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Engaging trending topics on life's journey... and the women who tell their stories of overcoming through the grace and help of God in their lives.
42 Episodes
Pamela Thomas talks with Sheryl Kloehr on a strategy of how to tackle fear during a time of so much uncertainty. Learn methods she uses as a specialist to help people in crisis.
What Are You Thinking

What Are You Thinking


Kasey Price talks with Sheryl Kloehr about what it means to ‘Take your thoughts captive’.  With the unknowns of this season, the Bible is a great place to find encouragement and hope. Kasey reminds us that according to 2 Corinthians 10:5 we have an active role to play in guarding our thoughts against lies and things that go against God and His plans for our lives. It is important to know who you are in Christ. When you know your worth, you can recognize the lies from the enemy. Give yourself grace and forgiveness. Remember that, “Nothing can separate us from the love of Christ.” Romans 8:38To hear more from Kasey, check out her podcast on how to thrive in times of loneliness. 
Carmen Qualls talks to Veronica and Christy of iRefresh Ministries. Carmen knew she needed to make a bold move to get her nephew into a wholesome environment. Hear how God brought her to Tulsa for him, but enabled her to keep practicing law in LA. Now she is a licensed counselor, as well as an attorney, so she can further help individuals and families in need with wisdom and guidance from the Holy Spirit. Her journey of faith and perseverance will encourage you.
Dr. Sherri Thomas speaks to Sheryl and Christy about women’s health and how to get more out of life. Dr. Thomas describes practical things we can do to help with some of the common issues women deal with today. In a world where extremes are common, she offers tips on being balanced. Always seek professional help before changing your lifestyle drastically, or if you are in a place of depression and deep emotional difficulties.
Nichole Wilkinson shares practical tips of how to get started with reading the Bible. She also shares how God’s personality shines through His Word, even when challenged personally with cerebral palsy.Contact Nichole at Soul Purpose Ministries918-298-7136
Sheryl Kloehr talks with Isabell Bowling about her journey of chronic illness and how it affected her physically and emotionally. After a diagnosis of nocturnal seizures, Isabell experienced medically induced depression. Even as a grandchild and child of ministers, her relationship with God changes through this journey of self-awareness and His love. Hear how her transformative choices and faith in God helped her navigate through the unexpected ups and downs life has brought her. 
Kelly Martin is a teacher and single parent of two adopted daughters as well foster parented a third. Kelly talks about what led her to be a foster parent and further, what made her consider adoption, as well as the triumphs and struggles of both. 
Seeing so many children without homes led Pamela Thomas on a journey of fostering and into adoption. Just when she thought, "no, I can't do it", God transformed her view to His. She realized: "Adopting one child will not change the world, BUT one child’s world will change."
Veronica Scott and Stephanie Wrightsman talk about overcoming addictions. It's possible when you fully submit to God and follow Him in obedience. Do you have a stronghold in your life? What are you doing about  it? What you feed will grow. Stephanie and Veronica give practical tips and scriptures from the Word of God that will help you walk in freedom. We are the righteous through Christ Jesus. If you fail, don’t quit. God will always welcome you back! 
EP 33 Surrender

EP 33 Surrender


Patty Gerstenberger uses her real life experiences to share examples of what it looks like to surrender to God. She describes three positions of surrender. What is the benefit or cost to surrender? If we surrender to God, is there a great reward? Does He do a great exchange for us? Beauty for ashes, fears for promise, busyness for peace?. If something is holding you back, let this message encourage you.
Deana Spyres, Carrie Kittinger, Patty Gerstenberger cover what would happen if we choose to forgive? God models how, even in the most difficult situations. Hear practical points on how to experience the power in forgiveness. 
Deana Spyres, Patty Gerstenberger, Carrie Kittinger discuss fear from a Biblical perspective. You can take steps to help have a healthy fear of the Lord and not a fear of man. They encourage us to choose trust in God and stay in community with people who build us up and help us with a right perspective on life's circumstances. This podcast will encourage anyone who feels isolated or paralyzed by fear. 
Stephanie Wrightsman discusses how God turned around her life with her battle of alcoholism. God restored her and her relationship with her children as well as gained a beautiful and godly marriage. Hear how God gave her beauty for her ashes as Isaiah 61:3, 7 describes.
Monette Matadi struggled with her relationship with food until her brother died from obesity. She realized her need for a new mindset with food and asked the Holy Spirit to help convict her of gluttony and receiving healing not only physically, but spiritually and emotionally. Monette calls her journey a process and a miracle.
Ever wondered what to do or say when a loved one is faced with a chronic illness? Cari Lyons returns to offer suggestions and a deeper understanding on what their needs are and how we all can join in to create a sweet bond in even the toughest of times. 
Struggle to compare oneself to others? We look at it from a few angles and what ideas we have drawn from to gain a healthy balance of viewing ourselves and one another with how God sees us.
Whatever chapter you are walking through, it's great to have a sisterhood to encourage and pray us through as we all trust God in it all! 
Parenting in each season and age of our children has its rewards and challenges. iRefresh women offer suggestions on how they have learned to be led by God in teaching their children in the phases of life.
Carrie Kittinger spoke at an iRefresh Gathering on what it looks like to maintain hope when waiting for something. Sometimes it's hope deferred, other times there's excitement for what's ahead. Carrie will energize and encourage you to keep hoping!  
God not only sees us, He hears us and answers us. Ever spoke to someone and they didn't respond? Not the case with God! He responds to us. We can call on Him anytime for anything!
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