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Podcasting pointers that help you expand your exposure and broaden your brand by simply using your voice. I am an award-winning blogger, vlogger, author, professional speaker and CEO of A. Blake Enterprises, Social Media Marketing and Consulting. You can find and follow me on all my social media platforms at
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SEO for Podcasts

SEO for Podcasts


“Do not assume that people are seeing you. The more you can clarify, optimize, and engage your fans and strangers with branded marketing and merchandise, the better chance you have of being seen and then heard.” - Author: Loren WeismanIn this episode of the Delaware Blogger Podcast I talked about SEO for Podcasts.  As a Blogger SEO is always top of mind when it comes to having my blog found online, especially since there are over 600 million blogs in the world.  Although podcasting is 1,428 times less competitive than blogging that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be concerned because podcasts are now being searched and found more often by the Google Bots.SEO or Search Engine Optimization is how you are found on the internet or the world wide web and there are a few things that will help you to be found on the first page of Google:Transcribe your episodesUse keywords in the title and descriptionRe-Purpose your content (Listen to episode # 268)Share detailed show notes transcribed in a blog post or website/webpage or in an article on LinkedIn or MediumSocial shares on FREE platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, InstagramInclude Alt Text with ImagesSyndicate and automate social shares and mention or @ if promoting products or servicesAsk guests to share the episode on their sites Include CTA such as “Thumbs up this video Subscribe, Share, or Leave a Review"Today's episode is being sponsored by "Blake's Booth Podcasting Studio @ H.O.M.E." - make sure to check it out at if you are first timer, DIYer, solocaster or product influencer.Check out my blog at and you can find and follow me on all my social media platforms at
"Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Don't wish it were easier; wish you were better." -- Jim RohnIn this episode of the Delaware Blogger Podcast, I shared 6 Tips To Repurpose Written Content Into a Podcast EpisodeYou probably already have a ton of content already and it most of it can be the perfect foundation for future podcast episodes including.Blog PostsBooks or StorieseBooks or CoursesReligious SermonsLive Presentations/Speaking EngagementsSocial Media PostsSummaryFinding new ways to repurpose your content will give you more exposure and provide you with some amazing podcast episodes.Repurposing content from across various forms of mediums will help you discover new audiences and further interact with your current fan base.Today's show is being sponsored by Blake's Booth Podcasting Studio at H.O.M.E.  If you need a space to record your show or video, check out this local studio in Middletown, Delaware is provided by The Podcast Host & Alitu: The Podcast Maker App sure to share this podcast with your family, friends or followers on any of these platforms
"Get your ideas on paper and study them. Do not let them go to waste!" Les BrownDid you know that more than 78% of Americans are now familiar with podcasting and more than 55% of Americans having listened to a podcast in the past month?  Repurposing podcast content in other social media channels is how you can capture new audiences and introduce them to your brand.While the most important benefit of repurposing podcast content is to broaden your brand and expand your exposure online.Repurposing your podcast content into a blog post, YouTube video, social media post, newsletter and email provides great value including:SEO valueCredibility as a SMEBrand awarenessIn this episode I covered 5 popular ways to repurpose your podcast content:Blog PostVideoGraphicsSocial Media PostseBooks & CoursesToday’s episode of the Delaware Blogger Podcast is being sponsored by Blake’s Booth Podcasting Studio at H.O.M.E.  If you are ready to broaden your business or brand, then it’s time to start a podcast and doing so at a locally owned podcasting studio is a great option.  You can record and produce audio recordings in our conveniently located private studio in Middletown, DE.  Blake’s Booth Podcasting Studio makes it easy for you to record a top-quality sounding podcast or audiobook - provided by learn more, send an email to or head over to
