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Author: Michael Kaleikini

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Startups, coffee, whiskey, business, health & wellness...they're all relative.
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Nate Palmer is highly passionate about helping humans perform at a higher level. He also happens to be a dad, husband, and the #1 bestselling author of Passport Fitness and The Million Dollar Body Method. Nate helps business owners and entrepreneurs improve their physique, finances, and family time using fitness and nutrition as force multipliers. Find out how to get fit by first maximizing your energy quickly and easily. On today’s episode, Mike and Nate talk about his book “The Million Dollar Body Method.” They also discuss personal fitness and his goals for the future of speaking and helping entrepreneurs. Nate also talks about the importance of balance when it comes to fitness. Today, Nate continues to promote his book “The Million Dollar Body” and his podcast  “The Million Dollar Body Podcast.” He has a facebook group where they go live once a week and talk to fitness experts as well. You can find Nate here: Website Website #2 LinkedIn URL Facebook URL Twitter URL YouTube URL Instagram Instagram You can find Mike here: Instagram: Twitter: Java Chat Website: --- Support this podcast:
Hillel Zafir is an accomplished executive with a strong record of driving strategies, initiatives, and processes that generate dynamic gains in financial performance and operational efficiencies. Also, an expert in leveraging business planning and information technology to reduce costs and improve productivity. He’s also a recognized leader in business automation including automated warehouse operations, financials, customer relations management, and material resource planning. Astute problem solver possessing the vision and leadership to maintain businesses at the forefront of cutting-edge technology. Today, Hillel is involved in many startups by helping them find traction in this crazy business world. He also continues to promote his business, incentX, an easy to use sales management solution that helps you to design incentive plans. Hillel Zafir’s links   ProSMB You can find Mike here: Instagram: Twitter: Java Chat Website: --- Support this podcast:
Timothy Yen is a Clinical Psychologist, Consultant and best selling author and teaches people how to choose better. His book "Choose Better: The Optimal Decision-Making Framework,” helps people start 2021 off with a clear mindset in order to make good decisions. On today’s episode, Timothy and Mike discuss Timothy’s book in depth and we learn who his audience is which is two very different sides. On one hand, the book is for indecisive people, and on the other, it's also for those who make wrong decisions. They talk about mindset and mental health in our daily lives as well. Today, Timothy continues to help people through counseling and therapy online and through private practice. He also is promoting his book which is now out on Amazon. Also, he is starting a consulting firm as well! You can find Timothy here: You can find Mike here: Instagram: Twitter: Java Chat Website: --- Support this podcast:
Lisa David Olson knows how to tell a joke. Emerging triumphantly from a traumatic childhood, she’s always looked to humor for relief in difficult times. So much so that she eventually made a profession out of it – she spent two years in a comedy troupe and now speaks and writes about humor and creativity. She recently released a comedy album on iTunes entitled “Phun on the Phone”. On this episode, Mike and Lisa share lots of laughs as they chat about the healing and connecting powers of humor, how it enables us to live in the present, break the ice, and push past our inner demons. Lisa has published a memoir, Laughs on Wry, and a creative journal that draws on her improv expertise, What Ifs & Why Nots. She also runs the Facebook comedy group Counter-Clockwise. Find her on these platforms as well: Website LinkedIn URL Facebook URL Instagram Instagram My podcast: --- Support this podcast:
Padma Gordon is a Spiritual Counselor, Mindfulness Teacher, Movement & Embodiment Instructor, and Author of Being Together: Practical Wisdom for Loving Yourself & Your Partner, who teaches about life, love and relationship through the lens of awakening. She assists people to turn towards their direct experience so that they can create movement where they are stuck, come home to themselves and thrive. On today’s episode, Padma and Mike talk self love. How to learn to love yourself and be in the moment. Padma explains how many free skills we have at our disposal every single day to help us be more present. For example- breathing! They discuss gratitude and practicing authenticity. Today, Padma Gordon continues to promote her book Being Together and is soon coming out with the Audible version of the book that we will promote on our end once it comes out! Along with the audio book, she is working on a companion workbook that goes along with it that focuses on how to practice presence. You can find Padma Gordon here: Website: Website #2: LinkedIn URL: Facebook URL: YouTube URL: Instagram: Instagram You can find Mike here: Instagram: Twitter: Java Chat Website: --- Support this podcast:
Pete Bombaci is a fierce champion of human connection, and he joins us here on Java Chat today to share with us the proven benefits of human connection and face-to-face social interaction. Pete introduces to us to the GenWell Project, his very own grassroots campaign, with which he hopes to grow and spread the message of the importance of human connection. Pete reminds us how vital human interaction is to our emotional and physical well-being, and gives us some tips for navigating the isolation and loneliness of a global pandemic. Pete is a compassionate marketing and business leader who also has significant experience in the non-profit sector. Before starting the GenWell Project, Pete helped raise more than $100 million for Movember Canada. Pete is currently working on expanding the GenWell Project, and he and his team continue to engage in corporate and community speaking events. Find out more about Pete and the GenWell Project at these sites: Website LinkedIn URL Facebook URL Twitter URL YouTube URL Instagram Instagram --- Support this podcast:
David Richards, a former marine turned yoga instructor and author, helps people every day learn how to master the mind. After his service, he dedicated his life to becoming a life strategist and helping people find greater fulfillment in their lives. On Today’s Java Chat, David and Mike discuss David’s past in the Marines and how he got interested in yoga and bettering himself. David shares stories of his past from early childhood, to college, and how he started writing his now third book. Today, David remains practicing as a life coach and conducts training through public speaking and workshops. He continues to promote his second, The Lighthouse Keeper while writing his third book that is bound to be a #1 best seller. You can find David here: Website Website #2 LinkedIn URL Facebook URL Twitter URL http://davidrichardsauthor Instagram Instagram You can find Mike here: Instagram: Twitter: Java Chat Website: --- Support this podcast:
Robert Foster has always been in a leadership role ever since he was captain of his sports team in Elementary school. He took that passion of leading people and turned it into a career of coaching and helping people break through their mental barriers.   In today’s episode, Robert and Mike talk about how Robert’s upbringing shaped him into the person he is today. They go through Roberts journey of different leadership roles and turning his small personal trainer business into something that inspires people every day.   Today, Robert continues to inspire people through coaching and giving speeches that can help people realize their true potential. He hosts his own podcast #IgnoreTheNever and promotes his fitness program “RBF Fitness.”   You can find Robert Here:  Website  Website #2  Website #3  LinkedIn URL  Facebook URL  Twitter URL  YouTube URL  Instagram Instagram    You can find Mike here:    Instagram:    Twitter:    Java Chat Website: --- Support this podcast:
On this episode of Java Chat, we are joined by successful entrepreneur, prolific writer, and professional speaker Randy Gage. Randy details how a stint in jail at 15 years old led him on a journey of self-evaluation, during which he learned how to replace his “victim” mindset with a “victor” mindset. Drawing upon content from his book Radical Rebirth, Randy dives deep into the ways our minds have been subconsciously programmed by memes, or what he calls “mind-viruses”, from a very young age. He discusses how these core foundational beliefs we pick up early in life can affect everything in our future, from religious philosophies to health and wellness to our outlook on marriage and relationships. Randy’s book teaches us how to recognize these mind-viruses and learn to reprogram ourselves in order to better achieve prosperity. Randy enjoys speaking on prosperity and has delivered many prosperity services in churches. He plans to launch a weekly prosperity service via zoom, for which the info and links may be found in his newsletter on his website. Follow Randy on the following sites: Website LinkedIn URL Facebook URL Twitter URL YouTube URL Instagram Instagram --- Support this podcast:
Java Chat welcomes Jacqueline Wales, a leadership coach with over thirty-five years of experience. Jacqueline’s work focuses on developing fearless leaders, helping people to overcome stumbling blocks that prevent them from realizing their full potential, in the workplace and beyond. Her coaching draws on her vast array of life experiences – from growing up around alcoholism and drug addiction, to traveling the world, having children, working as a professional singer and musician, writing novels, and even mastering karate and Taekwondo in her forties. On this episode, Jacqueline and Mike discuss the power of being fearless. Jacqueline describes her trademark Fearless Factor and offers some everyday tips and tricks for harnessing courage and conquering fear. Currently in the Bay Area, Jacqueline works as a facilitator, consultant, and coach for groups and individuals seeking to transform their professional and personal lives. Jacqueline’s passion is to witness her clients grow while putting fearlessness in action. She is the author of three books and can be found on the following sites: Website: Linkedin: Facebook URL: --- Support this podcast:
Susan De Lorenzo is a survivor of invasive breast cancer that precluded to her marriage falling apart. She is an expert on adversity. Everyday, she strives to help women overcome tough situations through experience and self knowledge. On today’s podcast, Susan and Mike talk about their experiences of overcoming adversities. From illness, to losing jobs, to failed relationships. They talk through what they did to learn from it instead of falling into a deep hole. Today, Susan De Lorenzo is about to release a book called Pulling the Gems from Adversity where she shares how to find the small lessons in each tragedy that you experience. She shares her hopes of someday having a podcast as well. You can find Susan here: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: You can find Mike here: Instagram: Twitter: Java Chat Website: --- Support this podcast:
Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!


