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Mission trips have become a staple in youth ministries across the United States. However, it's often difficult to integrate students' experiences on the field with their lives back home. In this podcast Ben sits down with Jen Bradbury a veteran youth worker with 15 years leading mission trips both domestically and internationally. In this episode Jen will lay out a philosophy for mission trips that connects what happens on the field with students' lives at home, and will dive into how to create a comprehensive missions strategy that has the chance to leave a lasting impact on teens, congregations, and the world.
This week Ben chats with Chuck Hunt, Associate Pastor of Family Ministries in Pasadena CA. In this episode they’ll dive into the Importance of Transitions and Recognizing that All ministry is in transition. They’ll cover everything from seasons, students involved in parents’ divorce, to Students Transitioning from High School to College. This is a great episode covering a topic that all facets of the church go through.
This week Ben talks with Todd Jones, pastor of generational ministries and founder of Stoked On Youth Ministry. This episode is all about volunteers. Not so much on how to find them, but once you have them, how to make them....good. Together they'll dive into how to give feedback to your volunteers, and how to balance their skills with your ministry needs. Todd will also give great advice on working with parents as volunteers and former students who want to take a volunteer role.
This week Ben chats with Jeremy Zach, director of student ministries at Clairmont Presbyterian Church and a Navy and Marine chaplain. This week they dive into The OODA Loop. (The OODA is an acronym that identifies the four steps of decision making: Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) They’ll discuss what the loop can do for Youth Ministry leaders, and how to creatively approach your problems.
This podcast is a little different than most. This week our Senior Editor Jack Radcliffe joined Ben Howard our Lead Editor to talk about an article they read recently that stated Smartphones are a danger more pressing than sex and drugs in youth group. They dive into why "Gen Z" is "obsessed" with smartphones, and look into the link between screens and depression.
This week Ben sits down with Pierce Drake to talk about Multi-Generational Relationships. Over the course of the podcast they’ll dive into how to have a conversation with the older generations in the church. They’ll discuss the need for interaction between generations, because, If interaction doesn’t exist it isn’t the legacy of the church in chance of dying it’s the legacy of Jesus.
In this episode Ben sits down with Paul Sheneman. Paul is a veteran youth worker who currently serves as the Youth Pastor at UMC of Macedonia. This week’s episode is all about Criticism. They talk about receiving criticism in ministry. How to use it as feedback and how to respond to it. This episode is full of laughs as they talk about their first times being criticized in the church. The two of them dive into how do you identify who your critics are, and how do you identify people who are supportive...but just giving surface feedback. What was the first bit of criticism YOU received while in ministry? Let us know at
This week on the show, Ben sits down with Sam Halverson (Youth Coordinator for the North Georgia UMC Conference) to talk about guiding youth theologically while not shutting them down when they are “wrong”. They’ll talk how to handle difficult questions from students and what role theology should play in youth ministry. They’ll also discuss what to do when students experiment with different ways of viewing the world, and how youth ministers can be pastoral in these delicate situations.
This week on the show, Ben sits down with Scott Chrostek, author of The Kaleidoscope Effect. They’ll dive into the character and leadership traits of both Millennials and Gen Z. And will identify the needs and “how-to” solutions for engaging and serving these generations.
This week on the show, Ben sits down with Tiffany Manning to talk about working with teens with disabilities and autism. They’ll talk about how to start the conversation with the parents of children with a disability, ways to include teens that may require specific needs or assistance during worship or game time, and asking what goals and spiritual concepts are most important to the special student. Tiffany has already written 2 blog posts that coincide nicely with this topic, so be sure to check it out!!!
This week on the show, Ben sits down with Kurt Rietema to talk all about some of the concerns involved with short-term missions and how we can improve on the way we currently do things. They’ll talk about how privilege and poverty clash in short-term missions, the ways that short-term missions are “icons of heaven and hell,” and how to re-frame short-term missions in a redemptive way.
This week, the podcast becomes an international affair as Ben talks to Graham Stanton from Ridley College in Melbourne, Australia. Over the course of their conversation they unpack the Cynefin Framework and how it helps us understand youth ministry. They also talk about the importance of experimentation and why we have to constantly evaluate whatever projects we take on in ministry.
This week Ben sits down with Dan Istvanik to talk the joys and frustrations of ministering to middle school students. Over the course of their conversation, they’ll cover the differences between Generation Z and Millennials, how to approach teaching middle school students, and the stages of spiritual development in younger students.
Kindred Youth Ministry

Kindred Youth Ministry


This week we talk with Justin Forbes and Zach Gurick, the co-founders of Kindred Youth Ministry. We’ll dive into their reasons for starting Kindred Youth Ministry and where they see youth ministry going in the future.
This week on the podcast the tables turn as Jack Radcliffe interviews Bart Patton, from Perkins School of Youth Ministry and your regular host Ben Howard about their work on the new Fathom Bible Studies. Bart and Ben talk about how they learned about the Bible growing up, why they’re passionate about biblical literacy, and what was on their mind as they worked to shape the Fathom studies. It’s a fun, lively conversation about what it means to dive deep into the story of God.
This week, Ben sits down with Andrew Zirschky to talk about his new book Teaching Outside the Box. Over the course of their conversation, they’ll dive into why certain teaching approaches fail, strategies on how to engage your students, and the vital role of the Holy Spirit in teaching about the Bible.
On this week’s episode, Ben talks with Brent Gambrell, the author of Living for Another: More of Others, Less of You. They’ll talk about Brent’s path to ministry, the importance of living a selfless life, and the transformational power of pouring yourself out for the benefit of others.
In this week’s episode, Ben talks with Erin Mayeux and Joy Johnston about youth with special needs. They talk about the importance of special needs ministries, working with the families of students, and how to connect and support students with special needs.
In our discussion we covered the fundamentals of Keychain Leadership and the ways that it can empower volunteers and students to take a leading role in their ministries and in their faith formation.
Last week we sat down with our friends from the Sustainable Youth Ministry Podcast and talked about how to organize your volunteer recruitment effort. We also discussed how to work with volunteers, and the important things that they’ve learned in their experience of empowering volunteers within their ministries. We had a ton of fun on this podcast and gained great insight from these ministry veterans!
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