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Raw, insightful, and entertaining conversations with fascinating people in business, sports, comedy, music, and more.
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With everything that has happened in 2020, the question of whether we live in a simulation has come up once or twice. Our guest today, Donald Hoffman, goes a step further, proving that the reality we see is false.  Donald Hoffman is a cognitive psychologist, author of The Case Against Reality, TED speaker, and professor at the University of California Irvine. 
Happy new years! To celebrate the first episode of the new year, here's a compilation from some of the top moments throughout the year on Growth Minds.   Each guest has a theme, and it goes as follows: Wealth - Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad) [00:23] Focus - Scott Belsky (Founder of Behance) [07:40] Conviction - Marc Randolph (Co-founder of Netflix) [14:40] Learning - Dr. Moran Cerf (Neuroscientist) [22:28] Attraction - Dr. Drew (Loveline) [30:15] Sexuality - Anna Akana (Actress/YouTuber) [35:08] Vulnerability - Dr. Emily Anhalt (Therapist) [41:10] Courage - Gary John Bishop (Author) [47:00] Self-love - Gabby Reece [54:41] Supplements - Doctor Mike [58:38] Longevity - Dr. Steven Gundry [1:04:26] Energy - Wim Hof [1:07:13] Reinvention - Yeonmi Park [1:16:52] Time - Robert Greene [1:26:39]   Subscribe to the podcast: Sponsor the podcast: Get your free book:
Dr. Debra Soh is a neuroscientist who specializes in gender, sex, and sexual orientation. She's a former academic sex researcher who holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree in psychology from York University. She's also the author of The End of Gender: Debunking Myths of about Sex and Identity in Our Society. Fun fact: she also holds a black belt in tae kwon do. Here are some topics we delve into: How Dr. Debra entered the world of sex and gender research Clearing up terminology  Non-binary gender movement Concerns with the non-binary movement Masculinity being redefined Transgender-ism across different cultures Dating rules & more Learn more about Dr. Debra Soh: Order The End of Gender: Dr. Debra's Twitter: Dr. Debra's Instagram: Subscribe to the podcast: Subscribe on YouTube:
Gaby Dunn is the host of Bad With Money, author of the book Bad With Money, television writer, and activist. Her podcast won the Shorty Award for Best Podcast and was named one of the top 10 podcasts by the New York Times in 2016.  We got into a lot of fun topics that I'm nowhere near versed in. But good thing we had Gaby here.  These include: Polyamory - how Gaby navigates her relationships with multiple partners The difference between dating men and women Dealing with jealousy. in non-monogamous realtionships Lessons she's learned about communicating Social media and the dangers of comparing yourself with others How Gaby got her first TV script sold (and the power of asking) Life in New York City vs. Los Angeles Hope you enjoy! Learn more about Gaby: -Twitter: -Instagram: -Gaby's book: Bad With Money: Thanks for tuning in as always. If this episode was helpful to you, I'd love it if you could take a minute to leave a 5-star review! Sponsor(s) of the podcast: Huge thanks to Podcorn for sponsoring this episode. Explore sponsorship opportunities and start monetizing your podcast by signing up here:
Robin Sharma is a leadership and productivity expert, keynote speaker, and author of the bestselling books, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari and the 5AM Club. In an independent survey of 22,000 people, Robin ranked as one of the top 5 leadership experts alongside the names of Richard Branson, Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, and more.  Given how difficult it has been to become a morning person (especially living in Spain the past few months!), I was excited to have Robin on to share his morning routine tactics. We talked about: Why the most successful billionaires and thought leaders wake up at 5AM The 20/20/20 routine to maximize the first 60 minutes when you wake up Robin's advice to those people who think they are 'nocturnal' (like me) trying to wake up earlier The difference between time management and energy management (and why the latter is far more important) Leadership (and life lessons) learned from working with the top billionaires, CEO's, and leadership experts What Robin would tell himself if he was to go back to his early 20's and more! Learn more about Robin here: Thanks for tuning in as always. If this episode was helpful to you, I'd love it if you could take a minute to leave a 5-star review! Sponsor(s) of the podcast: Huge thanks to Podcorn for sponsoring this episode. Explore sponsorship opportunities and start monetizing your podcast by signing up here: With love, Sean x
