum of power and powerlessness, and has a book of her own in the works.
How do you feel when someone says “You are beautiful.” Do you believe them? Ann Andrews helps women reframe how they look at their own beauty and reclaim their image from the distorted demands of our culture. She speaks candidly about acting out as a teen with cutting and how that helped her initially connect to women feeling so uncomfortable with how they look and feel about themselves. She has a unique way of using word association to connect you to your body. Listen and see what words resonate with you.
Board Certified Holistic Health Coach Jill Anenberg Lawrence is all about eating so you don’t wake up with a sugar hangover. She makes wellness fun by sprinkling her how-to videos and workshops with dirty humor. I appreciate her ballsy Italian approach to life and her chemical-free house mantras. She packs great tips into our time together that may not make you look as hot as she does, but at least feel like you are. She swore so much in this episode we had to make it explicit.
It’s a scary time to be Chinese American in America with COVID 19… but this isn’t Stephanie’s first experience with racism. She wanted to write a book 30 years ago about the hidden intersections of Asian American and African American communities in the US. Stephanie is open about growing up in a verbally violent home in Philly with a father who came from a war-torn country. She knew as a young girl she would align with people who felt marginalized, afraid but overcame. A social justice advocate, and beautiful essayist, she refers to herself as a courageous “chicken.” I think she is… an eagle.
Not many people can say they have interned at a maximum-security men's prison as an Art Therapist. Amanda started the program with one courageous inmate and it catapulted to three dozen! She leaned on her Quaker upbringing for the foundation of service. She is certified as a Police Officer and worked in both the public and private sectors of law enforcement until significant personal setbacks found her in Texas, then Chicago, and today working two jobs as an independent woman standing on her own two feet.
Long friendships are golden. To have someone know you, and not judge you through decades of crazy decisions, wild times, sadness, is priceless. Today on the show I honor the value of long friendships by having a heart to heart with my best friend of thirty-years Ariel Doggett from my old Boston stomping ground. Her resilience and tenacity through an infant almost dying, coming to terms with her true sexual orientation, and fighting for her house has been an inspiration for me. We stayed connected all these years, despite some times only communicating through epic voice mail messages. Any minute, of any hour, there is no censoring within these kinds of friendships. Do you have someone like this in your life?
Trendsetting Stylist and personal shopper DeAnna DuPree has not taken a linear path to step into her professional power. It took women literally wanting to buy the shoes off her feet for her to understand she has a flair for not just style, but helping women step into their true selves. Through divine intervention and her own transformation into womanhood, she preaches you can change your whole life and business by the way you dress. You can also connect with DeAnna on Social Media! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Linkedin
Ryan Farley became a TV writer in Hollywood after leaving the Detroit fire academy at 18 and heading across the country to LA. Graduating from USC Film School, he had the opportunity to work on the CBS hit show Cold Case as a researcher. Ryan writes every day, and does not like the term “writer’s block.” He says you have to be willing to write even if all ten of your ideas suck. Especially when turning in a script on a network deadline… there is no time to think twice about whether your work is good or not. He has put in his time in this business and continues to never question his love for what he does, which keeps him in the game.
Through enormous sacrifice and hard work, Charlotte, North Carolina born and raised Dr. Felice Carlton developed a champion mindset. She saw through dealing with adversity that it can be an accelerator instead of an oppressor. Even in the moments when she was studying 90 hours a week, gaining weight, losing hair and living with her parents, she persevered to achieve the career and outlook on health she has today. She has worked in numerous health environments and found that listening to people’s stories, offering compassion, helped them to want to get healthier and have better lives.  She can be found at 
Britton Derby was a bellman at the W in Los Angeles at 62 when he realized it wasn’t too late to become a licensed marriage and family therapist specializing in trauma and addiction. Britton says, if you are one of those people who think life is over at 28, think again. He has led a textured life leading up to his ability to really listen to people, including work as a limo driver for very famous people. He has incredible stories and one of which he tells for us on the show.
Work/life balance is top of mind in my conversation with Nicole. Discovering she was not raised by her biological father sent her running into workaholism and dysfunctional relationships in the advertising world of Chicago. After decades of questioning her "gut" as a woman, she came to terms with her own value and was able to create a container in which she could embrace business ownership, marriage and motherhood. She infuses her own honesty and vulnerability with her passion to help women be out in the spotlight.
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