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Artist Motivational Monday

Author: Chinue Phillips

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Helping creatives jump start their week with things to consider while they are starting out their week Intutive artist, author Support this podcast:
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--- Support this podcast:
Life happens regardless. There will be those hickups along the way stay focused and on point. You have done everything right --- Support this podcast:
2020 is fast approaching have you prepared for it what is your vision and what is your reason for it--- Support this podcast:
Life is the greatest university you will ever attend. You come with nothing and you learn alone the way. As you move through lifes university your making a blueprint of your life to encourage those left behind--- Support this podcast:
Nature is our best teacher. When a plant out grows the pot its in the roots start to come through the bottom of the pot. When its time for you to level up you start to expand where you are. You start to feel locked in because you have out grown where you are.--- Support this podcast:
Its time to get a road map to where our mindset is today. As we are headed to the end of 2019 its time to put our plan into action for 2020.--- Support this podcast:
Every project and path has a process to get you from one point to the next. There are lessons to be learned along the way. Society will have you believe the mircowave mindset, which does not work for your good.--- Support this podcast:
As you continue to grow change will happen. You have to ask yourself sre you ready mentally and Spiritual for the changes. Everyone cant go with you--- Support this podcast:
We have 3 months till December 2019, Where are you on your creative journey. 1. Good moving on point 2. Stagnated at a detour 3. Non movement the pass 90 days --- Support this podcast:
Sometimes we get stalled while on this journey and we become discouraged and we stop moving forward. Im here to tell you its ok to change the scrpit. You dont need anyones permission to change directions along your journey to your next level--- Support this podcast:
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