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“Best Retirement Podcast With Humor” 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 (FIPhysician). Learn strategies that can help you retire successfully on this funny personal finance podcast. Financial advisor Joe Anderson, CFP® and certified public accountant Big Al Clopine, CPA answer questions about your 401k, IRA, Roth conversions and backdoor Roth IRA, how to pay less taxes, asset allocation, stocks and bonds, real estate, and other investments, Social Security benefits, capital gains tax, 1031 exchange, early retirement, and more money and wealth management strategies. YMYW is retirement planning, investing, and tax reduction made fun, presented by Pure Financial Advisors - a fee-only fiduciary. Access free financial resources, Ask Joe & Big Al On Air to get your Retirement Plan Spitball Analysis, and read episode transcripts:
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Which investments should go in your traditional IRA vs your Roth IRA, and does that asset location depend on your age? Learn how to generate “tax alpha” to get better returns on your investments. Plus, Joe and Big Al spitball whether to roll a TIAA 403(b) to an IRA or take the annuity, and they spitball retirement and Roth conversion and Roth contribution strategies for an overseas officer with a military pension, and for Americans working abroad who qualify for the foreign earned income exclusion. Timestamps: 00:51 - Best Assets to Hold in Traditional IRA and Roth IRA? (Michael, Colorado - voice) 7:40 - Is Investment Asset Location Dependent on Age? (Glen)  11:35 - TIAA 403(b): Take the Annuity or Roll to an IRA? (Brad, Northeast TN) 19:34 - Military Pension Spitball: Overseas Officer with Fluctuating Income & Taxes (US Grant, Alexandria, VA... usually) 24:29 - Foreign Earned Income Exclusion & Roth 401(k) Rules (Jeff, Singapore via North Dakota) 31:32 - The Derails Access this week's free financial resources in the podcast show notes at Why Asset Location Matters Guide Register for our free 2023 tax planning webinar, March 29, 12pm PT/3pm ET Schedule a free financial assessment Episode Transcript Ask Joe & Big Al On Air
Should Edith and Archie live off their non-qualified accounts and pay Roth conversion taxes from their 401(k)? How can Johnny from Knoxville do Roth Conversions and stay in a low tax bracket Plus, at age 31, are Shad and his wife saving enough for retirement? What should Tech Chick do with her severance package after being laid off from her tech industry job? Finally, listener comments on retirement plan education, Roth conversions, and the 5-year Roth clocks. Timestamps: 00:39 - Live Off Non-Qualified Accounts, Pay Roth Conversion Tax From 401(k)? (Edith & Archie, TX) 11:35 - How to Do Roth Conversions and Stay in a Low Tax Bracket + Estimating Taxes (John, Knoxville, TN) 19:11 - Retirement Spitball Analysis: Are We Saving Enough at Age 31? (Shad, Smith's Grove, KY) 27:11 - Laid Off From the Tech Industry. What Should I Do With My Severance Package? (Tech Chick, Mile High Rocky Mountains) 39:55 - Comment: No Financial People Ever Mentioned Roth Conversions to Me Before! (Donna, Valencia) 40:55 - Comment: Thanks for Letting Me Educate You on Retirement Plans (Debra, St Louis, MO) 42:41 - Comment: You Got the Roth 5 Year Clock Wrong (David, Michigan) 48:06 - The Derails Access this week's free financial resources in the podcast show notes at Register for our free 2023 tax planning webinar, March 29, 12pm PT 2023 Key Financial Data Guide Complete Roth Papers Package, Including: the Ultimate Guide to Roth IRAs, the Guide to the 5-Year Rules for Roth IRA Withdrawals, and the Roth IRA Basics Guide Episode Transcript Ask Joe & Big Al On Air
