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Author: James Kevin O'Connor

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Master Storyteller James Kevin O'Connor creates a platform for inspired interviews from SInger/Songwriters, Authors, Speakers, and Thought Leaders, Music and Film Producers, Fashion Models, Life coaches, Social Media experts and mentors, and all who have an Inspired story to share, this show is all original, complete with original music!
211 Episodes
DE204 Meeting before the Meeting | A Skype with English Bob & Jacked up Jimmy
The topic of this episode of the dHarmic Evolution podcast is meetings in corporate America. James shares his own experiences in meetings that seem to have no purpose except wasting time and money. Too often, James says that people abide by the “when in doubt, call a meeting” philosophy, but when you are paying people to stop their normal work in order to attend a pointless meeting that could have been an email, the system is broken. James mentions Jeff Haden, a writer, and editor of Inc. Magazine, who has written on this topic. Many industries thought leaders like Seth Godin don’t even take meetings anymore because they have found that it is more productive to handle the problem or project in a smaller and more direct setting. In addition to just having fewer meetings in general, James also thinks that people should not be allowed to “think out loud” during a meeting because they should have been fully prepared ahead of time. He also advocates for having meetings at odd times like 9:03 or 11:54 so we don’t neglect the lonely numbers that never get scheduled. Finally, James plays a recorded Skype call between English Bob and Jacked Up Jimmy in which they discuss James’ European tour. English and Jacked Upstart the call by discussing an upcoming meeting with an unknown purpose and unknown attendees. They decide that they should schedule a meeting before that meeting, so they can determine what the meeting should be about, where it should take place, what they should eat, and who should be invited. After a few minutes of banter resembling Abbott and Costello, hopefully, listeners get the point that more thought should go into calling meetings. "Meeting before the Meeting" Video New “Gratitude” Album dHarmic Evolution Community Facebook Page Jeff Haden’s Inc. blog Jeff Haden’s Twitter Follow James: facebook twitter instagram youtube
DE203 English Bob stops by for a visit to tell tall tales from Lower Ipswitch in England!
On this episode of the dHarmic Evolution podcast, James is joined by the infamous English Bob, a friend of the equally-infamous Jacked Up Jimmy from a few episodes ago. English Bob transports listeners into the unparalleled and quirky world of Lower Ipswich much like Lewis Carroll introduced the world to Wonderland. English Bob’s mastery of the English language will somehow simultaneously be crystal clear and make you scratch your head in confusion. But regardless of your comprehension of his tall tales, you will undoubtedly be entertained and your creativity will be pushed to its limits by the end of our time together. You won’t believe the turn of events that took Mama Bob from gathering gooseberries in the thicket to being destined for the Guinness Book of World Records. Auntie Griselda certainly has her own theory for the tragically provident incident that prompted the doctors to conduct an operation involving a zipper. English Bob had to pause his tour with Jacked Up Jimmy to rescue some orphans of a starchy variety and organize an adoption program in the community of Lower Ipswich, which is still recovering from Granny Grabowski's escapade involving pink stilettos. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our videos of English Bob instructing fencing and luring the North American Yeti, both of which for very unique reasons! English Bob is truly a character, but we could all learn a thing or two from his exceptional wisdom, if even not in the way we expect. English Bob on Vimeo New “Gratitude” Album dHarmic Evolution Community Facebook Page “Jacked Up Jimmy” episode Follow James: facebook twitter instagram youtube
DE202  “Speak to Me” whom, or what speaks to you?
