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Weekly episodes of podcasting pointers that help you expand your exposure and broaden your brand by using your voice. I am an award-winning blogger, vlogger, author, professional speaker and CEO of A. Blake Enterprises, Social Media Marketing and Consulting. You can find and follow me on all my social media platforms at

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This episode is an update to a previous show - 5 Podcasting Pointers So whether or not you are just starting a podcast or are a seasoned pro - check out these 5 Podcasting Pointers; to hear ways in which to promote your podcast, and after listening, please feel free to leave a few of your own. 1) Find and Follow Your Audience - find your audience and then promote your podcast on the platform in which they hang out.  Younger audience are commonly found on Instagram and Snapchat, Boomers and Beyond are on LinkedIn and Facebook Use Hashtags - yes, even on Facebook. Hashtags help in organic searches and helps other find podcasts and podcast topics. 2) Use hashtags such as #podcast #podcasthost #podcastguest and of course, #podcastlife Use images - humans have the attention span less than that of a goldfish - approximately 7 seconds so make sure you have pretty pictures or images to stop people from strolling. 3) Turn audio into video - convert your audio into a video using animation apps.  Using tools such as AudioGram will transform audio into video with images. 5) Promote Old Episodes - Create a schedule to promote your podcasts and be consistent - never just one and done.  Use Buffer, Hootsuite, PromoRepublic to repurpose old episodes especially if the topic is evergreen. Find and follow me on all my social platforms at and sign up for AudioGrams using my affiliate link --- Send in a voice message:
How Long Should A Podcast Episode Be? This has been such a frequently asked question, that I decided to address it again in this episode of the Delaware Blogger Podcast. Once you have decided to start a podcast; you’ve chosen a title, topic and your description and you may even have your equipment and are ready to get into the closets to start recording. However, one of the biggest questions you may have before hitting the record button is, “how long should my podcast episode be?”  How long should I be talking….5 mins...15 mins...30 minutes or even 60 minutes? Pre-COVID, when podcasting was becoming popular I was taught that it was best to record no more than 28-35 minutes which was a normal commute on a bus, train or in a car, however, now with most people working remotely that has changed...a normal commute is about 13 stairs! Most people’s commute is from the bedroom to the living room so the attention span got longer which is a good thing because we had so much more time on our hands with nothing to do, vegging out on Netflix became popular so much so that “Netflix and Chill” became a popular phrase. I will be presenting “Creating a Binge Listening Podcast” at the PodKnow2021 Online Podcasting Conference on June 24th, here is the link if you need tickets Just like blogging, if you can say it in 50 words, why write 500 words? Listen to the entire episode to determine how long your show will be - but remember, you have to “do you boo boo!” Music provided by the & Alitu and the show is sponsored by Helping One More Entrepreneur - Blake’s Booth Podcasting Studio in Middletown, DE Share this show with your family, friends and followers and make sure to find and follow me on all my social media platforms at Join us on Clubhouse every Sunday at 3 PM - Podcasting Your Purpose Room --- Send in a voice message:
Yes...Yes...Yes!  Clubhouse is now available to Android users and although I previously signed up using my iPad, I am now happy that I can access the app via my Smartphone.  In case you wish to follow me, you know I am @delawareblogger I have created a room, "Podcasting Your Purpose" and last Sunday was the launch, however, it was only me and 2 others who joined in, we shared a few social media promotional tips.  Hopefully, there will be others joining this Sunday as we continue the discussion on how to use social media to promote your podcast. So mark you calendar for 3 PM EST every Sunday and join us! Find and follow me on all my other social media platforms as well --- Send in a voice message:
