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Don’t Call it a Comeback - The QR Code is Back!Are you using a QR code or Quick Response code to link to promotional materials, websites or to your podcast which can be done directly from a smartphone, so people can snap and enjoy it ASAP?Did You Know?QR codes were invented in 1994 to track cars on the assembly line that went out of fashion but have made a comeback.  I remember using QR codes on magnetic car signs when I was selling Avon.  QR codes were once more popular than social media icons used on commercial vehicles.  However, COVID has helped propel QR codes back into fashion due to the isolation and social distancing, because you can scan a QR without touching anything or anybody.Superbowl CommercialA QR code is a scannable code, usually in black and white squares or weird looking checkerboards that can be read with a Smartphone camera with free apps.  The code can contain links to a website, contest, ad, video and of course your podcast directory.QR codes can be created and placed on business cards, television programing, commercials, billboards, merch and even food containers.Money is tight!Money is tight and the cost of printing, paper and business cards can be costly so when creating a Business Card it is wise to add a QR code so that you don’t need to hand out your cards, just show one card with a QR code and ask the recipient to scan it.  Many business card and sticker designers include QR codes as an option in the design process such as CANVA, MOO and Stickermule.Baby Boomers and Social SeniorsYou don’t have to be tech savvy to use a QR code either - something that many boomers and seniors struggle with.  If someone asks about your blog or podcast, you can simply have them scan your QR code that contains your podcast directory and they can listen to your show immediately.  QR Codes works well for your guests; after the interview and when creating cover art for your guest to share, make sure to include a QR code that links directly to their individual episode and not to your entire directory.How Can I Use It?Your QR code should link to your web site that briefly describes your podcast or your social media platforms.  If it goes to your podcast, it should be a link to your trailer.  So use QR codes to promote your podcast on a card, sign, merchandise, billboard, social media posts and car signs especially if you travel a lot.  Use your QR code on your cover art or on bulletin boards at local stores and Farmer’s Markets. Don’t Call it a Comeback! Leave a review on Apple iTunes then head over to Instagram for a shout out on the next show!   #avon #vistaprint #moocards #canva #superbowl #commercials #jitterbug #bitly #boomers #seniors #smartphone #stickermuleSupport the show
On this episode of the Delaware Blogger Podcast, I share 5 tips for podcasting places and spaces which will help you before you begin recording.If you are not able to record in a studio such as Blake's Booth Podcasting Studio, these tips should help you record a good audio show.Silence—Choose a location that doesn't have a lot of noise.  Turn off any appliances, fans and air conditioning units, let people in the house know you will be recording and close the windows and blinds to cut down on outside noises.  Don't forget to put your phone on DND.Carpet—If you are in a room that is not carpeted or with hardwood floors, you can cover the floor with a throw rug or blanket to absorb the sounds.Furniture— Furniture absorbs and diffuses sound, so sofas and couches or cushioned chairs with pillows can absorb the sound, even a bookcase with lots of books works.  Even sitting in a walk-in closet filled with clothes makes a great location with good acoustics when recording!Acoustic treatment—To get the best results, acoustic foam panels or tiles can help.  There is also a portable recording isolation booth that you can use and take to other sites when recording on location.Time—Choosing the right time of day to record can reduce a lot of sound problems. Choose a day and time with the least amount of noise and when you will be least interrupted noises.If you would like more information about starting a podcast, send an email to info@ablakeenterprises.comSupport the show
Today is episode #300, last episode of Season 6 and I am sharing 4 quick tips for podcast interviews.1: Be Organized - make the flow of the show run smoothly by sending your guest a release or registration form which you will use to create a Q&A Script.  Know your guest, how they wish to be addressed and stay on topic but build in time for ad libbing and follow up questions.2. Send questions in advance so that your guest won’t be caught off guard or not have a response for a question.  Stick with question within the niche of your guest’s field of expertise as you have to deliver on your promise to your listeners.3. Script out your introduction; for example, along with the questions, how do they wish to be addressed and the correct pronunciation of their name if it is unique.4.  Always thank your guest and allow them to leave the links to their website/blog or other social media platforms.Remember to always ask your guest to share the episode after it has been published so that you can expand and broaden your brand.Today’s episode is being sponsored by 2nd Annual Comic Artist and Creators coming to Wilmington on August 5th & 6th.Send an email to if you wish to receive a copy of the Podcast Guest Release/Registration Form.Check out Blk Pod Festival for more information on this amazing organization!Make sure to share this episode to your fans and followers.Support the show
