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Master Storyteller James Kevin O'Connor creates a platform for inspired interviews from SInger/Songwriters, Authors, Speakers, and Thought Leaders, Music and Film Producers, Fashion Models, Life coaches, Social Media experts and mentors, and all who have an Inspired story to share, this show is all original, complete with original music!
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DE190 Chad Hollister | A singer/songwriter who wears the colors of kindness, compassion, and graciousness, with a heart full of great songs to share with you!
When did you create the Chad Hollister sound and who was it that got into your mind and soul to formulate who you are? Drums are my roots, so in 2nd grade, I convinced my teacher to let me bring in my drum kit so that I could play, so I played to Kiss’s Rock n Rollover, from then when I went to Middle school, and I did the same there. Favorite Artists: Stewart Copeland and the Police were my roots, as well as Paul Simon, and Bob Marley. Riley Odelia had a song, so Bodi needed a song, and he got one! “As a singer/songwriter I’m always working to just get better all the time, and to not be so preachy, and to bring about a positive message, right now more than ever in this world, we need music and we need positivity, because there is so much going on to deter us from that, but I feel that if we stay positive and continue to deliver that message through music I think the world can be better as utopic as that may sound, its a heartfelt dream of mine.” Taking the Family on the Road: “God bless my wife, Katie, in terms of highlights, we were blown away by Yellowstone National Park, sitting on a Volcano! We loved the Pacific Northwest and the real highlight was the Native Americans in our country and trying to understand what happened to them. There should be a native American history month in school every year, and it’s just not done. It was a real heartbreaking element seeing these reservations that are not flourishing.” On Production: “The entire record was produced by myself and Danny Bernini. Danny has done a lot of work with Ryan Montbleau, in the past, he had worked with Acoustic Junction. A really great guy and the thing that was great about Danny was that he was trying to bring out the best of Chad Hollister, and I think he did that, he was also the engineer on the project.” Sharing the Stage: “We got a chance to do the Bob Dylan Paul Simon opener, and Tom Petty as well. We were backstage hanging with the Brecker Brothers, and my hero Steve Gadd, who I had met two months prior on Martha’s Vineyard, he was hanging with Carly Simon, all of a sudden they were in front of me and we realized we were going to be on the same gig. All of a sudden Paul Simon walks out of the dressing room and just stands there, for a good 10 minutes (because we were all talking) I looked over and said “Hey Paul” and we just chatted for another 20 minutes and he complimented us on our sound check, so that was definitely a huge hi-light, and then Warren Haynes is one of the nicest guys and I got a chance to open for him, he invited me up on stage to play congas with him, he is such a gentleman.” On Breathe: From the “Stop the World” album, was included on the soundtrack for the movie 911. Pandora: “Back at the beginning of Pandora, they were anxious to have anyone as they were just getting started, and they needed content. The very first analyst was Bob Coons who was our guitarist at the time and then went on to play for the JGB (Jerry Garcia Band). Fast forward 18 years later, and Bob Coons is still an analyst to this day, and he got us into the catalog with my early records. We were touring in Oakland and Pandora has us up and the President is introducing us as one of their first bands with their very first analyst which is Bob and he is playing with me.” Stop the World: “I wrote this for my Mom, she is 86 years young, and I am the youngest of 5 kids, and she has 18 grandkids, of which my kids Riley and Body are 17 and 18. Whenever she is having one of those moments that she doesn’t want to forget, we grew up with the term “Oh Stop the World, I wanna get off” My brother and I would always make fun of her. Growing up and then having kids myself and also my brother and sisters having kids, we all started to have this stop the world moments myself, we play it every year at the Spruce Peak performing arts center in Stowe, this is our 6th year in a row? House Concerts: “It’s been huge in the folk world forever. The beautiful thing about a house concert is that you are in a much more comfortable setting, you just get to hang, the people get to know you , I take more time to explain where the songs come from, its just a beautiful connection to have with your fans, and the experience for the fans and the artist is just a million times better. Do 20 at 20 its a really simple marketing technique, 20 friends at $20 and it works.” You can follow Chad here: Website Instagram @chadhollister Facebook @chadhollisterband Twitter @chadhollister   Subscribe rate & review the Dharmic Evolution podcast! Visit the store and check out the Gratitude album here! For coaching help, reach out the Please sign up on for artist opportunities. Join the Dharmic Evolution Community Facebook page! You can post your content on there for the whole world to see. Also, check out and find out how we can broadcast your global career!