Are low-cost mutual funds or ETFs better investments in a tax-advantaged account? Also, more strategizing from that SECURE Act 2.0 529 plan provision, the pros and cons of selling a rental house now or holding it until you pass, and an easy-breezy self-employed retirement account that’s better than a SEP IRA. Plus, will municipal bond income bump you into a higher tax bracket? Can you avoid capital gains tax by investing less aggressively over time?  Timestamps: 00:00 - Intro 00:46 - Mutual Funds vs. ETFs in a Tax-Advantaged Account? (Midwestfabs, St Paul, MN) 08:06 - SECURE Act 2.0 529 Plan Strategy (Chris, Atlanta) 14:51 - Will Municipal Bond Income Bump Me Into a Higher Tax Bracket? (Bobby, Philadelphia) 26:31 - Can I Avoid Capital Gains By Investing Less Aggressively Over Time? (Joe, Aston, PA) 33:12 - Pros and Cons of Selling a Rental House Right Now (Joe, Chula Vista) 34:48 - An Easy Breezy Self-Employed Retirement Account Better than the SEP IRA? (Steve, Las Vegas) 39:58 - The Derails Access this week's free financial resources in the podcast show notes at The SECURE 2.0 Circus: brand new YMYW TV and companion guide Blog post: Self-Employed Tax Filing & Small Business Retirement Plans The Ultimate Guide to IRAs Episode Transcript Ask Joe & Big Al On Air (plus, cute dog photo alert! We’ve got Midwestfabs’ dog, “Jake-from-State-Farm”!)
In order to retire comfortably at age 60, what should you be doing with your finances when you’re in your 20s? A framework for getting started planning for retirement on today's episode of YMYW. Plus, if you’re a small business with a SIMPLE IRA plan, is it stupid to save for retirement in a brokerage account rather than a traditional IRA? If you inherited money and promised to donate to charity, should you do Roth conversions? What’s the most efficient way to pay financial advisor fees, and what’s a good strategy for making pre-tax and post-tax retirement contributions?  Timestamps: 00:51 - A Framework for Getting Started in Planning for Retirement (Anonymous) 05:36 - I’m 24. What Should I Do to Retire Comfortably at 60? Michael, 24 (Binghamton, NY) 12:14 - I’m 32. Opened a SIMPLE IRA. Is It Stupid to Fund Brokerage Instead of Traditional IRA? (Ron Burgundy) 17:42 - I Inherited $450K, Promised to Donate to Charity. Should I Do Roth Conversions? (Allison, Northern Virginia) 23:02 - What’s the Most Efficient Way to Pay Advisor Fees? (Nick, OH) 26:06 - Strategy for Pre-Tax and Post-Tax Retirement Contributions? (Dave) 29:56 - The Derails Access this week's free financial resources in the podcast show notes at  Cracking the Code - Succeeding Financially at Every Age: YMYW TV & Companion Guide Spitballing Retirement Planning in Your 30's (and even in your 20's!) - YMYW podcast 391 Top 10 Most Popular Your Money Your Wealth Podcast Episodes - Spotify playlist Schedule a free financial assessment with Pure Financial Advisors Episode Transcript Ask Joe & Big Al On Air (plus a photo of YMYW listener Nick's cute dogs!)
