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Author: Kyle M Case & Lil Barron

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The Active Life presented by the Huntsman World Senior Games is a weekly 25 minute podcast designed to help listeners get the most out of their life. We tackle all kinds of health and wellness topics including the value of competition as part of overall active aging.
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What do you know about Crossfit? Our guest, Lance Loller takes us through the whole thing. Listen in to see if your idea of the sport changes. Jeff and Derek also debunk some fitness myths that many of us have held onto for too long. Check it out.
In today's episode Kyle and Jeff talk about chronic illnesses that might show up on your tongue before anywhere else. We also visit with Turd'l Miller about Trail Running, a new sport being introduced in the 2019 Huntsman World Senior Games. Enjoy.
At 335 pounds, Sue Reynolds couldn’t walk a block, fit in a restaurant booth, or even tie her own shoes. After failing one diet after another, she tried to lose weight one more time, but this time she had a secret daydream - to finish a triathlon. That secret daydream gave purpose to her dieting and exercise, and she lost 200 pounds, finished her first triathlon (dead last), and fell in love with swim, bike and run. Along the way, she discovered an athlete and competitive spirit had been hiding inside her body all along. Three years after completing her first triathlon in last place, Sue finished sixth in the world (and first American) at the World Triathlon Championship!
Today’s guest, Jody Wright, is the owner of Cool It! Cryotherapy and Massage located in St George, Utah. After working as a massage therapist for many athletes for over 20 years he discovered the amazing benefits of whole body cryotherapy. For five years the business has been a support to local athletes as well as those visiting the area for the Huntsman World Senior Games. He shares some of the benefits of cryotherapy and why you might want to consider it part of your preparation/recovery routine.In addition, Kyle and Lil talk about prostate health and how to potentially dodge the cancer that affects 1 in 9 men. 
#308 – Get Balanced

#308 – Get Balanced


Today’s guest is Ernest Quiocho an Exercise Therapist from Southern California. He graduated with Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from Dixie State University. In addition he is Fall Proof certified and a Health and Wellness activist. He shares some great insights into how to maintain your balanced as we age.Kyle and Lil also talk about the connection between hot flashes and heart problems in menopausal women. Some pretty important stuff.
Today, Kyle and Lil take a deep dive into the projects that have kept us all busy at the Huntsman World Senior Games during this time out. There’s some fun stuff going on that you’ll want to know about.Also as a Halloween bonus, they take a look at the “healthiest” Halloween candies, with an emphasis on the irony. This is a good show. Give it a listen. 
Today’ guest is another on our incredible list of The Fittest 50 Over 50. Bill Grundler is no stranger to the sweat and sore muscles of a good workout, along with all the other benefits. In high school he was a wrestler, taking state, and then continued in college until his career was cut short due to injury his senior year. After college Bill competed in triathlons and lifeguard events. And then he found CrossFit, which seems kind of like a natural progression.  He started competing in CrossFit when there weren’t any age groups and loved keeping up with those who were much younger than he was. Over the years, The sport has evolved and so has he. He is a multiple-time age group winner and still loves to push himself, even against competitors much younger than he is. And we are excited to welcome Bill to the show.On top of that, which is plenty, Kyle and Lil also share a few ways that you can tell if you've had a good workout. This is a great show. Check it out.
#305 - Play ‘Em All

#305 - Play ‘Em All


Today’s guest is yet another on our fantastic list of the Fittest 50 Over 50. Susan Ingraham comes from San Antonio, Texas where she grew up in a very active family. As a youth she rotated from volleyball to water polo to dance and swimming among other sports. Her active life didn’t stop as she got older. Today she still feels grateful that she can still compete in multiple sports such as swimming, water polo, badminton and shuffleboard at the national level. She considers being active a “golden ticket” to a long and healthy life. And we’re grateful she could join us today. Welcome Susan.Kyle and Lil also share a bit about probiotics, what they are, and more importantly, how to get them in our diets. This is a fun show. You'll want to check it out.
Jeffery Kennedy of the LiVe Well Center St. George, specializes in cardiac rehabilitation and … golf as fitness. Check out what he has to share in the latest episode of The  Active Life podcast.Also, Kyle and Lil share a few reasons why it might be time to kick the soda habit.
Today’s guest is John Ouweleen, a former New Jersey State Police Trooper who says he stayed active because of his job, but his later athletic achievements went well beyond that. In 2006, at the age of 66, he ran his first marathon and won his age group. Ouweleen has since completed 34 marathons, including 12 Boston Marathons, where he achieved 1st place in 2014 and 2019 in his age group. And that’s just the marathons. In addition, he holds 8 USATF Masters National age group titles in half marathons and 15K races and has won USATF Florida male Masters Athlete of the Year. In 2019 (just last year), Ouweleen tried his hand for the first time in track events, including at the Huntsman World Senior Games, and the success just continued. On top of all of that, John is on our list of the fittest 50 over 50.Kyle and Lil share acknowledge the national obesity rate is on the rise, but share some thoughts on how to arrest the expansion.
Sixty-eight year old rock climber, Dierdre Wolownick is simply amazing. Deirdre was born in New York City. She was a school teacher for 44 years, making a difference in the lives of countless students.  After she retired, her son Alex (That’s Alex Honnold of the film Free Solo fame.), introduced her to mountain climbing. She began training at age 57, but it wasn’t long before she had conquered many of the peaks of the Yosemite range including Snake Dike, Cathedral, and Yenaya. She is best known for being the oldest woman to climb El Capitan at age 66. WOW. And if rock climbing in your last sixties isn’t enough for you, Dierdre is rightfully so on our list of The Fittest 50 Over 50.You can purchase Dierdre's book, The Sharp End of Life: A Mother's Story, on Amazon Smile and support the Huntsman World Senior Games at the same time.Kyle and Lil also take a moment to talk about some signs of heart disease that we all ought to be aware of. Check this one out. It's great.
#301 – Ode to Joy