DE 189 Teresa Joy Haggerty | Perhaps the most creative dHarmic Star yet! “Trees of Joy” shares her creative wealth with the World!
We are delighted to be joined by singer, songwriter, poet, author, and voiceover artist Teresa Joy Haggerty. She is the author and creator of Tjoy creations. Today, she is going to share with us her story on how her journey began and how her experience has been ever since. You write books for children, how did this idea come about?  The idea to write this book came to me and not from me. I was about to go to bed one night when the idea to write the book came to me but since I was tired I decided to do it the next day. I woke up at 4:30 am the next morning and spent the next two days writing the book. Can you take us through your journey and how it all happened? Tjoycreations is what the combination of the book entails. I wrote the book then later illustrated it through paintings and collages and songs too. In the book, each character has their own way through which they interact with the main character.   How did everything that is the songs, the paintings, come to you? The song there is a path, for example, came to me a long time ago as I was wandering through the woods but it just fit into this book. Some of the other songs just came from the writing. As for the paintings, a bunch of different artwork started coming to me about 3 years ago but I hid them because I felt like they were too childish. However, as I was writing the book I realized that the paintings could actually be characters in the book.  Tell us the meaning behind the name Trees of Joy. I never really liked the name Teresa and always wondered what I could do with the name. I love trees and I have always felt like I really connect to them. So about 10 years ago I had a powerful experience that led me to change my name from “Teresa Joy” to “Trees of Joy” by combining the syllables from the name Teresa to “trees of” hence trees of joy.   You have been traveling for quite some time and you have been to many places, can you tell us about your experience and what you took away from that? I have been very fortunate to get the chance to travel. On this particular trip I had been traveling for about a year and for me, it was a journey of seeking. At the time I wasn't really in the best place as I was going through some personal things and so this was a deep time for me. However, I got to interact with different people and see new places and got to break out of my own boundaries and I really loved this experience.  As a coach, who do you feel like you would help out the most? I think I’m drawn to people who are in that change phase of their lives. Mostly people from the ages 16-36 since there are so many things that are coming at them. I enjoy having soulful conversations with people and I love creating an environment where people feel safe expressing themselves. I like having deep connections with people and helping them reconnect with their inner selves.  You come from a family that is tied to worship, how has this had an impact on you and how has it molded you? I’m definitely the person I am today because of my roots and I feel like that’s the most important thing parents can give to their children. My parents really guided us on regular basis and from this, we got a really deep sense of connection to God. And being “the creative” that I am this has really been helpful to me. Who are the audiences for your book? When I was writing the book at first, the editor suggested that we target the children from the 5th grade. This book has a lot of epic journey tales and so I feel like it’s not only for children who can use it as a learning tool but also for people who are in the struggle of life and challenges.    You can follow Teresa here: Website Instagram @tjoycreations Facebook @tjoycreations YouTube tjoycreations                                                                               Subscribe rate & review the Dharmic Evolution podcast! Visit the store and check out the Gratitude album here! For coaching help, reach out the Please sign up on for artist opportunities. Join the Dharmic Evolution Community Facebook page! You can post your content on there for the whole world to see. Also, check out and find out how we can broadcast your global career!
DE 188 Raspin Stuwart| A fabulous gem of a man who has a unique twist on musical storytelling backed up with a heart ❤️ of gold!