If you've ever considered creating a blog or website for your podcast, I'll tell you that it's a good idea. While it's not 100% necessary, having a website can do a lot for you as far as promoting and finding your podcast through the search engines - or SEO. I’ve been blogging since 2012 and yes, it takes time to build and grow an audience and increase readership and no it’s not easy, but you can do it and if you are looking for a place to begin, start by signing up with Podpage and please feel free to use my referral link : The purpose of a blog or website is to house all your episodes in one location. Most podcasters post their shows on various social media platforms which is fine, but it’s much easier for your listeners to go to one site and you can also track your analytics from the one site as well. Find the right Platform If you want to build a blog or website from scratch, then I suggest GoDaddy because there are plenty of different templates so you can choose the look you want. I can teach you how to start a blog as part of my offerings for $299 or you can wait and enroll in my online Build a Blog course which is coming soon. Podcast Posts Use your show notes to create short blog posts about each episode. The content should include specific keywords for search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is the way in which search engines rank certain websites. If you want your show's website to show up on the first page of Google, consider adding high ranking keywords to your blog posts. If you need more assistance in researching keywords, try using Google's keyword planner. In addition to the show notes from your podcast episodes you should also include other key elements such as: About The Host(s): Let your audience get t know you and the others if there are more than one What to Expect: Why you started the show and what your audience can expect from it Events: Showcase when you’re hosting  an event CTA: What do you want them to do or where to go after reading the post Post Promotion The best part of having a blog or website is in promoting it via the various channels. Especially if your goal is to have listeners find your episodes all in one site, you need to make sure that you're directing them to that site. Make sure you add your URL to your social media bios or create a Linktree id which makes it easier to find. Your end of show CTA should let your listeners know where they can find you and ask them to leave comments on your posts because comments and reviews can also boost your SEO rankings. Do you have a blog or website for your podcast? --- Send in a voice message:
Podcasting for Your Business or Brand Tips #1 Podcasting listenership is increasing every day with more than 90M people in American alone reporting they listen to a podcast show each and every month. Due to the COVID19-Pandemic, not only are people listening more from home using their Smartphones, Laptops, Tablets and Desktops they are listening via Smart Speakers; AI Devices and via Infotainment Centers built into their vehicles. Listening to music is still high, but the news, talk and sports listening is increasing especially those with podcasts covering these topics.  Consumers are consuming more media so business owners and brands need to create more content to satisfy this increase. Technology is at our fingertips and there is no longer a distinction  between age groups or other demographics either, with many saying “goodbye” to green screens shooting videos to saying “hello” to their walk-in closets recording podcasts. So if you are a business owner, entrepreneur, solopreneur or even a side hustler, you should start a podcast so that you can broaden your brand and expand your exposure online. To learn more about podcasting make sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel and find and follow me on all my social media platforms @ Music "Sterling Cooper" purchased from Arches --- Send in a voice message:
Happy New Year!!!  Are you ready to start a podcast?  If so, today's show, "New Year New You Podcast Topic Tips" is for you.  In this episode #238 of the Delaware Blogger Podcast, I give you some tips on choosing a topic for your show. Go for the Goal You need to be clear on why you want to make a Podcast. What is the goal of your podcast, Think about whether you need a Podcast for your main life (brand) or business objectives.   Health, fitness, family, finances, retirement, education, college, vocational training, new business start up…and you need to know the pain points of your target market audience. Caring is Sharing Choose an idea for a podcast that you are genuinely interested or passionate about.  You don’t need to be an expert in this field right now, but you need to be interested enough to spend the next few years learning more about a topic and creating content on this topic. So choose wisely.  Passion will keep you motivated in moments of a slowdown. Note: There are more than 1 million Podcasts, but over 650 million blogs. There may be less competition in podcasting, but you must consistently create high-quality content, otherwise you won’t get noticed and if you are not posting new content regularly, you will lose your relevance. Future Monetization for Your Podcast With the rising popularity of podcasts there is an opportunity to make money online. If you are planning to work hard on your podcasts, so think about a monetization strategy in advance which includes: Affiliate marketing / Patreon / Selling your product What Problem Will Your Podcast Solve? You must know your audience well. Are they male or female? What do they do? Are they college students, working professionals, or senior citizens? Are they single moms, bloggers, or entrepreneurs? Know the demographics of podcast listeners.  