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Silvia is a Partner at TDS and an expert in Intellectual Property and Technology Law. In this episode, Silvia shares her thoughts and insight into the ever-evolving technology world and how businesses can, and should, protect their intellectual property. Silvia is the Chair of the Recruitment Committee for the Associates and a former board member of the Young Associates. Silvia shares her thoughts on the Associates, YA and how valuable the organizations have been for her career. 
Over the past 35 years, Ash Modha (President & CEO) has built and expanded the Mondetta clothing brand, evolving from a niche clothing startup in Grand Beach to an international manufacturing and apparel company with a wide range of diverse platforms and partnerships. In this episode, Ash shares his entrepreneurial story of how Mondetta started, how he has built a sustainable and solution driven business, his creative and futuristic approach to design and why he believes Winnipeg is one of the best places to build a global business. 
With the world changing, talent acquisition and retention has become so important for every local economy, and the team at YES! Winnipeg continues to be innovative and persistent in promoting Winnipeg on a local and global scale. For this podcast episode, Joshua Zaporzan connected with Corrine Gusnoski, a Young Associate and the Talent & Workforce Development Coordinator at YES! Winnipeg to talk about how YES! Winnipeg is actively attracting and retaining talent in Winnipeg.
Geeta Tucker received her accounting designation in 1997 and was named a Fellow in 2008 in recognition of her contributions to the accounting profession. Shortly after receiving her designation, Geeta relocated to Calgary to begin a finance career spanning more than 25 years in which she held roles with Nortel Networks, Shaw Communications and was the CFO for Alinea International. In April of 2019, Geeta moved to Winnipeg and was named President & CEO of CPA Manitoba.For this episode, Geeta and I talk about her transition from Calgary to Winnipeg, how the accounting profession has changed and will continue to evolve, the opportunities for CPA’s to provide value and leadership within organizations and the unique knowledge and skillsets that CPA’s bring to organizations beyond just day to day accounting tasks. 
Carly Edmundson is a Young Associate and the new Chair of the YA, effective August 2020. Carly currently works as the Director of Marketing & Communications at Cushman & Wakefield | Stevenson, Manitoba’s largest full-service commercial real estate firm and has worked in marketing roles across a number of industries. In this episode, Joshua Zaporzan and Carly talk about how to build a brand, the importance of building an authentic brand and how grassroots marketing is so effective. Carly shares great insight into why some brands fail and offers advice on what young professionals and businesses can do to properly communicate their why and unique value to differentiate. 
Joshua Zaporzan connects with Marty Minshull to discuss goal setting and why setting goals matters for professional development. Marty is a Young Associate and is the youngest person ever appointed as Regional Director at IG Wealth Management, where he currently leads the largest region in the country. Day to day, Marty leads his team of 100 advisors and manages $3 billion assets under management. 
Joshua Zaporzan and Dayna Spiring (Associate & the President & CEO of Economic Development Winnipeg) talk about Winnipeg and why Winnipeg is a great place to work, live and visit. Dayna discusses what she believes Winnipeg is doing well, what can be done better and the excitement around the emerging opportunities for the city. Winnipeg is home to so many successful businesses and attractions both on a local and global stage, and as Winnipegers, Dayna encourages us all to support our local economy, share those success stories and continue to be champions for our own city. In addition to Dayna’s extensive professional experience, she is a passionate Winnipegger with a drive to volunteer. As a strong leader and role model, Dayna is proud to call Winnipeg home and sheds light on how fortunate we are to work and live in this great city.
Joshua Zaporzan and Grant White (Associate & Owner of Endeavour Wealth Management) discuss the challenges of leading through a recession, what keeps Grant in a positive mindset during challenging times and how he is able to portray a sense of confidence to his clients when communicating to them during a challenging time such as what we just experienced with COVID-19. Grant shares personal insight into his thought process as a leader, the ability to stay rational when making tough decisions and how he has managed to lead a team during a recession. 
Joshua Zaporzan, a member of the Young Associates, interviews and discusses topics related to business, life and the community with other Young Associates members, Associates Members and University of Manitoba Faculty. 
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