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Women sharing their stories about the impact of prayer and God's Word in their lives.
113 Episodes
In this episode, Sheryl delivers a timely message about the power of dreaming. There are 14 different dreams in the Bible and each one holds significance for God's communication to His people. Sit back and enjoy an encouraging message all about DREAMS!Learn more about iRefresh and Prayer Opportunities
Learn how to hear God's voice through an active life of prayer. Lisa Goins describes the ABCs of Prayer, the importance of scheduling your busy life with prayer and the "Why" you do it.
Anjanette and Brenda address one of the most common topics in today's culture, Identity. While the world says to look INWARD, they instead contend that we are called to look UPWARD. Listen in and see how you can apply this principle into your own life!
Have you ever felt purposeless after tragedy or failure? Have you ever felt like you have messed up too much to be used by God? In this podcast, Angie, Jackie & Debbie address those questions as they talk through their own personal testimonies. See how God reminded Angie and Jackie of their purpose in Him and the power of His Grace.
What do boundaries mean to you? Is it a challenge or one you've found victory in? Listen to friends (Host Staci McKee with Mardelle Thomas and Jennifer Welch) explore the definition and what it looks like in practical life experiences with relationships. 
There's a struggle in the times of surrender and brokenness, wondering where is God, what is He doing? And yet those have been powerful times of beautiful encounters with the Lord where He just shows up in a way that you won’t forget. Listen to Sam Mow testify of the benefits of surrendering and sacrificing as she trusts God.Connect with Sam Mow as a Worship Leader, Song Writer, Home Design and Renovation Expert at: as well as Facebook and Instagram.
"Feelings are manifestations or attributes of what you've been thinking on, so your feelings are in direct relationship to what your previous thoughts have been."  So do begin to change those thoughts to produce positive, healthy feelings? Debbie Barker leads us in depth to find hope and a well-balanced life of living in our God-given purpose over fear and anxiety!
How do we change the course of our lives where fear and anxiety try to take hold of our thoughts and actions?! Debbie Barker takes us through God's Word with truths to bring hope and peace! Hear more from Debbie Barker at:
How to take the pain of trauma and let hope arise, turning them around as a purpose to help others who experienced similar traumas leading to abuse and addictions. The "Light of Hope" non-profit was birthed out of a desire to help support others rebuild their lives and teach new habits and skills to thrive in Christ. Learn more at: and connect them to your local school to provide knowledge-based education on the effects and impact of various drugs. (learn more about the L.E.A.D. program).
Jody Davis runs a multi-generational business with great success today, however, it wasn't easy. Facing divorce with two toddlers, taking over Accent Moving Storage & Logistics and asked to expand the business at a young age, discover how she gets through the hard times and makes a positive impact. Laura Watson hosts this episode!
Julie Wilson describes how God took her through long term, difficult circumstances, teaching her how to walk with God daily for everything she needed when faced with bad doctor reports for her baby and mother. Discover how to trust God and find His comfort as well as help reach others.
How do you feel about yourself? We can have great moments, but then we can struggle in seasons or events tend to wipe us out. In the midst of your journey, remember that YOU MATTER.  Deana Spyres talks with Trisha Glover.
It's important to be intentional to find and connect with your community. Family is community. If you were not blessed to have a solid, biological family, seek after your "Chosen Family" that mutually supports each other in all seasons of life.
Daleen had an experience as a young girl where she visited heaven. She shares her journey to both heaven and hell and how it has affected her life to this day.
 Most of us have faced identity challenges, young or old, yet it can be the greatest hindrance in doing and being all God intended for us to be. "I believe there's a God-shaped hole in our hearts that only He can fulfill." Kelli identifies some of those thoughts we have and how to overcome them so we can thrive in our purpose! 
A mother-daughter started a lifestyle boutique that developed in to a close community filled with joy and caring for their employees and customers. They found their ministry in retail as they bring laughter mixed with prayer during Facebook LIVES and more! Hear their inspiring story!
To Generation Z parents, do you find it challenging and much different from the way you grew up? They have technology at their fingertips we never had, a different way of thinking, and a different language. How can we, as parents, connect with Gen Z kids and meet them where they are? Cindy Palen, our iRefresh Partner and professional counselor, leads the conversation with Kelli Portman and Sarah Dilks, bringing understanding and ideas to help raise these amazing Gen Z children.
How do we move past anxiety? We have to recognize the root of anxiety - fear. Brenda shares with our Guest Host Carrie Kittinger how to identify the source in order to overcome anxiety with her techniques. 
How can we find contentment when the noise and voices are screaming so loud!? Carrie Kittinger takes us through tips she has used to rediscover the value of silence to re-center and re-settle herself in order to gain
 As women, we all may struggle with our self-image and believe the lies and self doubt about ourselves... that's what the enemy wants us to believe. The Lord, however, declares over our lives that we are righteous and complete in Him! Brenda talks about God's truth that sets us free from those lies and how we need to walk in the identity of Who We Are in Christ! 
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