Knowing this will help you choose a topic for a podcast that will talk about something that is a specific pain-point solution for people. Use your podcast to give answers to your audience’s questions. Select a Niche and a Format for Your Podcast Even if you are creating podcasts as a hobby or a business,  it is not advisable to talk about too many different types of topics, for example, don’t talk about weight loss in one episode and then politics in the next.  Try to have a theme or be  specific with your genre or issues so that your audience is likely to come back for more. If you want to make Podcasts to spread awareness, choose a theme instead of working on a bunch of random topics every week. Along with a niche, you should also choose a format. A Podcast is an audio media where you can experiment with several formats; it can be scripted with a solo host or an interview between two individuals, or even a free-flowing conversation within a small group of people. Include Keywords for SEO Your podcast will rank higher in search if the topics include keywords that users commonly search. Search Engine Optimization Strategies so that people find your podcast through search engines like Google. There are many tools where you can find highly searched keywords on your subject and use it in your topic. Try to have the main keyword for your podcast episode in the title or description. Are you ready to start your show?  Send an email to me at to schedule a 15-minute complimentary discovery call.  Find and follow me at --- Send in a voice message:
Tips on naming your podcast - Season #5 - Episode #237 1. What is the tone of your show If you are not creating a podcast as an extension of your brand, business or blog, you will need to think about the tone of the show. For example, will it be professional, personal, funny, educating, enlightening, inspirational, motivational? Whatever it is, choose a podcast name that reflects the tone of the show.   If it’s going to be funny or humorous, then try incorporating something witty - write down words that are associated with the mood. Try using to search for words that match the feel of your podcast! 2. Make your name short and sweet! Good podcast names are always short, catchy, and easy to remember.   No matter how you choose to name a podcast, you want to make it easy for your target audience to find you. A good rule of thumb here is to cap it at 3-4 syllables tops! Anything longer than that may make it difficult for your audience to remember -  a shorter name is better in general. 3. Research your competition Check out the names of other podcasts in the same niche, it is a great way to gauge podcast names from others in the industry. The goal is to quickly have listeners identify your niche within the first couple of seconds. 4. Make sure your name isn’t already taken Sounds like a no brainer, right?  Well you never know, make sure to do a Google Search and this also includes profile and business pages on other social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. You don’t want to make the mistake of registering an available domain - but then realizing later on that someone else has already used the same one on social media! It takes only a few minutes to go through each platform to see if your podcast’s name or a variation of it has already been taken by other people. You also want to make sure that the name you are choosing is not trademarked, head over to and do a search to make sure that your name isn’t infringing on any intellectual property! So setting the right tone of your podcast show with the name and logo is important, especially if you are planning on growing your show in 2021! For a free copy of the Podcast 7-Step Checklist, click the link or send an email to find and follow me on all my social media platforms at --- Send in a voice message:
On Tuesday, May 4th, I presented at PodFest 2021 Masterclass Online Summit, Social Media Growth 101 - Podcast Promotion via Social Media Whether or not you are a newbie or a veteran podcaster, promotion is by far the biggest pain point for most hosts.  With over 60 social media platforms to choose from there’s no doubt that your ideal audience is out there, ready to engage with you and your content.  But how do you promote on social media effectively? The first step is understanding where your audience hangs out and then be there consistently with good content to actively grow that audience. The number don’t lie! Facebook has 2.8 billion monthly active users Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users Twitter has 353 million monthly active users LinkedIn has 310 million monthly active users However, not all social media platforms are created equal! While you may want to have a presence on all of the main channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube), it’s best to start slow. You can always expand in the future.  