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Author: Eric Flick, Hope Cherry, Drew Stroud

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Zip, Zap, Pod! The Improv Comedy Podcast! Join the gang as they discuss all things improv. How did improv get started? How does improv influence the modern world? How can you use improv techniques in your day-to-day life? Also learn more about the Springfield community as we bring on guests to tell us about themselves and things happening around Springfield. And don't worry, if you're missing out on improv games - every episode will include us playing a game! So plug your headphones in and get ready to laugh, learn, and fall in love with our soothing voices!
12 Episodes
After a short break, ZZP is back with a new episode. Learn about what the gang has been up to these past few weeks, including some information on Eric's and Hope's improv adventures in St. Louis!
The gang continues the second of the three part series of "The Platform." This time we discuss the environment and how improvisers must create the reality the audience sees. We also are joined by Dr. Lang Cong as she discusses the upcoming production of The Vagina Monologues! Tune in!
The gang starts the 1st of a 3 pod discussion on the "platform." The Who, The Where and The What. First up - how do you make strong characters? We also get into the Valentine's Day mood and are joined in the studio by local legend, Craig McFarland.
The gang have a discussion about the different characters that make up a good improv troupe. They also do a bit of self-reflection. Drew tells a joke, Eric groans at the joke, and Hope delivers the high fives. Listen up!
The gang returns after a brief hiatus to discuss what a game is in improv. Hope pays a lovely tribute to the legendary Ken Bradbury. We are also joined by Barefoot in the Park's Casey Tester to do a plug for the upcoming production.
This week the gang discusses the concept of Group Mind. Brooke Thomas also joins us in the studio. Eric spreads Christmas joy, Hope teaches us about diseases, and there are unnecessary fart noises. We also all high five each other in ungodly amount. Basically your typical episode.
The gang discusses sketch comedy, finishing out our series on Improv Types. Al Nimpson, stand-up extraordinaire and a member of Capital City Improv, joins us in the studio. Drew tells jokes, Eric insults Drew, and Hope vomits. Just a typical ZZP episode.
Zoey Zara joins us this week in the studio to talk about STC's upcoming production, 13. Eric goes on another rant, and we do a light dive into longform improv. The gang also attempts a short form/longform game known as The Onion!
On this week's special episode, we talk about how improvisational skills impacted a stage show in a big way! Drew's wife makes Hope & Drew make out while Eric bangs his knee.
Lizzie Roehrs joins us in the studio. We introduce the audience to short form improv, have a discussion of the upcoming production of Rocky Horror, and test out our singing pipes in the Irish Drinking Song!
Carly Stroud joins us in the studio. We discuss the relationship that improv has with theatrical performances. We also learn more about STC's upcoming production of Bonnie & Clyde. Eric retells a horrifying nightmare, and the Strouds play a riveting game of New Choice!
Episode 1: Improv 101

Episode 1: Improv 101


Welcome to the first episode of Zip, Zap, Pod! On today's episode, we discuss what improv is. We also learn who the heck Hope Cherry, Drew Stroud, and Eric Flick are. As well as Eric telling us a riveting story about his coffee escapades. The gang also plays Phone Jack(ing)!
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Venice Lockjaw

they are really exaggerating the difference between improv and sketch in terms of audience. as someone in the audience I could give a s*** on if you were thinking it on the spot or you wrote it beforehand. it's either funny or it's not. I'm not going to give you any slack for unfunny improv

Feb 1st
Reply (1)

Dale Spoon

wow Eric.... only thing you didn't do was tell them to get off your lawn lol

Nov 5th
Reply (2)

David VanBebber

Love this

Nov 2nd

Dale Spoon


Oct 29th
Reply (5)

Sarah Ann Kline

Okay okay, I’ll check out some improv stuff 😂

Oct 28th

Dale Spoon

being a small part of that show will always hold a place in my heart

Oct 28th
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