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eCommerce Titans by Dim Niko is the industry-leading podcast that brings together the cutting edge growth strategy, tips, and approaches of 8-9 figure eCommerce Entrepreneurs, Founders, CMOs and CEOs.

This is not a podcast for dropshippers, beginners, or those looking to “get rich quick”. Nor this is a podcast where the host systematically interviews and promotes their own circle of friends. eCom Titans hunts down and throws into the spotlight those who are achieving the unachievable, revealing their secrets, and lifting the veil to uncover the strategies being used to grow eCommerce Brands
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It's no shock we've seen an increase in costs around the globe. As the economic tension grow, brands everywhere are trying to find different ways to fight inflation. In this episode of the eCommerce Titans Podcast, Media Buyer, Quintin, shares how increasing your average order value can help fight inflation.  For other resources on your AOV check out the podcast below:  How your cost of goods and average order value are related:
We've been chatting about COGs quite a bit later, and now we're segwaying into your average order value. In this episode, Patri discusses how these very two important metrics are tied into one another. Take a listen and let us know what you think! 
Small brands are being affected by the increase of cost of goods and breaking their margins. In this episode, Patri is joined by our senior media buyer, Ago, where they discuss how brands are being affected and what they can do to try to mitigate the losses.  If you're looking to read more about how brands are dealing with the increase of COGs, use the links below:  How To Decrease COGs to Increase Margins? Savings on COGs? Here’s where to spend it How Brands Can Navigate Their Cost of Goods Sold How Big Brands are Dealing with the Increase of COGs
It's no lie that COGs are increasing. You've heard this from us over the few weeks. In this episode, we are joined by senior media buyer, Matej, on how big brands are dealing with the cost of goods increasing.  To see how you can reduce your COGs, read our latest blog post here: And, to hear our last episode from Maryana on the state of COGs and eCom, listen to our last podcast here:
COGs got you down?  This is an age old story we've been hearing from brand after brand.  Almost every brand we speak to has something to say about their cost of goods increasing exponentially resulting in their margins decreasing. This can directly be associated with inflation and the economic environment. Regardless of our economic state, there needs to be a way to navigate your brand through this hyper-inflation.  During this episode Maryana discusses how eCommerce brands are fighting head on with their COGs and how they can navigate their way through.  Additional Resources:  How to Decrease Your COGs Blog:
Listen to Adriana, DimNiko's Content Manager, and DimNiko's Lead Media Buyer, Patri as they talk about the impact of the zen generation on current online business. Learn how you can take advantage of this set of audiences that will give more sales to your business.
The customer journey can show you your customers' actions, thoughts, and emotions. Tune in to Maryana, our Lead Media Buyer, and Anais, our Content Manager, and be enlightened about the importance of content planning for your brand.
360° Marketing Campaign promotes consistent messaging to all the marketing elements. Tune in to Anais and Maryana, our media buyers, and learn more about how your business can benefit from it.
Facebook Ads and Google Ads are providing retargeting and audience-based targeting features. But how can these two work together? Listen as Charnel and Ago together with Patri, our media buyers talk about how you can make Facebook and Google Ads work together.
When consumers consider purchasing your product, they ask themselves how it will product value to their life. Consumers strive to learn more and seek knowledge about both your product & business.  Understanding the value of your product helps you effectively educate and advertise it to your customers. Learn why you need to know the value of your product.
An eCom landing page must have a clear objective of getting customers to the desired action. Listen to this podcast and learn about the new landing page concept of Quintin, one of DimNiko's Media Buyers.
It's essential to clarify what defines your business and what makes it unique. It needs to be honest and consistent. Tune in to learn more about building your brand story. Listen to Maryan, DimNiko's awesome Media Buyer together with Ana, DimNiko's Content Manager talk about it.
For Part 2, you will learn more about what it takes to build a community and how your business can benefit from it. Tune in with Patri, Alex and Adriana, DimNiko's Media Buyers, to learn more.
There are important steps to take if you want your business to succeed. How exactly do you start an eCommerce business? Tune in as Isabel and Patri, DimNiko's amazing Media Buyers, talk about the things you should know when starting an eCommerce business. 
Going viral doesn’t happen to many posts, making it desirable. Some posts may go viral without any planning at all. Maryana, Media Buyer and Anais, Content Manager of Dimniko will talk about how to make your post go viral.
Online businesses should develop a budget for ad campaign expenses. Listen to Matej, one of DimNiko's Media Buyers, as he talks about how you can properly manage campaigns with big and small budgets.
According to TikTok, a strong indicator of interest is when a user finishes watching a video. Learn more about it here from DimNIko's Media Buyers Maryana, Zsoka, and Antonela.
A good media buyer must be able to have a good understanding of the industry where the customers are in. Hear it first from Maryana, DimNiko's Media Buyer and Monika, DimNiko's General Manager to know how to be a good media buyer.
Global growth can be both daunting and rewarding. Listen to Maryan and Quintin, DimNiko's Media Buyers, talk about the steps you can take. Know about the mistakes to avoid.
Tune in with Alex and Adriana, one of DimNiko's awesome Media Buyers, and discover how you can build a community for your business. Learn how to utilize a community to grow your business.