If you’ve got some retirement savings but can’t contribute any more, will you ever be able to retire? Joe and Big Al have three simple strategies to help you get there. Plus, how long does it take to get off of Medicare’s income-related monthly adjustment amount, or IRMAA, after your income decreases at retirement, and how do you take unknown future IRMAA income limits into account when setting up your financial plan? Can you “re-do” Social Security and stop taking benefits after claiming Social Security early? Do spousal benefits change after one spouse files for Social Security? And finally, the fellas address a few corrections they’ve received recently regarding Medicare and safe harbor 401(k) plans. What exactly is “top-heavy” anyway? Timestamps: 00:00 - Intro 01:02 - Will I Ever Be Able to Retire? I Have Some Savings But Can’t Contribute More (Patty, NY) 06:38 - Retired, Income Dropped, Enrolled in Medicare. How Long to Get Off IRMAA? (Randy, Hb, Ca) 08:05 - How to Plan for Unknown Future Medicare IRMAA Income Limits? 10:53 - “Re-Doing” Social Security: Can You Stop Taking Benefits After Claiming Early? (Lauris, Volcano, Hawaii) 12:39 - Will Spousal Social Security Benefit Amounts Change When One Spouse Files? (Philip, Los Angeles) 15:09 - SECURE 2.0: When Must You Pay Taxes on Company Match Retirement Contributions? (Jim, Dallas, TX) 19:47 - CORRECTION: ACP Test for Safe Harbor 401(k) Plans, After-Tax Contributions (Debra, St Louis) 25:08 - CORRECTION - Medicare Test: Creditable Drug Coverage (Steve, Las Vegas) 28:56 - DUKE’s Medicare Enrollment Experience (DUKE (John Wayne), Knoxville, TN) 32:54 - The Derails Access this week's free financial resources in the podcast show notes at  Retirement Readiness Guide NAPA-net: 401(k) After-Tax Contributions Are ‘Testy’ Turbocharge Your Wealth! YMYW TV & Companion Guide Episode Transcript Ask Joe & Big Al On Air (Plus, YMYW Producer Andi Last video interview on the Audience Growth Podcast)
How should your financial strategy change when your income increases dramatically? We’re talking like $450K one year to a million and a quarter the next? (If you guessed Roth conversions might be in the answer you’d be correct!) Joe and Big Al also spitball strategies for when your income is too high to make Roth contributions, and can you use capital gains to contribute to Roth? Can “Alligator Joe” afford to retire early, or does he need to keep gutting it out at his current job wrestling alligators? Should Catherine contribute to her 401(k) or buy company stock before she quits her day job to start a business? The fellas also spitball retirement planning involving structured settlements, inherited assets, and ACA credits, and they discuss transferring annuities to a CD vs. deferring the interest into another annuity.  Timestamps: 00:58 -  Income Increased Dramatically. Should Our Retirement Tax Strategies Change? (Cookie Baron, Texas) 08:59 - Can I Use Capital Gains to Make Roth Contributions? (Aaron) 12:12 - Early Retirement Spitball: Should I Keep Gutting it Out at My Current Job? ("Alligator Joe Frazier", The Sunshine State FL) 18:11 - Contribute to 401(k) or Buy Company Stock Before Quitting to Start a Business? (Catherine, TX) 20:32 - Retirement Spitball: Income is Too High for Roth Contributions (Kelly, Owensboro, KY) 25:10 - Retirement Spitball: Structured Settlement, ACA Credits, & Inherited Assets (Kara from PA) 29:42 - Should We Transfer Annuities to CD, or Defer Interest Into Another Annuity? (Norma, Chula Vista) 34:00 - The Derails Access this week's free financial resources in the podcast show notes at The Complete Roth Papers Package 10 Ways the SECURE Act 2.0 Changes Your Taxes and Retirement Planning (webinar) Episode Transcript Ask Joe & Big Al On Air
Joe and Big Al spitball on set-and-forget brokerage investments for 30-something investors, real estate as a substitute for bonds in a diversified portfolio, and options for taking a state pension with or without sick time pay. The fellas also discuss how to bridge the retirement gap until collecting Social Security, strategies for claiming spousal Social Security benefits, and whether you need to sign up for Medicare if you’d rather keep the healthcare you already have. Timestamps: 00:49 - Set-It-and-Forget-It Brokerage Investments for a 30-Something Investor? (Chris, Scottsdale) 07:56 - Is Real Estate a Substitute for Bonds in a Diversified Investment Portfolio? (Don, VA) 12:42 - State Pension Options: $21K at Age 55 Plus $13K Sick Time, or $30K at Age 62? (Rich, NY/NC - voice message) 19:35 - Which Funds Should We Use to Bridge the Gap Until Collecting Social Security? (Jeff, San Diego) 25:29 - When Will I Receive Spousal Social Security Benefits? (Sharon) 28:37 - Spitballing a Spousal Social Security Claiming Strategy (G, Philly) 33:50 - Do We Have to Register for Medicare If We Aren’t Going to Use it? (Jim Santa Cruz) 39:03 - The Derails Access this week's free financial resources in the podcast show notes at  10 Ways the SECURE Act 2.0 Changes Your Taxes and Retirement Planning Portfolio Tracker: How to Manage Your Assets at Any Age Social Security Handbook Medicare Checkup Guide Episode Transcript Ask Joe & Big Al On Air
