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Zane and Heath: Unfiltered is a weekly podcast from YouTube sensations; Zane Hijazi and Heath Hussar, two uneducated Florida boys with strong opinions and nothing to back it. Join them for some raw, uncut, and unfiltered behind the scenes content as they discuss all that transpires in their group's crazy lives when the cameras stop rolling. Be sure to grab your coffee and tune in every Monday morning because your start to the week just got a whole lot better! And by better, we mean worse.

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Welcome back coffee beans! This week, we're reunited with our good friend Carly and her boyfriend Nolie. Unlike our podcast, this wholesome couple really has their s*** together and we are over the moon for them! (If that's even possible...) Hear our thoughts on the suspicious moon landing, the paranormal world, and AL!3NS. Do you think aliens exist? They sure do in Carly and Mariah's eyes. The 2 go head to head....face to face if you see who recognizes THESE popular celebs. (the results will shock you) So pour yourself a glass of wine, and get a good laugh in today!
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#79 - It's Ms. Juicy Baby!

#79 - It's Ms. Juicy Baby!


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We're taking the HIGHlight of your week to the next level. Our most anticipated episode is here and just in time for the holidays! HAPPY 4/20 lil' nuggets! Our heart rates are up and views are down, we're giving the people what they want. All of life's most important, unanswered questions you JUANA know are debunked. What's the biggest color? What exactly IS a salad? Are bugs considered zoo animals? You're about to find out. Soar with us as we overthink...under the influence. Enjoy this weeks good good episode ;)
She hates you, she loves you, we love her! Our OTP is hanging out with us this week...Miss Olivia O'Brien and Mr. Don Julio! What's Olivia's problem with Zane? Is tequila her most loyal relationship? Cap or no cap? These very important questions are all answered right here. We're addicted to Olivia's endless wild stories, like the time she got Drake addicted to... well, you'll hear about it. Get your booty shakin jeans on, and let's party! xoxo
Examine your zipper and hop right in! It's as casual as it gets this week with just the 4 of us and some good old fashion conversation. What's in the box? We're not sure. But Heath's hoping it's the thousands of dollars he got stolen from him. It's a fun facts and games type of week! While we're brushing up on trivia, Zane is brushing up with tire residue. YIKES. Enjoy!
CORN DOGS! GET YOUR CORNDOGS! Today we’re joined by our favorite rising star, Courtney “Corny” Parchman aka Average Fashion Blogger. We break down Corny's career, future kids, and life lessons. No need for your parents to monitor this episode, in good, friendly, fun here’s to a corky episode 73!
Go to and use code UNFILTERED12 for 12 FREE MEALS including FREE SHIPPING! This episode is sick, but we feel sicker. Matt overcomes his post vaccine illness, Heath and Mariah take a stomach turning trip, and the thought of Zane reading a book makes him queezy. The JUICE and the funny are brought to a whole new level this week when we find out our house’s exciting history. So, turn off the gps and get lost with us, as we try to be less confused about life. What else is new, right?! (Besides our coffee flavors which you can find at Enjoy! :-)
Go to and use code UNFILTERED12 for 12 free meals and free shipping! Good morning to all of our listeners here.....and in spirit. The queen of memes and relatability, Brittany Broski, is here to educate us on ghost hunting and share her spookiest paranormal experiences. We dig deep into Brittany's fetishes, embarrassing stories, and her journey to becoming the icon she is. Take and deep breath, perhaps a scoop of baked bean ice cream, and try to contain your gagging. What was life like for Brittany before kombucha? Find out on this week's episode of Zane and Heath Unfiltered!!!
Go to and use code unfiltered12 for 12 free meals, including free shipping! Go to http://HARRYS.COM/UNFILTERED to get a Harry’s Starter Set and a FREE Body Wash for just $3. Visit to get an extra three months free! Earth 2 unfiltered! We’re playing our cards right this episode. Between the Pokémon return and other digital forms of income, to some of us, the Amish life is seeming more and more appealing. Should we stay in our lane by continuing to outsmart car dealerships and cheaters? Probably. But we’re curious (crypto) cats! In the hands of pure fate, our most life threatening, chilling stories are shared to shake things up. So, hold your horses and and your fire...this week is full of some of our most interesting topics yet.
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Go to and use code 10UNFILTERED for 10 free meals and free shipping! Just when you thought we couldn’t be more chaotic, episode 68 has entered the chat...lose your minds with us over the ridiculous things we learned as kids, small world stories, and near death experiences. Did Heath get wrongfully accused of being a criminal? Will Zane find out his medication limits the hard way? Get your hearing checked, watch out for any muppets invasions, and find out this episode. Enjoy your (just enough) dose of Unfilitered energy!
Go to and use code 10UNFILTERED for 10 free meals and free shipping! JC Caylen is in the house!....if that IS his real name...this week we’re raising the roof, and the boys are all too familiar with being up there. Hear the most shocking untold party stories, behind the scenes secrets of your favorite TV shows, and outsmarting cop experiences. WE CAN’T MAKE THIS UP!
#66 - Matt King is Back