Audio Advice - “You ain’t heard it from me!” Eps. #299Are you always giving advice?  Do people come to you for advice?  Do you want to give advice but no one wants to listen?Do you remember reading Dear Abby columns or if you are younger, watching Mrs. Jenkins on Living Color.Well, if you are a parent, grandparent, auntie or nosey neighbor and you want to give advice, then a podcast is a perfect media for you - yes, “Audio Advice” but you ain’t heard it from me!We all have various experiences growing up in different neighborhoods, towns, cities, states, even continents, so our advice will be varied and you don’t have to worry about copying someone else's style.It doesn’t matter whether you are dishing out advice on life skills, fashion, food, travel, home, work, auto repairs, cooking, cleaning, dating, we all have advice or “I remember growing up” memories.So whether you decide to start a show as a solo host, just you giving out advice, or having a girlfriends or bruhz boardroom roundtable, father and son, mother and daughter or even a deep daily dive with “Auntie You”, starting a podcast of “audio advice” would be a benefit to many.To learn more, send an email to info@ablakeenterprises.comSupport the show
 In this episode of the Delaware Blogger Podcast, I am offering 6 Tips that will help you to market your podcast to get more listeners.Submit to every podcast directory, not just the major onesCreate a website or blog for your podcastKeyword optimization is crucialUse social media to promote, even on one rarely used like PinterestGive interviews and promote your podcastRespond and reach out in support of other podcastersCheck out this episode to get more in-depth information and make sure to subscribe to my blog, to get the complete show notes for each episode.Send an email to to schedule a Complimentary Discovery Call and to sign up for the 5-Week Podcasting Your Purpose Coaching Sessions.Find and follow me on all my social platforms at Support the show
Podcasting Your PassionWhat do you have a passion for?  Is there something that you would do every day for the rest of your life if you could.Do you have a passion for traveling, how about cooking, fitness, fashion, meditation, parenting, teaching, preaching or just about talking about pop culture the latest movie, book or episode of Chicago PD.Is there some that you could talk about each and every day or at least weekly without interruption to your closest friends and their associates?  Do you have a burning desire to share a topic because you are an expert in it or at least think you are, talking 10-15 minutes non stop alone in a room or perhaps in a studio?  Well if you answered yes to any of these questions then a podcast is perfect for you.Why not turn that passion into a podcast, don't let fear stop you especially now as we are coming off of post pandemic, hey, you never know who needs to hear your story, your passion and your glory, you might be able to change someone's life with your voice.Please don't allow Imposter Syndrome or negative thoughts of fear, which is “False Evidence Appearing Real” of entering your head, don’t feel as though podcasting is an  over-saturated market because I can’t keep up with the number of television streaming channels are currently on the market with new ones joining every day….plus you never know where it will lead you, I just read that CityCast Philadelphia is looking for podcasters….do you love that Jawn?  My girlfriend, Demia Avery moved from Wilmington, Delaware to Wilmington, NC and now has a very successful podcast, “What Cha Doin Wilmington” and she is sharing travel tips and local venues to her listeners and you can do the same for your town, city or state.My passion for podcasting began in 2017, simply speaking into a smartphone on the Anchor FM platform, to me writing 2 resource guides, creating a 5-week podcast coaching session with new clients reaching out to me weekly, I just interviewed 30 TEDx Wilmington speakers and will be turning it into a full fledge podcast series…and in just two weeks, I will be taking the stage or standing in a breakout room at the BlackPod Festival in Atlanta during the Memorial Day weekend and I am so excited because teaching is my passion and teaching on podcasting each week is my passion.Are you retired or are an Encore Entrepreneur, with years or decades of content or too much information in your head or are thinking that it’s time to shift and make a move then podcasting your passion and your purpose is a perfect medium for you.Send an email to to schedule a 15-Minute Discovery Call so that we can get you started with podcasting or blogging today.Subscribe to the Delaware Blogger Podcast, and share this episode, you never know who you will touch.Support the show
Have you recently been interviewed on another podcast, perhaps contributed to a magazine or online article.  Have you contributed to a book or Whitepaper?  If so, you need to promote it!In this episode of The Delaware Blogger Podcast I talked about the many ways in which you could and should promote your media coverage and your podcast as well including:Posting on your social media sitesPosting on the social media sites of the writer or publisher/podcasterPosting offline using business card, flyers and Media KitsPosting on LinkedIn and MediumSharing with your team or group membersFollowing the writer on their social media platforms.I was recently interviewed on HBCU Daily Grind and then posted it on my blog .  I have also been promoting pics of the TEDx Wilmington speakers that I interviewed on all my social pages and tagging them as well for more exposure.So if you want to promote your podcast, another great way is to share it along with any media coverage you have received!Support the show
In the final part of this multi-part episode of the Delaware Blogger Podcast, I talked about: Choosing music for your podcast3 parts of a podcast episodeEditing your episode including CTACover Art for your podcastUploading an episodeLaunching your showIf you would like a downloadable version of the Podcasting Your Purpose Workbook, please send an email to and for more podcasting tips, come back every Saturday at 10 AM.
