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Your DIY Health with Sgt. Jim Ramm (retired) on PPN

Your DIY Health with Sgt. Jim Ramm (retired) on PPN

Author: Sgt. Jim Ramm (retired)

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Your DIY Health is a daily program that airs M-F from 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. Eastern time on the Peoples' Patriot Network. Its goal is to help people to learn how they can restore their health Naturally using Science-based, Clinically verified Medical Nutrition rather than dangerous drugs and surgery! It's based on the research of Dr. Joel Wallach, B.S.,N.D., D.V.M. who proved that everyone needs 90 Essential Nutrients every day to support and maintain good health and when the body has what it needs, it'll fix itself!
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Sarge opens with info on bitcoin and BitClub Network. Robert calls in with questions about BCN in the news which Sarge dispels. From there they go on to discuss a number of topics including vaccines, guns, abortion and more. Doug calls in to comment on the vaccine and abortion
Sarge opens the show be covering an article about neocons who want to lock up so-called anti-vaxxers in concentration camps, kidnap their children and seize their assets! He covers other news about the vaccine death cartel and those who support it. He mentions the murder of author Jennifer Jaynes who exposed the vaccine industry in her books and it would appear they killed her for doing so. Patrick calls with a question about
Sarge opens the show by covering an article talking about a neonatal nurse who is coming out saying that vaccines are destroying an entire generation of babies! He goes on to comment on the fact that almost 100 wholistic practitioners and workers have died mysteriously in the last 2-3 years - all of whom were exposing the fraud of vaccines or cancer 'treatment.' Lastly he talks about author Jennifer Jaynes, who didn't kill herself, who was murdered by the vaccine industry for writing about and exposing the criminal vaccine cartel. He takes calls from Shane and Doug who comment on vaccines as
Sarge is joined by John, Cathie and Shane and they discuss their experience in healing with Cerule's StemEnhance Ultra! They talk about other general topics and the fact that JENNIFER JAYNES DIDN'T KILL HERSELF! They also cover the new crypto wallet that's going to be rolled out soon that will be a huge money maker for those of us to take advantage of this opportunity to get involved BEFORE the public is allowed to take part! Contact Sarge if you'd like more information!
Sarge opens the show by covering the suspicious death / murder of USA Today #1 Novelist, Jennifer Jaynes who was found on November 25 with two gunshot wounds to the head and her death was ruled a SUICIDE! Jennifer most recently wrote 'Malice' a novel that uncovers the criminal nature of the vaccine industry. I highly recommend the book! It's a great story that includes well researched information on the vaccine cartel and how they will stop at nothing to make money on the maiming and death of children. Samuel calls in with a question and Sarge plays a video by Bill Still about a law that may be brought to bear agains those trying to over throw our election and
Sarge is joined Shane and Robert and they discuss the comparison between political freedom and health freedom and how people have been brainwashed over the years to blindly accept propaganda about political status and the allopathic system suppression and disease management systems as truth rather than question any of
Sarge is joined by John, Michelle and Tonja and they discuss the great results people are getting with the Cerule StemEnhance Ultra and other great products. They cover the December enrollment specials as well as the 50% off specials on the StemEnhance and Skin Care products. All info is on Sarge's
Sarge opens the show by discussing more on the dog wormer cancer cure and moves into other natural forms of cancer cure such as nutrition, CBD Oil, and more. He plays a testimony of Michelle from N.C. who cured her cancer with Youngevity's nutritional products. Sarge takes calls from Doug and
Sarge opens the show with a story on 5G and LED technology that will curl your toenails! It tells how these technologies are being weaponized to injure and kill people all over the world! He goes on to cover yet another article that tells how vaccines cause brain injury in young, developing brains.Don't forget to take advantage of the Cerule 'Black November' BOGO special!
Only a few more days left to take advantage of the Cerule Black November special where you can Buy one / Get one FREE on any of the Cerule products! Don't miss out as this won't be repeated any time soon!John, Cathie and Tonja join Sarge as they talk about StemEnhance Ultra and the other fine products by Cerule as well as the 'Dog Wormer Cancer Cure' known as fenbendazole. (Check last week's shows for more details).Chuck calls with questions for the group. Great Show!
