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Welcome to the Your Virtual Upline podcast hosted by Bob Heilig. This weekly podcast will give you the mindset, strategies, and skills you need to build the network marketing business and life of your dreams.

Each week Bob takes a deep dive into topics like leadership, social media, prospecting, recruiting, and so much more! Bob is the founder of ‘The Legacy Leader Movement’, a totally new approach to building a network marketing business. The core values that guide his work, and the messages on this podcast are - faith, love, service, and growth.

Join us each week and discover how to tap into the power of this purpose-driven approach to building your business!
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What do you think is going to create the breakthrough you want in your business? If you’re thinking “massive action” or “hustling harder” … or maybe “finding the right script” or “connecting with the right people” … …then I totally get it. Because that’s exactly what I used to think too. And honestly? It kept me in the stay-stuck cycle for YEARS in my business. I pushed so hard, trying every tactic under the sun to get the results I wanted … and nothing made any difference. Now, finally, I know the reason why. I guarantee it’s because deep down you don’t believe in yourself as a leader. And until you can shift that belief, you’ll never be able to build the kind of sustainable success that creates a life of total freedom. That’s why I am SO excited to tell you about a really special free training we have coming up for you next week! Starting Monday April 19, I’m running a brand new FREE 5-day challenge, called 5 Steps to Building Your Team with Confidence and Authenticity – and I’m telling you, it’s going to change your life! I want you to grab your spot for this transformational training right now at – and while you’re waiting for the first training on Monday, start getting excited by checking out this week’s podcast episode too!   Episode Quotes "Our ACTIONS don't create our results. Our BELIEFS do." "If you don't have the right belief behind the actions, you're never going to get the results that you want." "The level of your success starts to grow past what you truly believe that you're worthy of." "Authentic is not a script... Authentic communication listens twice as much as it does talk." "Confidence and authenticity are byproducts of belief."   Listen to Learn 01:11 - The biggest lie in the network marketing profession   05:53 - Limiting beliefs = limited results 10:09 - Shifting your focus from ACTIONS to BELIEFS 17:05 - Authenticity and Katherine's success story 21:05 - The New Plan: "Working smarter..."   Register for our 5-Day FREE Challenge (Growing Your Team with Confidence and Authenticity) -
Are you joining me in my brand new 5-day free LIVE challenge?  I’ll be teaching you ‘5 Steps to Growing Your Team with Confidence and Authenticity’!  If you have ever struggled when it comes to recruiting and growing your team, this challenge was created for you!  I’ll be teaching you how to become a more confident version of yourself when sharing your business with people.  I’ll also teach you how to have more authentic communication with prospects, so you don’t come across like a salesperson and chase them away.  You are literally 5 days away from your business never being the same ever again!  All you have to do to register is go to -  Once you register you will get a link to join our private Facebook Group where all the training is happening.  You will also get the schedule for each of the 5 live trainings.  If you can’t make them live, don’t worry - we have a replay page set up for you to watch anytime you want!  I can’t wait to share this information with you… This is going to be one our best free trainings ever! Tell your teams!  
One of the biggest mistakes that keeps network marketers from growing their business is this →  They’re totally focused on sales. Because for them, success is simply about making money. And while there is nothing wrong with making money, I want you to realize that the money you make is simply a byproduct of the impact you’re making in the world. That’s exactly what Heather Burge did when she joined our Legacy Leadership Academy.  Heather joined LLA last August 2018.  At the time, she already had a very successful business with over $145,000 in monthly sales volume and 230 people on her team. However, when Heather made the shift – turning her energy toward helping her team members grow, through loving leadership, rather than focusing purely on getting the sale – that’s when her own growth really took off. Three years later, she's now doing $1.5 million a month with 3,000 people on her team. That’s almost 10x since she joined our program! Tune in as Heather tells her business journey, why shifting from a sales to a service mindset is key in her success, time freedom and what it takes running a million dollar business, ways to relate with different people in your team, getting past red light stories, and exciting things coming up for her business. Heather's podcast:
Are you making yourself ‘the expert’ in the eyes of your prospects?  This is one of the reasons why many network marketers struggle in recruiting and building a team. If you are do the majority of explaining and answering questions to team members and prospects, then have fallen into what I call the Expert Trap. Being the expert comes from having a sales mindset.  It’s a sales technique. You're spending an hour training your team and relying on them to go out with the same level of confidence as you or duplicate what you’re doing. This is a huge problem when it comes to DUPLICATION, though, because your team, especially the new people, are not as good as you. They cannot even imagine knowing this information and being able to train on it or use it with prospects like you do.  And this is the reason why they are failing. In this Biz Tip Friday, I’m going to teach you how to avoid the Expert Trap and how you can ensure a prospecting system that enables your team to win, creating massive duplication in the process!
