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What do you know about Crossfit? Our guest, Lance Loller takes us through the whole thing. Listen in to see if your idea of the sport changes. Jeff and Derek also debunk some fitness myths that many of us have held onto for too long. Check it out.
In today's episode Kyle and Jeff talk about chronic illnesses that might show up on your tongue before anywhere else. We also visit with Turd'l Miller about Trail Running, a new sport being introduced in the 2019 Huntsman World Senior Games. Enjoy.
Margie Manuele is a certified CNA and a true caregiver in every sense of the word. Julie Schaefer has 10 years in the senior living industry as a manager/acquisition team manager and 2 years as an Activity Professional. Both women share some insights into mental health and active aging.In addition, Kyle and Lil share a touching letter from a committed Huntsman World Senior Games athlete.
Bob Cottrell is a first-time athlete at the Huntsman World Senior Games. He shares not only his first-year experience at the Games, but also some of his experiences as a masters and senior athlete as well.Kyle and Lil remember our founder John H Morgan, and share a few testimonials from people who have been impacted by the Games.
Kyle and Lil share some research on the Mediterranean Diet and how it might be a mood lifter. They also visit with Adam Ballenger from Intermountain Health Care’s LiVe Well Center about how to keep doing what you love to do.Referenced Article:
Alan Hammerand has been competing in table tennis at the Huntsman World Senior Games for the past six years. He’s also registered to compete in the 2022 Games, ready to go. Allan has not only won many matches, but has also won many friends over the years. Check out his story.Kyle and Lil also share a bit about how to cut some of the sugar out of our diets.
Last time on The Huntsman World Senior Games Active Life, we talked with Games athlete Fred Davis about a herculean effort by he and his partner in the 2021 Games racquetball tournament. Frank’s partner had severely injured himself, but was determined to soldier on. Meanwhile Frank worked hard to help cover the court. You remember that, right? Well today we get to talk to his partner, Tad Callister. His side of the story is just as incredible. Don’t miss it.Kyle and Lil talk about eating to help reduce your risk of heart disease.
Huntsman World Senior Games athlete, Frank Davis has competed at the event 24 times in a variety of sports. Most recently he’s excelled at racquetball. Today he shares an amazing story of dedication and grit. His doubles partner, crashing into a wall attempting return a volley, broke his shoulder in four places, but the two were determined to persevere. Tune in to hear how it all turned out.Kyle and Lil also share the immunity boosting power of zinc.Referenced article:
Allan Christensen from the LiVe Well Center of Intermountian Health Care takes an unflinching look at exercise and why we need to get on the bandwagon. Kyle and Lil take a look at gut health and why that’s important as well.Referenced Article:
Ron Sereika is a volleyball player who has competed at the Games for 13 years. He, Kyle and Lil have a great chat about the ups and downs of organizing and playing tournaments in senior sports. It’s a real behind the scenes look. We think you’ll enjoy it.Kyle and Lil also share some foods that help you keep the pounds off after you turn 50. Fun stuff.Referenced article:
Today’s guest is one of our amazing athletes. Deena Millecam is a 5-year cyclist at the Games. Her husband talked her into trying it and they did it together until in 2017 he passed away, just a few days before the Games. She thought her competitive cycling days were over, but she felt that he would want her to continue. Now she rides in his memory and for herself, having made life-long friends along the way. In 2021, she was proud to race at the Games with her newly turned 50 year old son. Kyle and Lil share a few ways to reduce chronic inflammation as well. This is a good one. Check it out.
Josh Olmstead is the man behind the scenes who helps to organize, schedule and run the softball event at the Huntsman World Senior Games. With nearly 400 registered teams, this is no small task. Today, Kyle and Lil chat with Josh about what it takes to put on the single largest senior softball tournament in the world.In addition, Kyle and Lil share a few heart-healthy beverages that can help to keep the old ticker ticking.
#376 – Bike Tour

#376 – Bike Tour


Brandon and Bethany Price, co-directors of the Huntsman World Senior Games cycling event, join Kyle and Lil to introduce a brand new option for both cyclists and non-bikers alike. The bike tour event will give people the opportunity to see some of the wonders of the St. George, Utah, area and with an e-bike option, anyone can do it.Kyle and Lil also talk about how you can get a registration fee waiver for the 2022 Games. Listen today. 
Today we chat with Camille Clawson of Intermountain LiveWell Center about how ALL of our body's  systems are interconnected.  There is some compelling research on the subject that suggests our consciousness doesn't come only from our brain cells but from all cells in our body, which might explain why exercise helps with depression and why our gut health is so involved in immunity.Kyle and Lil also talk about how you can enter for a registration fee waiver for the 35th anniversary Huntsman World Senior Games. Check it out.
Today, John “Rosey” Rosander, the Director of Sports for the Huntsman World Senior Games joins us to talk about what to look for at the 35th Anniversary Games.Kyle and Lil also talk about this anniversary year including how to win one of 35 registration fee waivers that will be made available throughout the registration season. Listen to hear how you can enter to get your registration fee waived.
#373 - Drink Up

#373 - Drink Up


In today's  episode Mayda Jones talks about the importance of keeping yourself hydrated. It turns out it's kind of a big deal from your body to your brain, we need to be drinking water.In addition, Kyle and Lil share some of the foods of the healthiest people on earth. Check it out.
Today the crew has the privilege to visit with Marianne Hamilton, newly crowned Ms. Senior Universe. Marianne is a friend of the Games and also serves as the Sports Director for both Race Walking and Power Walking and just a few weeks ago earned her crown in the Ms. Senior Universe pageant, held in Las Vegas Nevada. She shares some behind the scenes stories of the pageant as well as the connection of empowering women that both events share. In addition, she breaks down the difference between Race Walking and Power Walking and how to get involved in both.Kyle and Lil also share a few of the benefits to jogging. Some are obvious, but one may surprise you. SPOILER ALERT: It has something to do with your cognitive health.
Today, we had the privilege to once again chat with Master’s 24-Time Track and Field World Champion, Joy Upshaw. What an optimistic and inspiring individual. Joy shares some of the joys of competition, as well as how she works through injuries. She talks about what motivates her and the best part of getting older as a senior athlete.In addition, Kyle and Lil talk about the new workout of plogging? What is plogging you ask? Tune into the show and find out. It’s a great way to help yourself and your community at the same time. 
#370 - Jumping High

#370 - Jumping High


Since the last episode was published, we lost our founder, mentor and friend, John Morgan. Kyle and Lil take a moment to remember John, sharing some personal stories about him. If you have a story to share about John Morgan, we’d love to hear it. Drop us a line at and Lil also had a great visit with Glen Irion, record breaking high jumper at the Huntsman World Senior Games in 2021. He shares how he worked through injuries, overtraining and continues to set the high marks to this day. Check it out.
Kyle and Lil share some thoughts on eating flexitarian as a lifestyle. This plant-first, meat-as-an-afterthought approach carries significant health benefits.Then, they get into the “meat” of the show with Bob Welty, a long-time athlete at the Huntsman World Senior Games. Bob began swimming at a young age and was good enough to get a scholarship where he swam in college. After graduating as an architect, Bob focused on raising his family, but at age 38 decided it was time to get back in the pool. And he’s been swimming ever since. Check out his inspirational story of friendship and overcoming.
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