Focus on who your ideal listener may be, as well as the subject matter covered in your show – where do those types of people congregate online? Do they engage with Facebook groups? Are they on Twitter? Are they on Instagram? YouTube? Use audience data and analytics to pick the platform that best matches your listener and spend your initial efforts where you can make the largest impact on your target audience and here are a few quick tips: Set up a business webpage or website - Podpage or Wordpress Create one link to make it easier to share Create videos and add captions to catch and keep attention Send weekly emails or monthly newsletters - preferably Sunday mornings at 7 AM - early riser/reader Use audio grams/headliners/audiobursts for teasers Always create a CTA For more podcasting pointers, head over to my blog, DelBlogger or YouTube Channel and starting this Saturday at 9 AM EST at the Podcasting Your Purpose Room on Clubhouse. Find and follow me on all my social media platforms at --- Send in a voice message:
Hello and welcome to the Delaware Blogger Podcast, Episode #254, today I am talking about how to start a podcast without spending a fortune. Now it doesn’t matter whether you are an entrepreneur, solopreneur, freelancer, a 9-5 employee or even a SAHM/SAHM, you may have thought about starting a podcast. Perhaps you have a passion or a hobby that you wish to share with others, are considered an expert or guru in your field, then starting a podcast to share that knowledge and expertise is a great way in which to do so. You might also think that it is going to be an expensive investment and that you will need to spend a lot of money for equipment, hardware and software. But nope, that is not the case and you can start a podcast and get it up and running without having to spend a lot of money. Remember, "you don't have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great" - Les Brown Check out today's episode and feel free to share it with a friends and if you need assistance in starting a podcast, send an email to me at so that we can get you started on the Podcasting Your Purpose 5-Week Coaching Sessions. Find and follow me on all my social media platforms on Linktree using the id DelBlogger Music heard on today's episode was provided by The Podcast Host and Alitu: The Podcast Maker App. Check out Blake's Booth Podcasting Studio and sign up for Podfest 2021 Virtual Summit where I will be presenting on 5/4/21 at 11:00 AM EST --- Send in a voice message:
In this episode of the Delaware Blogger podcast I once again talk about why podcasting has become a very powerful medium for not only rich and famous politicians such as Barack Obama or comedians such as Dave Chappell; Talk Show hosts Oprah Winfrey or even actors and actresses such as Demi Moore and Dennis Quaid but for the many reasons listed below: Push -vs- Pull Marketing Intimate and involved Record anywhere on a large, free stage Listen anywhere - complete control 100% open rate -vs- email/newsletters Connect with clients on their commute or cleaning - multitask and binge consume Revenue investments expected to increase to $1B Take a listen to this entire Episode #253, leave a review and of course share with your family, friends and followers and if you wish to sign up for the 5-Week Coaching session, send an email to me at or check out the website.  Find and follow me on all my social media platforms at The Podcast Music was provided by The Podcast Host and Alitu: The Podcast Maker app. --- Send in a voice message:
Let’s face it, first impressions are lasting impressions and your podcast cover art is the first thing potential new listeners see when they come across your show. First impressions are important so you want to have a simple, yet eye-catching design that works as well at the size of a postage stamp as well as on a large desktop screen. Also, please note that you need cover art in order to submit your podcast to the major directories and there’s no way around that. Think of your cover art as your favorite album cover and to those of us who remember when we purchased an album from the record shop sometimes it was just for the cover so that we can hang it on the walls, but I digress and I am also showing my age! However, no matter what topic or niche of your podcast, there are many others, literally millions of other shows to compete against, so you want your art to be unique and draw attention immediately - we have the attention span that is less of a goldfish! So when people are scrolling through podcasts they are seeing different colors, shapes and fonts and you want to make yours different so it catches their attention making them want to stop, click and listen! Listen to today's episode on things to consider when creating podcast cover art then head over to the blog or website to check out the new podcasting studio on Delaware and send an email to me at to schedule a Complimentary Discovery Call to get started on the 5-Week Podcasting Coaching Sessions. Find and follow me at Today's episode of the Delaware Blogger Podcast is sponsored by Ignite Leadership 360 --- Send in a voice message:
Podcasting a Marketing Tool For Your Business When you have decided to start a podcast for your business, remember, it should be an extension of your brand, not a replacement of your brand. Concept/Topic When starting a podcast for your business you should always start with a concept, topic or niche.  What is your podcast going to be about?  Will it be about the product and services that you offer or will it be a topic that is related to your offerings for your target market audience and/or help to solve their pain points. Allow your creativity and personality to shine through.  Make sure if you have guests that they too are good for your business brand - remember, “your brand is your bond and your bond is your brand!” Tone of the Show What is the tone of your show, will it be professional and serious or will it be light hearted and fun.  Whichever tone it takes, make sure that it presents your business in a positive light - “shine online” and the guests you choose should also fit the tone of your show. Focus on Content Your podcast should provide to your listeners content that is of value and you shouldn’t use your show as an advertisement.  The podcast is about your audience not your ego so use it to improve your relationship with your clients, customers and listeners. Motivation What is going to motivate you to start a podcast?  Yes, it can be about making money, but that should not be the main reason to start.  You want to grow your audience, drive traffic to your blog, website or brick and mortar store.  You want people to know, like and trust you so that you can increase your bottom line. Listen to the entire episode to get the summary of the 5 reasons to start a podcast for your business and how to schedule your Complimentary Discovery Call to get started. Find and follow me at --- Send in a voice message:
Hello and welcome to episode #250 of the Delaware Blogger Podcast  I am super excited - over the top excited for the launch of Blake’s Booth Podcasting Studio coming to H.O.M.E launching on April 8th. In addition to the Inaugural Event on the 8th at 10:00 am, there will be a 2nd event in the evening from 5:30-8:30 pm on the 15th of April. If you are local, make sure to register at as for the fee of $47 you not only have an opportunity to check out the new studio, but listen to a podcasting presentation, with free printables, workbook, and food, sponsored by Ignite Leadership 360. So if you have been thinking about starting a podcast, this is going to be a great opportunity for you to get information that will help to get started and oh there will be goodies and giveaways throughout the event! Make sure to register at So on today's episode I revisit Tips on Choosing a Podcast Name and I talk about these few: Check If Names Are Already Taken Make it Memorable - Say It Out Loud Podcast Purpose KISS - Short & Sweet Think About Tone of Show Keyword Searchable There is also a Free checklist: Please leave a comment or review then find and follow me using the Linktree id DelBlogger = --- Send in a voice message:
One of the biggest challenges a podcast host has is getting more ears to their show, wanting to get a lot of downloads so that it not only feeds their egos, but may also feed their pockets. However, listeners are not too keen on paying for a podcast or even buying a cup of coffee or donating to your show.  As there are over 1 million published podcast shows, listeners feel that they should be free like public radio. Do you agree? That is what we will be discussing today on the Delaware Blogger Podcast Music/Transition provided by & Alitu: The Podcast Maker According to a recent article in Variety, “MOST PODCAST LISTENERS STILL LUKEWARM ON PAYING FOR PODCASTS, DATA SUGGESTS.  There certainly has been a subscription revenue boom in the media space in recent years, but it may not have benefited podcasts as much as other forms of media." Listen to the entire episode of today's episode #249 of the Delaware Blogger Podcast, follow and share with a friend then leave a comment or review as to whether or not you would pay to listen to a podcast. Find and follow me on my other social platforms at --- Send in a voice message:
Hello, and welcome to another episode of the Delaware Blogger Podcast  here on Anchor FM.  It has definitely been a tremendous week on and off the mic, and I want to give a special shout out to Ann Hlabangana-Clay, a mentee and fellow podcast host of “Coaching You Through All Things Education” as well as to the owners of HOME, Helping One More Entrepreneur who have been very supportive of me and is housing Blake’s Booth Podcasting Studio coming to Middletown on April 8th. My podcast music was provided by The Podcast Host and Alitu Today, I want to touch on a few tips on how to use your words to change the world with your podcast, as I have always stated in my Podcasting Your Purpose presentations and coaching sessions, that you can literally change someone’s life with your voice. H2H engagement and make it conversational; 1 to 1 Be genuine in your emotions - use the mirror trick if necessary because what you see on the outside will shine from the inside Powerful Yet Passionate Climate Conditions - where are you, how are you feeling? Visualization - speak with enthusiasm Meaningful stories on