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Your Queer Story: An LGBT Podcast

Your Queer Story: An LGBT Podcast

Author: Evan Jones & Paul Hobbs

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Your Queer Story is an LGBT podcast. Join us as we laugh, learn, and discover the history of the LGBT community and the people and events that shaped our society. We also cover religion, sexuality, politics, personal stories, civil rights, and much, much more.
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Episode 72: Queer Hauntings

Episode 72: Queer Hauntings


We get spooky on today’s episode. From haunted bars to a deadly lovers quarrel we tell the mysteries of unrequited love. Then we travel across the ocean to the castle of horrors of the Blood Countess. All the gore and queerness your heart desires is in mixed together in this cauldron of an episode. And...The post Episode 72: Queer Hauntings appeared first on Your Queer Story.
It’s October which means it’s time to get a little freaky. And as we kick off our month of spooks we must address the murderess mistress of Maplecroft. The subject of Lizzie Borden’s love interests has been ALMOST as hotly debated as the mystery of her parents brutal murder. If Lizzie Borden did whack her...The post Episode 71: Lizzie Borden – The Mistress of Maplecroft appeared first on Your Queer Story.
Last episode we gave a deep history of relationships in early civilizations and the evolution of monogamy. In this episode we discuss the modern day concepts Polyamory. While the practice of having multiple partners is not new at all, Polyamory is a recent development in Western culture. We detail the differences between open relationships, polygamy...The post Episode 70: History of Monogamy and Polyamory; Part 2 appeared first on Your Queer Story.
We finally reached episode 69 and of course we had to talk about sex. Specifically how the idea of monogamy started and what polyamory really means. In this episode we go way back to early civilizations to discuss the evolution of marriage and single partner relationships. Were we always monogamous? Is it natural for our...The post Episode 69: History of Monogamy and Polyamory, Part 1 appeared first on Your Queer Story.
Episode 68: Leaving A Cult

Episode 68: Leaving A Cult


Today we go a bit off topic and get personal. Some viewers have requested more insight into the cult and environment in which Evan grew up. So in this episode we pull Evan and two of his sisters to discuss the cult of the Independent Fundamental Baptist, also known as the IFB. Each sibling tells...The post Episode 68: Leaving A Cult appeared first on Your Queer Story.
Join us as Vima from the Down No Particular Road Podcast discusses how we as a community can be better allies to queer POC. post Episode 67: Being a Better Ally to Queer POC appeared first on Your Queer Story.
Get ready for some Australian True Crime. We’re wrapping up our world listeners month with a bloody tale from the land down under. At least twenty-seven gay men were hunted and murdered along the White Cliffs of Bondi Beach in New South Wales. Most of their deaths remain open cases to this day. In this...The post Episode 66: Australian True Crime appeared first on Your Queer Story.
There’s two more episodes during World Listeners Month. And we couldn’t bloody let you mates leave without a few rounds at some world wide assholes. Join us for one of our favorite series as we tackle homophobes all around the globe who ended up being a bunch of homos themselves. From the land down under,...The post Episode 65: I’m Not Gay YOU’RE Gay! International Edition appeared first on Your Queer Story.
Episode 64: Frida Kahlo

Episode 64: Frida Kahlo


This week we travel down to Mexico and cover artist and revolutionary, Frida Kahlo. A strong woman who’s life was marked by tragedy, Fridas found release though painting. And though she would live a brief life, her work immortalized her. Join us as we discuss the artist, the feminist, the bisexual, the incredible – Frida....The post Episode 64: Frida Kahlo appeared first on Your Queer Story.
Episode 63: Hindu Queerness

Episode 63: Hindu Queerness


Listen as Paul and Evan take you on a magical journey of Hindu queerness, in honor of our Hindu listeners. Which was pretty easy to do as Hinduism is quite full of gender variance and same sex love. From transgender war heroes to gay gods this episode is sure to intrigue. So hit play and...The post Episode 63: Hindu Queerness appeared first on Your Queer Story.
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Casey Daniels

I really love this podcast. They give aspects of history that I don't get anywhere else. As a community starved queer listening to Evan and Paul's banter makes me feel like I'm chatting with pals. Thanks for putting out great content.

Jun 7th

Megan Mills

This was very informative!

Apr 23rd
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Valerie Anne

this is the first episode I've listened to and I couldn't stop laughing.

Aug 30th
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