Podcasting Sweet Spots

Podcasting Sweet Spots


In this episode of the Delaware Blogger Podcast, I give tips on finding your podcasting sweet spots when it comes to scripting, recording, speaking and editing.Write an outline to help with the flow of the showChoose your sweet spot location for recordingChoose your mic sweet spot for speakingHydrate and urinate before recordingEditing in your sweet spot or a studioTake a listen, then share with your family, friends, bae and boo too and if you are in Atlanta during Memorial Day Weekend, make sure to attend the Blk Pod Festival as I will be presenting "Podcast Promotion via Social Media"Tickets are available subscribe to the podcast as I provide weekly tips for podcasting so that your journey is made just a little more smooth!
On this episode of the Delaware Blogger Podcast I am talking about hardware and software used by podcasters as written in my Podcasting Your Purpose eBook.BTW - I am interviewing speakers for a podcast highlighting TEDxWilmington on April 30th at The Mill in Wilmington and I am looking forward to using my portable mics and headphones and recording in a small space that is perfect for podcasting.Hardware & Software for PodcastersPodcasts are awesome because they have such a low barrier to entry. You can start recording a podcast with your smartphone, headphones or earbuds and grow your way into a full blown podcasting studio.   Just remember, your content is the most important part. Nobody listens to a boring podcast just because it has great sound quality.Microphones that I have used:• Audio-Technica ATR2100X on Amazon• ShureMV7 - on Amazon• Blue Yeti Headphones that I have used:• Panasonic on Amazon• Audio Technica ATH-M20xWhat editing software are you going to use?• Garage Band – Free on Mac• Audacity – Free for Mac, PC, and LinuxTip: If you’re doing remote interviews, I recommend creating an account on Zoom, Skype or Free Conference Call.Using a portable recording booth will eliminate unwanted noise. A Sound Recording Booth Cube Shield will dampen external sounds that distracts from your recordings. Acoustic foam platform pads and acoustic tiles block off outside noise such as air conditioning or computer fans, reduces sound reflections or echos and unwanted acoustic interference, soundproof filters will let you record like a pro.  Recording in your walk in closet is also a great alternative.Portable Recording Booths• Microphone Foam Booth - on Amazon• Aokeo Microphone Isolation Shield - on Amazon• Acoustic Tiles - on AmazonIf you wish to sign up for the 5-Week Podcasting Your Purpose Coaching, please send an email to
If you are ready to broaden your brand and expand your exposure online or if you just want to leave a legacy simply by using your voice, then a podcast is a perfect medium for you!In this episode of the Delaware Blogger Podcast, I am talking  about starting a podcast which is also written in the Podcasting Your Purpose eBook which is part of the 5-Week Podcasting Your Purpose Coaching Sessions.Podcasting listenership is increasing every day with more than 90M people in American alone reporting they listen to a podcast show each and every month.So if you are a business owner, entrepreneur, solopreneur or even a side hustler, you should start a podcast so that you can broaden your brand and expand your exposure online.Take a listen to this episode for tips that will help you to start a podcast today, and stay tuned for more weekly tips on the Delaware Blogger Podcast.Know your why - who is your target audienceChoose a podcast name and descriptionChoose a podcast formatChoose a podcast scheduleClick this link to find and following me on all my social medial platforms including my blog and YouTube Channel >
Today's episode of the Delaware Blogger Podcast are 8 Tips to help you grow your show.  Oftentimes it can be frustrationg when your show isn't getting the downloads or listeners that you thought you would get and you may be ready to quit - but don't - always remember, you have to be in it to win it!In this episode I give the following tips:Know who you are talking toSpend less time editing and more time promotingBe a guest on another podcaster's showEngage with your audienceInvite high profile guest onto your showBe in it for the long haul - don't podfade after 7 episodesSeek help or assistance - join groups and forumInclude a CTAIf you send an email to I will send you FREE checklists and printables that will help you with the promotion and growth of your podcast."Podcasting Your Purpose Resource Guide Edition 2" can be now be purchased - to order a copy click this link
