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Author: Dr. Bryan Abasolo D.C

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Bryan “Dr. Abs” Abasolo is a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic of over 11 years, a certified nutrition specialist, and a certified personal trainer. He is an advocate for all things health and wellness related and has a passion for spreading education and awareness via the 5 principles he lives his life by:

1. Natural Health solutions
2. Fitness
3. Nutrition
4. Supplements
5. Motivation/Positive Mindset

The Dr. Abs Healthcast will dive deep into his principles via one on one interviews with professionals, experts, coaches, motivational public speakers, ambassadors, influencers (and more) in the health, wellness, and lifestyle space to provide his audience with content that will help enhance the quality of their lives.
Cheers to your health!
32 Episodes
The Power of Mushrooms

The Power of Mushrooms


Healthcast, I sit down with Jeff Chilton, President of Nammex Organic Mushroom Extracts. Nammex was the first company to offer a complete line of Certified Organic Mushroom Extracts to the US nutritional supplement industry. Jeff’s career in the mushroom industry spans over 4 decades and he knows everything there is to know about mushrooms/mushroom extracts and how you can benefit from this amazing medicinal food! Tune in!
Long Distance Relationships w/Rnb by Dr. Bryan Abasolo D.C
On the latest episode of the Healthcast I sit down with friend and fellow chiropractic school alum, @Dr. Ray Tolmos! Dr. Ray is Miami’s first and only chiropractic internist or DABCI. We discuss: - difference between a DABCI and a functional medicine doctor - preventative care vs. symptom care - diagnosing the underlying causes of physical, chemical, and emotional imbalances. - Recommended diets - Natural supplements - Currently challenges facing medicine in general - Plus more!
On the latest episode of the Healthcast, I sit down with Dr. David Rendelstein who is a leading expert in the weight loss field! But more than that, he is a living testimony to the success of weight loss through lifestyle change. He lost over 100 lbs in 6 months using the very system he now uses to help clients lose the weight they have been battling for years! We discuss: - Building up your immune system and it’s relation to weight loss - How to take control of your health - How to find joy in your health journey - Popular myths about weight loss - The barriers of weight loss and how to overcome them - Finding hope after weight loss hardship - Tips for weight loss - Plus more!
On the latest edition of the Healthcast, I sit down with former SWAT team leader and multi-million dollar wellness entrepreneur...Todd Lamb! We discuss: - The 3 Pillars of Health: Sleep, Movement, and Nutrition - How to approach nutrition for optimal weight loss - How to define and overcome fear to reach your goals - And much more!
Chemical Free Body

Chemical Free Body


On the latest episode of the Healthcast, i sit down with health coach and founder of ...Tim James! We discuss: - The core 4 secrets to health - Importance of purified and restructured water - Feeding the world without meat - Building up our immune systems - Why most supplements are toxic and how to find the right ones - Good sugar alternatives - Intermittent fasting for ideal health and how it can help people overcome addiction
How To THRIVE In Life!

How To THRIVE In Life!


On the latest episode of the Healthcast I sit down with health and life coach Jeremy Abramson! We discuss: - The 6 things humans need to do to THRIVE (Thoughts, Habits, Relationships, Intention, Vitality, Enthusiasm) -The Importance of Overdosing on Free Drugs (oxygen, water, sunshine, movement, community, sleep) - How to turn fear and anxiety into gratitude and abundance
Keto Kamp

Keto Kamp


On the latest episode of the Healthcast, I sit down with best selling author, national speaker, and founder of Keto Kamp...Ben Azadi! We discuss: - What the keto diet is and what the benefits are - Why using ketones for fuel is better than glucose - Considering a keto “High fat” diet...when it comes to any concerns about cholesterol, blood pressure, or any other medical conditions - How you know you are in ketosis - What happens if you get knocked out of ketosis - “Dirty” keto VS “Clean” keto - Top foods for doing keto the right way - How to gain lean muscle on a “Keto Bulk” - Long term sustainability of the keto diet - Plus more!
Keto-Green 16

