DiscoverYour DIY Health with Sgt. Jim Ramm (retired) on PPN
Your DIY Health with Sgt. Jim Ramm (retired) on PPN

Your DIY Health with Sgt. Jim Ramm (retired) on PPN

Author: Sgt. Jim Ramm (retired)

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Your DIY Health is a daily program that airs M-F from 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. Eastern time on the Peoples' Patriot Network. Its goal is to help people to learn how they can restore their health Naturally using Science-based, Clinically verified Medical Nutrition rather than dangerous drugs and surgery! It's based on the research of Dr. Joel Wallach, B.S.,N.D., D.V.M. who proved that everyone needs 90 Essential Nutrients every day to support and maintain good health and when the body has what it needs, it'll fix itself!
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Sarge takes a call from Robert who asks a series of questions ranging from Land Patents to cancer and everywhere in between! Patrick calls in with questions about the fenbendazole / dog wormer cancer cure. Both calls take up the entire show and we had a great time chatting!
Sarge opens the show by discussing the insanity of the allopathic medical system from the early days of our country to the present. He talks about Wholistic Health Care vs Allopathic symptom suppression and disease management. A question in the chat room about acid reflux prompts Sarge to play a video by Dr. Peter Glidden on GERD so folks can better understand what's really going on when someone has 'heart burn.' Sarge also discusses the recent 'release' of the corona virus to coincide with the patenting of a new corona virus vaccine - coincidence? i think not! Note: this is the first posting of the Thursday morning show on TFR. I'll be posting them here for now on as the shows on TFR are only available for replay for 7 days. Now they'll always be there when you want them!
Sarge opens the show by discussing the 'inside the box' mentality of the allopathic medical community. Samuel calls in and we have a great conversation covering topics from nutrition, the micro biome, spinal maniupulation and inversion tables and much more!
Sarge opens the show by playing a recording of his friend, former Navy SEAL, Marvin Ropp, discussing some little known history about Dr. Joel Wallach. Sarge then goes on to expound upon what Marvin said. Towards the end of the show Sarge addresses the 2nd Amendment Rally in Richmond, Virginia held yesterday (1/20/20) and a news article about the Trump administration trying to reverse court decisions against Monsanto / Bayer - something that everyone needs to contact him about.
Sarge is joined by John, Cathie, Tonja and Michelle as they discuss that fact that, "It's Here!" - the public release of the CryptoSocieti is TODAY! The sooner you get your position reserved the better things will be! Find out by listening to the replay and going to to sign up. Use SARGE as your referrer! There's no obligation or funds required yet. Once everything is live you'll be asked to submit your payment in BTC.
Sarge opens the show by discussing everyone's 'New Years Resolution - to Lose Weight!" He goes on to cover items in the news dealing with vaccines and taking questions from the chat room. He covers the situation in California where an airliner had an emergency fuel dump over a populated area and effects several school children and teachers. Doc calls in with a question about colloidal silver and the show runs out of time!
Sarge opens the show by covering some news stories about WHO attendees admitting that vaccines aren't safe and effective like all the propaganda would lead us to believe. He also covers another article that shows that the MMR vaccine is pretty much worthless; DUHHH! He then covers how the best thing a parent can do to protect their child is make sure their little bodies receive the 90 Essential Nutrients they need to maintain a healthy immune system. He takes calls and questions from DP and Robert about numerous topics as well. www.
Sarge opens the show and takes calls from Shane, Robert and Brenda who ask questions about Youngevity Products, legal issues, the Texas Church Shooting and the pain relief from Lifewave "Icewave" patches. Lots of topics covered and information put out!
Sarge is joined by John, Cathie and Tonja as they count down the last days before the prelaunch of the CryptoSocieti on January 20, 2020! We've been blessed with the opportunity to secure our positions BEFORE THE REST OF THE WORLD IS ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE! This means that we'll be 'at the top of the heap' with the rest of the world beneath us in the matrix! This is a 'once in a lifetime' opportunity! Get involved by securing your position at the link below and use Sarge as your referrer! Referred by: Sarge
Sarge opens the show by talking about the latest product to join Your DIY Health ~ Lifewave! He's had great results in just four days beginning on day one! During the show Carl put a note in the chatroom that his wife, Brenda, has been having great results and today her blood pressure was back in the normal range. A caller called in and we had a great conversation for the remainder of the show!
Sarge opens the show by discussing 'rebound congestion' and how it effects millions of people world-wide and how to finally rid yourself of this 'addiction' to nasal sprays. He also discusses the new Lifewave X39 Stemcell Patch that is also effective at eliminating sinus congestion in many cases. He discusses items in the news about vaccines, measles, Ebola and much more. Home site for Rhinostat
Sarge opens the show by discussing boosting the immune system, losing weight and avoiding illness in general. He talks about a new product he received yesterday called Life Wave X39 - a stem cell enhancing patch! He take a call from Brenda in Texas who's used the product and has had great results. Sarge experienced better sleep last night using the patch and is looking forward to seeing what else it will do!
Sarge is joined by John, Cathie, Tonja and Robert as they discuss the new CRYPTOSOCIETI Wallet that is poised to open world-wide on January 20th. We've been blessed with the opportunity to reserve our positions early, before the international release in 109 countries so our positions will be a the top of the matrix to ensure maximum profit! Sign up and reserve your position with the link below - NO FUNDS REQUIRED TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT! They also discuss the Cerule product line as well as the Fenbendazole 'dog wormer' cancer cure!
Sarge opens the show by talking about his recent visit to a mall and the contribution malls make to the state of ill-health experienced by most Americans, especially children! He then went on to discuss a new 'super vaccine' that is proof that you just can't make this stuff up! He ends the show by covering other items in the news.
Sarge opens the show by discussing how the PEMF unit has given a few extra years of life to one of his friend's mother! He covers other items in the news including "AI Health-Care," guns in churches and the shooting in a Texas church on Sunday and more. He also talks about the new 'wallet' opportunity that is now open to enrollment. CryptoSocieti / Sarge
Sarge is joined by John, Cathie and Tonja and they discuss the upcoming pre-launch of the new wallet: CryptoSocieti that is coming on 1/20/20! They cover some of the amazing things you'll be able to do with this new wallet and how advantageous it is to get in now before the public release so all the people from 109 countries will be BELOW US IN THE MATRIX! - click the CryptoSocieti tab and follow the instructions to get pre-enrolled!
Sarge opens the show by covering an article that shows that even though Obama has been out of office for 3 years his pet program, "Obamacare" is going to cost tax-payers $12 Billion this year! He covers other items in the news about 2nd Amendment Sanctuary counties and Biden wanting to put Christians on terror watch lists for not supporting the LGBTQ abuse of children! Robert calls in with a question and show suggestion.
Sarge is joined by John and Cathie and they discuss the upcoming crypto wallet program that looks to be a huge money maker for all who join in ahead of the public roll-out on January 20th! They also have a general conversation that covers many topics like self defense, the potential for gun grabs by the liberals, potential civil war and more.
Sarge opens the show by discussing the 12 Bad Foods and why no one should be consuming them, especially during the holiday season! He covers news articles about Greta Thunburg lying about her rail accommodations and getting caught in the lie! He also covers the situation brewing in Virginia where Democrats and new world order types are staging a situation of gun confiscation that is likely to lead to a shooting war. Lastly he covers the top ten climate change stories of the year!
Sarge opens the show by playing a short clip of former 'climate alarmist' Naomi Seibt who has now come to her senses and realized the truth about the fake 'man made global warming' hoax. Robert calls in and joins in conversation about the dangers of vaccines, the foolishness of the democrats and their impeachment circus and much more.
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