In this episode #266 of the Delaware Blogger Podcast I am talking about ways to improve creativity in podcasting whether it's writing show notes or recording an episode.To create a successful podcasting series you need to work on something that will be able to spark the imagination of your listener and affect their emotions, since you won't be using visual aides, like used in videos or livestreams. You are working with an audience who is probably doing other things while listening so in order to keep them engaged you need to write good storytelling content.Using pen and paper helps with the creative juices and writing with a pen activates brain regions involved with thought, language, and short-term memory.To be really productive and creative you will want to set aside at least an hour to 2 hours to get through potential writer’s block or any other distractions.There are several other options to consider and things to avoid which can be heard in this episode so take a listen and leave a comment with other ideas.Today's episode of the Delaware Blogger podcast is sponsored by HelloFresh, Link:  Use the Code: HFAFF80 to receive the $80 Discount ($50 - $20 - $10) Including Free Shipping on First Box!HURRY OFFER ENDS ON OCTOBER 8TH.Send an email to to schedule a 15-Minute Complimentary Discovery Call or register for the 5-Week Podcasting Your Purpose Coaching Sessions.Music provided by
In this episode of the Delaware Blogger Podcast, I provide 5 reasons why you would want to start a podcast if you are a professional business owner.Creating a podcast can be one of your greatest marketing tools, as opposed to other forms like social media and print media such as newsletters, magazine and newspaper advertisements. 1. Improve Brand Recognition2. Attract an Audience3. Build Trust4. Increase in Sales5. Create Loyalty in your CommunityStarting a podcast as a business tool is not very difficult and I have a 7-Step Checklist that will help you to get started, so send an email to info@ablakeenterprises.comAs a business owner, podcasting can be a key tool for your marketing strategies. Podcasts are a great medium to reach a specific audience, gain loyalty, and increase your sales.Listen to the episode to hear more and then share with a friend, family member or follower who may be interested in starting a podcast.Today's podcast episode is sponsored by HelloFresh  and by using the Code: HFAFF80 you will receive an $80 Discount ($50 - $20 - $10) Including Free Shipping on First Box!Link: OFFER ENDS: October 8thMusic is provided by
In this episode of Podcasting for Pre-Teens Part 2, I covered pointers that included:Creating a Podcast CalendarBranding Your PodcastRecording Your EpisodesEditing Your EpisodesPromoting Your PodcastCreating a content calendar is a good idea as it helps you to stay organized and ensures that you have topics to discuss each week.  When life happens you should also have episodes in the bucket so that you can just simply publish them without worrying about last minute recordings.Branding Your Podcast is important especially if you are starting from scratch.  You should make sure that your title, cover art, fonts and titles are reflective of your brand.  If you already have a brand, try to keep the same fonts, colors and logo designs for consistent branding.Recording Your Episodes should be done in a quiet space because sound quality matters.  I also included 9 tips on getting the best audio quality which included:Record your show in a quiet room or padded closetUse headphones to monitor the recordingBe aware of popping sounds that can occur with words that start with the letter “P” or “B” - a pop filter can help you lessen those pops.Keep the microphone 3-5 inches from your mouthPractice with test recordings before recording an entire show Be aware of how fast you are speaking ; some podcasters get so nervous they speed through their shows and are hard to understand as a result.Don't touch or tap the surface your microphone is sitting on; to avoid unwanted noises, use a boom mic stand (also called a boom arm) to help reduce shock noise and keep the microphone out of your way as you talk.Try avoiding “ums” and “ahs”When recording, have an outline or bullet list so you can stay on track with the episode’s focusEditing Your Podcast can be done with Audacity for PC or Garageband for MAC and checking out a few YouTube videos can help you learn how to do so.Promoting Your Podcast is by far the most important and time consuming task so creating a website or blog can help with the SEO.Listen to the entire episode and remember, “sharing is caring” so please share with a family member, friend or following.Today’s episode is being sponsored by Db Journey, Scandianvian brand that makes backpacks and bags to help people on the move stay ready for anything.  Save 10% on your purchases by using this link: provided by The Podcast Host and Alitu: The Podcast MakerFind and follow me on all my social media platforms by clicking this link an email to to schedule a 15-minute Complimentary Discovery Call and register for the 5-Week Podcasting Your Purpose Coaching Sessions.
