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eCommerce Titans by Dim Niko is the industry-leading podcast that brings together the cutting edge growth strategy, tips, and approaches of 8-9 figure eCommerce Entrepreneurs, Founders, CMOs and CEOs.

This is not a podcast for dropshippers, beginners, or those looking to “get rich quick”. Nor this is a podcast where the host systematically interviews and promotes their own circle of friends. eCom Titans hunts down and throws into the spotlight those who are achieving the unachievable, revealing their secrets, and lifting the veil to uncover the strategies being used to grow eCommerce Brands
48 Episodes
One of our media buyers Agota, will take us through her methods of testing creatives. Testing dynamic ads has been one of her methods, you will learn more about it here in part 5. 
When testing creatives for our ad accounts, one of our rockstar media buyers Zsoka uses 2 methods. You'll learn her methods right here in part 4 of How to Test Your Facebook Ad Creatives. Tune in to discover new strategies you can apply to your own ad campaigns.
For Part 3 of How to Test Your Facebook Ad Creatives, we will be learning from Quintin Riekert, one of our media buyers. His creative testing involves using dynamic creatives and nailing your target audience. Discover ways to build your skillset by using different audience testing options to get your ads to perform.
In Part 2 of How to Test Your Facebook Ad Creatives, we'll be hearing from Matej, one of our media buyers. He's a veteran in the industry running upwards to 100K in spend/day. Matej's ad creative strategy aims to lower CPA, increase ROAS, and scale ad accounts.
Your creative strategy is one thing, but you also need to understand how to properly test your creatives. We've recently asked our media buyers how they test creatives and we received 7(!) different ways to test creatives. In this series, Dan will outline how Fraser, one of media buyers, tests creatives. Stay tuned for next week for Part 2.
Are you CPMs trending higher than expected? Looking at client's ad accounts we see this problem day in and day out. Recently we've been seeing one common issue: Age breakdown. Tune into this week's episode to learn how this one simple trick can help lower your CPMs practically over night.
Your creative strategy is one of the most important components in regards to your ads success. In today's episode, Dan is going to breakdown how we build out our client's creative strategies where we see almost immeidate returns.
Testing ad sets and campaigns can be tricky. You don't want to turn off too soon and potentially missing a scaling opportunity, but you don't want to turn off too late and lose money better spent elsewhere. During this episode, Dan discuss how to know it's time to return an ad set or campaign during the testing stage.
Does your website convert your web traffic? If not, you need to improve your website conversion rate. During this episode, Dan discusses the main elements to focus on to improve your website conversion rate.
Traffic Diversification is more important then ever before! With Facebook results all over the place, complimenting your ads with Google Ads is a great way to reach a new audience at a cheaper price. During this episode, Dan jumps into why you need to run on Google and Facebook Ads, and how to allocate your ad spend.
Unpopular opinion: your ad account strategy is NOT your brand strategy. It's 2021 people and marketers should know by now the importance of having a full brand strategy. In this week's episode Dan discusses the difference between your brand strategy vs your ad account strategy and WHY they are not the same thing...
iOS 14 has been the talk of the town since 2021 started. In this episode, Dan discusses 6 things you need to understand about iOS14 if you're running FB Ads.
Each week Dan talks to 10+ brands, digging into their Facebook Ads and identifying where their problem areas are. In this episode, Dan jumps into what are the 4 most common questions he asks when he talks to brands.
Has your ad account been disabled? We might have a solution for you... In this episode, Dan discusses the importance of 2 factor authentication when it comes to disabled ad accounts.
When it comes to scaling your Facebook Ads there's always tons of different strategies you can use. In this episode, Dan runs through 6 strategies you can use to scale your campaigns. 
As an eCommerce brand staying onto of holidays is a great way to capitalize. Whether it's a sale for a specific holiday, or a new creative angle, there's always a way you can make use of holidays. In this episode, Dan goes through some of Quarter 1's best holidays to capitalize on.
2020 has been a wild year. Tonnes of unexpected events have happened not only throwing off everyone's plans, but also making businesses pivot away from their traditional ways. In this episode of the eCommerce Toolbox, Dan jumps into 4 tips you can use to lower your CPMs moving in 2021.
Brand building is like building a house. If you try to build a brand without ever building one before, you'll make a lot of mistakes. This is why working with an agency will help your brand succeed. In this episode, Dan discusses the top 5 things you need to look for when you're considering to work with an agency.
Tons of brands tend to ignore their conversion rates. They assume they can scale their brands by simply increasing their ad spend and just simply ignore their CVR, hoping for the best. During this episode, Dan will cover why your conversion rate is important when scaling your ads and actionable tips to help improve it.
When it comes to brand building, there's just some things you can't ignore. Lifetime Value is one of those things. If you're ignoring your LTV, your brand is leaving easy money on the table. In today's episode, Dan is going to jump into what LTV is all about.
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