#66 - Matt King is Back


Go to and use code 10UNFILTERED for 10 free meals and free shipping! Go to to get a Harry's starter set, and a free body wash for just $3 the rumors are true...
Visit to get Honey for FREE today! Go to to get 15% off all their products For a limited time, get 25% off and zero delivery fees on your first order of $15 or more when you download the DoorDash app and enter code UNFILTERED2021. Go to and use code 10unfiltered for 10 free meals, including free shipping! We’re on our best behavior this week, because everyone’s favorite dad is in the house! Comedian, actor, assistant to David Dobrik....Jason Nash! Jason runs us through life as a father and growing up in the 1800’s. He fucked up, so you don't have to. For getting robbed at gunpoint, booed off stage, and bullied in school...him and his head of hair sure turned out amazing! Also, Heath's interaction with Steve Carell makes this fatherly episode that much better. Enjoy!
Go to and use code 10UNFILTERED to get 10 FREE MEALS including FREE SHIPPING! Don't be sad, Scotty Sire is here! Take a hit off your CBD pen and relax with us through this chill, fun episode. We open up about bad habits, addiction alternatives, and being made fun of...yes, we may come off as the type to beat someones ass, but the only fighting we're doing is fighting back tears. You won't believe some of the rude things people have actually said to our faces! One haircut and a glass of non alcoholic whisky later...we've sure changed for the better over the years. Not only have we grown, but so has LA's now most famous bar. And we're behind it?! Enjoy us reminiscing over our lives before our careers, and where we are now...falling off. Bless your ears this morning, tell us how you really feel (without hurting our feelings) and like our pictures on instagram to raise awareness for our existence. As always, thank you for your endless support, we love you lil coffee beans!
Go to and enter code coffeetalk50 to get 50% off your first Care/of order today! Go to and use code 10unfiltered to get 10 free meals including free shipping! What the flip is up coffee beans! You asked, she dreamt of it, and we delivered...Our most requested guest is in the hot seat this episode, Sarah Baska, and she is groovier than ever! We learn about how Sarah grew up and became the internet star she is today. Is Harry Styles responsible for her career? Is witch craft the secret to her success? We can't say, but yes. Mariah and Sarah reminisce on their questionable history together and the forgotten, embarrassing story about how she met Zane and Heath is revealed. Anyone got a cig? Loosen up this episode and try to keep up. 2 hours of laughs, cries, confessions, and insecurities, all the crystals are spilled this week. Enjoy, cheers brothers!
Comments (204)

Josie Arana

this is hilarious! 🤣

Apr 23rd

Lisandra Sanchez

This one had me dying when Zane flipped out when everyone said green is after blue .

Apr 20th

Roxy Hernandez

this was so funny. I listen to you guys while working. i couldn't hold it in.

Apr 19th


u guys are canceled what is this, how about u bring up what some of you did wrong

Mar 30th
Reply (3)

Tiffany Tavalez

congratulations Matt on you're new suv.

Mar 10th

Tyler Luster

This podcast is one hell of a ride...

Mar 4th

Nickles Nandkumar


Feb 8th


I can relate to the end of this video so much when y’all are talking about your parents. Ugh. ♥️

Jan 19th
Reply (1)


really happy kenny isn’t here today. i think you guys should boot him out for good. 🙁 he tried to hard and everytime he opens his mouth i just get so irritated.

Jan 14th

claudio zamora

the manager was wrong, it doesn't matter who you are, we all know our countries no cutting rules I've worked at McDonald's and that shit is still not correct. you shouldn't feel bad she was wrong

Jan 12th

Sarah Jayne


Dec 8th

Mhyka Bridges

i love yall man yall make my mf day

Nov 9th

Samantha Ortiz

take a shot everytime they say "like" LOL 😅 love ya'll!

Oct 26th

Jai'dan Jones

Yesss!!!! I miss you guys ❤️lets get into it baby 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

Oct 19th

Sam Miller

Duudddeeee. Heath... Mariah... "Bubbas Brunch & Breakfast" 😍 that slaps!! and you could sell your branded coffee there... omg. I'm excited for you 😂 Good Job Kenny!

Sep 16th


Heath is woke! nice to hear someone with a platform talking about this

Sep 4th

Tiffany Tavalez

nextel phone love.

Aug 10th

Yasmine Mo

love the pod fam💕🤭

Aug 4th


Done listening to these guys.... I only listened for Matt anyways.

Jul 27th
Reply (2)

Tressa Clement

I'm pretty sure most places send prescriptions electronically and not the pad anymore, unless it's a small town

Jul 3rd
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