Welcome to episode #262 of the Delaware Blogger Podcast - Podcasting for Pre-Teens  Part 1Today I talked about my experience teaching a few pre-teens how to start a podcast at the Young Entrepreneurs Academy sponsored by Ignite Leadership 260.During this 1-day training session, we talked about first steps in starting a podcast which included:Knowing Your WhyChoosing a Podcast TopicChoosing a Podcast NameChoosing a Podcast FormatRecording with FriendsVisualizing Your AudienceIn next week’s episode of the Delaware Blogger Podcast we will continue the discussion to include:Equipment & CostCreating a Podcast CalendarBranding Your PodcastFinding Podcast GuestsRecording Your EpisodesEditing Your EpisodesPromoting Your PodcastSo if you are interested in teaching your pre-teen or teen how to start a podcast, then you need to listen to this entire episode then send an email to me at to schedule a 15-Minute Discovery Call.  If you wish to have your students learn how to start a podcast, check out the offerings available at Blake’s Booth Podcasting Studio @ H.O.M.E.’s episode is being sponsored by Db Journey, Scandianvian brand that makes backpacks and bags to help people on the move stay ready for anything.  Save 10% on your purchases by using this link: provided by The Podcast Host and Alitu: The Podcast MakerFind and follow me on all my social media platforms by clicking this link
In this episode of The Delaware Blogger Podcast I share the breakdown of how much it costs to start a podcast which is $0!Yes, if you have a computer and a Smartphone, you can begin a podcast for zero dollars.  Although you will probably want to upgrade your equipment as you grow your podcast, you shouldn't spend anything until you know that you are in it for the long haul.To give you an idea of the breakdown in costs:Recording equipment: $0Use your smartphone to record the audio with the app that is installed on your device.Rather than buying a microphone and headphones, use your Smartphone’s headset.Software to edit the episodes: $0With a free download of Audacity or Garageband, you can edit episodes for free on your computer. Website: $0Use the free podcasting website that comes with your hosting if using Podcast art: $0Using a free account on Canva, create custom cover art for your  podcast and episodes. Podcast hosting: $0Hosting on Anchor.FM is completely freeYes, you can actually launch a show for $0, but is it worth it?  Next week we will cover upgrading your equipment for under $200 when you are ready to do so.  Please share this episode with your followers and leave a review.Today's episode is brought to you by Omio  and to learn more, click the link Music is provided by more at my website or send an email to to sign up for the Podcasting Your Purpose 5-Week Coaching Session.
In this Part 2 of Tips on How to Grow Your Show on the Delaware Blogger Podcast, I provide  few more tips from the previous episode which include:Invite guests onto your showBe Patient - Don't Podfade after 7 episodesJoin groups and forumsTurn episodes into blog postsShare articles on Medium and LinkedInAdd links to previous episodes on your blog/websiteCreate a new graphic for each episodeCreate mini videosCreate a strong CTA at the end of each episodeIf you are interested in learning more about starting a podcast, send an email to to schedule a Complimentary 15-Minute Discovery Call.Find and follow me on all my social media platforms by using the linktree id delbloggerNew episodes of the Delaware Blogger Podcast are published every Saturday at 10 am.Listen to learn how you can get a FREE downloadable of today's tips.
