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The beertruth podcast takes a look at the craft beverage industry by talking with brewers and industry professionals. Find out what drives and inspires brewers, what their story is, and yes, what their favorite hop is.
6 Episodes
I chat with Steve Lieberman, co-owner/founder at Surfridge Brewing Company in El Segundo, California. Steve talks about their commitment to the environment as well as their beer, and what he envisions for the future of Surfridge (hint – think big). I try not to forget my questions before I ask them. Check out beertruth: out Surfridge Brewing Company: Music from"Easy Jam" by Kevin MacLeod ( CC BY (
I spend some time with Porter and Laurie, co-founders of Smog City Brewing Company in Torrance, California. They explain the origins of their passion for craft beer, what the word “community” means to them. I try to not spill my Smog City IPA on my laptop.Check out beertruth: out Smog City Brewing: from"Easy Jam" by Kevin MacLeod ( CC BY (
Round 4! I sit down with Adam and Eric Boone at Patio29 Spirits Company in Winters, California. We discuss the origins of Patio29, some specifics of the craft distilling industry, and what the future holds for Yolo county's first craft distillery.beertruth: Spirits Company: thanks to:Easy Jam by Kevin MacLeodLink:
I talk with Dave Davis, cofounder at Hermosa Brewing Company in Hermosa Beach, California. Dave walks me through some of Hermosa's beers, as well as future plans for the brewery and their "reason for being".Check out beertruth: out Hermosa Brewing Company: from"Stealth Groover" by Kevin MacLeod ( CC BY (
Round 2: Dunloe Brewing

Round 2: Dunloe Brewing


I talk with owner and head brewer Brennan Fleming at Dunloe Brewing in Davis, California. We talk about the art of blending, beer festivals, and the importance of the “road taco”. Grab a beer and let’s dive in.Check out beertruth: out Dunloe Brewing: from "Stealth Groover" by Kevin MacLeod ( License: CC BY (
Round 1: Five Suns Brewing

Round 1: Five Suns Brewing


I sit down with Dennis and Sean at Five Suns Brewing in Martinez, California. We talk about how they got started, where they are now, and where Five Suns is headed. Grab a beer and join me.beertruth: Suns Brewing:http://www.fivesunsbrewing.com from"Stealth Groover" by Kevin MacLeod ( CC BY (
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