Do you know what the BEST thing you can do to develop new strong, leaders on your team? On today’s podcast, I chat with Jen Goodall, one of the star members of my Next Level Leadership program.  Jenn has been with her direct sales company for 4 years.  She had created a great team and experienced personal success. Everybody was doing well….and then her team became stagnant. In other words, there was no DUPLICATION happening. She felt stuck, and there was literally no growth in her team. Jen tried many things to get her team ‘unstuck’ and moving forward with momentum, but it’s when she began implementing WAMs (Weekly Accountability Meetings) that things really began to turn around. In fact, Jen says WAMs are the key reason her team has grown from around $50K/month last August (after 9 steady months of decline!) to a 4x’ed volume of $200K this month! In this episode, Jenn shares her business struggles and how it led her joining Next Level Leadership. We’ll also talk about the importance of systems, specifically implementing the Weekly Accountability Meetings, and how it greatly impacted Jenn’s business growth-wise. Don't forget to visit   Episode Quotes "You'll never have true financial and time freedom unless you create other leaders." "One of the biggest shifts that we need to make as leaders is we have to respect our time." "Group coaching is 10x more effective than 1-on-1 coaching." "The only form of accountability in the world is self-accountability." "Leadership is not determined by what you did yesterday. It's determined by what you are doing today."   Listen to Learn 05:25 - Business struggles and why Jenn joined Next Level Leadership 10:58 - Leadership transformation and growth success 16:02 - Implementing the Weekly Accountability Meetings (WAM) 29:46 - The advantages of doing the WAM 42:10 - Advice for network marketers
Do your systems create a sales mindset? Or a service mindset? I ask this question because I see a lot of leaders creating their systems almost entirely based on a SALES mindset. And here’s the issue with that --- the moment somebody joins, they immediately go through all the steps that they have to do in order to start taking action to create results. You keep ramming sales terms, sales strategies, compensation plan, bonuses, cars, etc., and your new team member immediately begins to build an internal resistance around success. Because here’s the thing --- that person joined, NOT because they want to start a business, but because they were seeking a solution to a problem they have. And your systems have subconsciously told them that they can’t do the business because they’re not good at sales. In this Biz Tip Friday, I’m going to share three key things for you to create an onboarding systems that reinforces a SERVICE mindset rather than a SALES mindset with your new team members!
Watch my Core Story Free Training Here! – One of the biggest LIES I see so many network marketers buy into is this →  That it’s ACTIONS that create success.  So they hustle harder, do more, pull longer hours – and basically sacrifice their life to reach their goals … But still never get the results they want. That’s exactly where my incredible podcast guest Katherine Debs found herself toward the end of last year, before she decided to trust her gut and join our leadership certification program, LLA. Katherine had been showing up and grinding it out for 8 full years in her business – doing all the things, following all the training …  …but nothing seemed to make the difference she wanted. She knew some missing piece was holding her back – and she needed to find it soon or she’d end up burning out completely! It was only when she joined LLA, and started working with the Formula for Transformation that she finally discovered what that missing piece was: Her true self. From an early age, Katherine had held the belief that sharing her voice was wrong. But once she realized how this limiting belief had been holding her back and was able to choose a new Green Light Story (that her voice, her ideas and her SELF were good enough, and needed to be shared) ... …then everything changed. See, it all starts with belief.  And its BELIEF – not action – that creates your success. If you’re someone who’s ever struggled with burn out, overwhelm, or needing to hustle like crazy to feel deserving, I promise this episode could change your life! 
Has this ever happened to you? You have a great idea for a social media post, you get everything ready to go, ready to hit send, and a sneaking fear creeps in…. “Is this too salesy??” Somehow through attraction and curiosity marketing, we’ve gotten to the point of actually being AFRAID to post about our products. For years we’ve been petrified of coming across as an infomercial or a ‘Spamela Pamela’ so we stop posting about our products and business all together. But here’s the thing: if you’re scared of being too salesy, you are already thinking like a sales person. You need to completely re-wire your brain from thinking about sales to thinking about solving people’s problems. Once you do that, the way you share content about your products or business will be different. Today’s episode will talk you through making the shift from sales to service and how to rid yourself of the fear of posting about your products and business.  
What do you do when you know you have a limiting belief that’s holding you back – maybe around feeling unworthy, or having to work like crazy to feel good about yourself …but you just can’t pinpoint why exactly you believe that? We tend to believe that red light stories are created by some traumatic or intense event in our past. However, I’m here to tell you, our limiting beliefs can also be created in totally nontraumatic, everyday circumstances (which is why our loving parents help to create so many of them!). Today, I share with you my own limiting beliefs around money and how they were formed, day-by-day during my childhood.  And I’ll also share with you how you can still let go of your Red Light Story…even if you don’t know how it began.