We are delighted to be joined by Raspin Stuwart. He is a singer/songwriter/song stylist who was the once the opening musical performer for author Maryanne Williamson. Named a music guru by his listeners, Raspin is known for his famous songs such as Smoke the Hookah and Rumblin and Tumblin. Today, he will share with us how he started his music, what he is currently working on career wise and how his musical journey has been. What was your starting point? I was given a guitar when I was about 14 years and the first song I learned was by Peter Paul and Mary called blowing in the wind. From then I just started writing songs and I have been doing so ever since. Can you tell us about your project, the great Los Angeles Cover-Up, and where you are now in your career? The Great Los Angeles Cover Up is a project about taking coats, blankets, and socks and giving it to homeless people and shelters. Our focus is mainly on homeless old people and children. I am currently focused on recording a particular record that I have been working on for 2 years and looking to complete some songs that will see to its completion.   When did you find your style and find who you're supposed to be and how has it been? It has been a journey that I am still on. It’s been about 6 years since I decided to really take music seriously. I had been working on some magazines for 32years and doing some projects. I’m grateful since my work has found appreciation and gratitude from people and I really appreciate that.   Where is your favorite place to record and how does your teamwork? I bounce around from different studios depending on where the musicians are since you want to make it easier for the musician. I am at all of them for different needs. Sometimes we will need a studio with a bigger room or for tracking bands. You will always want to work with people who you are comfortable with. What are your thoughts on social media? Having been on social media for only 2 years, I can say that it has really helped me. It has introduced me to many people more than any other platform. I get to share my music on Twitter and on Instagram with my followers. Who are your favorite artist, bands or singers who had an impact on you and influenced your music? The singers who really influenced me by their music were Simon and Garfunkel, Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon, Cat Stevens, and Boz Scaggs. What advice would you give to our audiences? My advice would be to be kind to people, passionate, understanding and love along the way.  You can follow Raspin here: Website Twitter @raspinstuwart Facebook @RaspinMusic YouTube raspinstuwart                                                                              Soundcloud                                         Subscribe rate & review the Dharmic Evolution podcast! Visit the store and check out the Gratitude album here! For coaching help, reach out the Please sign up on for artist opportunities. Join the Dharmic Evolution Community Facebook page! You can post your content on there for the whole world to see. Also, check out and find out how we can broadcast your global career!
DE 187 Ullis Karlsson | Tortured for 25 years, but refused to give up!
On today's show:   “I have always been very sensitive, and I have always had high inner demands for myself.”  “Being sensitive is not always easy, and you have to adapt yourself, to little yourself, and to be flexible in all situations.”  “Everything that you don’t express is stored in your body, we don’t know this, many people don’t know this.”  “I only slept 15 minutes per night, I woke up every night 02:47 the same exact time every night.” “It felt like a horror movie, every night I dreamt that I was murdered, and blood splattered and I was tortured every night, so every night I woke up my heart was pounding and I had this taste of metal in my mouth, and I was so terrified that I just didn’t know how to continue to live like this.”  “I left my daughter at home, she was like a couple of months old and I left her at home, and when I went on the tube, I was looking around, and I had this funny feeling that something was missing, and I didn’t know what, and then I realized that it was my daughter.”  “I just jumped off the next stop and I went all the way back having 1 million thoughts in my mind at the same time, where is she, has someone taken her, has she fallen down on the tube tracks and I then I went screaming all the way down to the station host and asked her to have you found a baby, and she said no, no babies here. I ran home and there i found my key in the door, I didn’t even realize that I had left my keys in and then when I opened the door, there she was just sitting there all dressed in her little car.”  “I went out walking in the forest and I am all by myself, and I got this really intense pressure on my chest, and I actually think I am going to die, and it’s so intense and it feels like its burning and exploding and shattering into a million pieces at the same time.”  “I slowly walked back to the cabin, and there in front of the fire many hours later, and for the first time in decades, my mind is completely still, I have no thoughts, no monkey mind, no nothing at all, and that night I am dreaming of a new kind of yoga, and for the first night in decades I didn’t dream that I was being slaughtered or murdered.”  “That morning I was in awe as to how silent it was, it was so still, and I had this feeling being still within me, not having anxiety or worrying or panic attacks. It was really still and peaceful and I hadn’t experience that in such a long time, so it was really a new and awkward, but a very welcome feeling.”  “I was always manipulating myself even in Yoga, so this link that ended up in my inbox, Yoga for depressed people, it was a totally different kind of Yoga, it was softer and not so much about asana’s and then I took the whole 2 and a half years of becoming a yoga therapist, and at the very end I met this woman who was introducing yoga for people with pain in body, mind, or spirits, and when I met her and did her yoga, it was like another dimension, it was like another ah-ha moment, and from there, I went on to her education, because for me I could feel it was like coming home, it was finally like coming home to whoever I was.”  “On Buddhist Meditation, we would be awoken at 4:30 AM and sit in silence till 9:00 in the evening, no talking, no looking into each other's eyes, no writing, no listening to music, no nothing, just complete silence.”  “I discovered that it wasn’t me who was sick, my soul was perfectly well but it was my behavior was messed up, I was like a drug user, my mental ability was really not working and I had the sensitivity of sounds and lights which made it really hard to live in the city.”     “Here in Sweden we are so much in the immature part of the feminine and the masculine, which also is one reason for all this stress and burnout, because we are not conscious, we are living in underdeveloped qualities.”  “Tantra just means path of expansion, so for me everything is Yoga, and Yoga means Union, for me its about unifying the whole of me and to be able to be the beauty and be the light, I also need to dance with the beast, I also need to face my darkness and acknowledge it and not just suppress or hide it.”  “It always starts with the breath, so when I am saying that I am  breathing, I’m actually saying that I am connecting with the spirit, we are so unconscious on how we are breathing, how we are sitting, how we are walking, how we are moving.”  “If I can help only one person in the world, it means that it is already working, this whole journey is all about back to basics, and to find happiness within, you can’t feel your empty whole, or your inner emptiness with outer things and the outer reality so everything that you have is already within, its just that we’ve forgotten it, and I can help you remember it.”  “I am just here to remind you that you are a Human being and not a human doer.”   You can follow Ullis here: Website Instagram @plainyoga Facebook Ullis Karlsson Linkedin Ulrika Karlsson Subscribe rate & review the Dharmic Evolution podcast! 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DE 186 J Edwards | 4 Hours No Break, The Uncovered Marathon Man!
On today's show: On Gigging:  Bootleggers Inn, “I play there twice a week, if your anywhere between 2nd avenue, or broadway, you can probably hear me out there, and then on Thursdays, we play upstairs, I take my bass player and drummer and we do a little 3 piece.” Nashville Uncovered: “We started doing something that anything we do downtown Nashville we call it “Nashville Uncovered” and that just means that I’m too old and too mean to be playing cover tunes.” “Its the first all original showdown on Broadway in a long, long, long, time.” “When they kick me out of everything else, and my voice gets even more raspy and raw, I’ll be sitting around on a corner playing blue’s music or something” “There’s an open door for me now, there really is, and I’m excited about it” J’s Influences: “I grew up on Bob Seger, Joe Cocker, Fogerty, and a lot of folks say they can hear that influence in my music, but, I’m just at a place in life that, I want to do what I do and play the original music that I have.” Church: “My Dad was the preacher and my Mom was the music, they both played, and they stuck me under a pew until I was old enough to get on the platform, so we went to Church buddy, we went to Church 6 or 7 days a week depending on where we were.” Marathon Man: “I do these 4 hour shifts down on Broadway with no break, and I still have yet to get through all of my music on any of these shows that I’m doing, and my deal is that I write the songs that I sing, so I don’t write something and then just throw it away. These are songs that I take into the bars and the concerts and I sing these songs, I work on them until they are ready” Vocal prowess: “If my voice does get scratchy, people say yes that’s the way we like it, once a year I have to take a minute, take a break, drink a lot of hot tea with honey and lemon, just to make sure we're not destroying something for sure, but we rip and run with it.” Production: “Mike Sprinkle and Drew Smith produced this album and had some of the best studio session players in Nashville playing on it, I was really excited about it, and its one of the best things that I’ve ever done.” On another cold shoulder on the B3 and piano is Jim Moose Brown, Jim went out on tour with Bob Seger” Adding one more: “Man if I was gonna add one more person, as much as I love my guitar players, that girl that’s singing backup on those songs is my oldest daughter, Cricket Davis, good gracious, she is just amazing, and if I don’t get a record deal out of this record, I hope she does” Collaboration: "Just spent a little time with Paul Nelson who was with Johnny Winter for many years played guitar for him, we want to sit down and collaborate and he liked some of my songs, he’s more of a rocker, and I pulled out some of the blues stuff that he wants to use on his next album.” Just made a great new friend in Mark Muleman Massey, I just spent 3 days with him at the Mississippi songwriters festival in Ocean Springs and man that was a lot of fun” You can follow J Edwards here: Website Instagram @JEdwards_Music Twitter @JEdwards_Music Facebook JEdwards_Music Youtube JEdwards_Music Subscribe rate & review the Dharmic Evolution podcast! Visit the store and check out the Gratitude album here! For coaching help, reach out the Please sign up on for artist opportunities. Join the Dharmic Evolution Community Facebook page! You can post your content on there for the whole world to see. Also, check out and find out how we can broadcast your global career!      
