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Engaging trending topics on life's journey... and the women who tell their stories of overcoming through the grace and help of God in their lives.
54 Episodes
Cindy Palen (NCC) walks through strategies to help our mental health during times of great stress and anxiety. She offers methods to help guide us through difficult times like the coronavirus and much more. 
Amy Calvert shares her experiences and tips she's learned through her daughter's journey of Type 1 Diabetes.
Ann Hatton shares with Carrie Kittinger her slow discovering of cancer. Once she heard "YOU HAVE CANCER", listen to what she did in the process of overcoming it.
 Mistakes took Staci McKee down a destructive path that was destroying her family until she discovered a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through prayer and God's word. Learn the tools that Carrie Kittinger and Patty Gerstenberger draw out in Staci's journey of realizing how God sees her... Joyful One! 
Andrea Hood overcame shame of divorce to being a pastor in Alabama where she teaches mentorship and the importance of community through simplification because we are all Better Together! 
Ann Hatton tells Carrie Kittinger how the settle ways in which alcohol had a huge impact on Ann's story and how God has been turning tragedy into a mission to help others. 
We were not meant to live alone... God gave us the gift of friendship. How can we be the friend that builds up and encourages? What happens if there's a conflict? Elise, Grace, and Hannah describe how they have developed meaningful friendships with our hostesses Carrie and Patty. Discover truths to improve your relationships as you learn to celebrate the good in each other's lives. 
Maggie Bond discovered her voice early in life as she tells Carrie Kittinger and Patty Gerstenberger how as a quadruplet, she found her purpose living with 2 brothers with autism. She's energetic, determined  and focused to impact others to live a purposeful life!
Carrie Kittinger and Patty Gerstenberger interview college students, Elise Skeie, Grace Matthews and Hannah Kunzie on how they balance friendships and social media. They offer ideas on time management and favorite apps to help navigate life. 
Amy Calvert shares the journey of loss and challenges in her life. Fertility issues were just the beginning to the adventures of trusting God when discovering her daughter had Type 1 Diabetes. 
Pamela Thomas talks with Sheryl Kloehr on a strategy of how to tackle fear during a time of so much uncertainty. Learn methods she uses as a specialist to help people in crisis.
Kasey Price talks with Sheryl Kloehr on what it means to ‘Take your thoughts captive’.  With the unknowns of this season, the Bible gives encouragement and hope. Kasey reminds us that (2 Corinthians 10:5) we have an active role to play in guarding our thoughts against lies  that go against God's plans. Knowing your worth in Christ can shut down the lies. Give yourself grace and forgiveness.Hear more from Kasey in her podcast on how to Thrive in Times of Loneliness. 
Carmen Qualls talks to hostesses Veronica and Christy on how she made a bold move to get her nephew into a wholesome environment via Cali to Tulsa while still practicing law in LA. She is a licensed counselor as well as an attorney in order to help individuals and families gain wisdom and guidance from the Holy Spirit. Her journey of faith and perseverance is inspiring.
Dr. Sherri Thomas speaks to Sheryl and Christy about women’s health and how to get more out of life. Dr. Thomas describes practical things we can do to help with some of the common issues women deal with today. In a world where extremes are common, she offers tips on being balanced. Always seek professional help before changing your lifestyle drastically, or if you are in a place of depression and deep emotional difficulties.
Nichole Wilkinson shares practical tips of how to get started with reading the Bible. She also shares how God’s personality shines through His Word, even when challenged personally with cerebral palsy.Contact Nichole at Soul Purpose Ministries918-298-7136
Sheryl Kloehr talks with Isabell Bowling about her journey of chronic illness and how it affected her physically and emotionally. After a diagnosis of nocturnal seizures, Isabell experienced medically induced depression. As a grandchild and child of ministers, her relationship with God and self-awareness offers great ideas on how to help loved ones with health challenges.
Kelly Martin is a teacher and single parent of two adopted daughters as well foster parented a third. Kelly talks about what led her to be a foster parent and further, what made her consider adoption, as well as the triumphs and struggles of both. 
Seeing so many children without homes led Pamela Thomas on a journey of fostering and into adoption. Just when she thought, "no, I can't do it", God transformed her view to His. She realized: "Adopting one child will not change the world, BUT one child’s world will change."
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