Keto-Green 16


On the latest episode of the Healthcast, I chat with Dr. Anna Cabeca! She is an internationally-acclaimed menopause & sexual health expert, global speaker and pioneering promoter of women’s health and she is lovingly known as “The Girlfriend Doctor”! We discuss: - Her New Book…” “Keto-Green 16” which is all about improving energy, hormones, and weight loss. - Hormones, Menopause and the Keto-Green Way - Why It takes more than hormones to fix your hormones - Ketones vs. Glucose - Why Feeding Your Brain Ketones Can Save Your Health - Keto Diets & Their Effect on Menopausal Symptoms - How to claim Your Health: Mood, Memory and Mojo - Ways to be energized, focused & turned on! - Plus more! Yours in Health, Bryan Abasolo D.C., CNS, CPT
TRUST YOUR GUT TO KEEP YOU HEALTHY! On the latest episode of the Healthcast, I sit down with functional gut health expert, medical doctor, and author of the book “Happy Gut”...Dr. Vincent Pedre! @drpedre We discuss... ⁃ How the health of the soil, your diet, and the gut are interrelated ⁃ What cutting edge science reveals about the gut-brain axis ⁃ How mind-body-spirit medicine is required to achieve healing at a deep, restorative level ⁃ The best diets for achieving gut health ⁃ Gut cleansing and why it is so important to regularly cleanse and balance the gut microbiome ⁃ Plus more!
On the latest episode of the Healthcast, I sit down with medical doctor and IRONMAN triathlete, Dr. David Minkoff. We dive into his book, “The Search for the Perfect Protein : The Key to Solving Weight Loss, Depression, Fatigue, Insomnia, and Osteoporosis. Not all proteins are created equal, and they're not just for bodybuilders. Whether you're female or male, young or old, an athlete or a couch potato, “The Search for the Perfect Protein” will lead you to a stronger, healthier life. This is a MUST LISTEN!
On the latest episode of the Healthcast, i sit down with Medical Doctor and Beauty expert, Dr. Lamees Hamdan. We discuss practical approaches to a healthy lifestyle, how to have gorgeous skin at any age, the do’s and don’ts of skincare, the natural benefits of fasting and why it so important to focus on what we eat to maintain a beautiful complexion, plus more!
In the latest episode of the Healthcast, I sit down with anti-aging expert Dr. Darrell Misak! We dive deep into TELOMERES (biggest breakthrough in anti-aging), how energy moves through our bodies, how stress affects our DNA, the natural anti-aging science of Vi-Telometry, plus more!
I sit down with one of the leaders in holistic healthcare, Dr. Trent Mozingo and discuss the weight loss industry and the overweight epidemic in the U.S., different diets for weight loss and long term sustainability, addressing hormones and organ functions in order to maintain a healthy weight plus more!
A Conversation on Race

A Conversation on Race


Current Fox Sports Analyst and host/producer of the popular web series “Uncomfortable Conversations With A Black Man”, Emmanuel Acho, sits down with me to discuss the racial tensions in our country and answer questions about unconscious prejudices, stereotypes, the lack of black history taught in schools, speaking to your kids about race and more!
In the latest episode of the Healthcast, I sit down with my wife, Rachel Lindsay Abasolo. We break down some keys to a successful interracial relationship and dive deep into topics many interracial couples will encounter in today’s world such as embracing different cultures, racism, what it will be like to raise mixed children, resistance from family/friends/society, stereotypes, and we will also give our thoughts on the state of our country and the movement for justice and equality that has captivated the world.



THE CARNIVORE DIET In the latest edition of the Healthcast, I sit down with Dr. Paul Saladino, a medical doctor and author of the book, “THE CARNIVORE CODE”. We discuss topics and questions such as: -what does the carnivore diet consist of and why is it’s so beneficial -carnivore vs plant based -how the carnivore diet helped treat Dr. Saladino’s eczema, his own autoimmune issues, and provide him a myriad of other health benefits -why there is no meaningful consideration for the metabolic and nutritional health of the population amongst the main stream media -insulin resistance and immune system health when it comes to the Coronavirus -thoughts about wearing masks, social distancing, quarantining/sheltering in place -And more!
Finding Your Purpose

Finding Your Purpose


In the latest episode of the Healthcast, I sit down with motivational speaker and professional actor Matt Ransdell Jr.! Matt brings so much energy and inspiration to the show as we dive into his career and touch on a myriad of topics including: how to seize everyday, finding your purpose, breaking out of your comfort zone, becoming a better decision maker, how to be a better networker, the importance of mentorship and more!
Break Up With Sugar!

Break Up With Sugar!


In the latest edition of the Healthcast, I sit down with Molly Carmel, an eating disorder and addiction specialist. Molly and I breakdown her latest book, “Breaking Up With Sugar”. She explains why the solution for your food and weight problems isn’t willpower or the next fad diet, but rather kicking sugar to the curb!We discuss why sugar is bad for your health, highly addictive, and how it impacts our bodies physically, neurologically, and hormonally as well as how you can build a build a better relationship with food and yourself!
Confidence, Self-Love, and Authenticity w/ Mike Johnson On the latest episode of the Healthcast, I sit down with bachelor nation alum and fan favorite, Mike Johnson! Mike and I take it way back and discuss his childhood and upbringing as well as the experiences and people that made him who he is today. With a book about self love on the horizon, Mike talks about overcoming insecurities, being mentally strong, embracing uniqueness, and how to be you most authentic self in every aspect of life. Of course, we also talk Bachelor! Would he be the lead? How would his season be different to leads in the past? Diversity within the franchise and more!
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Virginia McCoy

Awesome convo! amazing partnership and marriage. 💙💙✊🏾

Jun 8th

Balanced libra

Great healthcast Dr. Abs.! Very informative.

Apr 1st
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