DE185 Darrah Brustein | Life by Design, not by Default
*Spoiler alert: It starts with doing the inner work to uncover what you want, then builds the right relationships intentionally to support your vision, all the while creating the financial freedom you need to choose how you spend your time. On today's show: “Being an entrepreneur is actually one part environmental in choice, and one part nature, so its sort of a nature/nurture conversation, I was born to work as an entrepreneur even though I didn’t know that word growing up, and it wasn’t something that was being lauded as the course to take, but it was always in my DNA, it was in my essence I was starting little business’s from the screened porch of my parents house trying to sell things to their friends.” “I had to at some point choose to say, I’m going to work for myself, and that’s where you meet me today” “My first business is in credit card processing, with my twin brother we set up a company to set up the way in which a business takes a credit card from their customer in any way shape or form. The Robin Hood Effect: “Trying to do well for the small business while there are so many people trying to take advantage of them, and make their pockets fatter along the way, we asked ourselves how do we find our space in this very crowded marketplace, and then how do we continue to be the honest transparent people that we wanted to be in an environment that really was not championing that whatsoever that people had become successful based on being the opposite. Celebration Time: Taking time to celebrate the joy of completing a large project, have some fun! “What do you wish you could tell your 20, 30, or 40-year-old self? It is never I wish I worked more, it is always I wish I slowed down more, I wish I appreciated the journey more, I wish I had connected more with people, I wish I had appreciated what I had, instead of lamenting that which I didn’t. Chill time: How do you make time to chill with everything you have going on? I Chill a lot, and I think it is in part that I had to let go of a lot of things, I had to let go of the need to control and manage everything which earlier in my career I was so afraid to delegate I was so afraid to hand things off, because I had this story in my head that it’s never gonna be as good, if it’s not done by me. The second I got comfortable with handing things off and letting go of it. That really had a lot to do with it, because that also then as a by-product freed me up to choose where do I invest my energy more than when I had to wear every hat for every business. On Organizational skills: “It can be easy to neglect or not exercise the muscle of organization, I don’t think that you have to be perfect or great at everything to be successful in the way that you define it, time is really important, and scheduling it in a way that creates boundaries for you that are healthy and is also respectful to other peoples time is really important” On Mindset: The biggest Achilles heel I've ever had and had so, so, strongly (especially in the early years) was the mindset that I wasn’t good enough and couldn’t do this and everyone else was better, and who am I to try this in the first place” One of Darrah’s favorite thought leaders is Adam Grant. Check out Darrah’s Virtual Summit through her website! How do you define what success means for you?   You can follow Darrah here: Website Instagram @darrahb Twitter @darrahb Don’t forget! Subscribe rate & review the Dharmic Evolution podcast! Visit the store and check out the Gratitude album here! For coaching help, reach out the Please sign up on for artist opportunities. Join the Dharmic Evolution Community Facebook page! You can post your content on there for the whole world to see. Also, check out and find out how we can broadcast your global career!
DE 184 Storyteller Series | Rollin on It, Racing with a Peregrine Falcon from the top of El Capitan!