David Pakman is a political commentator and host of The David Pakman Show, a progressive news and political talk program. When David started his career, he became the youngest radio host with a nationally syndicated show. His popularity continuously rose as he organically grew his audience to millions of subscribers on YouTube, and with the help of appearances on popular shows like The Joe Rogan Experience. In my conversation with David, we touch on: Argentina and corruption Podcasting and monetization What happens post-COVID in 2021? Changes we'll see in the Biden administration and more. Learn more about David: If you enjoyed this conversation with David, you'll also want to check out: Adam Carolla - How to Speak Your Mind Openly: Bret Weinstein - How Think Independently:
King Bach (Andrew Bachelor) is an actor, content creator, and internet personality. He blew up on Vine with over 11 million followers, creating funny skits, and has transitioned that audience and talent to garner over 20 million followers on Instagram. If you enjoyed this episode, you'll also want to check out: Louis The Child: The Value of Persistency  Adrienne Bankert: How to Say No Gracefully Subscribe:
Adam Carolla is what you'd call the OG of podcasting, starting The Adam Carolla Show back in 2009 before anyone knew what a podcast was. He sets the record as the "most downloaded podcast" as judged by Guinness World Records in 2011. Before starting his podcast, Adam co-hosted the show Loveline with Dr. Drew (a Growth Minds guest), and The Man Show with Jimmy Kimmel. In our conversation, we go over: Why Adam decided to write a book  How he balances his time when doing multiple podcasts, writing books, stand-up comedy, shooting movies, and more Adam's honest opinions on the politically correct culture we live in How you can learn to speak your mind without caring what other people think and more If you enjoyed this conversation, check out my conversations with: Dr. Drew - How to Be More Attractive Scott Adams - The Persuasion Master
Yeonmi Park is a North Korean defector who escaped the country in 2007. In this interview, she shares her full, unfiltered story of her journey and what is really going on inside North Korea. Order her book:
Dr. Pedram Shojai is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, bestselling author of The Urban Monk and The Art of Slowing Down Time, and founder of Before finding the public spotlight, Dr. Pedram was a taoist monk for four years from the age of 18, and a Qi Gong master who's studied Tai chi and Kung fu for decades. Beyond the meditation session we do at the end of the episode (make sure you're doing it with us!), we also discuss: How Dr. Pedram got into taoism and what drove him to pursue the life of a monk for four years What are the core lessons he learned from being trained as a monk The practices and habits he still applies  Core differences between taoism and buddhism Things we can do today to slow down time and reduce our stress levels How we can make smarter decisions (and when is the best time of the day to make your BIG decisions) & much more If you enjoyed this episode, you may also like: Wim Hof - The Secret to Living Longer and Healthier How to Use Meditation to Make Higher Quality Decisions - Dan Harris Learn more about Dr. Pedram: Website - Instagram -
John Assaraf is a mindset and behavioral expert, New York Times Bestselling author, and CEO of MyNeuroGym - a company dedicated to using the most advanced technologies and evidence based brain training methods to help individuals unleash their fullest potential. He has created 5 multi-million dollar businesses before starting MyNeuroGym, and has been featured in hit movies including "The Secret" and "Quest for Success" with Richard Branson and the Dalai Lama. In this conversation, we went over: How John went from constantly getting into trouble as a kid to shifting his mindset 5 stages of Innercise, and using it as a tool to unlock your mindset's potential Why most people have limiting beliefs about money, and its relation to fear Steps you can take today to change your story around money and other limiting beliefs Latest developments in neuroscience that can help us learn faster & more Enjoy! If you liked this episode, you might also like my conversation with: Jen Sincero - Reverse Your Limiting Beliefs About Money Robert Kiyosaki - How to Earn Millions During a Recession Subscribe to the Growth Minds podcast