Here’s the #1 reason why people struggle in recruiting or building a team -- They lack belief in themselves. Our default belief setting is that people will only join our team if we have proven personal results already…aka we have a huge, successful team already in place for them to join. So, when we don’t have a team of 100, 1000, or 10,000 in place already, we think that no one would be interested in becoming a team member.  We have this red-light story about our self-worth because of our lack of results. However, the true reality is your lack of results has nothing to do with someone else being interested in your business. What’s truly important is YOUR PERSONAL STORY. And how you share it that then creates relationship and curiosity. In this Biz Tip Friday, I'll teach you how to share your personal story that will make people interested in learning about your business, and potentially joining you, even if you don’t have the results yet.
When we experience a significant trauma in our lives, it can sometimes have a devastating effect on our lives – even decades later. Even when the event itself is long past and can no longer hurt us directly – it can still hold us in its grip. Because we’ve made it mean something about US. Even though it could never be your fault, if you’re anything like most people, you still feel somehow like it must have happened because there’s something “wrong” with you. You create a story about yourself, based on a circumstance that was nothing to do with you. And that Red Light Story can keep you stuck in shame and fear for the rest of your life – if you let it. That’s exactly what Amanda has been struggling with, for years now. Amanda was so courageous recently, when she opened up during a live coaching session inside our leadership certification program, Legacy Leadership Academy – and shared how a set of traumatizing events in her early childhood have been keeping her from fully showing up in her life and business. How DO you start to let go of a story that’s simply been “true” for you, for most of your life? That’s exactly what I helped Amanda with during our amazing coaching session together and you can hear our full conversation on this week’s podcast episode. Tune in right now, to discover how to detach from and defuse your Red Light Stories, and instead use your experiences as your most powerful tool to make your impact in the world and fulfill your true purpose and potential. To register for my free live training on 'Overcoming the Relational Roadblock' on Thursday, March 11th click this link!
If you and I met in person, I’d ask you this question…. Are you an accidental leader? An Accidental Leader is when you have created success out of your own sheer effort, and people start buying your products and joining your team. However, you don’t really know how to show them what you did so they can experience those same results. Or you're trying to show them… but it isn't working. In other words, there’s No DUPLICATION on your team.  And as a result, you find yourself stuck in your business.  Because you can sell and recruit, you grow wide; but, since no one else can duplicate what you’re doing, your team never grows deep.   In this Biz Tip Friday, I want to create an awareness of what an accidental leader is and help you get past that role so that you can start growing your team and see more financial success. FREE TRAINING about Overcoming the Relational Roadblock –
Is Clubhouse the PERFECT biz-building tool for you?  Here’s how to get started! I have a confession for ya. I’m a little bit obsessed with Clubhouse! (Want these top 5 tips in a free PDF guide? Download it here!) You’re probably rolling your eyes right now, and thinking “What’s so special about Clubhouse? I’m hearing about it everywhere – but it’s just another social media platform, right?” That’s true – but Clubhouse is different. And I believe it could be a PERFECT platform to help you build your business.  So, why is it perfect for you?  Well, if you’ve listened to any of my podcasts, you know that I am all about being a servant leader first and foremost in your business.  And one of the ways we do this is by sharing value in any way we can…no matter if we are getting something in return.  And that is exactly what Clubhouse is all about. Most of us are focused on consuming rather than creating content that gives value to people. The true opportunity right now on Clubhouse is to build awareness for who you are by creating content and serving your audience in a new and fun way. In this week’s episode, I’ll share with you my top 5 tips for getting started on Clubhouse. But, whether or not you’re using Clubhouse, the foundational LOVE, SERVE, GROW principles I share with you are valuable no matter what social media platform you’re on. Head to to download your free guide on 5 tips for getting started on Clubhouse!
One of the most important leadership lessons you need to learn is TIME is your most precious asset. As a leader, it's really important that you invest your time into the right people. Unfortunately, there’s a trap that most leaders fall into --- --- We spend tons of time motivating the unmotivated and getting the uncommitted to commit, thinking that is our job as a leader. And what winds up happening is our business starts to slow, we get frustrated, and we become resentful.  In this Biz Tip Friday, I’ll teach you know who to decide who you should be spending the most time with on your team. 