It’s Hurricane Season in the Northeastern part of the United States, and it was appropriate to roll out a song that did not make the cut for the “Gratitude” album, today we are featuring “Rollin on It” Lyrics Like a runaway train hauling stacks of steel, with a cranked up firebox and greasy wheels, screaming down the mountain on a 45, I don’t think I’m gettin out of this one alive but I’m rollin on it. Rollin on it, I’m rollin on, rollin like a wave on the ocean. Rollin on it, I’m rollin on it, just rollin on rollin like a wave of emotion.  Standing on the top of El Capitan, I got a 31-foot green and yellow wingspan, caught a thermal rise in the afternoon sun, with a peregrine falcon having so much fun. Chorus Rolling like the smoke from a runaway train, I’m rolling like the wind behind the driving rain, rolling like the heat from acetylene flame, I’m rolling with the power of a Hurricane. Irene, Katrina, Sandy, Hey Hugo, where did you go? Still, big problems in the South with more intense flooding of homes and its not even over yet! Please ask the Lord to bless those in need of relief from this horrible disruption of life and property! Mentioned: Darrah Brustein on episode DE182 Hurricanes Leslie and Kirk developing? Pick up my Free Yoga Ebook here!,, or on my FB page  Rollin with situations, and ending up in a Hurricane, Irene, Katrina, Sandy, Hey Hugo, where did you go?  Remix or rearrange the song to make it a keeper?  Stats for dHarmic Evolution around the world and being #1  Subscribe, Rate, & Review this show on iTunes.  Leave us comments about the show in  Whisper a prayer to the Lord for help for the people suffering from the Hurricane, the Lord is Listening!   Follow James here: facebook twitter instagram youtube Subscribe rate & review the Dharmic Evolution podcast! Visit the store and check out the Gratitude album here! For coaching help, reach out the Join the Dharmic Evolution Community Facebook page! You can post your content on there for the whole world to see.
DE 183 Jeremy Parsons | Humor, Passion, Intensity, it all comes from the Heart
Born in San Antonio, Texas, Jeremy Parsons grew up soaking in the sounds of Texas music in the dancehalls of the Lone Star State. Jeremy was always a fan of music, but it wasn't until his later high school years that he discovered his knack for it. Driven by his passion, he taught himself to play the guitar and began to write and perform music. Over the past decade, Jeremy has played all over the U.S. and in Europe, including numerous venues in Texas. Pulling from the example of Texas performance artists, Jeremy loves to interact with his audience. He captivates the crowd with his genuine personality, unique humor, and heartfelt love of his occupation. Jeremy draws from his personal experiences to create songs that are keenly perceptive and meaningful. His current single, "Burn This House Down," paints a poignant picture of heartbreak and acceptance that still remains relatable. This song will stick with you long after your first listen. The song is currently in the IndieWorld Country Top 40. The video is nominated for a Monkey Bread Tree Film Festival award, an IMDB-sanctioned film festival. On today's show: “There is no formula to this career, you just have to keep sustaining and keep doing it.” “People ask me, where do you see yourself in 5 years, and I tell them, still playing music.” “I grew up listening to George Strait, Bob Wills, and Western Swing.” “I feel like there is a perfect space when I’m writing the song that I leave for the production of things.” “I have to give credit to my Producer Michael Flanders, “I have to give credit to my Producer Michael Flanders, PJ Shankel and 3 Hat Media.” You can follow Jeremy here: Website Instagram Twitter Facebook Spotify iTunes You can contact Jeremy here: Michael Stover/MTS Management Group Don’t forget! Subscribe rate & review the Dharmic Evolution podcast! Visit the store and check out the Gratitude album here! For coaching help, reach out the Please sign up on for artist opportunities. Join the Dharmic Evolution Community Facebook page! You can post your content on there for the whole world to see. Also, check out and find out how we can broadcast your global career!