#301 – Ode to Joy


Joy Upshaw has held the title of world champion 24 times in the sport of track and field. She has been the best in the world TWO DOZEN times in masters age divisions in a variety of events. If you find that impressive, and you really should, you won’t want to miss this conversation. Joy shares stories, motivation and how she has continued to dominate in the world of track and field.On top of that, Kyle and Lil share some thoughts about how we could all lower our risk for heart disease. Check it out. This is a good show.
#300 – The 300

#300 – The 300


Episode 300 of The Active Life begins with a quick little walk down memory lane with a review of a couple of the best shows in recent history. Following the nostalgia, exercise physiologist Ryan Solberg from the Dixie Regional LiveWell Center talks about leg strength and why we should never skip leg day.
Today Clark and Carol Poulton, AKA Bit Younger and Lil Bit Younger, join us and talk about the wonder that is the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting. If you’ve heard of it, or if the name has piqued your interest, listen in as they give the low down on what is one of the fastest growing shooting sports in the world.Also, Kyle and Lil give a shameless plug for the Huntsman World Senior Game’s newest initiative, The 50 Over 50. Check it out.
Early in Brad Barton’s running career he set a goal to do something that had never been done before, be the first Olympic athlete from his university. He came painfully close, but fell short. Years later, he picked that same goal up once again, do something that’s never been done. He wanted to be the fastest miler over the age of 50 on planet earth. What would it take to get the job done? Listen to hear his amazing story of overcoming adversity, injury and challenge on the way to achieving his dreams. Oh, and by the way, he’s not finished. He feels he’s been called to do more.In addition, Kyle and Lil put a plug in for votes on the Rockingest 50 Over 50. This is a great show. You don’t want to miss it. 
Laurie Meschishnick grew up on a farm in Canada and played every sport offered so that her school could have a team. She settled into running and yoga as an adult for a while. However, from the first time she walked into a CrossFit gym, she felt at home. Since her CrossFit start in 2010, Laurie has competed in the CrossFit Games seven times and has made the podium four times. In 2019 she won the CrossFit Games in August and that same month she set two World Records at the Masters World Weightlifting competition in her age and weight category. And on top of all that, Laurie is listed in the number one position on The Fittest 50 Over 50. She is amazing! Kyle and Lil also introduce The 50 Over 50 initiative. Don’t miss this show.
Allen Christensen who serves as the Operations Manager for the St. George LiVe Well Center shares a few ideas on how to stay upbeat and active in the time of COVID.Kyle and Lil also talk about several foods that can help lower and keep your blood sugar levels under control. Give it a listen.
Last Friday, July 31, 2020, we made one of the most difficult announcements that we’ve made in our 34 year history as an organization. Due to the complexities and safety concerns of COVID-19, we have decided to forgo the 2020 Huntsman World Senior Games. We wanted to provide some insights into the decision process and how we arrived here. We also give a glimpse into some future projects and current initiatives that you’ll want to know about.In addition, Kyle and Lil share some thoughts on mental health and when you might want to visit with a therapist. Check it out.Reference Materials:
Not only is square dancing a fantastic physical activity, but the mental and emotional benefits are impressive as well. Yes, we said square dancing. Dave and Rose Marie Chapman, volunteer sport directors for the Huntsman World Senior Games, explain the competitive aspects of the sport as well as some of the benefits to hitting the dance floor.Kyle and Lil continue on with the list of fitness myths for older people that just need to go away. Check it out.17 Myths You Shouldn't Believe About Fitness After 50
Rachel Prairie joins us again for today’s show. She designs programs for Anytime Fitness trainers to execute with their clients and members all over the world. She is a Certified Functional Aging Specialist as well as Pain-Free Performance Specialist, Master Kettlebell Coach, FMS, TRX Training for Seniors and Adaptive Leadership. She’s kind of a big deal in the active aging world. She shares with us a few things we ought to keep in mind regarding a return to your gym when you are allowed to head back. She also shares a few great tips to keep that home workout headed in the right direction of your gyms are not opened yet.In addition, Kyle and Lil try to put to rest a few myths about aging. This is a good one. Give it a listen.
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