a particular subject matter Who / Where / What - give details if necessary - CTA Relevant / Authentic / Genuine - not a condescending, know it all attitude TMI - no information overload - do not pack a lot of data - re-purpose or create a series Touches emotionally Guidance - helping hand Clarity - speak with a clear voice and eliminate any distracting background noise Key Takeaways: Be engaged in the beginning with a catchy episode title and be straight to the point about your topic. Be conversational with your personality not someone else's voice. Be consistent in rituals including the same greeting which should be  short and simple and solidifies the brand - sense of comfort. Show should include a clear beginning/intro, topic of interest and promise of value, CTA and outro Podcasting is still a marketing tool, not only for your business but for your brand as well, so these are just a few things that can turn your podcasting journey into one that is not only rewarding to yourself, but to others as well. As I stated in last week’s show, “Creating a Binge Listening Podcast” this can be the catalyst that makes someone want to binge listen to all of your episodes. So if there is anything that you heard in this episode that you wish to share or has helped you, please feel free to do so and leave a review so that others can get this information as well. Find and follow me at --- Send in a voice message:
Creating a Binge Listening Podcast - Episode # 247 Podcast creation is becoming very popular and it’s HOT - but so is listening to podcasts too!  People are boasting about and promoting on their social media platforms about how they are bingeing on podcasts.  Podcasting bingeing is actually better than "Chillaxin with Netflix", sitting on a sofa with ice cream and consuming content when they have time. Unlike sitting and bingeing on Netflix, people can listen to podcasts on the go...listening any time and to the podcast episodes that they want. “Bingeing” on entertainment became popular in 2007 when both Netflix and DVRs were introduced which allowed television viewers to spend entire weekends catching up and watching full seasons of shows, instead of waiting one week or more in between new episodes. That same method of consuming entertainment is now becoming a natural way in which to listen to podcasts too! The pandemic also sped up the popularity to consuming more digital programming literally overnight. Everywhere in the world people are spending more time using digital and artificial devices. But what makes a podcast binge worthy, that’s what I talked about in this episode of the Delaware Blogger podcast and basically there are only 3 elements and they are: Subject Matter StoryTelling Skills Length and Frequency Podcasts are quickly becoming the number one platform for telling and sharing interesting stories with the world. Got a story to share? Why not consider starting a podcast to get your message out there? Thank you for listening to today’s episode of the Delaware Blogger Podcast, “Creating a Binge Listening Podcast” and I hope that you got something out of today’s show, if you did, please leave a comment, review and subscribe so that you can share with your family, friends, followers, bae or boo too! You can find and follow me on all my social media platforms at --- Send in a voice message:
Hey You Need a CTA!  Yes you do! CTA's are vital, they tell listeners what to do next or how to connect to you. A call-to-action, or CTA, is a marketing term referring to a piece of content, such as an image, a button or a line of text, intended to prompt users to perform a specific action. Why is a CTA important? Strategic calls-to-action (CTAs) can help you guide your visitors through the buying journey and directly impact your conversion rates. A really effective CTA will draw visitors’ attention, piquing their interest and guide them to the next step which should be the signup process -- email addresses are gol! Conversion is simply getting someone to respond to some kind of a call to action. A successful CTA results in a conversion. Most of the time, it involves a click or tap on a button. Human's minds are so accustomed to being told what to do or given instructions that we naturally expect it especially in the online world; they are oftentimes looking for a call-to-action whether is a button or just a command.   