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Your Queer Story: An LGBT Podcast

Your Queer Story: An LGBT Podcast

Author: Evan Jones & Paul Hobbs

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Your Queer Story is an LGBT podcast. Join us as we laugh, learn, and discover the history of the LGBT community and the people and events that shaped our society. We also cover religion, sexuality, politics, personal stories, civil rights, and much, much more.
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In the garden of Eden, Eve gave Adam a piece of forbidden fruit bringing about his downfall. And ever since then, if you believe in Biblical legend, humanity has fallen for one temptation after another. And so it happened again in Berlin in the midst of World War 2. Join us as we tell the... The post Episode 85: Lilly and Felice Part 1, Forbidden Fruit appeared first on Your Queer Story.
It’s a Wet and slippery journey through this episode. We welcome representative Joe Pascolla from Wet Lubricants to discuss all the amazing benefits of lube. And the benefits are endless! From the strong sexual health proponents to the practical household uses there are plenty of reasons to keep a bottle of Wet Lube on hand.... The post Episode 84: Get Wet with Evan and Paul – and Joe too! appeared first on Your Queer Story.
It is our commitment to educate on all queer related issues. From past moments and people in history to the current problems plaguing our community today. The matter of sexual assault and intimate partner violence is one of the most pressing issues among the LGBTQ. Staggering statistics show how incredibly vulnerable queer people are to... The post Episode 83: Sexual Assault Awareness appeared first on Your Queer Story.
Happy 2020 to all our listeners! We’re kicking the new year off with the intriguing story of a non-binary spiritual leader. The Public Universal Friend defied the standards of gender identity centuries before the modern day genderqueer movement began. They broke down barriers in a variety of ways, but especially in their role as founder... The post Episode 82: The Public Universal Friend (P.U.F) appeared first on Your Queer Story.
Episode 81: 2020 For YQS

Episode 81: 2020 For YQS


Join us as we look back at 2019 and discuss our visions for 2020! The post Episode 81: 2020 For YQS appeared first on Your Queer Story.
The last few months have shown a spike in our Polish listeners. And it’s no wonder considering the violent anti-queer rhetoric that has filled the country lately. Sadly, the Pis Parties control of the country has put queer Poles in a dangerous predicament. On this episode we cover some of the current events in the... The post Episode 80: Poland’s Rainbow Plague appeared first on Your Queer Story.
In honor of the return of the L Word we dive into a history of queer tv. From Canadian docuseries in the 70’s to groundbreaking British dramas in the 80’s. On to the popular 90’s American sitcoms and historical moments of the 2000’s. We cover the many ups and downs, protests and controversies. One failed... The post Episode 79: Queer TV Landmarks appeared first on Your Queer Story.
Today we’re back with another episode in our series, “Villians of the LGBTQ”. And we’re discussing the woman who launched the modern day anti-queer movement, Anita Bryant. So much of the anti-lgbtq rhetoric we hear in today’s society is based on Bryant’s attack of the queer community. And her advocacy against us homos has been... The post Episode 78: Villains of the LGBTQ, Anita Bryant appeared first on Your Queer Story.
Your first holiday season is hard and often we have to relive that moment again and again during the first year. Add in the chaos of family and various holiday functions during this time of year and things get….awkward. So we go through 3 of the biggest types of events during this time and ways... The post Episode 77: Your First Holiday Season Out appeared first on Your Queer Story.
It’s Transgender Day of Remembrance and in honor of those who have passed we cover the origins of TDOR, the many trans people lost to anti-trans violence this last year, and 5 of the biggest misconceptions about the transgender and non-binary communities. If you were not able to make it to a vigil this year... The post Episode 76: Transgender Awareness: Facts, Myths, and Information appeared first on Your Queer Story.
No it’s not about drugs. But rather the Molly Houses of England in the 16 and 1700’s. Some call them the original gay bars, others say they were merely an evolution of the Greek bathhouses. Either way the Molly bars were a “Molly” good time indeed. Though like everything with this era, one had to... The post Episode 75: A Molly Good Time appeared first on Your Queer Story.
it’s the great gay holiday! And we’re here to tell you all about how the queers made Halloween the second most popular holiday in the States. For nearly a century, gays from all walks of life have found freedom in the masquerade of All Hallows Eve. Beneath the glow of the October night sky LGBTQ... The post Episode 74: The Queer History of Halloween appeared first on Your Queer Story.
The Deadly Lovers Ottis Toole and Henry Lee Lucas: Our month of horror continues but this time with a love story. The tale of two star crossed lovers who met by chance and were instantly struck by one another. It may have helped that the two men also happened to be brutal serial killers. Every... The post Episode 73: Deadly Lovers Ottis Toole and Henry Lee Lucas appeared first on Your Queer Story.
Episode 72: Queer Hauntings

Episode 72: Queer Hauntings


We get spooky on today’s episode. From haunted bars to a deadly lovers quarrel we tell the mysteries of unrequited love. Then we travel across the ocean to the castle of horrors of the Blood Countess. All the gore and queerness your heart desires is in mixed together in this cauldron of an episode. And... The post Episode 72: Queer Hauntings appeared first on Your Queer Story.
It’s October which means it’s time to get a little freaky. And as we kick off our month of spooks we must address the murderess mistress of Maplecroft. The subject of Lizzie Borden’s love interests has been ALMOST as hotly debated as the mystery of her parents brutal murder. If Lizzie Borden did whack her... The post Episode 71: Lizzie Borden – The Mistress of Maplecroft appeared first on Your Queer Story.
Last episode we gave a deep history of relationships in early civilizations and the evolution of monogamy. In this episode we discuss the modern day concepts Polyamory. While the practice of having multiple partners is not new at all, Polyamory is a recent development in Western culture. We detail the differences between open relationships, polygamy... The post Episode 70: History of Monogamy and Polyamory; Part 2 appeared first on Your Queer Story.
We finally reached episode 69 and of course we had to talk about sex. Specifically how the idea of monogamy started and what polyamory really means. In this episode we go way back to early civilizations to discuss the evolution of marriage and single partner relationships. Were we always monogamous? Is it natural for our... The post Episode 69: History of Monogamy and Polyamory, Part 1 appeared first on Your Queer Story.
Episode 68: Leaving A Cult

Episode 68: Leaving A Cult


Today we go a bit off topic and get personal. Some viewers have requested more insight into the cult and environment in which Evan grew up. So in this episode we pull Evan and two of his sisters to discuss the cult of the Independent Fundamental Baptist, also known as the IFB. Each sibling tells... The post Episode 68: Leaving A Cult appeared first on Your Queer Story.
Join us as Vima from the Down No Particular Road Podcast discusses how we as a community can be better allies to queer POC. The post Episode 67: Being a Better Ally to Queer POC appeared first on Your Queer Story.
Get ready for some Australian True Crime. We’re wrapping up our world listeners month with a bloody tale from the land down under. At least twenty-seven gay men were hunted and murdered along the White Cliffs of Bondi Beach in New South Wales. Most of their deaths remain open cases to this day. In this... The post Episode 66: Australian True Crime appeared first on Your Queer Story.
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Casey Daniels

I really love this podcast. They give aspects of history that I don't get anywhere else. As a community starved queer listening to Evan and Paul's banter makes me feel like I'm chatting with pals. Thanks for putting out great content.

Jun 7th
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Megan Mills

This was very informative!

Apr 23rd
Reply (1)

Valerie Anne

this is the first episode I've listened to and I couldn't stop laughing.

Aug 30th
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