Sergey Young is the founder of the Longevity Vision Fund, a $100m fund that invests in companies working on longevity technologies to help people live longer. He's also an innovation board member of XPrize, and the author of The Science and Technology of Growing Young.  His goal? To have a meaningful impact of the lives of 1 billion people to help them live a happy and healthy 100 years. Given how few people are willing to take the leap in the world of longevity in a meaningful way, I was fascinated to learn about the mindset behind Sergey and his story. In our conversation, we went over: Why there is a lack of funding and resources backing technologies and sciences in longevity Mental frameworks that have helped Sergey make better decisions as an investor What holds people back from thinking bigger and taking moonshots in life The importance of having 'blank time slots' to do nothing but think to get some of your best ideas Latest developments in longevity science and technology (and exciting changes to coming in the near future) Questions to ask to help you think 10x bigger (and shift your perspectives) What big thinkers like Tony Robbins, Peter Diamandis, Larry Page (CEO of Google) all have in common & more Pre-order Sergey's book here: Subscribe on YouTube: Subscribe on Apple Podcast:
Nik Wallenda, who's part of the legendary Flying Wallendas family, has walked over ropes across some of the craziest places you can imagine, such as the Niagra Falls, Time Square, and most recently, an active volcano in Nicaragua - all without a safety net. He has broken 11 Guiness World Records for various acrobatic feats, and is on his way to break more. However, his journey has not been easy. Events like 2017, where a horrific accident has led his sister to fall during rehearsals led to breaking nearly every bone on her face. Several members of the Wallenda family have also fell and died, as the stunts happen without any safety net. In our conversation, Nik shares: How he's been able to overcome his fears knowing he could die at any moment The difference between healthy and unhealthy fear (and why NOT feeling fear is dangerous) What his self-talk sounds like while he's on the tightrope (on top of an active volcano) How he prepares (or rather over-prepares) for every single event  What Karl Wallenda, his great grand-father (and founder of the Wallenda family) taught them How he continues to improve himself when he's the #1 in his industry & more Check out Nik's book 'Facing Fear': Subscribe to the pod: Subscribe on Youtube:
Louis The Child (Frederic Kennett  + Robert Hauldren) is a DJ and production duo, with hot singles such as "Better Not" (100 million streams on Spotify), "It's Strange", "Weekend", and more. They have been praised by the likes of Taylor Swift, Lorde, and their song was used as part of the FIFA 16 soundtrack.  The two of them met in high school at a Madeon concert. Few years later, they were touring and opening for him across the country.  There are so many fascinating parts to their story that I'm excited to share. We talked about: Their creative process, and how they view differentiation amongst other artists Skillstacking and the importance of combining your skills to find your competitive advantage Why the two of them choose to continue learning new skills like piano, writing, and drums instead of delegating it to others Daily habits and how persistency has played a pivotal role to where they are today Favorite books that have made the most impact, what they're reading today Importance of continuous self-improvement and the 10,000 hour rule Feeling the fear and doing it anyways & much more If you're an artist, entrepreneur, or someone that wants to know what type of mindset and daily habits you need to stand out, this is worth the listen. Enjoy x Subscribe to the pod: Subscribe on Youtube:
Dr. Emily Anhalt is a clinical psychologist with a Ph.D and doctorate degree, TEDx speaker, and Chief Clinical Officer at Coa, a mental fitness community with mental health gyms opening across the country. Dr. Emily's interest in the psychology of the entrepreneur began with the realization that “how you do anything is how you do everything,” and that the more founders and employees understand about their emotional tendencies, the more successful they and their companies will be. This unique perspective has led to work with some of the fastest growing technology companies and venture capitalist firms around the world. I got a chance to chat with Dr. Emily about: What emotional fitness is and how it differs from how we look at mental health today Dream analysis and what certain dreams may or may not mean Jung vs. Freud's approach to dream analysis and different schools of thought when it comes to psychology Why some people are so bad at receiving compliments and the proper way to accept them Overcoming imposter syndrome and being comfortable with having uncomfortable conversations (we play a game called 'if you really knew me') Parapsychology - and the power of our minds, and how they connect to our bodies and more! Hope you enjoyed this mental ride with Dr. Emily and I. As always, if you enjoyed the convo, would love for you to share, subscribe, and leave a rating! <3 With love, Sean