“if you have found anything of interest in today’s episode make sure to share with your family friends, bae and boo too and don’t forget to follow me on linktree at ablakeenterprises"If you’re a regular listener of the Delaware Blogger podcast you have heard me say this, time and time again at the end of each episode - this is my CTA or call-to-action which is what should be said at the end of each podcast show.I recently conducted a Social Media for Small Business Workshop and one of the items we covered were Calls-To-Action, they are important not only on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but they also play an important part in finding your podcast and with audience engagement. One of the hardest things for any social media platform is discoverability or being found, attracting and building an audience. After you have done all the hard work to create a great podcast, it only makes sense to ask your listeners to engage take action after listening to the audio.   This episode will not only give you a few tips on what to say, but also, why.  Remember, if you have found anything of interest in today’s episode make sure to share with your family friends, bae and boo too and don’t forget to follow me on linktree too at ablakeenterprisesEventbrite Ticket Link for BLK Pod Festival in Atlanta
As a blogger who has turned it into a profitable business, I realize that not everyone has time to read a 600-word blog post, let alone write one. Many people just want to watch a quick video or listen to a short show, which is probably one of the best benefits oa business podcast.Blog Your Way to a Business Profit was one of several podcasts that I hosted and they are all great ways to reach people outside of when they’re sitting in front of a computer. The best part, you don’t need to be a blogger or an established content creator to learn how to start a podcast for your business.Unlike written or visual content, podcasts are great to listen to when you’re on the treadmill at the gym, on your morning commute to work, sticking your headphones in while doing yard work or a little spring cleaning like clearing out the closet…you can listen during any of these times.It’s now easier than ever to listen to podcasts. Bluetooth technology allows people to listen in their cars. Apple’s Podcast app is pre-installed on every device and it only takes a few clicks to subscribe to a podcast. It’ll also notify them each time a new episode is available to listen and download.10 Benefits of a Business PodcastBuild a personal connectionIt's convenientIt's easy to get startedAlternative to videoIncreases trafficImproves conversion rateHigh engagementBuilds authorityIt can provide additonal stream of incomeBrand AwarenessI will be speaking at BLK Pod Festival, so if you are in the area, make sure to purchase a ticket to meet me there! These are just 10 Benefit of a Business Podcast and there are definitely more, so if you are interested in starting a podcast, send an email to to get started with the 5-Week Podcasting Your Purpose Coaching Session.
“If a tree falls in a forest and there is no one to hear it does it make a sound”  Today’s episode #288 of the Delaware Blogger Podcast is 6 Tips to Promote Your Podcast via Social Media.If you want your podcast to be successful, you can’t simply wait for listeners to find your show, you’ll have to market and promote your podcast via social media.Social media is a powerful tool that helps you to reach your audience and attract new people. In this episode I talked about 6 tips that will help you promote your podcast via social media but you should also use your blog, vlog or website to share  your shows as FREE social media platforms aren't always reliable - TRUST ME!Tip #1 - Choose Your Platforms Based Upon Your NicheTip #2 - Make sure your profile is right and tightTip #3 - Make your content pop!Tip #4 - Automate and syndicateTip #5 - Engage with Your AudienceTip #6 - Promote and Promote and Promote Some MoreRemember, if you want to promote a podcast on social media, you will have to spend time and energy as there is no quick shortcut in which to do so.If you wish to learn more or engage the services of a Social Media Manager, please head over to to check out my offerings and packages.Find and follow me on all my social platforms via
People are literally starting a podcast almost every day - yes, we hear about it on television and radio shows.  This may make you feel intimidated about starting or even continuing with your own podcast.  However, this episode will give you 6 tips that will help to make your show stand out and pop!Here are 6  tips to make your podcast pop!Choose a topic that matters to you Use a format that works for you PrepareMake sure your audio is clearBe ConsistentListen to your audienceWhen you are ready to start a podcast, send an email to to schedule your 5-Week Coaching Session and then check out my other social media platforms at
What is stopping you from starting a podcast?What are you struggling with in starting a podcast?What steps have you taken in starting a podcast?What is your biggest roadblock to starting a podcast?These are just a few questions that I am here to help you with each and every week.  Last week I share a few interesting podcast facts for 2022, and it you missed it, please check it out, however, there is one fact that I want you to always remember: 66% of consumers prefer podcasts over televisionI watched this week’s episodes of Grand Crew and Blackish and they both included some podcast humor in their shows.  On Blackish, Dr. Rainbow Johnson started a podcast and had all of her equipment, headphones, mic and laptop but she forgot to hit record on her show.  On Grand Crew they talked about starting a show entitled “Pancakes and podcasts but it was being recorded outdoors - a big no no!Speaking of food, there is a new podcast show “What I ate when I was broke” being advertised on the radio.So with all these new shows poping up, I know you are ready to start your podcast and in this episode I am sharing 20+ topics to get you to stop procrastinating and start podcasting!Next week, we will talk about how to make your podcast stand out in 2022 but if you have any questions about promoting your podcast or even starting a podcast, send an email to so that we can get you signed up for the 15-minute Complimentary Discovery Call and registered for the 5-Week Coaching Session on Zoom or at Blake’s Booth Podcasting Studio in Middletown, DE