“Speak to Me” its the subject of today's discussion, have you ever found yourself unconsciously repeating phrases, statements, using language that is not yours? Have you suddenly awoken after the words left your mouth and said to yourself, where the hell did that come from? that’s not me. I want to get into all of that on today's show and question why do we (the huddled masses) impersonate each other constantly, and most of us do it in a way that we are not even aware of? What about the unconscious repetition of certain words or phrases?“Absolutely” (I believe) started with the hit movie Rocky 1976, it started kind of slowly, But then it picked up speed and everyone everywhere in the US started saying, (instead of “I agree with you”), they opted for “Absolutely” and it picked up steam. What about here in the NY/NJ area, “it” got substituted for, “It is what it is”? How do you speak to people, how do you communicate? Do you observe what you say to people and is it authentic, or are you replaying sound bytes from your mind’s memory that is not really you being your authentic self? The Reason why silence is good, it's healthy, my best friend, why Speak to me was necessary for me to write, was it really a man and woman, or was it, God? Quotes: “I love Seth Godin, the guy is so brilliant, I am reading his new book” “This is Marketing”. “He protects his intellectual integrity by doing things that most people don’t do, like not watching TV, and not going on Facebook.” “My favorite strategy is silence, so I am in the Seth camp, I have not watched TV for months and months, I can’t do Network Television stuff.” “Everybody has to find their own way to protect themselves from the media bombardment, I think the overstimulation does not allow your brain to process properly, in a way that is healthy for you.” The 10 most common misused phrases: 1) “I could care less” 2) “For all intensive purposes” 3) “You’ve got another think coming” 4) “ A complete 360” 5) “Jive with” 6) “It’s a doggy dog world” 7) “On tender hooks” 8) “Runner-ups” 9) “Nip in the but”? 10) “Irregardless” About two years ago I noticed one yoga instructor started using the word “Equanimity” suddenly every Single Yoga class I attended, the instructor would start using “Equanimity” always a female, no dude is going to use that in a sentence! In the US we had an election here in 2016 and shortly after that, I remember everyone using the term Xenophobe, how many people really knew what the word Xenophobe meant or where it came from? Talking heads on all the news channels they all knew all about it. Seth Godin, the brilliant man, I am reading his new book, “this is marketing”, he stopped watching TV, does not go on FB…………me 2 on the TV, network TV is so horrible and unimaginative. It seems that after 9/11 we all decided we need a TV in every possible commercial office in the land, but don’t bend over, they are coming for your orifice next! My mind is a precious thing, and I will not waste it. The Reason why silence is good, it's healthy, it’s my best friend, why Speak to me was necessary for me to write, was it really a man and a woman, or was it, God? Lyrics Speak to Me Author/Composer James Kevin O’Connor Speak to me, if only with the beating, of your heart, Hey walk with me, can you feel the lines of demarcation, melt apart? I Cherish every single color, in your silhouette, your presence, and your inner voice would always cut right through, all the noise, all the noise. Speak to me, I’ll share with you the tools of my experience, I acquired them through the language of uncertainty, and I’ve learned that simple silence, holds the key, enlighten me, enlighten me... Bridge I will protect you from the avalanche of pain, he’s just an old familiar visitor, from past campaigns, from past campaigns... Break Speak to me with a silent gesture, with innocence and honesty, a warm look in your eyes, a gentle touch, your shared energy with me, and although you never made a sound, you now know how, to speak to me, you speak to me... Follow James: facebook twitter instagram youtube For coaching help, reach out the Please sign up on for artist opportunities. Join the Dharmic Evolution Community Facebook page! You can post your content on there for the whole world to see. Also, check out and find out how we can broadcast your global career!  
DE201 Family of Strangers from the Album “1989” by “KO Electric”
What has happened to the American Family? * Why I wrote “Family of Strangers” what was it all about, released in 1989, but written most likely two years before that, it address’s the weakening fabric of the American Family, how it used to be the core strength of our society, it’s not anymore, lets find out why? * The Changing American Family * European charts, and why certain countries have higher divorce rates than others * Weather, do people stay together in the warmer climates? Because they are happier? I was convinced this is true, but I was all wrong! It’s the exact opposite! * Why have so many of us turned our backs on God? * What was it like to go public with a divorce in the ’60s? * The US has the highest prison population in the world! Why is that? * Why are people getting remarried? Do they really want another family, or do they just Is fear being alone? * Ireland and Italy have a lower percentage of divorce. * We should take time after a breakup to find out “who we are” * 2nd and 3rd marriages have even higher failures! * “Gender Genocide” another song about divorce that fits this episode. * Curtis and Lisa Hudson wrote “Holiday” for Madonna, and Lisa sings with me on this featured track “Family of Strangers” KO Electric: Mike Carroll: Drums and Percussion Charlie Peer: Bass James Kevin O’Connor: Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals “Family of Strangers” Lyrics, Author James Kevin O’Connor I can hear the sound of footsteps, walking on down the street, a cadence shuffle worn by kids With frantic feet, second mother third home, two stepbrothers and me, I can’t believe this is what God has planned for me there are no blood ties here, so Chorus We’ve become a Family of Strangers, No more leather bound traditions, that we used to know We’ve become a Family of Strangers Inside and upside down, makes it hard for love to grow I can see young fatherless faces Silhouettes flash on my wall, I can hear them asking questions, As they stumble and fall Hey Ma can you tell me, what my father was like Did he walk and talk like me, and did he have ambition like me  I would have loved to see but Follow James: facebook twitter instagram youtube For coaching help, reach out the Please sign up on for artist opportunities. Join the Dharmic Evolution Community Facebook page! You can post your content on there for the whole world to see. Also, check out and find out how we can broadcast your global career!