2020 was one for the books. Today, Mike goes through Java Chat's highlights throughout the year. Some guests we hope to have on in the new year, and some we hope to come back.    And we want to hear from you! Leave in the comments below what you want from Java Chat. Who you want on, what you like to hear, and what questions you want answered.    You can find Mike here:  Instagram: Twitter: Java Chat Website: --- Support this podcast:
Christian Straka has a unique approach to mindset training through his experience with it in sports. He’s been practicing mindset for many years through being a Unified Mindfulness coach. He’s a coach for pro athletes and gas coached multiple top 10 players throughout their careers as well as being a Global Mindset Coach for Adidas Runners. In today’s episode, Christian and Mike deep dive into mindfulness. Christian tells the stories of his past of being a tennis player and then being able to turn that into something he loves even more- being a coach. He shares stories of coaching professional athletes with a focus on mindset and mental health. Today, Christian has a book in the works and continues to coach his clients. He wakes up every day and loves what he does. His work doesn’t feel like work, and that’s what we are all trying to reach in life. Christian also has a mindfullness training program called MindSize as well as an app coming out later next year. You can find him here: Website: Website #2: LinkedIn URL: Facebook URL: Twitter URL: Instagram: Instagram You can find Mike here: Instagram: Twitter: Java Chat Website: --- Support this podcast:
Joy Dushey - Just Breathe

Joy Dushey - Just Breathe


Transformative coach Joy Dushey talks us through her framework for holistic healing, The Joyful Approach. Joy experienced a spiritual transformation after suffering much grief and illness in her earlier life that culminated in an ischemic stroke. Realizing she had been living an unfulfilling life, Joy ventured down new spiritual pathways to find healing and rebirth. On this episode, Joy discusses her spiritual experiences as a runner, introduces us to some of her own mentors in the realm of holistic health – from Paul Chek to Anne Davin—and gives a rundown of her specialty - alchemical breathwork - a method of harmonizing the mind, body, and soul. Joy enjoys working with clients of all backgrounds and levels of experience with breathwork. Joy currently works as a transformative coach and spiritual and holistic guide in New York City. She works with clients one-on-one and regularly facilitates collective healing Sanghas, both live and occasionally virtual. Joy also hosts her own spirituality and wellness podcast, The Methodology, which can be found on Apple and Spotify. Find out more about Joy on these platforms: Website: Facebook URL: Instagram: Instagram You can find Mike here: Instagram: Twitter: Java Chat Website: --- Support this podcast:
Katherine Jansen-Byrkit has her masters in Public Health and spent over a decade in Public Health managing violence prevention and teen health programs. Over time, she endured a process of reflection, curiosity, and trust as she came into her new career as a Licensed Professional Counselor and has now been doing private practice for 17 years. Katherine joins us on Java Chat today for the second time. Her and Mike were able to discuss topics they weren’t able to cover on the previous podcast. Katherine explains different perspectives of mindset and understanding between people through advice she’s learned throughout her life. Today, Katherine is an author of the book River to Ocean: Living in the Flow of Wakefulness. This book takes you through the journey of finding your way to an awakened self. In River to Ocean, Katherin explores nine aspects of wakefulness and offers insights as well as personal stories from her field. Katherine also continues her private practice as well as offering holistic psychotherapy, retreats and workshops. You can find Katherine here: Website: Website #2: Website #3: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: You can find Mike here: Instagram: Twitter: Java Chat Website: --- Support this podcast:
Best-selling author Sean Rosensteel joins us on Java Chat to let us know how important intentional living is. As the author of the Amazon bestseller The School of Intentional Living and the founder of The Intentional Living Academy, Sean has made it his mission to help others lead an authentic life. In this episode, Sean shares his own personal story of when he became bankrupt at the age of 28. This experience opened his eyes and helped him realize that true fulfillment comes when you break free from the conventional path. After he did just that, he has committed his work to helping others find that realization. Currently, Sean’s book The School of Intentional Living is still available on Amazon. Sean also holds virtual workshops and online courses aimed to help people develop their own purpose-driven life. You can find Sean Rosensteel on these sites and social platforms: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Instagram: --- Support this podcast:
Ann Bernard's world revolves around action-driven self-development through first times and new experiences. She’s been on this crazy journey of seeking things she’s never done before. Her life has changed through these experiences and enjoying her first times. In this episode, Ann and Mike discuss the importance of spontaneity and first times. Ann shares her breathtaking stories all around the world experiencing new things. She inspires us all through her stories and mindset of making this one life we have, count. Today, Ann has created her new app, 365FirstsChallenge. You can use this to make lists of things you’ve never done before. It can help us all discover all that life has to offer and change your mindset. Ann also has the 356 Podcast as well as running the Next Level Firsts Coaching to assist people in maximizing what they gain from their journey of new experiences. She’s also an author of the “How to Become a (First Time) Storyteller” Here's where you can find her:   Podcast: How to tell a story:  First Challenge: --- Support this podcast:
Daniel Massimino joins us on Java Chat to let us in on his past failures as a businessman. Daniel started his first business when he was only 15 years old where he repaired and sold cell phones. What began as a side hustle, quickly took center stage as the operation scaled to earn millions of dollars in revenue. However, his lack of experience eventually led to the company’s downfall and forced him to reevaluate how he approaches business. In this episode, we evaluate what it truly takes to run your own business. From Daniel’s experiences, he teaches us the important lessons he learned along the way and the changes that he has made to ensure the success of his current venture, The Credit Connection, which is a credit repair agency. Daniel’s business The Credit Connection offers a full suite of credit solutions that help people struggling with financial entanglements. They work with the best software solutions, top tier relationships with the nation’s largest lenders and an experienced staff. You can find Daniel Massimino on these sites and social platforms: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram: --- Support this podcast:
Norman Plotkin, Marine-turned-lobbyist-turned-hypnotherapist, joins us on Java Chat to discuss the benefits of hypnotherapy and the power of rewriting your own story. Norman spent 25 years working as a policy consultant and medical association lobbyist before a cancer diagnosis upended his life. For Norman, cancer was an awakening – a call to reexamine his perspective, mindset, and lifestyle. He delves into his story of finding healing through meditative practices and spiritual actualization under the guidance of the likes of Wayne Dyer, Carolyn Myss, and Eckhart Tolle. After realizing the power of these practices to change lives for the better, Norman became a certified hypnotherapist and dedicated himself to helping others rewrite their own stories. Mike and Norman discuss the Hollywood-induced misconceptions surrounding hypnotherapy, the types of hypnotic modalities present in our every-day lives, and the changing spiritual climate of the modern era. Norman currently practices hypnotherapy in Sacramento (and welcomes new clients!), runs virtual group meditation sessions on Saturdays, and has published two books, Take Charge of Your Cancer and Master Mind Master Life, with a third in the works. Find out more about Norman at the following links: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube URL: Instagram: --- Support this podcast:
David Meltzer joins us on Java Chat to inspire us with his adverse upbringing and self-discovery. In the process, he teaches us the five daily practices and four values that changed his life for the better. In this episode, we dig deep into what exactly David’s five daily practices and four values are. David stresses that the success and wealth which he has today is all thanks to remembering his five daily practices and four values. To him, the most important value of all is gratitude because it also offers perspective, forgiveness, empathy and peace. David is a three-time international best-selling author, a Top 100 Business Coach, the executive producer of Entrepreneur’s Elevator Pitch and the host of the podcast, The Playbook. Also, David has been acknowledged by Variety Magazine as their Sports Humanitarian of the year and awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor. Needless to say, David is the real deal. You can find David Meltzer on these sites and social platforms: Email: Website: Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn: --- Support this podcast:
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