DE 182 Storyteller Series | Drill Down
“Who do you think your fooling, I got a good look inside of your mystique, I’m a man who needs to know what's doing, hey, those big brown eyes, you keep them just out of reach” Artists mentioned on this show! Susan Muranty DE163 Genevieve Vitanzo DE181 Darrah Brustein Featured blog from Forbes magazine: Darrah gave us 55 questions about how to get to know someone: We get into some of these in this show! Drill down Chorus: I’m gonna drill down baby, drill down deep, I wanna get to all the secrets you keep from me, drill down baby, drill down deep, I gonna be the first man who is able to reach you, now I’m able to reach you, Hey, how does it feel to have me steering your wheel, now I’m able to reach you, Hey, give me a chance I might have something to teach you! JKO quotes: “Isn’t it true, that we all are all able to teach each other something, if, we allow that process to unfold, don’t get so caught up in yourself and narcissistic and conceited to the fact that you have this down, you know it all and that nobody can teach you anything” “There is always someone and often someone much younger than you, or who don’t have as much experience and the reason they can teach you something is because your not wired, the same way as they are, in problem-solving, reactions, anything that comes somebody’s way, we all process differently, so there is a world of opportunity, in just opening your mind up to every single person you encounter” “Open up a conversation and you will learn something if you allow that process to unfold” “There is a smorgasbord of intellectual opportunity” Please include prayers for the people in the path of Hurricane Florence, ask the Lord Jesus to protect them with his love and kindness. Follow James here: facebook twitter instagram youtube Subscribe rate & review the Dharmic Evolution podcast! Visit the store and check out the Gratitude album here! For coaching help, reach out the Join the Dharmic Evolution Community Facebook page! You can post your content on there for the whole world to see.
DE 181 Genevieve Vitanzo | Born to Create, Nurture and Inspire both Mankind and Nature, a very special Voice in the World!
She is a Vagabond, just back from South Africa, where she spent some time out in the bush. On today's show: “Elephants outside your front door, it made me stop, watch and listen.” “In our society where we are so used to using our eyes for everything, but when you are in the bush, because so many things are camouflaged, you have to start relying on your other senses, like your sense of smell or and your sense of hearing, and your eyes are used for tracking, like looking down in the sand to see what tracks are there, and how fresh they are.” “The first time I came back to the States after being in South Africa for 6 months I was completely overwhelmed by the onslaught of different sounds that I had previously brushed away as white noise, were all of sudden now extreme.” “I met some friends in Cape town that found out that I was a singer/songwriter and asked me to come into a studio and do some session work.” “If you give me something to work on that I am interested in, you will lose me, I’ll be gone for days at a time working on that one thing, I’ll be so heavily focused on it that I won’t eat or drink for like 3 days.” Imagine if Belle had a little more growl and was a piano-playing singer/songwriter who moved to the middle of the South African bush to work with wildlife and use her music to benefit conservation. Well, she's real. Meet Genevieve. Now back in the US, she's hitting stages and gracing soundtracks again with her timeless tunes and stellar voice. Balancing sweet and sexy, smart and sassy, Genevieve is an all-around entertainer, a charismatic and unique talent who has been wowing audiences as a singer/songwriter since first taking the stage at 6 years old. She began in music much like other musicians begin – music chose her. As a baby, she would literally wake up singing, her family tracked her down by following her voice. At age six, she taught herself to play the piano, and before reaching her teenage years, she had also mastered the clarinet, recorder, and drums. She had an amazing ability to remember music – particularly from films – and would sit at the piano for hours, alternating between recreating what she’d heard and created her own soundtracks. Always a gifted writer, she didn't take very long to begin putting words to the music. By 8th grade, she'd even co-written a musical. She's performed all over the country and overseas, singing the National Anthem at major league baseball games, Christmas carols at the White House, and original songs at venerated venues such as the Kennedy Center. Her music has been featured on TV shows, movies, commercials, and video games, and she's lent her voice to commercials, cartoons, children's songs, and other artists' CDs. She even sang a Zulu lullaby for a Pampers commercial. Currently, she is working on a soundtrack for a children's book she wrote. Occasionally, she finds time to sleep. Featured tracks: - Fragile - Back of My Hand - Giddy up Cowboy - The Sum of All Things You can follow Genevieve here: Don’t forget! Subscribe to dHarmic Evolution on iTunes  Please sign up on for artist opportunities. Follow dHarmic Evolution on social media, Also, check out and find out how we can broadcast your global career!
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