DE200 Jacked up Jimmy | In a State of Grace & Union Problems!
We celebrate episode #200 on the dHarmic Evolution today with an old friend, “Jacked up Jimmy” he comes to the interview in classic Jacked up Style loud and boisterous as ever. But he left the interview in such a sweat that he jumped into some strangers Hot Mustang and sped off to take care of his Union problem!                                          On the show, he explains to James Kevin about his troubles with the Union, men showing up without their workboots, and no hard hats. Member of the Elks Club Lodge bowls with his buddies on Tuesday night.                                                                                               Favorite quotes by Jacked up Jimmy: “A guy comes with his boots off, what is that,? or he shows up without his hard hat, sometimes they don’t cooperate and I gotta make sure they do” “You gotta have alignment, you can’t just have complete anarchy.” “It's like going to bowling at night without the ball, sometimes we do go bowling without the ball, its just a happenstance of circumstance.” “Listen you gotta understand something about the bowling, it’s never about the bowling, it’s an excuse the get away from our wives.” “Its camaraderie, its escapist, it’s escapism, that's the whole thing about it.” “James Kevin, so you have a camaraderie session, and you sit there and complain about your wife.” Injuries to Vilhelm Fernandahollow, who threw the ball so hard that he sprained his scrotum, but he will be back, he will be bigger than sliced bread. On the subject of English Bob: “He’s got me waiting in the Lobby!” “Maybe there is some trouble at home with Mama Bob?” “Mama Bob, she’s the Matriarch, she’s like the ark of the covenant.” Jacked up Jimmy’s beeper went off and he had to go take care of “Union business and throw some guy off a roof or something.”                                                                                           Jacked up Jimmy video on Youtube State of Grace single Geography of the Soul Album                                                                                               State of Grace Written by James Kevin O’Connor You tried to tear me up and then spit me out like broken glass on a highway crash you did a pretty shameful thing when we said goodbye and you walked out with that ring, I felt a little bitty sting. Chorus But I will not retaliate, cause my life’s just great, no need to reciprocate, its just not my state. I refuse to evaluate, my heart holds no hate, I will not participate, I'm in a state of grace. You must’ve had a Mississippi moment way down deep in the delta where your daddy was born, are you a little bit torn, the thought never struck me till now that way down deep inside you were a woman of scorn, is that the way you were born? Bridge I'm sending dangerous angels, to wrap their soft white wings around your heart, and help you make a new start……   Follow James: facebook twitter instagram youtube For coaching help, reach out the Please sign up on for artist opportunities. Join the Dharmic Evolution Community Facebook page! You can post your content on there for the whole world to see. Also, check out and find out how we can broadcast your global career!  