One of the biggest myths that gets thrown around in network marketing is this →  “The only way succeed is to take MASSIVE ACTION!” If you think success means sacrificing family life, THIS podcast is exactly what you need to hear!   This idea of putting in 100% total INTENSITY of effort while trading off every other area of your life has become the common narrative when it comes to creating success. It’s the ‘all or nothing’ mentality that creates such a problem for most people, and in the process, makes them think that success in their business must come at the expense of their life. But I’m here to tell you, that’s a great big LIE. Not just because pushing at maximum intensity all the time burns you out really quick, and sets back your success for a long time … but also because this limiting belief actually STOPS most network marketers from even showing up!  So many network marketers don’t even make the effort, because they’ve been sold this idea of ‘what it takes’ to create true success in their business and they are not willing to pay that high of a price.  I’m not saying that ‘hard work’ or periods of more intense effort aren’t beneficial and necessary from time to time. But if those things are the norm for you in your business… that’s a problem. In this episode, I want to present a new definition of ‘massive action’ for you to follow in your business... and it’s based on a simple idea.
I’ve been getting one question a LOT lately…. When do you know it's the right time to change companies? I know this can be a very difficult and often delicate topic. So much of the time, when we're leaving companies, it becomes a very personal thing, and we discover people want to attack us. First of all, please know that it is OK if you want to work with a different company, especially when you decide there’s a product or business model more aligned with your passion or mission. What is important is that when you do make the decision to move to a different company, you do so with integrity and dignity In this Biz Tip Friday, I’ll shed light on the things that you need to consider most when you’re considering leaving for a new company.      Episode Quotes "It's not a bad thing if someday you'll decide to change the course of your career." "It's not about making the right decision. It's making a decision and then committing to make that decision right." "Don't doubt yourself because that is the killer of success." Listen to Learn 01:28 - Why it's OK to leave and join another company 04:21 - Ask Yourself: "Why are you considering leaving?" 05:46 - Decide... and stop straddling the fence 08:52 - How to build a staying power in a company
If you’re still struggling to see the results you want in your business … …there’s a good chance it’s how you think about success that’s holding you back. You see, most people see “success” as an outcome, an achievement, or a result.  So if they hit a big goal, or reach some arbitrary metric in their business, they think that’s success – and they feel validated and worthy when they achieve it. But here’s what I want you to realize. Any definition of success that’s so narrow it’s tied to a specific result is going to prevent you from fully showing up in your business the way you need to ... …because it’s rooted in scarcity and fear.  The moment your definition of success is rooted in SCARCITY and FEAR it holds you back from creating the results that you want. The purpose of your goal is NOT to hit the goal.  The true purpose of a goal is to stretch you – to help you become MORE in pursuit of that goal. Join me in this episode as I share the true purpose of having a big goal and what SUCCESS truly means.  
In today’s episode I share with you the greatest team building strategy that I’ve ever learned in my career.  It’s called TAPROOTING.  If you want to learn how to build new teams faster, create more duplication, and develop more leaders - this is the answer!  It’s a very different mindset when it comes to the topics of leadership and working with your team.  It’s based on this simple idea that the key to building teams is learning how to work THROUGH people, in-depth in your organization.  Doing this creates something called a ‘fear of loss’ motivation.  It’s WAY more powerful that the kind of motivation that most leaders use with their team.  There are few things in my business that had a bigger impact on me helping people become successful, and finding new leaders.  I can’t wait to share it with you in this episode!
Today’s #AskBob episode is inspired from one of our listeners on the new Clubhouse social media platform. I was asked the other day, “Bob, when do red light stories stop? This listener was doing ‘all the things’…including intentionally working on his mindset. But, red light stories keep popping into his thoughts. My answer: Red light stories NEVER stop. They will always be there waiting for you. But, the real problem is when we accept them as true. When we don’t challenge them at all. It’s when we believe the red light stories that we become stuck in our life and business. The goal, therefore, is not getting rid of them. It’s to stop believing in them. Join me in this episode, as I talk about why having red light stories is normal, and how to get unstuck by shifting your mindset, building your belief, and focusing on the positives. To register for my free live training on 'The Formula for Transformation' on Thursday February 11th click this link!
Take a moment and ask yourself…   Are you showing up as a leader for your team members? Or as a friend? Many of us, out of FEAR, do not confront team members because we want to protect our friendships, and we crave to be accepted by people.   However, valuing FRIENDSHIP over LEADERSHIP is one of the greatest challenges that’s keeping you stuck in your business. Don’t get me wrong, relationships are the foundation for leadership – they are important. But you can’t allow them to get in the way of you actually leading your team. If you truly care about the people on your team, you are willing to trade off your own comfort and security for the untapped potential that lies inside of them. It’s time that you LEAD with LOVE. In this episode, I’ll teach how to overcome the relational roadblock so you can be the leader that people WANT to follow and that your team NEEDS you to be. Want to learn more about how to be a Love Serve Grow leader?  Join my Legacy Leadership Academy today!!! –  
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