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In the first episode of The e-Motion Talk Podcast; Jigar Chopra (that's me) takes you on his personal journey to build an emotional connection with you as an audience. And later, he unfolds some key points in storytelling and how businesses can drive emotions in a very balanced manner (as I've learned throughout my work). The technology is not so advanced yet, where you can skip human conversation. Whether you are in a B2B or B2C business, you have to deal with humans. The episode revolves around the role of stories and emotions in business. Listen to the episode and share your review! The audience experience brought to you by Webwooz Media. Subscribe and stay tuned :)
e-Motion Talk – with Jigar Chopra, discusses the changes and development in the creative industry. Also some random experiences around health, mindfulness, self-improvement, spirituality, and ultimately the happiness. To dig deeper into the creative universe, it talks about the range of issues or opportunities… from business to humans in business, storytelling, visual marketing & all the things around animation, motion design videos & multimedia content. Each episode of the e-Motion Talk Podcast will unfold how to communicate through creative designs, monetizing your art/skills, brand communication through video storytelling, and the life around the creative universe. Aiming towards business owners, art directors, artists, Sales VP, or marketing managers who are keen to experience how they can grow their business, and bringing their stories in front of the right audience. Also for the people who believe in health, nature, and creativity. Subscribe and tune in to unbox the creativity. 
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