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Hector Garcia CPA's Podcast

Author: Hector Garcia, CPA

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All sorts of topics about accounting and small business advisory from multiple sources that Hector has been recorded in
46 Episodes
If you are interested in learning my journey from the inception of my bookkeeping business in 2008 to getting my CPA license in 2014 and starting my YouTube Channel in 2015, this is an interview I had with Relay Bank
Value Pricing vs. Subscription Model in Accounting w/ Ed Kless and Ron Baker
CPAs innovating during crisis with Garrett Wagner, CPA
AltAccountant Podcast: Fix This Next with Michael Michalowicz
Some thoughts of encouragement to think about making the best of the current situation we are living 
Questions to ask yourself (and your clients) during this crisis with Ed Kless
Blair Enns is the Author of Win Without Pitching and Pricing Creativity.  Great books about specialization, positioning and pricing for creative forms; but totally adaptable to accounting and any service or knowledge-based business. Check out Blair's company: And BUY his BOOK:
Discussing in detail with Todd about the role of the CPA in this incredibly fast-paced world and leveraging the "TRUST" that our clients have in the CPA profession to create value that keeps us relevant
With Seth David: "What is the underlying value of hiring a professional?"
The Coveted Consultant with Alzay Calhoun
We discuss Rich's book on Strategy called: "StrategyMan and the Anti-Strategy Squad" and discuss how to implement strategy in a small business
Pricing & Authority with Jonathan Stark (AltAccountant Podcast)
There is nothing right about Efficiency - more lessons from Ron Baker... And the negative culture of efficiency
Efficiency vs. Effectiveness - Learnings from Ron Baker's Book IMPLEMENTING VALUE PRICING
Rival Goods vs. Non-Rival Goods, and the underrated value of Intellectual Capital
The real value of long term relationships and Trust
"In the real World, Debits do not Equal Credits" - Ron Baker
Redefining the word "Expensive"
Small Business Guide to "Outsourced Bookkeeping Services" 
Implementing a Positioning Strategy (excerpt from The AltAccountant Webinar)
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