DE199 Oliver Sean | International dHarmic Star Rising
Meet Oliver Sean! Biography: MTV Europe Music Awards Nominee (Best Worldwide Act) & Vh1 Top 10 artist Oliver Sean's music can best be described as 'Feel Good Acoustic Rock with Soul'. The Singer/Songwriter thrived in the Goa, Dubai and the UK cultures as they acted as the backdrop to his youth, and the inspiration for his music. His discography with W.O.A. Entertainment began in 1999 with his single ‘There She Is Again’. Oliver Sean's media clippings have formed a career of their own. Since his career was launched in his teens, Oliver's press clippings exceed several hundred features, snippets, and reviews in significant print and broadcast mediums. His brand of music is known for its pop influence with contemporary undertones. His debut album was nominated for 'International Album of the Year' by AVMax in 2003/04 along with albums by John Mayer, Robbie Williams, Kylie Minogue and Third Eye Blind. Oliver Sean's eclectic global music style is the trademark for his brand and is as exotic as his Portuguese Goan Lineage. A self-taught musician, Oliver plays guitar, bass, keyboards, and drums. However, it is his distinctive percussive guitar and powerfully seductive voice, which is his footprint on the music industry. His track record of being a hit songwriter is just one of his many assets defining him as a pillar in the music community. Oliver Sean is a member of the Recording Academy and a Voting Member for the prestigious Grammy Awards. As a Record Producer and Filmmaker, Oliver Sean has composed music for theFrench Government (Massif Region Tourism Campaign) & Goa Government (Republic Day Parade). He has also composed the soundtrack as a music director for a Bollywood Feature Film and the title track for a Regional Goan Feature Film. The singer-songwriter is actively producing music for films and artists around the world and is a successful filmmaker with several music videos that he has Directed and Produced, regularly featured on Vh1 & MTV and also hosts his own nationally distributed radio show The WOAFM99 RadioShow. Oliver Sean and his International Band are actively touring and performing worldwide and the Singer-Songwriter has recently launched his 4th studio album ‘Devil in Blue Jeans.’ Quotes from Oliver: “I grew up in GOA, and Dubai, my Mom traveled a lot, and I traveled with her, she was a single Mom, and I am what I am because of her.” “Thankfully I am a world artist, not in terms of Genre, but literally the sense “World” “I was soaking up all of these different influences like the Eastern influences of tables and stars and everything, but primarily, I was always into the Police, Eric Clapton, BB King, I was a blues guy.” “I was into rock, not metal but the hair bands, 80’s rock, and 90’s rock, but I always wanted to incorporate everything that was around me.” “I got on MTV as a VJ, I was working towards my dream, in the end, I just wanted to make my music, and I applied for this MTV, VJ thing that was going on, and I always had a marketing sort of mind.” “Growing up, I gravitated towards guys like Bryan Adams, Bon Jovi, Rod Stewart, and Sting, my voice suited that kind of Songs.” “I think every artist should be in a cover band for a while, to help you hone in on your skills, it really worked for me.” “The entire top section of my house is full of guitars, on Devil in Blue Jeans, for example, I used my Gretch to get that hollow body rock ’n roll sound.” On Film: “My company now does a lot of music video production and we work closely with Viacom, VH1, and MTV, a lot of the independent artists that work with us, come on tour with us, because we organize these major tours, and they always want to make a music video with us, I used to be just in front of the camera giving my ideas about it, but then soon after I became a producer for these music video’s, and then after that, I was a director, then I became a cinematographer.” The Band: - Oliver Sean on Guitars - Daren Edwards on Bass - Luke Robinson on Drums Features Songs: - Come for Me - Walk up and Kiss you - Devil in Blue Jeans The Video: New York You can follow Oliver here: Website Facebook @oliverseanband Twitter @oliversean Instagram @oliversean Youtube @oliversean Soundcloud Spotify   Don’t forget, subscribe rate & review the dHarmic Evolution podcast! For coaching help, reach out the Please sign up on for artist opportunities. Join the Dharmic Evolution Community Facebook page! You can post your content on there for the whole world to see. Also, check out and find out how we can broadcast your global career!
DE198 Storyteller Series | Peace and Love, Another Woodstock?
Max Yasgur allowed his dairy farm to play host to 400,000 music fans at The Iconic Woodstock Music and Art Fair held at Bethel NY August 15, 1969. Ha! It was never in Woodstock! What was supposed to be 50,000 people attending, turned into more than 400,000! My response to Woodstock many years later is a song called Peace and Love that reflected the times, the social temperament, the Vietnam war, the draft, the dead, and the courage of our young people that had risen peacefully to say “no more”, and, “hell no, we won’t go”! Special thank you to Clara Scott for her article on Joni Mitchell. Clara is a writer for the Michigan Daily. Joni Mitchell's masterpiece, “Woodstock” and Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young performed it at the Concert. Laura Cheadle, my favorite Hippie, inspired this broadcast, please check out her Episode DE176, find out why the “hippie vibe” fits her so well! Peace and Love were written by James Kevin O’Connor 2011. Had a pretty good time, back in 1969, I was a little too young for Woodstock so I visit often now tye dye shirts, and Crimson cows, and Love, Hey just two words changed everyone, turned a lot of heads down in Washington, you can’t fight free will with a bigger gun, hey what’s all this crap about Peace and Love, don’t you know I’m in the middle of re-election. Chorus: Yeah, Peace and Love, Hey it’s easy Man, you don’t need to have a plan. It’s in the holy bible and koran, hey far out man, I like living with a Cruzan tan, a little taste of living off the land, its such an easy thing to understand when East meets West there will be Peace and Love. I remember waking up in a daze, staring through a purple haze, we’de all gather round to watch the evening news, praying that someone had the brains to blow out the fuse. That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind, flower power hell no we won’t go, while the jungle bleeds red, with teenage dead, what the hell we doing playing Giant steps on the Moon. Bridge: It’s amazing how we seem to find, a way to tiptoe around the landmines, I stretch my hand out connect to you, hey brother to brother, just twin reflections, of one another, could we take a chance and say, could we take a chance and say Namaste? hey Namaste~   Follow James: facebook twitter instagram youtube For coaching help, reach out the Please sign up on for artist opportunities. Join the Dharmic Evolution Community Facebook page! You can post your content on there for the whole world to see. Also, check out and find out how we can broadcast your global career!