That, however, doesn’t mean they’re prepared to follow your instruction and convert and oftentimes it takes several times before they even take action so after the break I will give you some samples of CTAs that you can use and can be mastered if you follow the proven techniques. A CTA is typically an instruction or directive using action verbs like “buy”, “sign up”, “register”, “follow”, etc. and they lead the consumer to the next step of your sales funnel or process. Calls to action are most commonly used in sales and marketing to solicit the desired action from leads and customers. For example, a CTA can be used to grow your email list (“Sign up to our newsletter”), promote a special offer (“Claim your voucher code”) or a piece of content (“Download our new eBook”). Listen to this episode and If any of this information that I covered today has been of interest to you please leave a comment or review and if you know someone that could use this information, please share it - remember, sharing is caring, so share with your family, friends, bae and boo too! You can find and follow me on all my social media platforms using the linktree id / delblogger and you can send an email to to receive a FREE copy of the 7-Step Podcasting Checklist. New episodes of the Delaware Blogger Podcast is published every Saturday at 10 AM and you can tune in to Tech Talk Tuesday’s on YouTube and on Wednesdays at 1 PM EST you can hear a new episode of the “Blog Your Way to a Business Profit” on iHeart Radio, SoundCloud or any other podcasting platform that you are subscribed to. Enjoy the rest of the day and remember to stay smart, stay safe and stay social as I will see you in cyberspace - see ya, it’s the DE Divah aka The Delaware Blogger, have a beautifully blessed day! --- Send in a voice message:
Sponsor relationships can be beneficial for everyone involved, but they’re not required to be a successful or profitable podcast. Podcasts are great when you want to earn a little extra income, but it also requires a little extra work. If you put in the time to find quality sponsors, instead of just any sponsor, you’ll enjoy the rewards of satisfied listeners and put a little extra cash in your pocket. There are lots of other ways to make money with your show which includes asking for donations; creating a membership site; Patreon; selling merchandise, or work-for-hire on other podcasts and radio shows. In this episode I explained the 2 types of podcast ads: Host Read Radio Style I have also explained the 3 types of ad placements Pre-Roll Mid-Roll Post-Roll I also talked about the importance of following up with sponsors, "The Fortune is in the Follow Up" If you would like a FREE copy of the "Pitching Your Podcast for Profit" ebook, send an email to Find and follow me on all my social media platforms To schedule a 15-Minute Complimentary Consultation and to register for the Podcasting Your Purpose Coaching Sessions,  send an email to --- Send in a voice message:
Congratulations, you haven’t faded away after the 7th episode of your podcast show which is more commonly known as “podfade”! You are now you are ready for the big time – bring on those sponsors because you are ready to Pitch Your Podcast for Profit! Sponsorships are a great way to monetize your podcast by getting paid to promote a product, brand or service. Statistically speaking, nearly two-thirds of podcast listeners act based on ads they heard, whether they make a purchase or simply search for information based on the recommendation. So, when the time comes and you are ready to seek out sponsors for your podcast shows, there are a just a few steps that you need to take. The first step should always be to consider your niche and your audience. The most important part of sponsorship is finding sponsors that fit your niche or topic and/or solve a pain point for your listeners. On today's episode of the Delaware Blogger Podcast I talked about "Who to Pitch To" "How to Pitch" and the "5 Steps to Find a Podcast Sponsor". Take a listen, then subscribe and share with your followers.  Find and follow me on all my social platforms at --- Send in a voice message:
Podcast Topic Tips

Podcast Topic Tips


Podcast Topic Tips Have you started your podcast show or are you still trying to think of a topic to talk about? Well if choosing a topic is the one thing that is holding you back then today's episode of the Delaware Blogger Podcast; Episode #242, is for you.  I am giving you 10 podcast topics tips that may help you determine what you want to talk about. Listen to the suggestions of these 10 Podcast Topics Twilight Zone Trivia or any television show series Numerology/Astrology/Horoscopes Books of the Bible/Koran/Torah Home/Health/Happiness TV Trivia/Book Club Through the Decades Meals by Men How To's/DIYs/Hacks Share What You Care Helping Others Through Life's Struggles Podcasting is a very powerful medium one that you can use to help others to literally change their lives.  Is there something that you can share based upon your previous experiences; whether you are an educator or entertainer or expert in your field; you can help others with just using your voice. Don’t use the excuse that there's not enough time … you need to squeeze out a little time to not only brand yourself but to help others and I hope that these tips will help to get your brain juices flowing. If you would like a copy of the 7 Step Podcast Checklist please send an email to where you can also register for a 15-minute Complimentary Discovery Call or sign up for the 4-hour Podcasting Your Purpose Coaching Sessions. Find and follow me on all my social media platforms at To purchase a ticket to the Empowered Women...Empower Women Virtual Clinic, head over to the website --- Send in a voice message:
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