With the new SECURE Act 2.0 rules regarding retirement savings contributions, should your company match go into the traditional or Roth 401(k)? Joe and Big Al also discuss whether you can or should do Roth conversions when your company fails non-discrimination testing for highly compensated employees (HCEs), the mega backdoor Roth vs. the employee stock purchase plan, and they spitball a tax arbitrage strategy. Plus, a retirement spitball for a 37-year-old couple wanting to retire in their 60s, and another couple wanting to FIRE (financial independence/ retire early) - but are they screwing up and creating a huge future tax bill? Show notes, free financial resources, transcript, Ask Joe & Big Al On Air:
Modified adjusted income for Medicare and IRMAA and the pro-rata and aggregation rules for Roth conversions explained... clearly? Will a combat zone TSP transfer be subject to those rules? Plus, joint tenants with rights of survivorship vs. transfer on death for a brokerage account, reducing taxes on the sale of a timeshare, how much to spend on home improvements, and using a reverse mortgage instead of long-term care insurance. And wait ’til you hear Joe and Big Al's thoughts on the best way to pay the least amount of tax when you cash out your retirement savings to buy gold and silver. Show notes, many new free financial resources, transcript, Ask Joe & Big Al On Air:
How should young savers invest pensions and estimate their retirement income needs? Is going into your employee stock purchase plan a good portfolio diversification strategy? What do Joe and Big Al think of multi-year guaranteed annuities (MYGA), and dividend-paying stocks vs. ETFs? Plus, a $10.6M retirement spitball analysis, making extra mortgage payments vs. saving to a brokerage account, and contributing to Roth 401(k) vs. traditional 401(k). Also, will a 403(b) held by an insurance company be subject to separation costs or surrender fees when rolled to an IRA? And the specifics on when to file tax form 5500. Show notes, Why Asset Location Matters Guide and other free financial resources, transcript, Ask Joe & Big Al On Air:
Joe and Big Al are back with a SECURE Act 2.0 recap and a proposed backdoor 529 plan strategy from the new law. Plus, is there a scenario where it makes sense to not max retirement accounts, to avoid being retirement rich and cash poor? Also, the fellas’ thoughts on a break-even point for Social Security, required minimum distributions (RMD) from inherited IRAs, and of course, Roth IRA strategies: as in, the 5-year rules for Roth withdrawals, preserving Roth money and avoiding early withdrawal penalties, and Roth conversions to offset brokerage account losses. Show notes, transcript, free financial resources - including the free guide to the SECURE 2.0 Act - and to Ask Joe & Big Al On Air for your Retirement Spitball Analysis:
IRA withdrawal strategies when you retire in a down market, Roth contributions vs. Roth conversions, converting now or waiting to convert to Roth in retirement, and why you'd want to lose today's tax savings and contribute to Roth in the first place, today on the best of the YMYW podcast 2022. Plus, how to know if your financial plan is on track and the funniest Derails of the year. Visit the podcast show notes for more financial resources - including the free guide to the SECURE Act 2.0 - episode transcript, and Ask Joe & Big Al On Air for a retirement plan spitball analysis of your own:
Welcome to Your Money, Your Wealth® podcast, with CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional Joe Anderson and Certified Public Accountant Alan "Big Al" Clopine. Your Money, Your Wealth® is retirement planning, investing, and tax reduction made fun! Follow YMYW on your favorite podcast app and share this trailer. Visit and click Ask Joe and Big Al On Air to get a Retirement Spitball Analysis of your own. And hey, thanks for listening, because the show wouldn't be a show without you.  Your Money, Your Wealth® is presented by Pure Financial Advisors, a registered investment advisor. This show does not intend to provide personalized investment advice through this broadcast and does not represent that the securities or services discussed are suitable for any investor. Investors are advised not to rely on any information contained in the broadcast in the process of making a full and informed investment decision.