DE197 Storyteller Series | Bless You
The 8 Beatitudes, what are they, and what do they do for you? Why is the Sea of Galilee called a Sea? And why is it drying up? Investigate the 8 Beatitudes and discover how they can inspire your life! THE EIGHT BEATITUDES OF JESUS "Blessed are the poor in spirit,  for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.  Blessed are they who mourn,  for they shall be comforted.  Blessed are the meek,  for they shall inherit the earth.  Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness,  for they shall be satisfied.  Blessed are the merciful,  for they shall obtain mercy.  Blessed are pure of heart,  for they shall see God.  Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness,  for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."  Gospel of St. Matthew 5:3-10 The Beatitudes is a message of Hope! Heavenly Rock Star, he rocked your thoughts and paradigms, taught love and encouraged everyone to awaken to the Holy Fathers word, (no not the Pope) your Father in Heaven. Perhaps working on your inner life, is far more important than our insisting on hunting and gathering? Work on enhancing your own particular method of relationship with God, none of us have this down to an exact science on how to communicate with the Lord, but perhaps your unique way is the right way?   Leave Comments for us @ Pick up your copy of the Mercy Album here! Blog reference by Jonathan Pennington “Bless You” xx James~   Follow James: facebook twitter instagram youtube For coaching help, reach out the Please sign up on for artist opportunities. Join the Dharmic Evolution Community Facebook page! You can post your content on there for the whole world to see. Also, check out and find out how we can broadcast your global career!    
DE196 Nancy Harms | “She” the new project, when Jazz Meets Contemporary, Magic Happens!
Possessing a voice filled with delicious subtleties and striking authenticity, Nancy Harms has been declared “an original” with “a truly special voice and style” by DOWNBEAT magazine. Will Friedwald of the Wall Street Journal stated that “she engages the listener by seeming to put her whole soul completely forward…after hearing her just once, you’ll never want to let her go.” Audiences all over the world keep coming back again and again to hear this rising-star, international jazz vocalist cast her spell and bare her heart. Born and raised in Minnesota, Harms relocated to New York City in 2010. She has toured Europe multiple times since 2010, with her most recent tour taking her to such prestigious venues as Copenhagen’s “Standard” and “Jazzhus Montmartre”, Paris’ “Duc des Lombards” and “New Morning”, “Herr Nilsen” in Oslo, Stockholm’s “Fasching”, and other stops in Norway, Italy, The Netherlands, and Denmark. She has loved playing the Copenhagen Jazz Festival for the last four years in a row (along with many other festivals in greater Denmark) and hopping north to play Norway’s Sortland Jazz Fest twice, and Norway’s AnJazz Festival in Hamar. In North America, Nancy has appeared in the major jazz festivals of Pittsburgh, the Twin Cities, and Quebec City in Canada and has experienced the fun of touring her albums in many clubs across the U.S. Nancy’s NYC appearances have included her own shows at Birdland, Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola (Jazz at Lincoln Center), Smalls Jazz Club, The Kitano, 55 Bar, Mezzrow, and several other venues, including a series of performances with trombone legend Wycliffe Gordon; among them Dizzy’s, The Lenox Lounge, and concerts in Toulouse, France. She premiered her most recent show entitled “Ellington at Night”, at Manhattan’s famed Metropolitan Room in which the NEW YORK TIMES described her as “…[an] enigmatic woman of mystery forging her own path”. In addition to her own CDs “Dreams In Apartments” and “In The Indigo”, she appears on Wycliffe Gordon’s disc “Hello Pops” and on Jeremy Siskind’s releases “Finger-Songwriter” and “Housewarming”. One of her self-penned tunes from the “Dreams In Apartments” album (“Weight Of The World”) placed 3rd in’s international listener poll of top jazz tunes of 2014 with over a million and a half votes. New York City, Paris, Copenhagen, and “The World” adore Nancy Harms! Featured songs: - Heavenly Bodies - No! Go! - Won’t