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Radio no longer discovers new music. We discover New music @ Tracklist: Lynne Arriale Trio - Give Us These Days Pepita Slappers - Drinkin' Alone Phil Stewart - Far Sure The JBK Band - Contra Marcos Sendarrubias - Talkin' about the 99 A Man And The Others - Another Punk with a Telecaster Dentist - Corked Tongue Tied Twin - Freedom The Goddamn Gallows - City of Fools The Buttertones - Don't Cry Alone Seminole Strut - Collette Matt Penman - Meats Gene Tripp - Tree Of Life Quatro - Forbidden Room Black Flamingos - Malibu Run --- Support this podcast:
Surfin’ Safari, s06e01

Surfin’ Safari, s06e01


Surf music @ (Winter '19-20) Tracklist: Urban Zotel - Midnight Walk Didi Wray - Caminito Kraken Landau - Space Terror The Telestones - Pensa Me Moutso Adrian Raso - One Last Time The Terrorsaurs - Swamp Beat Albert Ginés y sus Oceánicos - Harlem Nocturne Los Atascados - Flaca Fatal Shoot the Pier - Surf Trip Black Flamingos - Home Alone Medley Os Gatunos - Wasabi Fever Durango14 - Puerto Plata Surf Aliens - Cthulhu Don't Surf Los Surfer Compadres - Sleepwalk En Canoa - Imperial March Eugene & The Sampletones! - Havana Streets The Coffin Daggers - Black Sand Beach Humanga Danga - Shady Cove Limbo Peopleperson - Big Tuna Los Misterios - Carrusel Galáctico The Jagaloons - Overdrive Los Ultraman - Orgasmotrón Sys Malakian - Sin Retorno The A-Men - Dirty Raygun The Phantom Four - Yarana --- Support this podcast:
New music @ (Mon - Fri 11-12 AM) Tracklist: The Coffin Daggers - Monkey Crazy Say Sue Me - Good for Some Reason (Winter Ver.) 13 Cats - Flesh For Andy Warhol The Terrorsaurs - Gut Bomber Bloodshot Bill - My Heart Cries For You Peopleperson - Turkey Bait Caveman Dave - Gasoline The A-Men - Let's Fly To Mars King Dude - Full Virgo Moon Eugene & The Sampletones! - Ocean Swell Mango Reinhardt - In the Shade Os Gatunos - Overdose de Twist Taylor & Leigh - One More Chance --- Support this podcast:
New music @ (Mon - Fri 11-12 AM) Tracklist: Sam C. Jones - Call Your Friends Adrian Raso - One Last Time The Jagaloons - Overdrive The Bo Derek's - The Greatest Lover in the World Atomic Papas - Red hot signorina Wanton - Tick​-​Tock​-​Man Chris Jaiden - No Worries Urban Zotel - Midnight Walk Tumbledown House - Master Cherry Finds a Strange Piece of Wood Didi Wray - Caminito Eddie MacIntosh - You gotta work harder Erin Sliney - I Want a Man Mo7s - Everywhere --- Support this podcast:
Radio no longer discovers new music. We discover New music @ Tracklist: Mark "Moose" Mendoza - Cries In The Jungle Bluesniks - Aw Shucks, Big Daddy! Sheila K Cameron - Don't Sigh Even Slightly Murder By Death - True Dark Robyn Adele Anderson - Bye Bye Blackbird Josie & The Outlaw - Picking Up The Pieces Jakob Bro - Youth Tongue Tied Twin - Freedom Urban Surf Kings - Tesla Re:Coil rubbur - Flat Tire Blues Catfish John Tisdell - Love in Vain Lewis Vimpany & The Snake Charmers - All I Can Take RJM - Wild Man Cry Sierra Ferrell - Washington by the Sea Tami Neilson - Smoking Gun --- Support this podcast:
Surf music @ Tracklist: Satan's Pilgrims - Uphill Scramble The Cocktail Preachers - Apache Moms I'd Like To Surf - Kiss The Viking Beard The Telestones - Fuck The System The Tornadoes - The Phantom Surfer Los Venturas - Go Go GTO (Full Throttle) The Ventures - Ram Bunk Snush (I Ain't Got No money) The Cholla - Ola Vida Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - Cool Move Link Wray & His Ray Men - Batman Theme Gary Hoey - Walk Don't Run The Coffin Daggers - Out Of Limits The Creations - The Crash Atomic 7 - Children's Letters To God Impala - Ronnie and The Renegades The Necronautics - Frontier Crossing The Royal Flairs - One Pine Box The Space Cossacks - Escape From Gulag 17 Los Tremoleros - Surfari Man or Astro-Man - The Shadow Knows (Vinyl Bonus Track) Stories from Shamehill - One Trick Pony The Rhythm Rockers - Nine Toes The Mosriters - On The Run The Madeira - Leviathan --- Support this podcast:
New music @ (Mon - Fri 11-12 AM) Tracklist: Bluesniks - Scattin' Boss Cuts - Surfing Cannibal Adam Bishop - Desperate Men at War with a Vast Conspiracy Blue Wave Theory - Black Ice Frankie and the Pool Boys - Game of Thrones Theme The Rockin Henrys - Werewolf Boy Bobby "Guitar" Porembski - High Plains Drifter Danny "O" & The Astrotones - Drinkin' on a School Night Ben Pryer & The Lucky Dogs - Dream Lover The Jagaloons - Bongo Banana Mike Bell - Hit & Run Midnight Kings - Too Many Momos Didi Wray - Chica Surf Johnny7 and the Black Crabs - All I Can Do Is Cry Dark Bottle - Dark Bottle  --- Support this podcast:
New music @ (Mon - Fri 11-12 AM) Tracklist: Bluesniks - My Bowtie Papa Tami Neilson - Big Boss Mama Robyn Adele Anderson - Cough Syrup The Stamps - Midnight Train Javier Tijuana - Pussy Cat Blues Buddy & Julie Miller - Spittin' On Fire Luther Dickinson and Sisters of the Strawberry Moon - Superlover Lisa Marshall - The Best Is Yet to Come Boom! Boom! Deluxe - Two-Bit Hustler Mo7s - Livin' Life Blues Daniel Jones - I've Known You Mean Motor Scooter - Gutterboy Blues Sierra Ferrell - Stranger Manos Wild - I Believe Shovels & Rope - Twisted Sisters  --- Support this podcast:
New music @ (Mon - Fri 11-12 AM) Tracklist: Manos Wild - A Picture Of You The Sonoras - El Baile del Silencio Robyn Adele Anderson - Honeysuckle Rose Shovels & Rope - Mississippi Nuthin' Boss Caine - Everybody loves you more when you're down on your knees Kansas Smitty's - King Louis Tip Jar - Keep On Rolling Moms I'd Like To Surf - No Surf Today (The Sea Has Gone Away) Slow Club - Trophy Room Bluesniks - Sayonara, Mrs Rosenberg Bosko Baker feat. Margaret Tracteur - Georgia Bound Tanque Rudy - Bólido de Fuego R'n'R Kamikazes - Ice Cold Beer Sheila K Cameron - Doing All I Can Not to Get Too Blue Bamboozle - The Lowdown --- Support this podcast:
New music @ (Mon - Fri 11-12 AM) Tracklist: BOOM! BOOM! DELUXE - Slap That Bottom Los Alamos - Malagueña Beechcraft Bonanza - Hung Up and Blue Secret Admirer - Wildchild Bluesniks - Jonesin' Amphibian Man - It Won't Be Long Cameron Smith - A Good Way to Say Goodbye Boogie Company - I Need You Second Balcony Jump - Take This Ring Albert Gines - Ginchy Richard Cheese - Rape Me The Surf Mist - Sugarloaf Rock The Kaams - Don't Forget My Name Meghan Parnell & Bill King - Try a Little Tenderness The Green Reflectors - Deora --- Support this podcast:
New music @ (Mon - Fri 11-12 AM) Tracklist: Manos Wild - Tonight Is The Night Dominic Halpin - Everything's Just So Fine The Vankeys - Head Above Water The Orions - Wray Of Light Lisa Marshall - I Give Myself Away Arno De Cea & the Clockwork Wizards - Diable au corps Robyn Adele Anderson - Love Birch Pereira & the Gin Joints - You Know It Hurts Me Kalyn Fay - Highway Driving Joe Juliano - How Many Times Mr. Hypno & His Lo-Fi - Insomnia Eamon Dilworth - Love Is Just A Swipe Away Phantom Operators - The Ghost Dave Vamfer - If There's A Purpose? Cool Sweet Deal - Coffeee --- Support this podcast:
Radio no longer discovers new music. We discover New music @ Tracklist: Pirate Radio Flash - Can I get a witness Smokin' Joes - Freakout Jack o' Bones - I ain't no Hipster The Bradipos IV - Deep Mojave Cockroaches - Jack & Cola Paper Parlor - Long Road Home (To Nowhere) Avery West ft. Boogie Fleetwood Jr - Home Okeedokee - Seaside Shuffle Robyn Adele Anderson - Numb Jody Rech - Voyuer Kai Danzberg & Dana Countryman - My Beautiful Day Blushed - It's So Cool Secret Nudist Friends - I Can't Love Anyone John Moore - Cat Woman U.K. Subs - 1969 --- Support this podcast:
Surf music @ Tracklist: Reluctant Aquanauts - Travelin' Man Los Daytonas - The Hard Men Path Ladrones de Guitarras - Meteoro The Vara-Tones - Pipeline Hypnotic IV - Ginza Lights Toro Jones - Unraveler Amphibian Man - Apache Pass Link Wray & His Ray Men - Run Chicken Run Man or Astro-Man - Gargantua's Last Stand The Bradipos IV - Lost Waves Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - Nightclub '67 Ivan Motossera Surf and Trash - Salsalitre The Impacts - Steel Pier The Head Henchmen - The Boots Are Made For Walking Gein And The Graverobbers - Brackish Soul The Huaraches - Rippin' Delts The Primitive Finks - Fink a Go Go Hillbilly Soul Surfers - Scooter Trash Mark Malibu and The Wasagas - Pushin’ Too Hard The Space Cossacks - Penetration The Rhythm Rockers - Ramrod The Space Rangers - Das Model Satan's Pilgrims - Rum Runnah --- Support this podcast:
Surf music @ Tracklist: The Terrorsaurs - Estampida The Ventures - Wheels Martin Cilia - The Crusher Satan's Pilgrims - The Fireball Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - Budapest Incident Mark Malibu and The Wasagas - Crazy Mouse Toro Jones - Bat Outta Hell! Amphibian Man - The Tower of Babel Playboys - Desperado The Ghiblis - Lazy Odyssey Gary Hoey - Surfin' USA The Blue Stingrays - Surfer's Life Los Venturas - Pradesh Hypno Beat Urban Surf Kings - Cowboy X The Aquaholics - Surfin' Bird The Route 66 Killers - The Devil's Martini The Space Cossacks - The Apes Of Wrath The Breakaways - Cat People The Ron-De-Voo's - Pipeline “66” The Esquires - Flashin' Red The Boss Jaguars - The Pony Express Rides Again The Phantom Surfers - Endurance Rally The GnarlyMen - Cataveña Introducers - Trinity --- Support this podcast:
Surf music @ Tracklist: The Rogue Waves - Boom Zap Kapow The Space Cossacks - Cossack Rocket Patrol The Coffin Daggers - Out Of Limits Santos Morcegos!!! - Porto Piche Martin Cilia - Freakout The Surfaris - Similau Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - Robot A Go Go Amphibian Man - Temple of Marduk Urban Surf Kings - Surf Monkey Pointbreak - Chuck Norris Impala - Tomb Of The Tupelo Twin The Terrorsaurs - Moose Call Gein And The Graverobbers - Left Hand Path The Lively Ones - Hotdoggen Dick Dale - Mr Eliminator Los Coronas - Way To San Jose The Head Henchmen - Apache Slacktone - Nocturne Chum - Strummer The Kilaueas - Monkey Spy The Creations - The Crash Treble Spankers - Ultra Wave Plastic Section - I'm A Loser --- Support this podcast:
Surf music @ Tracklist: Hypnotic IV - Go Baby Go! Dirty Fuse - Deixe a Terra em Paz ( Leave the Earth in peace ) Natural Calamity - Dark Water & Stars The Trashmen - Malagueña The Space Cossacks - Mir Rescue The Saints - Huskie Team The Terminators - Go the fuck out of here, sad bitch! The Sonoras - Cenizas de Ella The Impacts - Beep Beep Amphibian Man - Sierra de Chiapas RPS Surfers - Pepperland Bradipous Four - Baby, It's You Los Twang! Marvels - Samba Estrella The Madeira - Into the Deep Jim Messina & His Jesters - The Thing The Gagarins - Putinclub Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - Section 5 Man or Astro-Man - Madness in the Streets Moussaka - Pobednički Surf Finley Quaye - Even After All Calvin Cool - El Tecolote Stories from Shamehill - Mr. Who?! --- Support this podcast:
Surf music @ Tracklist: The Sentinals - Surf 'N Soul The Eliminators - Parafin Jungle The Gagarins - Riders In The Estepa The Ventures - Wipe Out The Huaraches - Go! The Tornadoes - Charge Of The Tornadoes The Trashmen - Walkin' My Baby Jim Messina & His Jesters - No Name Dragster Amphibian Man - Legion 13th Magic Skull - Mala Mujer Marlow Stewart & The Illusions - Earthquake!! The Supertones - Shangai Surf Link Wray & His Ray Men - My Alberta Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - 36° in the Shade Martin Cilia - Return of the Surf Guitar Space PsychoTropic Plank-Tone - From California to Outer Space The Krontjong Devils - The Rafter The Bel-Airs - Volcanic Action The Ghastly Ones - Lonesome Undertaker Manos Wild - Ace In The Hole Sunsets - Windansea --- Support this podcast:
Surf music @ Tracklist: The Meteors - Who Do You Love Amphibian Man - Jungle The Route 66 Killers - Masque of the Red Death The Trashmen - King Of The Surf Los Straitjackets - Sing, Sing, Sing The Lowtides - Bustin' Coffins Gary Hoey - Grog Stomp Moms I'd Like To Surf - Suck My Board For Free The Chantays - Scotch High's The Rhythm Rockers - Rendezvous Stomp Fender IV - Malibu Run The Head Henchmen - You'll Never Surf Alone Reluctant Aquanauts - Travelin' Man Los Wang Dangs! - Medio Tubo The Challengers - Foot Patter Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - The Whistler Returns Impala - Last Tango In Turrell The Sonoras - Vendavales de Hambre Martin Cilia - The Same Song Remains Waikiki Makaki - Breakers The Surfaris - Murphy The Surfie Toro Jones - Here Come The Fuzz The Beach Boys - Surfin' U.S.A. The Concussions - And I Love Her The Huaraches - Wolfe Island Makeout Beach --- Support this podcast:
Surf music @ Tracklist: PROA - Transilvânia Moscow Beatballs - Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) Dick Dale - Misirlou The Cholla - Lambada Dave And The Customs - Ali Baba The Telestones - Fuck The System Man or Astro-Man - Popcorn Crabula The Space Cossacks - Tsunami Tsurprise The Grande Bois - The Last Outpost The Chantays - Last Night The Rogue Waves - I Spy Hypnotic IV - High Octane Laika & The Cosmonauts - Mission Impossible The Rhythm Rockers - Surfin' At Mazatlan Surinames - Skapeta Gary Hoey - Wipe Out GnarlyMen - Sierra Surf The Ventures - Ram Bunk Snush (I Ain't Got No money) Los Venturas - Rocket To Nowhere Blue Wave Theory - Tequila Quasar Amphibian Man - Waterfall Waikiki Makaki - Alhambra The Gagarins - Vostok 9 Surflamingo - Cantina --- Support this podcast:
New music @ (Mon - Fri 11-12 AM) Tracklist: Los Reverb - Ragdolled Wily Bo Walker & E D Brayshaw - Night of the Hunter Manos Wild - Love Letters The Rockit 88 Band & Meghan Parnell - Shake a Hand Les Panches Surfers - Takeshi Robyn Adele Anderson - Blue (Da Ba Dee​)​ Sharlet Crooks - Maybe Love Big Fancy - Worng Time To Be Right Toro Jones - Bone Vampire Danny Adler - 1968 The DeLorean Sisters - Bloody Knuckles Danny "O" & The Astrotones - Everyday Chains Grave for Sale - When the surf goes down Teenage Rockabilly Alcoholics - She´s the one to blame Shotgun Sally - Never Gonna Break My Heart --- Support this podcast:
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