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Author: James Cox

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This podcast covers issues of Climate Change, Building a Socially Responsible Economy, Health and Life and Death.
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This summer has been monumental as the effects of the climate crisis has affected millions of people around the globe. Fires raging from Greece and Europe, to Canada, to more recently Maui have destroyed cities and lives. Mitch Wagener is a professor of ecology at WCSU and shares his insights into the challenges we face going forward. If you want to reach Mitch you can email him at
Josh Miller is a selfproclaimed queer activist. He is the CEO and co-founder of IDEAS xLab. Josh works with businesses to create positive environments for gender fluid employees. We talk about the importance of diversity in both our personal and business lives. By fate and coincidence we recorded this conversation on the first day of Pride month, 2023. Enjoy <3
Isaac Slevin is a sophmore at Brown University and a leader in the effort to divest from fossil fuels through Sunrise Brown. We discuss their successes over the past few years, but also the challenges that continue as fossil fuel interests adjust to calls for divestment. A great conversation that shows we have a great deal of work to do on many levels.
David W. Jones is co-founder of Thrilling Foods, a company based in Portland, Oregon, that is changing how consumers are relating to tofu. Jones has developed a patented process to add flavor to tofu that is changing peoples perceptions and tastes. Specifically he has developed a vegan form of bacon that many consider superior in taste to the animal products. The end result is a consumer experience that is enjoyable, delicious, good for your health, and good for the planet. A great conversation that will open minds and drive real change.
What is the meaning of Veganism? Today we chat with Light who began his vegan journey 50 years ago. He and Angel share their insights into the importance and relevance of Veganism in the modern world. Light is the founder of, a vegan restaurant, and an several educational centers. As Ram Dass and Ghandi would say, "his life is his message". This is a great podcast of hope and positive change we can all embrace.
The economy over the past hundred years has been built on the idea of disposable goods and unlimited resources. We are quickly realizing that we need to be more efficient and aware in how we act. The planet demands we change our behavior. Today I chat with Damon Carson of RepurposedMaterials about his work in helping businesses connect to and use repurposed materials in the work they do. It helps reduce waste, it reduces duplication and energy consumption, it lowers costs (which in this inflationary environment is key...). 
Ted Glick has been a long time climate activist... We talk about his work in raising awareness and what individuals can do to make a change. Climate change requires immense effort to drive real change. Time demands we all play a role in designing and creating the future. What can you do? What will you do??
Karen Feridun is a Pennsylvania climate and fracking activist. We discuss activities by fossil fuel companies at a clean energy forum, particularly carbon capture and sequestration and hydrogen. We also look at the impact fracking has had on the people of PA. 
Kate Gaertner is the founder of Triple Win Advisory. Kate helps businesses examine their business model and redesign their products and processes to become more sustainable. Our conversation looks at what it would take to "redesign capitalism"
Kieran Kelly is the CEO of Ocean Integrity. He shares his story as a fisherman who choose to make a difference for the planet. The pollution of the ocean has many dimensions... Plastics affects many levels of life. The larger pieces of plastic breakdown into microplastics, fish are crowded out of their native environs; it affects everyone... Kieran shares his journey and experience.
Ed Carlevale has been reporting on the influence fossil fuel companies are having on Universities such as MIT. He connects the dots of influence and money, and shares with us the impact that is having on the institution, professors and researchers. If the climate crisis is to be solved, universities need to play a major role in driving change. Unfortunately that may not be the case...
Peter Fiekowsky has a new book out titled "Climate Restoration: The Only Future That Will Sustain the Human Race". Today we discuss his book and drill down into the concepts and science behind reducing CO2 and methane in the atmosphere in order to address the climate crisis and avert extinction. Peter shares insights that turn the tables on the climate debate. The solutions discussed require much more attention and support.
Sheral Sly is an artist who is exploring creativity and purpose in the second half of life. She shares her experiences in developing her own creative process. In the past month, she changed things up injecting bright color into her creations. A brilliant story of evolution, creativity and life.
Bob Funk is the Secretary-Treasurer of LaborLab. LaborLab is a nonprofit watchdog organization that tracks, monitors, and reports on the union-busting industry. "Informed workers are empowered workers" Bob shares his experience and insights as a union organizer on the struggle of workers to organize today, and the obsticles they face from corporations and politicians. In an age when then very relationship workers have to work is changing, with the Gig economy, stagflation, artificial intelligence, and a second guilded age, it is crucial for people to understand their rights and join the fight to defend them. This is a must listen...
Nancy Candea is a yoga therapist and teacher. She recently wrote a book titled "Present: the art of living boldly in the second half of life". Today we discuss her advice on how we can live our best quality life in our later years. While she writes directly to women, this is a lesson we all must embrace. Great conversation... learn more about her at 
Amanda Mikesell is a spiritual soul that over the past year has had to face and fight a diagnosis of aggresive breast cancer. She has shared her journey on FB over the past year; every struggle, every joy. Today we discuss her journey and the path forward. It is a rivoting, loving discussion that can't be missed.
Mariquita Solis is a vegan lifestyle coach. Much of her work revolves around helping people live as vegans in society that sees things differently.
Neil Pitts, author of "Postmodernity and Creation of the Anthropocene"; We discuss how the Russian invasion of Ukraine will shape the evolution of global politics in the years to come. What is the role of the UN? How does climate change affect this evolution? After the discussion he explains, "what it was that I was really trying to say - and it's generally that the structure of geopolitics is holding us back in so many ways, including important issues like the environment, but only a change in the age itself is going to enable a new type of politics to appear - so, it would be a good idea for everyone to get onto this now, as it could otherwise take much longer for the climate change action we need to occur, along with a whole range of social issues. I don't really understand how people can shout in the street 'we want change, we want action' without really understanding what it is that is actually holding governments back. What is holding them back is the state of politics means it's like a turn-based board game, where one country moves forward a bit, then another will only take action if they take action, etc. We need to get into the frame of mind that it's a new human age, and we can do it, regardless of what everyone else is doing, because that's how people now behave in our present time. To move the world forward from the Postmodern/ Cold War mentality."
Dorothy Browne, works for a non-profit and has struggled for years paying on student loan debt. She recently found out that her debt was forgiven! It's a life changing event... to learn more about how to apply for student loan forgiveness check out Dorothy shares her experience in the hope that others benefit and take advantage of the program.
Neil Pitts is the author of "Postmodernity and the Creation of the Anthropocene" published in November 2021. Neil examines 3 historical periods and tries to draw insights on what the lessons learned mean for where human civilization is headed, esp given climate change. Our discussion is an exciting and abstract one, but also very meaningful in terms of clarifying the impact of historical experience. You can find his book here or on Amazon.
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