Give In Video: - Rolling back to me Favorite places to play: “New York, Copenhagen, Paris, but its all about the audience.” Best quotes from Nancy: “It really comes down to the audience for me, if the audience comes, really open-hearted and you can feel that space already, I just love a really open audience who is kind of game to go into their heart with you.” “In the jazz realm, I like a lot of space because I love the detail, and if there is too much going on, that’s not as much fun for me.” From “The Desire Map” a book by Danielle Laporte:  “What are you really going for? So you don’t get caught up in what everybody else is going for, what are the core emotions that you really want to feel and what makes you feel that way and be really honest about it.” “I was trying to be a recovering perfectionist.” Singers that have worked with Nancy:  Nika Sings, Emily Braden, Katie Kerdie, Michelle Denise Michaels Writing songs for people Nancy knows. Band Line up: Piano, upright bass, drums, and sometimes guitar. You can follow Nancy here: Website Facebook @nancyharmssings Instagram @nancyharmssings Twitter @nancyharmssings   Don’t forget, subscribe rate & review the dHarmic Evolution podcast! For coaching help, reach out the Please sign up on for artist opportunities. Join the Dharmic Evolution Community Facebook page! You can post your content on there for the whole world to see. Also, check out and find out how we can broadcast your global career!
DE195 Storyteller Series | ''I’m Afraid'' (Hear the Fear in This Song)
What does fear sound like? Listen to the song “I’m Afraid” at the end of this podcast. High School upperclassman trying to show off selling his car, James was a prospect, but after he tried to be Dale Earnhardt Sr. or Richard Petty, Nascar champ, it did not work, the car crashed and no sale that day. James was showing off his 17-year-old fabulous motorcycle skills by crashing his brand new Motorcycle into a parking lot crater while flying over the handlebars. Broken wrist, cuts, bruises, Humiliated, and bruised ego, but he survived! Fear in the relationship ending, either you ending it, or them ending it, leave comments about this episode, what are you struggling with? Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane, sweating blood, seeing visions of soldiers mocking him, and knowing he was to be tortured brutally in a matter of hours then nailed to a cross, this is fear at its highest imaginable level, and he knew there was really no way to get around facing this.                                                                         Mt of Olives still has olive trees that are over 2000 years old that still to this day produces olives! I AM VICTORIOUS the album has the song I am Afraid that recreates the moments in the garden of Gethsemane before the arrest of Jesus. Make sure you keep Gratitude in your life! How many phobias can one have in one’s life? How many phobias can we create? We are just sooooo human! Pandora! The dHarmic Evolution is now on Pandora, after passing the beta test this past summer, we have been selected amongst a small group of fellow podcasters to be on the Pandora streaming site. You can now listen to us on Pandora, Spotify, Stitcher Radio, and iTunes. The physiology of fear, fight or flight, what happens to our body when we are attacked by fear? Autonomic responses and where they come from and why. The brain is quite an amazing machine! Fear of speaking? Fear of performing, singing, playing an instrument? Humbled and fortunate to be the voice of Jesus in this song, “I’m Afraid.” Stop by The James O’Connor Youtube channel and see all of the artists we have there! Leave us a comment about this show on the website. If you like the song “I’m Afraid” you can download it here!  Subscribe rate & review the Dharmic Evolution podcast! Get early access to Dharmic Evolution on Pandora here!  Visit the store and check out the Gratitude album here! Follow James here: facebook twitter instagram youtube For coaching help, reach out the Please sign up on for artist opportunities. Join the Dharmic Evolution Community Facebook page! You can post your content on there for the whole world to see. Also, check out and find out how we can broadcast your global career!
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