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Artist Motivational Monday

Author: Chinue Phillips

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Helping creatives jump start their week with things to consider while they are starting out their week Intutive artist, author Support this podcast:
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The many ways you apply yourself in the world know you have the responsibility to let your light shine--- Support this podcast:
What is time. Its a concept we have made. The scriptures say "One day is as a thousand years and a thousand years is as one day. What is the concept you have about time--- Support this podcast:
You have influence over your experiences. Bless every positive aspect of your journey.--- Support this podcast:
The line is drawn in the sand you have to make a choice--- Support this podcast:
The resistance you maybe experienceing is just a warning --- Support this podcast:



We will be back next week. Taking a much needed rest dsy. Meanwhile enjoy some of the replays--- Support this podcast:
We love in a world that treats symtoms and not the root of things. Look for the root of the issue and the symptoms will disappear.--- Support this podcast:
Your next level requires you expand. Your being pulled now an just the thought of th unknow is frightful but you know you have to move forward.--- Support this podcast:
#ArtistMotivationalMonday we jump start your week and hopefully inspire you--- Support this podcast:
Is the only thing holding you back from your dream is how to fund it. Lets condsider some ways you can fund your dream. We have 6 months left in the year so lets get started --- Support this podcast:
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