DiscoverYour DIY Health with Sgt. Jim Ramm (retired) on PPN
Your DIY Health with Sgt. Jim Ramm (retired) on PPN

Your DIY Health with Sgt. Jim Ramm (retired) on PPN

Author: Sgt. Jim Ramm (retired)

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Your DIY Health is a daily program that airs M-F from 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. Eastern time on the Peoples' Patriot Network. Its goal is to help people to learn how they can restore their health Naturally using Science-based, Clinically verified Medical Nutrition rather than dangerous drugs and surgery! It's based on the research of Dr. Joel Wallach, B.S.,N.D., D.V.M. who proved that everyone needs 90 Essential Nutrients every day to support and maintain good health and when the body has what it needs, it'll fix itself!
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Sarge is joined by Mike Gaddy, Robert, Doug and Daryl and they discuss the mandating of face mask wearing and the incremental degradation of our Constitutionally guaranteed Rights. Mike brings up that Virginia Military Institute (VMI) has decided to remove all references to Gen. Thomas, Stonewall, Jackson from their grounds which is extremely SAD. One of the best shows in a long time!
Sarge opens the show by discussing the media’s pushing of face masks and is surprised by a call from Vaccine Rights attorney, Alan Phillips. They spend the rest of the show discussing Covid-19, the vaccines, the election and much more! website:
Sarge is joined by Bob Greska, the creator of the best C-60 product on the market in my opinion. C-60 is something that everyone should consider adding to their health regimen!
Sarge opens the show by covering some things about the upcoming election. He then shifts gears and discusses the overall lack of nutrition in this country and the resulting conditions we're seeing such as infertility, homosexuality, cancer, etc.
John, Cathie and Robert discuss Rubiluxe and SuperOne - two fantastic ways to earn an extra income in Bitcoin and
Sarge welcomes regular guest, Mike Gaddy to the show and they begin by discussing the confirmation of ACB to the Supreme Court. The discussion then moves to potential civil unrest from the ACB approval and the elections that could lead to martial law, UN Troops and other possible negative things. We then move to the Constitution and the Louisiana purchase among other things. Doug and Gary call in with
Sarge opens the show by playing a short clip from the America’s Frontline Doctor Summit 2 where Dr. Simone Gold discusses the Myth of Face Masks and that their use to prevent Covid-19 transmission is a TOTAL HOAX and they are a waste of time! Sarge covers several items in the news ending with Rush Limbaugh’s recent update on his cancer situation. Sarge discusses several natural methods of dealing with ‘the Big C,’ any one of which would work far better than anything the allopathic community can offer. He ends up by answering questions from the chat room about the 90 Essential
Sarge is joined by Robert at the beginning of the show regarding TuneIn audio being 'scratchy' which is an issue outside my control. Sarge plays a short video entitled: Virus vs Exosome Theory" which really calls into question the idea that a virus is causing this pandemic (link below).Sarge then covers an article on Natural News alleging that we're not in a 'pandemic,' but we're watching an 'extermination plan for humanity' being rolled out. The article makes far too much sense for the most part and is a very real and scary prediction of things to come.www.yourdiyhealth.com
Sarge opens the show by taking a call from Robert who asks about the Hunter Biden laptop. From there Sarge moves on to the topic of Covid-19 vaccines and the fact that there's no need for a vaccine for a disease that, for most people, there's a 99.94% survival rate! The human immune system is totally capable of dealing with Covid-19 as well as any other pathogen if it's given what it needs to keep the body healthy! Sarge also covers the invention of 'micro-dot' technology that may be used to track childhood immunization compliance.
Sarge is joined by John Kacarab and they discuss the two fantastic opportunities to earn XRP and Bitcoin, Rubiluxe and SuperOne. John gives details about both companies as well as many reasons why people should want to be involved with one or both companies in these trying economic times. After John leaves Sarge covers a poll that shows that a large number of Americans believe we're heading towards, and are preparing for a Civil
Sarge is joined by Constitutional Scholar and Historian Mike Gaddy, along with Robert and Bob and they discuss the confirmation hearings of Amy Coney Barrett as well as the Constitution in general. It turns out to be a Very informative and educational show that all should hear!
Sarge opens the show by playing a video discussing the Virus vs Exosome Theory that questions what’s really going on with the Covid-19 fiasco. He also plays a clip from a recent Tucker Carlson show dealing with the wearing of face masks and the release by the CDC of a recent study that said almost 75% of a group of people who recently tested positive for Covid-19 wore face masks ‘always’ (70%) or ‘often’ (14.4%). Kind of makes you wonder if face masks really work (here’s a hint: THEY DON’T!). Sarge has a great conversation with a caller during the third segment and during the final segment covers a Jon Rappoport blog the brings the whole Corona Virus issue into question! Great show with lots of great info!website: www.yourdiyhealth.com Virus vs Exosome Theory
Sarge opens the show by discussing some of the Amy Coney Barrett confirmation hearing. He then covers a new study by the CDC that says that 85% of new Covid-19 cases said they wore face masks and still contracted the virus! He plays a clip from the 10/13 Tucker Carlson show where Tucker covers that topic and exposes the hypocrisy in the medical community and government regarding Covid-19.www.yourdiyhealth.com
Sarge discusses items that he heard during the Barrett confirmation hearings referring to certain health issues with the complete lack of governmental recognition of forms of medical practice besides allopathy. Bob calls in to discuss side effects and other things regarding Judge Barrett's
Sarge is joined by John, Cathie and Robert as they discuss Super.One the new gaming platform that pays you to play games! You can have fun and build a substantial secondary income at the same time!
Sarge is joined by historian and Constitutional authority Mike Gaddy and they discuss a number of topics including the 2020 Elections and where our country may go as a result of the elections, previous elections and the impact they had on our history and more.www.rebelmadman.comwww.embracingtheobvious.com - link to the show this evening at 8:00 p.m. Eastern link to the Sunday evening show from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.
Sarge opens the show by discussing last nights Vice Presidential Debate and says the one question he wishes would be directed at Kamala Harris is: ‘You’re not a Natural Born Citizen and unqualified to run for this office; what are you doing on this stage?” Unfortunately that question will probably never be asked, just like no one in the media will ever tell the truth about Covid-19, how to treat it and how to prevent it naturally. Sarge takes a caller from N.C. who is just as frustrated as he is regarding the whole ‘Plandemic’ situation. He also discusses the treatment President Trump received at Walter Reed and the danger he was in when safer options were
Sarge opens the show by talking about keeping the Covid issue in the proper perspective. The numbers don't add up and it has nothing to do with health, but total control of the populace. Robert and Samuel call in and the discussion goes to the medical community, shelf life of the Healthy Body Start Pak and much
The show starts out with some technical issues so you can FF to the 10 minute mark for the meat. Sarge talks about President Trump and his bout with Covid-19, the drugs, the foolishness of a vaccine for an infection with a 99.94% survival rate, Most Importantly; natural methods of boosting the immune system and dealing with Covid-19 or other



Sarge is joined by John and Cathie and they discuss the Healy and Super.One! Great show with lots of information on how to restore your health and create another income stream!
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