Starting a show may be simple but growing your show may be a bit more difficult.In this episode of the Delaware Blogger Podcast we are talking about 4 ways in which to grow your show including:Know Who You Are Talking ToSpend Less Time Editing and More Time Promoting Your ShowBe a Guest on Other PodcastsEngage With Your ListenersListen and share with your family, friends, bae and boo too if anything helped you today.  This episode is being sponsored by Ignite Leadership 360, The Young Entrepreneurs Academyscheduled for July 19-23, 9 am to 3 pm, ages 12-16.If you have a budding entrepreneur that would benefit from learning more about business planning, leadership skills, graphic design, financial foundations, social media and podcasting, then register them at more information about the 5-Week Coaching Sessions, send an email to or head over to www.ablakeenterprises.comFind and follow me on my blog
"If people like you, they will listen to you, but if they trust you, they'll do business with you."  - Zig ZiglarPower of Podcasting Your Personal BrandBranding used to be just for big businesses, it’s now also for your personal brand especially if you are an entrepreneur or even a solopreneur.Personal brands are just as important when it comes to connecting with your target market audience and creating a podcast can reap huge benefits.As more purchasing decisions are made online and from recommendations on social media, having a podcast will open up further opportunities for your business.When a potential customer is thinking about buying your product, they are going to do their research. They will ask for referrals or search online or reach out for recommendations on social networks.Therefore, if you are found on Facebook, that’s fine, but hearing you on a podcastBy investing in your personal brand via a podcast you are creating more opportunities to reach wider audiences which can lead to enhanced credibility, trust, and authenticity for your brand.Your company’s products and services are more humanized when you make storytelling, entertainment, inspiration or motivational topics via a podcast, which shows the personal side of your company values.Amplification from a podcast for your personal brand strengthens customer relationships by making you more human, more closely connected, and more personalized. - podcasting is very intimate.Storytelling, writing and public speaking are just some of the elements that are practiced when devoting time to a personal brand.Your podcast can then be used to lead better meetings, collaborate more directly with others.There are many benefits, someone with a strong personal brand has more of a chance to be included in speaking engagements or included on industry panels and events, which is a great way to expose your brand to new audiences.Through podcasting you are developing a personal brand and sharing yourself which will allow growth and expand your networks.Small business owners can take advantage of this greater reach to grown the company, the more engaged the more devoted to the business missions for the long-term. Win-win!Don’t Conform, Create - don’t hesitate, wait or procrastinate - get started.Today’s episode is being sponsored by PodKnow 2021, Online Conference for Podcasters and Podcast Guests.  Online June, 26, 2021, 8:30 am to 6:00 pm EST, registration  I will be presenting “Creating a Binge Listening Podcast” so make sure to register today!7 Steps to starting a podcast - planning stages, next week will come back with the 7 steps of podcasting setting up your studio whether it’s at home in your closet of if you decide to rent time at Blake’s Booth Podcasting Studio located at 108 Patriot’s Drive, Suite A. in Middletown, DE  302-274-8060 or & About with Antionette podcast hosted by EC Podcast Media’s music is being brought to you by & Alitu--- Send in a voice message:
This episode is an update to a previous show - 5 Podcasting PointersSo whether or not you are just starting a podcast or are a seasoned pro - check out these 5 Podcasting Pointers; to hear ways in which to promote your podcast, and after listening, please feel free to leave a few of your own.1) Find and Follow Your Audience - find your audience and then promote your podcast on the platform in which they hang out.  Younger audience are commonly found on Instagram and Snapchat, Boomers and Beyond are on LinkedIn and Facebook Use Hashtags - yes, even on Facebook. Hashtags help in organic searches and helps other find podcasts and podcast topics.2) Use hashtags such as #podcast #podcasthost #podcastguest and of course, #podcastlife Use images - humans have the attention span less than that of a goldfish - approximately 7 seconds so make sure you have pretty pictures or images to stop people from strolling.3) Turn audio into video - convert your audio into a video using animation apps.  Using tools such as AudioGram will transform audio into video with images.5) Promote Old Episodes - Create a schedule to promote your podcasts and be consistent - never just one and done.  Use Buffer, Hootsuite, PromoRepublic to repurpose old episodes especially if the topic is evergreen.Find and follow me on all my social platforms at and sign up for AudioGrams using my affiliate link Send in a voice message:
How Long Should A Podcast Episode Be?This has been such a frequently asked question, that I decided to address it again in this episode of the Delaware Blogger Podcast.Once you have decided to start a podcast; you’ve chosen a title, topic and your description and you may even have your equipment and are ready to get into the closets to start recording.However, one of the biggest questions you may have before hitting the record button is, “how long should my podcast episode be?”  How long should I be talking….5 mins...15 mins...30 minutes or even 60 minutes?Pre-COVID, when podcasting was becoming popular I was taught that it was best to record no more than 28-35 minutes which was a normal commute on a bus, train or in a car, however, now with most people working remotely that has changed...a normal commute is about 13 stairs!Most people’s commute is from the bedroom to the living room so the attention span got longer which is a good thing because we had so much more time on our hands with nothing to do, vegging out on Netflix became popular so much so that “Netflix and Chill” became a popular phrase.I will be presenting “Creating a Binge Listening Podcast” at the PodKnow2021 Online Podcasting Conference on June 24th, here is the link if you need tickets like blogging, if you can say it in 50 words, why write 500 words?Listen to the entire episode to determine how long your show will be - but remember, you have to “do you boo boo!”Music provided by the & Alitu and the show is sponsored by Helping One More Entrepreneur - Blake’s Booth Podcasting Studio in Middletown, DE this show with your family, friends and followers and make sure to find and follow me on all my social media platforms at us on Clubhouse every Sunday at 3 PM - Podcasting Your Purpose Room--- Send in a voice message:
Yes...Yes...Yes!  Clubhouse is now available to Android users and although I previously signed up using my iPad, I am now happy that I can access the app via my Smartphone.  In case you wish to follow me, you know I am @delawarebloggerI have created a room, "Podcasting Your Purpose" and last Sunday was the launch, however, it was only me and 2 others who joined in, we shared a few social media promotional tips.  Hopefully, there will be others joining this Sunday as we continue the discussion on how to use social media to promote your podcast.So mark you calendar for 3 PM EST every Sunday and join us!Find and follow me on all my other social media platforms as well Send in a voice message:
If you've ever considered creating a blog or website for your podcast, I'll tell you that it's a good idea. While it's not 100% necessary, having a website can do a lot for you as far as promoting and finding your podcast through the search engines - or SEO.I’ve been blogging since 2012 and yes, it takes time to build and grow an audience and increase readership and no it’s not easy, but you can do it and if you are looking for a place to begin, start by signing up with Podpage and please feel free to use my referral link : purpose of a blog or website is to house all your episodes in one location. Most podcasters post their shows on various social media platforms which is fine, but it’s much easier for your listeners to go to one site and you can also track your analytics from the one site as well.Find the right PlatformIf you want to build a blog or website from scratch, then I suggest GoDaddy because there are plenty of different templates so you can choose the look you want.I can teach you how to start a blog as part of my offerings for $299 or you can wait and enroll in my online Build a Blog course which is coming soon.Podcast PostsUse your show notes to create short blog posts about each episode. The content should include specific keywords for search engine optimization (SEO).SEO is the way in which search engines rank certain websites. If you want your show's website to show up on the first page of Google, consider adding high ranking keywords to your blog posts. If you need more assistance in researching keywords, try using Google's keyword planner.In addition to the show notes from your podcast episodes you should also include other key elements such as: About The Host(s): Let your audience get t know you and the others if there are more than one What to Expect: Why you started the show and what your audience can expect from it Events: Showcase when you’re hosting  an event CTA: What do you want them to do or where to go after reading the postPost PromotionThe best part of having a blog or website is in promoting it via the various channels. Especially if your goal is to have listeners find your episodes all in one site, you need to make sure that you're directing them to that site.Make sure you add your URL to your social media bios or create a Linktree id which makes it easier to find. Your end of show CTA should let your listeners know where they can find you and ask them to leave comments on your posts because comments and reviews can also boost your SEO rankings.Do you have a blog or website for your podcast?--- Send in a voice message:
Podcasting for Your Business or Brand Tips #1Podcasting listenership is increasing every day with more than 90M people in American alone reporting they listen to a podcast show each and every month.Due to the COVID19-Pandemic, not only are people listening more from home using their Smartphones, Laptops, Tablets and Desktops they are listening via Smart Speakers; AI Devices and via Infotainment Centers built into their vehicles.Listening to music is still high, but the news, talk and sports listening is increasing especially those with podcasts covering these topics.  Consumers are consuming more media so business owners and brands need to create more content to satisfy this increase.Technology is at our fingertips and there is no longer a distinction  between age groups or other demographics either, with many saying “goodbye” to green screens shooting videos to saying “hello” to their walk-in closets recording podcasts.So if you are a business owner, entrepreneur, solopreneur or even a side hustler, you should start a podcast so that you can broaden your brand and expand your exposure online.To learn more about podcasting make sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel and find and follow me on all my social media platforms @ "Sterling Cooper" purchased from Arches Send in a voice message:
Happy New Year!!!  Are you ready to start a podcast?  If so, today's show, "New Year New You Podcast Topic Tips" is for you.  In this episode #238 of the Delaware Blogger Podcast, I give you some tips on choosing a topic for your show.Go for the GoalYou need to be clear on why you want to make a Podcast. What is the goal of your podcast, Think about whether you need a Podcast for your main life (brand) or business objectives.   Health, fitness, family, finances, retirement, education, college, vocational training, new business start up…and you need to know the pain points of your target market audience.Caring is SharingChoose an idea for a podcast that you are genuinely interested or passionate about.  You don’t need to be an expert in this field right now, but you need to be interested enough to spend the next few years learning more about a topic and creating content on this topic. So choose wisely.  Passion will keep you motivated in moments of a slowdown.Note: There are more than 1 million Podcasts, but over 650 million blogs. There may be less competition in podcasting, but you must consistently create high-quality content, otherwise you won’t get noticed and if you are not posting new content regularly, you will lose your relevance.Future Monetization for Your PodcastWith the rising popularity of podcasts there is an opportunity to make money online. If you are planning to work hard on your podcasts, so think about a monetization strategy in advance which includes: Affiliate marketing / Patreon / Selling your productWhat Problem Will Your Podcast Solve?You must know your audience well. Are they male or female? What do they do? Are they college students, working professionals, or senior citizens? Are they single moms, bloggers, or entrepreneurs? Know the demographics of podcast listeners.  Knowing this will help you choose a topic for a podcast that will talk about something that is a specific pain-point solution for people. Use your podcast to give answers to your audience’s questions.Select a Niche and a Format for Your PodcastEven if you are creating podcasts as a hobby or a business,  it is not advisable to talk about too many different types of topics, for example, don’t talk about weight loss in one episode and then politics in the next.  Try to have a theme or be  specific with your genre or issues so that your audience is likely to come back for more. If you want to make Podcasts to spread awareness, choose a theme instead of working on a bunch of random topics every week.Along with a niche, you should also choose a format. A Podcast is an audio media where you can experiment with several formats; it can be scripted with a solo host or an interview between two individuals, or even a free-flowing conversation within a small group of people.Include Keywords for SEOYour podcast will rank higher in search if the topics include keywords that users commonly search. Search Engine Optimization Strategies so that people find your podcast through search engines like Google. There are many tools where you can find highly searched keywords on your subject and use it in your topic. Try to have the main keyword for your podcast episode in the title or description.Are you ready to start your show?  Send an email to me at to schedule a 15-minute complimentary discovery call.  Find and follow me at Send in a voice message:
Tips on naming your podcast - Season #5 - Episode #2371. What is the tone of your showIf you are not creating a podcast as an extension of your brand, business or blog, you will need to think about the tone of the show.For example, will it be professional, personal, funny, educating, enlightening, inspirational, motivational?Whatever it is, choose a podcast name that reflects the tone of the show.   If it’s going to be funny or humorous, then try incorporating something witty - write down words that are associated with the mood.Try using to search for words that match the feel of your podcast!2. Make your name short and sweet!Good podcast names are always short, catchy, and easy to remember.   No matter how you choose to name a podcast, you want to make it easy for your target audience to find you.A good rule of thumb here is to cap it at 3-4 syllables tops! Anything longer than that may make it difficult for your audience to remember -  a shorter name is better in general.3. Research your competitionCheck out the names of other podcasts in the same niche, it is a great way to gauge podcast names from others in the industry. The goal is to quickly have listeners identify your niche within the first couple of seconds.4. Make sure your name isn’t already takenSounds like a no brainer, right?  Well you never know, make sure to do a Google Search and this also includes profile and business pages on other social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.You don’t want to make the mistake of registering an available domain - but then realizing later on that someone else has already used the same one on social media!It takes only a few minutes to go through each platform to see if your podcast’s name or a variation of it has already been taken by other people.You also want to make sure that the name you are choosing is not trademarked, head over to and do a search to make sure that your name isn’t infringing on any intellectual property!So setting the right tone of your podcast show with the name and logo is important, especially if you are planning on growing your show in 2021!For a free copy of the Podcast 7-Step Checklist, click the link or send an email to find and follow me on all my social media platforms at Send in a voice message:
On Tuesday, May 4th, I presented at PodFest 2021 Masterclass Online Summit, Social Media Growth 101 - Podcast Promotion via Social MediaWhether or not you are a newbie or a veteran podcaster, promotion is by far the biggest pain point for most hosts.  With over 60 social media platforms to choose from there’s no doubt that your ideal audience is out there, ready to engage with you and your content.  But how do you promote on social media effectively? The first step is understanding where your audience hangs out and then be there consistently with good content to actively grow that audience.The number don’t lie! Facebook has 2.8 billion monthly active users Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users Twitter has 353 million monthly active users LinkedIn has 310 million monthly active usersHowever, not all social media platforms are created equal! While you may want to have a presence on all of the main channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube), it’s best to start slow. You can always expand in the future.  Focus on who your ideal listener may be, as well as the subject matter covered in your show – where do those types of people congregate online? Do they engage with Facebook groups? Are they on Twitter? Are they on Instagram? YouTube?Use audience data and analytics to pick the platform that best matches your listener and spend your initial efforts where you can make the largest impact on your target audience and here are a few quick tips: Set up a business webpage or website - Podpage or Wordpress Create one link to make it easier to share Create videos and add captions to catch and keep attention Send weekly emails or monthly newsletters - preferably Sunday mornings at 7 AM - early riser/reader Use audio grams/headliners/audiobursts for teasers Always create a CTAFor more podcasting pointers, head over to my blog, DelBlogger or YouTube Channel and starting this Saturday at 9 AM EST at the Podcasting Your Purpose Room on Clubhouse.Find and follow me on all my social media platforms at Send in a voice message:
Hello and welcome to the Delaware Blogger Podcast, Episode #254, today I am talking about how to start a podcast without spending a fortune.Now it doesn’t matter whether you are an entrepreneur, solopreneur, freelancer, a 9-5 employee or even a SAHM/SAHM, you may have thought about starting a podcast. Perhaps you have a passion or a hobby that you wish to share with others, are considered an expert or guru in your field, then starting a podcast to share that knowledge and expertise is a great way in which to do so.You might also think that it is going to be an expensive investment and that you will need to spend a lot of money for equipment, hardware and software. But nope, that is not the case and you can start a podcast and get it up and running without having to spend a lot of money.Remember, "you don't have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great" - Les BrownCheck out today's episode and feel free to share it with a friends and if you need assistance in starting a podcast, send an email to me at so that we can get you started on the Podcasting Your Purpose 5-Week Coaching Sessions.Find and follow me on all my social media platforms on Linktree using the id DelBloggerMusic heard on today's episode was provided by The Podcast Host and Alitu: The Podcast Maker App.Check out Blake's Booth Podcasting Studio and sign up for Podfest 2021 Virtual Summit where I will be presenting on 5/4/21 at 11:00 AM EST--- Send in a voice message:
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