Hello and welcome to Episode #285 of the Delaware Blogger Podcast.  Today's episode is titled Podcast Facts and Formats for 2022I recently read a few interesting podcast facts for 2022 that I wanted to share with you:Podcasting market is estimated to reach about $1.62 billion in ad revenueThere are over 2 million podcasts in existence66% of consumers prefer podcasts over televisionNow, I don’t know about you, but there is only one of these facts that really excites me and that is that one of 66% of consumers prefer podcasts over tv - which amazes me because many television personalities are now starting podcasts but aren’t looking to leave their television gigs.So that being said, if you are ready to start a podcast and you're still trying to narrow your niche or even come up with a topic, in the podcast episode I covered 20 , because choosing the right topic for your podcast is what is going to attract your audience and keep you motivated to consistently creating new content.Roundtable ConversationHosted interviewHow-To'sAudiobooksComedyDaily UpdatesTop 10 ListsProduct ReviewsAdviceSocial MediaBeauty and FashionHealth and WellnessPodcastingTravelCelebrity NewsCollege CoursesTechnologyThis Day in HistoryRepurposed ContentGuided MeditationsNext week, I will come back with 20 more, and if you have any questions about promoting your podcast or even starting a podcast, send an email to so that we can get you signed up for the 15-minute Complimentary Discovery Call and registered for the 5-Week Coaching Session on Zoom or at Blake’s Booth Podcasting Studio in Middletown, DE the rest of your day and remember, if you’ve found anything of interest in today’s show, please leave a review, or buy me a cup of coffee and share it with your family, friends, bae and boo and listen to a few other episodes too!  Until the next time this is the DE Divah aka the Delaware Blogger, wishing you a beautifully blessed day - bye bye!
This episode contains more responses from podcast hosts who contributed to the book, "Why 75% of Podcast Fail and How You Can Avoid It" a Daniel Larson Project.If you want to read all 100 of the podcasters contributions including my own on page 7,  head over to Amazon to order a copy of the book (Affiliate Link).In this episode I gave my 2 cents tips to these 10 responses:Just go for it - prepare but don’t procrastinateDon’t have to be perfect to start - practice, practice, progressSchedule time and factor in personal and professional lifeHave a strategic plan - narrow your audience - can’t reach everyoneLine up guests and stay on topicReach out to the “experts” or those in the field with more experience - forums, groups and communitiesOutsource - cannot be a “jack of all trades” because podcasting is more than just talkingIt takes time…lots of timeStart sooner - “when was the best time to plant a tree 10 years ago?...”Better to be published and be imperfect thant to be perfect (in your mind) and take forever to publishIf you have found anything of interest in today’s episode, please share the show with someone you know because sharing is caring and that is how I feel about you.You can find and follow me on all my social media platforms by using the linktree id DelBlogger and send an email to for a FREE copy of “7 Step Checklist for Starting a Podcast” and/or sign up for the 5-Week Podcasting Your Purpose Coaching Session or to purchase a copy of Podcasting Your Purpose Resource Guide Edition 1 available on Amazon,
Welcome to Season 6 - Episode 283 of the Delaware Blogger PodcastI am kicking off the season with tips from the book, "Why 75% of Podcasts Fail and How You Can Avoid It" written by Daniel Larson and a contribution from me on page 7.These 10 tips from podcasters I believe are worth implementing especially if you are a newbie as they will save you time and money in the long run.Check them out:KISSBe BasicLearn about editingPre-Record and Vet GuestsPrepare content in advanceLearn about editingPrioritize to monetizeConsistency is keyConsistency and PersistencePodcasting is not just another social media platformTo order a copy of the book, head over to Amazon, or click this link (Affiliate Link)Please subscribe to my podcast and send an email to if you wish to enroll in the 5-Week Podcasting Your Purpose Coaching or purchase a copy of Edition 1 of "Podcasting Your Purpose Resource Guide" on Amazon.
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