Vishen Lakhiani is the founder and CEO of, New York Times Bestselling Author of The Code of the Extraordinary Mind, and an innovation board member of the XPrize. As a Malayasian-born entrepreneur, Vishen started his career by pursuing the traditional path by working for Microsoft in the United States. After realizing his desire for building something new, he started Mindvalley in 2002, and has bootstrapped the business to over 400 employees and millions of dollars in revenue. I did my best to take my conversation with Vishen in a fresh direction where he has normally not gone, as he shares.  We delved into some meaningful points including: The formula that Vishen uses to tell remarkable stories and become a better speaker Strategies and tactics to memorize anything including grocery items, names, and long numbers I put Vishen on the spot to memorize 20 numbers I write down (and ask him to do it backwards!) His honest experience on Ayahausca and some freaky revelations that he stumbled upon during the experience much more Enjoyed this conversation? Share this episode with one friend: Subscribe to Growth Minds on YouTube: Learn more about Vishen: Website: Mindvalley: Vishen's instagram: The Code For an Extraordinary Mind:
Dr. Steven Gundry is a cardiothoracic and heart surgeon, founder of the International Heart & Lung Institute, and a New York Times Bestselling Author of the Plant Paradox, Longevity Paradox, and the upcoming Energy Paradox. In our in-depth conversation about health, diet, and longevity, we go into: Why Dr. Steven Gundry eats only once a day, and what he eats What 3 ingredients he would use if people ate only one meals to maximize energy and longevity The importance of our gut health (and new research that shares how it impacts our mood, emotions, and decisions) Healthy foods that you must avoid (that we've been taught were healthy) What all blue zone cities (that have longest life expectancy) have in common in terms of their diet and lifestyles The one vitamin that we all need at least 5x more of and more With love, Sean Subscribe to the podcast: Subscribe on YouTube: Learn more about Dr. Steven Gundry: Website: Instagram: Twitter: Pre-order The Energy Paradox:
Autumn Calabrese is a celebrity trainer, best-selling author, and working mom who revolutionized the Beachbody® fitness model with her simple approach to portion control. She's trained clients like Kendall Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, Rachel Zoe, Brooke Burke, and more. In our conversation, we talk about: The biggest mistakes most people make in nutrition and working out The uphill battle America has versus other countries when it comes to eating healthy Emotional eating and what we can do to overcome it (or help others overcome it) Importance of having a program when it comes to getting results when you work out Autumn's honest thoughts on fad diets, ketogenic diet, and more What Autumn eats to maximize her energy The importance of taking care of your gut microbiomes, how it affects your mood and energy, and what you can do to take care of it & more Enjoy!
Bret Weinstein is an evolutionary biologist, former professor at Evergreen State College, and part of the Intellectual Dark Web alongside members like his brother Eric Weinstein, Jordan Peterson, Sam Harris, Joe Rogan, and Ben Shapiro. Bret came into the spotlight as part of the controversy that occured at Evergreen State College (recommend a quick google), and is now using his platform to promote Unity2020, a new political system where two candidates from the left and right are drafted to become President and Vice President of the United States. Bret and I spoke about: #ShutdownSTEM controversy and Bret's stance on it What really happened with the Evergreen controversy The deep-rooted racism in the world and how we can take actionable steps to reduce it Unity2020: what is it, why is it needed, and who are the candidates? (hint: one of them is a former guest on Growth Minds) Why it's crucial that we remain open-minded while thinking independently If you enjoyed this conversation and our previous episodes, please take 1 min to leave a review!
Dan Harris is the author of the #1 New York Times Bestselling book, 10% Happier, co-founder of the meditation app 10% Happier, and anchor for Good Morning America.  In this conversation, Dan and I go over: Dan's experience of going over to Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan right after 9/11 as an investigative journalist  How Dan got hooked into drugs after returning home Psychedelics, and how it can intertwine with meditation His journey into getting into meditation and what he has learned from his shrink and teachers What it's like to be completely silent for ten days without talking (or making eye contact) Buddhism and how Dan applies their practice in his daily routine Benefits of meditation and how to use it to make smarter decisions and more Check out Dan and his work: Ten percent: 10% Happier (book): Instagram: Twitter: Subscribe to the podcast: Apple: Spotify: Google:
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