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Master Storyteller James Kevin O'Connor creates a platform on inspired interviews from Music and Film Producers, songwriters, actors, mentors, and all who have an Inspired story to share, this show is all original, complete with original music!
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DE 174 Rakale Hannah | Bliss Guide and Abundance Coach
  Rakale Hannah is a Singer/Songwriter, Life Coach, and Motivational Speaker and is preparing to release her debut Album, Other Side Of Blue. I'd like to discuss the journey of getting to the other side of blue. I also want to discuss the message behind Ho'ponopono, and #timesup.   On this episode: - As I continued to do the work to heal my own life, people began to come to me for insight themselves and it was like my journey of self-discovery, was turning into an opportunity for me to be able to support other people, and doing what they love as well. - I am so happy now to have slowed down the wills of a few things in my life so that I can focus on my first love which is music, I am excited to be here today to talk with you, someone who is so passionate about music!”  - All of “you” can be in your life, I am a person who is passionate about personal development but I am also a singer and I get to be both of those things, in my album, my passion for personal development is there, as well as my love for R&B, soulful, sexy music. - I have the capacity to hold space for the deeper work, but I like to be in forwarding motion, and that’s what I believe a life coach is” - On Growing up: “I was at Church every Sunday, Wednesday, most Friday’s, some Saturdays, and I was only allowed to listen to Gospel music as a child.”   Rakale Hannah songs: - Other Side of Blue - Times Up - Ho’ponopono - Makin Music   You can follow Rakale here: facebook instagram twitter Don’t forget! Subscribe to dHarmic Evolution on iTunes  Please sign up on for artist opportunities. Follow dHarmic Evolution on social media, Also, check out and find out how we can broadcast your global career!
DE 170 Chara Rodriguera  | Live your own kind of Magic, It's Chara.TV the ultimate creator!
Chara is a Wife and Mother, the Creator of Sol Path Yoga and The Optimal and Dream Life Programs, inspirational Author, Actress and Sol Whisperer and, “Self As Art-ist” for awakening Avatars. Since 1995, Chara has been a student a teacher of Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness and Inspired Living. She specializes in sharing empowering messages and practices that support the process of illumination, transformation and celebration. Known for her intuitive, poetic and loving style, Chara’s intention is to inspire people all over the world to live their own kind of magic. She has just released a brand new book of Sacred Poems and Self Images entitled BREATHE which is now available on Amazon. It explores awakening to your creative power, seeing yourself as sacred, and reflecting on life, love, and the Divine. To complement her new book, Chara created an amazing guided meditation called Breathe...and let the magic begin! this will change your life! It’s available for free on the home page of her website at   On this episode:  - When that first conscious breath that I invited into my body and my heart came in, it was like a ray of light came into my being. - I thought wow, now I have permission to do a photo shoot the way I want to do a photo shoot, I have permission! - Breathe is the most vulnerable thing I have ever done, which is very exciting but a bit frightening. - Even in the darkest times, there is a possibility of transforming that darkness into something of value.   You can check out her website and YouTube channel. Also, check out her Instagram and Twitter on Chara_inspire and Facebook on   Her number one goal is to support you to “LIVE YOUR MAGIC”     
DE 169 Joy Villa knows how to light up your life | From humble beginnings to the White House, a fabulous Interview with Joy on the dHarmic Evolution!