After talking about the 'Dog Wormer Cancer Cure' all week Sarge now does a 'compare and contrast' between fenbendazole (dog wormer) and the 90 Essential Nutrients! Sarge plays an audio clip of Patrick Valdez on the Bright Side radio show with Pharmacist Ben Fuchs. Patrick details how he cured his stage 4 pancreatic cancer and other conditions with the 90 Essential Nutrients! Bottom line: Nutritional prevention is Best, dog wormer is an option if you get cancer and ANYTHING NATURAL IS FAR BETTER than anything your local M.D. has to offer!
Sarge opens the show by discussing the insanity of going to an Allopathic M.D. for cancer treatment. He touches more on the Fenbendazole (dog wormer) treatment that has worked for hundreds of people so far. He then covers an article about Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek who's being treated by M.D.s for pancreatic cancer and the toll chemotherapy is taking on his body and ability to do his job. Sarge also takes calls from Samuel, Chuck and
Sarge opens the show by discussing the 'Dog Wormer Cancer Treatment' from yesterday by playing a segment of an interview with Joe Tippens who tells his story of how he was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer (extremely aggressive) and treated (and almost killed) by main-stream M.D.s and sent home to die. A veterinarian friend told him about Fenbendazole (a dog wormer) that had been showing promise in killing cancer in lab animals and a few humans. He tried it and in three months was told he was a cancer free! You can watch the full interview below.Note: Sarge still recommend the 90 Essential Nutrients as the best way to prevent cancer and other chronic illness, but believes that Fenbendazole shows promise in fighting human cancers and will probably be removed from the market soon so as not to affect the AMA's and big pharma's ability to make money as it kills cancer patients.www.yourdiyhealth.comwww.midohiostemcell.comJoe Tippens interview: Blog page: https://www.mycancerstory.rocksFB Page:
Sarge is joined by John, Cathie and Tonja and they open the show by discussing a breakthrough cancer therapy using fenbendazone (K-9 wormer) of all things! Sarge plays a short clip (link below) detailing the results some have had! They go one to discuss and new crypto currency wallet that will have a debit card attached with the ability to buy and sell crypto from within the wallet and the ability to share it with others and be rewarding with a percentage of the business done by those you've stared it with! More to come on that! They also discuss the 'Black November' BOGO special for all Cerule products!www.yourdiyhealth.comwww.midohiostemcell.comhttps://www.mycancerstory.rocksVideo played on the show:
Sarge barely gets the opening comments done and Robert calls in and they discuss Muscular Dystrophy, so-called autoimmune diseases and many other topics and then Chuck joins in with questions about his dad's muscle cramps and bloodflow issues.
Sarge discusses the importance of the 90 Essential Nutrients for general health, weight management and disease reversal. Regardless of what your issue is it can be taken care of by cutting out the bad foods and taking the 90 Essential Nutrients in appropriate mounts for your body weight.Sarge also covers the 'Black November' Special by Cerule and a little more on the plight of Ava; the 15 year old girl who's fighting for her life with Muscular Dystrophy and being treated by M.D.s who haven't a clue as to how to properly help her!
Sarge spends the show discussing the situation of a 15 year old girl named Ava who is dying from a rare form of muscular dystrophy. What's worse is the M.D.s she's dealing with want to 'treat' her with chemo therapy and immunosuppressant drugs which are likely to kill her before the actual disease! Doug calls in and gives his insight on the issue. Please pray that Ava and her family will respond to Sarge's offer to assist with nutrition!
Happy Veteran's Day! Sarge opens the show with John and Cathie and they discuss bitcoin, Bitclub Network, Cerule's StemEnhance Ultra and much more. Be sure to take advantage of the BOGO 'Black November' Special on all Cerule products. Info is available on the websites!
Sarge spends almost the entire show discussing wholistic vs allopathic medicine and the effects the latter has on the vast majority of the American public. Alan calls in with many cogent points and Sarge asks him to plug his book on cancer. The last few minutes of the show are disrupted by a software glitch that took Sarge off the air, but left caller, Brenda able to mention results she's seen with StemEnhance Ultra. Show was cut short about 3 minutes as a result of the computer
Sarge opens the show by discussing the many things in the news dealing with vaccines. He plays a 10 minute video clip of Del Bigtree discussing the number of adverse reactions to vaccines in just 2016 (59,000 and 432 deaths). Keep in mind that between 1-10% of all adverse reactions are actually reported so the true number of reactions and deaths are most likely MUCH HIGHER! Robert calls in at the end of the show to comment on the vaccine
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