Is it better to choose low-cost index funds or to diversify investments, even if it means paying higher fees? What causes mutual fund price fluctuation? Are mid-cap funds necessary in a balanced portfolio? Joe and Big Al also talk about real estate funds vs. real estate investment trusts (REITs), and TIAA annuities vs. bonds in a retirement portfolio. Finally, we revisit some investing strategy questions that are still relevant in today’s volatile markets on moving to cash in tough times, analyzing your asset allocation, and rebalancing your retirement portfolio. Show notes, free financial resources, transcript, Ask Joe & Big Al On Air:
Can you trust the opinion of just one advisor when planning for your entire financial future? Joe and Big Al spitball their second opinions for some retirement plan and Roth conversion strategies, they illustrate one way some financial advisors may be acting in their own best interests, and they explain how to determine if you’re on track for a successful retirement. Plus, can you take penalty-free withdrawals from a Roth TSP to Roth IRA rollover in order to bridge the gap until age 59½? Will paying for a home remodel with Roth conversion funds avoid tax? And, should you use Roth conversion money for these purposes? Show notes, free financial resources, transcript, Ask Joe & Big Al On Air:
Asset location strategies, liquidity, and building up tax-free Roth IRA money when retiring early, how growth is taxed in taxable accounts, the pros and cons of rolling an employer retirement plan into a traditional IRA, how stock futures are determined and why stock price matters, and buying 8-week treasuries. And, if you’re planning to make a killing on eBay or at your next garage sale, the fellas get into the weeds on how to maximize your tax savings. Show notes, free financial resources, transcript, Ask Joe & Big Al On Air:
We’re hearing more about fixed-indexed annuities with these volatile financial markets. Is it time to reconsider? Plus, clarification on required minimum distributions (RMDs) being waived for non-spouse IRA beneficiaries in 2021 and 2022, taxation on trusts, and suggestions for a 40-year-old considering an early mini-retirement. Also, can a 62-year-old immediately withdraw Roth conversion money? Finally, a strategy to claim Social Security early while working and invest the difference in a Roth IRA, and Joe and Big Al attempt to explain family Social Security benefits without phoning it in. Show notes, free financial resources, transcript, Ask Joe & Big Al On Air:
What will you actually need to spend in retirement? Joe and Big Al explain how to really think about and calculate your retirement expenses. Plus, if you want to reduce your tax-deferred account balances, does it make more sense to do Roth conversions or reinvest? What about doing Roth conversions to a higher tax bracket than the one you’ll be in during retirement? Also, the fellas explain the alternative minimum tax, how Social Security spousal benefits work, and when in the year you turn 72 you must take required minimum distributions from your retirement accounts. And finally, what should someone with no credit history who hasn’t paid taxes do with a sudden $100,000 windfall? Show notes, free financial resources, transcript, Ask Joe & Big Al On Air:
Joe and Big Al discuss LIRPs, or life insurance retirement plans, they spitball whether to take full pension survivor benefits or buy a life insurance policy, and whether to sell losing stocks for even bigger losers to take advantage of the 0% capital gains tax bracket. Plus, zero coupon municipal bonds and the de minimis rule, and target date funds as part of Paul Merriman’s Two Funds for Life strategy. Finally, how do dividends figure into the 4% rule for retirement withdrawals, and should that 4% come from stocks or bonds? Show notes, free financial resources, transcript, Ask Joe & Big Al On Air:
Joe and Big Al clarify once and for all those 5-year clocks for withdrawing money from your Roth accounts. How do the 5-year Roth IRA rules impact the taxation of dividend income? Do the 5-year rules for Roth withdrawals impact thrift savings plan (TSP) to Roth conversions as well? Plus, why contribute to a Roth in the first place and lose today’s tax savings? Joe and Big Al rise to that challenge and they discuss Roth conversions and required minimum distributions from an inherited IRA. Show notes, free financial resources, transcript, Ask Joe & Big Al On Air:
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