JOY THE PERFORMER "PLAYFUL, VIBRANT, SPIRITUAL AND BOLD, JOY VILLA IS A TRUE ENTERTAINER." Joy Villa is a recording artist whose EP "I Make the Static" rocketed to the #1 spot on both iTunes and Amazon following her 2017 Grammys' appearance, beating out Beyoncé, Adele, and Lady Gaga, and landed her a #1 Album in Alternative, #1 in Rock, and a #12 spot on Billboards Top 200 Albums. Joy’s a true entertainer who tours 25 countries a year and has wowed the world with her red-carpet style (Entertainment Weekly, E!, Billboard, NY Daily News, Los Angeles Times, to name a few). Joy is a natural music and theater performer, discovering her knack for the stage at the age of 5 in her first theater musical. Joy loves writing songs and has collaborated on numerous projects around the world with an array of international producers and artists. Joy blends alternative rock, soul and pop into finely crafted tunes that aim to motivate and inspire.  She treats her fans known as #JoyTribe to "The Joy Villa Experience.”   On this episode: - Dangerous is my middle name - The dress is gorgeous with Trump on the Rump - I wanted to show my support for the President - It is the most incredible thrilling moment of my life and professional career” - I faced a lot of backlashes, death threats, how dare you, string her up, someone should kill her, stop inviting her, hunt her down etc, but there was way more love than hate - One of the producers at the Grammys stopped me and asked is this a joke? Are you just being ironic? I responded nope, I voted 100% for Trump. - Sometimes your strength can be found in being vulnerable”   Joy's new album “Home Sweet Home” is now available at or on Amazon, Itunes, and all major retailers! You can find Joy in New York, LA, Washington, or below at any of these links!   Don’t forget! Subscribe to dHarmic Evolution on iTunes  Please sign up on for artist opportunities. Follow dHarmic Evolution on social media, Also, check out and find out how we can broadcast your global career!  
DE168 Alumni Professor Scott Geller | V Tech University "Ut Prosim"
 Today we’re joined by an Alumni Professor Scott Geller, we at The James O'Connor Agency wrote a song for Scott's brand AC4.4P  titled "Here to Share and Care" you will hear the song in this episode! Scott Geller is a behavioral psychologist, and currently an Alumni Distinguished Professor of Psychology at Virginia Tech and Director of the Center for Applied Behavior Systems. Stemming work in behavior-based safety, he is a founder of the idea of "Actively Caring". As shown by his GoogleScholar, he is a significant figure in his field, having over 20 papers each with over 100 citations. Check out Scott’s story, on this episode of dHarmic Evolution! On this episode: -  I Love psychology, my mission in life has been to teach psychology so as to make a difference in the World. - I am convinced that if more people learned about Human dynamics, we could make this world a better place. - This Actively Caring for Movement is founded on science. - Behavior doesn't happen in a vacuum. Scott Geller's Ted talk with over 6 million views: Also, check out:   Don’t forget! Subscribe to dHarmic Evolution on iTunes  Please sign up on for artist opportunities. Follow dHarmic Evolution on social media, Also, check out and find out how we can broadcast your global career!
DE166 Storyteller Series | More Than A Reason
   Please check out the dharmic Evolution Facebook Community Page, we welcome you to post a new album, new song, new video, or if you have a gig and want to promote it, let us know what you are doing and where!  I can help you with Podcast training, Life Transition, or Media coaching, if you need help in any of these area’s please reach out to me and will help you! Email me today…  Check out the new brand new full-length album “Gratitude” that was released early this year and it’s my third full-length album in 4 years. You can find the album here.  The subject of today’s show is all about “More Than A Reason” You can hear the song here.      “To love again, you need more than a reason, you need it signed and sealed in blood”  Kim Copeland is a fabulous Producer, Singer/songwriter, trained vocalist, an amazing friend, and mentor.  “I dial in a lot of different voices for my songs, I try to take the temperature and the pulse of the personality of the song, and you have to have the right effect, you have to have the right approach, the attitude, and am I showing up like Barry Manilow today?, or am I showing up like Joe Cocker?”  I released “Geography of The Soul” in 2014 and that connected me to my current family of musicians that were hand-picked by Kim to support that album, and also my next two albums.  Christine Mercy Johnson and I co-wrote the album “I AM VICTORIOUS” in 2016 under the newly formed Christian Rock Band “Mercy”  I also started the Podcast in 2015 and later on added video to make the show a podcast and TV show that we distribute on different release dates.   Notable talents on this song: Paul Hollowell on Piano Jim Hyatt on Bass Wayne Killius on Drums James Mitchell on Guitars Kelly James Schoenfeld
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